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Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm
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Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm
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Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm

Global Statistics

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Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm
All countries
Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm
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Updated on June 23, 2022 9:27 pm
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Are Construction Workers Eligible For Covid Vaccine

Who Is Currently Eligible To Receive Covid

Sydney construction workers rush to vaccination clinics amid new COVID rules | 7NEWS

Note: This blog post is no longer being updated. For the latest information about COVID-19 in Philadelphia, please visit the COVID-19 website.

UPDATE: On April 16, 2021 Philadelphia moved into Phase 2 for eligibility to receive the vaccine. This means any Philadelphia resident over the age of 16 can get the vaccine.

While there are many people in Philadelphia who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, there is currently not enough vaccine for all of them. The City is getting more, but its still not enough.

Because there is not enough, the Health Department and the Philadelphia Vaccine Advisory Committee have identified groups who are at the highest risk and are prioritizing those folks to receive vaccine first.

The most important eligibility criteria is that people who live in Philadelphia are the only ones that can receive vaccine in Philadelphia, except for very select employment groups, like hospital workers, first responders, and teachers.

In addition to being a Philadelphia resident, people who meet the following criteria are currently eligible to receive vaccine.

Other Vaccines That Are Mandated In The Us

A federal vaccine mandate is not new. In 1977, for example, the federal government began an initiative to vaccinate up to 90% of the nation’s children against seven diseases:

  • Diphtheria

All 50 states require specific vaccines for students, with exemptions varying from state to state. Most school requirements follow the CDC’s vaccine schedule for children.

Cdc Urges Vaccines Ahead Of Flu Season

Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that because flu infections were low last year, immunity was likely to be diminished, making it doubly important to get inoculated.

I get my flu vaccine each year to protect myself. Ive had flu, and I dont want it again. Ive always gotten the vaccine to protect the patients Ive cared for in the hospital, and I want to protect my family. I certainly wouldnt want to bring disease into our home. The low level of flu activity last season could set us up for severe season this year. Why? Well, because of so little disease last year, population immunity is likely lower, putting us all at increased risk for disease this year, especially among those most vulnerable, including our children. This is why it is doubly important this year that we build up community immunity with flu vaccination as we head into the fall and winter.

Lockdowns helped keep last years flu season historically mild in both the United States and around the world, but U.S. officials fear a more serious season this fall and winter, with unmasked people out and about far more, and nearly half of adults in a new survey saying they are unlikely to get a flu shot.

Dr. Walensky said that the flu vaccination rate nationally had held steady over the year before, at about 52 percent, but criticized what she called a disparity gap in flu vaccination: 56 percent for white people versus 43 percent among Black people.

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All Essential Workers Eligible For Covid

Starting Monday, all essential workers, including people working in food service and grocery stores, manufacturing, construction, clergy and other essential jobs will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines in Louisiana, regardless of their underlying health conditions, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced today.

Newly eligible populations also include postal, transportation, judiciary and media workers, faculty and staff of institutes of higher education and more frontline government workers. This group, called Priority Group 1-B, Tier Two, covers essential workers not previously eligible.

This change applies to everyone 16 years and older. Currently in the United States, adults are eligible for three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. People who are 16 and 17 are only eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine and should work with their vaccine provider to ensure they are receiving that specific vaccine. All previously eligible people in Louisiana, including people 65 and older and those with certain health conditions, also remain eligible for the COVID vaccine.

For information about how to get vaccinated in Louisiana and for the latest vaccine eligibility groups, visit


Within priority groups and tiers there is no particular sequencing. Participating providers must make available vaccine available to anyone who is eligible. Failure to do so will inform future decisions about distribution.

Priority Group 1-A: Ongoing

Some Of My Workers Cannot Be Vaccinated Because Of Medical Conditions How Do I Protect My Unvaccinated Workers From Covid

Construction workers soon eligible for COVID vaccines ...

A safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination is only one part of keeping the Australian community safe. You must continue to implement all reasonably practicable control measures in your workplace, such as such as physical distancing, good hygiene and increased cleaning and maintenance.

You must also conduct a risk assessment to determine whether particular working arrangements should be put in place for workers who cannot be vaccinated. You should take into account the workers specific characteristics, the nature of your workplace and the type of work the worker performs. More information can be found on the vulnerable workers page.

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San Francisco Will Ease Some Masking Requirements For Vaccinated People

San Francisco plans to ease face-mask requirements in limited settings, health officials said on Thursday. The change, set to take effect on Oct. 15, is dependent on coronavirus cases and hospitalization rates remaining stable or declining.

In settings such as offices, gyms, fitness centers, religious gatherings and college classes, people will be permitted to remove their mask if everyone present is vaccinated and their status has been verified. The new rule applies only to gatherings that do not exceed 100 people.

The employer or host is also required to ensure proper ventilation, verify that there have been no recent Covid-19 outbreaks and make sure that no children under 12 are present, among other safety measures.

California is among the states with the lowest number of newly reported coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents, according to a New York Times database. In San Francisco County, 74 percent of residents age 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

Im excited that were once again at a place where we can begin easing the mask requirements, which is the direct result of the fact that we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, our cases have fallen, and our residents have done their part to keep themselves and those around them safe, said Mayor London Breed.

Ms. Breed called the eased restrictions yet another milestone in our recovery and said that the City feels like it is coming alive again .

Will I Be Held Liable Under Whs Laws If I Dont Make My Workers Get Vaccinated And One Of Them Gets Covid

There is currently insufficient evidence about the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on transmission of the virus which means that a worker could get COVID-19 even if they are vaccinated. It is therefore unlikely that you have breached model WHS laws simply because you dont require your workers to get vaccinated. More information on compliance and enforcement of WHS laws during the pandemic is available on the Statement of Regulatory Intent page.

A safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination is one part of keeping the Australian community safe and you can encourage your workers to get vaccinated, if they can. But you must continue to implement all reasonably practicable control measures in your workplace, such as such as physical distancing, good hygiene and increased cleaning and maintenance. Your workers should not come to work if they are unwell even if they are vaccinated.

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Governor Murphy Expands Eligibility For New Jerseys Covid

Expansion Includes Individuals Ages 55-64, Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Higher Education Workers, and Other Frontline Essential Workers and High-Risk Groups

TRENTON Governor Murphy today announced the expansion of eligibility for more frontline essential workers and high-risk groups in New Jerseys COVID-19 vaccination program. Eligible groups include individuals ages 55-64, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, higher education educators and staff, and communications and utility infrastructure workers among others.

Beginning Monday, April 5, the following groups are eligible for vaccination:

For more information about eligibility, statewide vaccination site locations, and to preregister for a vaccination, visit .For more information on CDC criteria for eligibility, please click here.

AARP New Jersey applauds the decision by Governor Murphy to expand eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines to all New Jerseyans 55 and older,said AARP New Jersey State Director, Stephanie Hunsinger. Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 95 percent of deaths from COVID-19 have been among people 50 and older. The data clearly shows the older people are, the higher their risk of experiencing serious illness, including death, if they contract COVID-19. We are strongly encouraged the state is prioritizing older New Jerseyans in the distribution of the vaccine.

Note About Industry Vs Occupation

Encouraging construction workers to get the COVID vaccine

The list provided below categorizes workers based on the industry in which they work, not based on their occupation . Although workers status as essential under the CISA guidance is most readily determined by the industry in which they work, their exposure risk may be largely determined by their occupation. Because the most efficient vaccination allocation strategy will take both essentiality and risk into account, jurisdictions should, where feasible, make efforts to prioritize workers in occupations characterized by the inability to work remotely and the need to work in close proximity to others within the below industries, as implied by the ACIP definition of Essential Non-Healthcare Workers.

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All Missouri Adults Will Be Eligible For Covid Vaccine April 9

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Thursday that nearly 2 million Missourians will become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by April 9, when every adult in the state qualifies.

Parson said the first 900,000 will include homeless people, construction workers and those who work in higher education, all of whom become eligible for the vaccine on March 29.

State officials say theyre expecting the federal government to begin sending more doses starting in April.

Parson’s announcement came hours after Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said residents over age 16 in his state would be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by April 12.

Missouri’s plan to distribute the vaccine based on population made it available to a higher percentage of people in rural communities while urban areas saw demand far greater than the available supply. That led many people in the St. Louis and Kansas City regions to travel for hours to find vaccine appointments.

But Parson said that strategy made for an effective rollout.

The reality is when you go to rural Missouri in the beginning youre going to vaccinate a large percentage of those so you dont have to go back, Parson said. Then you can take those resources and go to urban areas.

So far, about 20% of Missouris 6 million residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That ranks among the bottom fifth of all states, according to data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

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Disability And Early Childhood Care Workers

If you are a care worker who lives or works at a place of work in in a local government area of concern then you must not enter or remain in your place of work unless you have:

  • had at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • been issued with a medical contraindication certificate.

This vaccination requirement applies to the following care workers:

  • those who generally work in an early education and care facility except for those who provide prescribed services detailed at 4.24 of the Public Health Delta Order.
  • provides disability support services in person to a person with a disability, including services funded or provided under:
  • the National Disability Insurance Scheme of the Commonwealth, or
  • the Assisted School Travel Program of the Department of Education.

Evidence of vaccination or exemption

You must:

  • carry evidence of your vaccination, your vaccination appointment or medical exemption and your address, and
  • produce that evidence to your employer, the occupier of your place of work, a police officer or an authorised officer, if requested.

Evidence of your vaccination can include an:

Evidence of yourmedical exemptionmust be from a medical practitioner in the form approved by the NSW Chief Health Officer.

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What Should I Bring To Work With Me

  • A change of clothes
  • Cut-proof gloves or the equivalent
  • It is recommended that you bring your own food/drinks for lunch & breaks

COVID-19 has been found in sanitary drainage and vents, so a change of clothes is highly recommended for anyone working in these systems. Therefore, for as long as the pandemic is still active, it should be assumed by anyone working on a sanitary drainage system that the virus is present.

My Employer Or Supervisor Has Told Me That I Will Need To Self

Coronavirus Vaccine In MN: How To Schedule An Appointment

The self-certification process is part of new safety guidelines in place to protect workers. This means that youll need to affirm the following before entering any job site.

  • You are not sick.
  • You are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms .
  • You have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • You have not been ordered or encouraged to self-quarantine.

Remember, your employer cannot force you to self-certify. If this occurs, report to your Unions designated COVID-19 Safety Officer or contact the public health department in the city or town youre working in.

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Vaccine Mandates For Those In The Us Military And Police

In August, the Pentagon said that all 1.3 million active-duty service members will need to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. The directive covers all active-duty members of the Armed Forces or in the Ready Reserve, including the National Guard. The Department of Defense will make Pfizer shots accessible on military installations around the world. Service members who received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines will still be considered fully vaccinated. There are some exemptions, including one for religious reasons, but they aren’t granted frequently.

In response to several cities requiring law enforcement officers to get vaccinated, police associations have come out openly against vaccine mandates. In Oregon, for example, police and firefighter associations are suing to block a state-level vaccine requirement.

Right now, members of the military are already required to get at least nine other vaccines — up to 17 total vaccines — depending on where they’re deployed.

More Essential Workers Will Be Eligible For Vaccines Starting Monday In Illinois

Higher education staff and others can start getting vaccinated Monday outside the city. Restaurant and construction workers can get the shots starting March 29.

  • Credibility:
  • As a news piece, this article cites verifiable, third-party sources which have all been thoroughly fact-checked and deemed credible by the Newsroom.√ócloseSources Cited

CHICAGO Illinois is expanding vaccine eligibility to more essential workers, including restaurant and construction workers.

The changes will allow more workers to get vaccinated before Illinois begins opening appointments to all people 16 and older April 12. The eligibility changes dont apply to Chicago, which has its own vaccination plan and gets a separate allocation of doses from the federal government.

The essential workers will be added to Illinois eligibility list in two phases.

Heres who will be eligible starting Monday:

  • Higher education staff

Heres who will be eligible starting March 29:

  • Food and beverage workers
  • Construction trade workers
  • Religious leaders

Eligibility will be expanded to all Illinoisans 16 and older April 12, Gov. JB Pritzker announced Thursday.

Chicagos vaccination campaign is still focused on frontline workers and people 65 and older. It is expected to move into Phase 1C on March 29, at which point essential workers including restaurant workers will be able to start getting shots in the city.

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Victoria Covid Update: Moderna Vaccine Headed For Pharmacies As Construction Protest Turns Violent

Daniel Andrews says rally outside CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne not safe and not smart as state pushes for reopening

Victorians will have access to 300,000 doses of Modernas Covid-19 vaccine this month at hundreds of pharmacies across the state, premier Daniel Andrews says.

Andrews announced Moderna will be available at 440 pharmacies across the state this week, and a further 281 next week.

But he urged anyone who had not yet booked to take up any available vaccine available to them now and not wait. It comes as the state pushes to get up to 70% and 80% double-dose vaccination targets as part of its roadmap out of lockdown.

Please dont defer, please dont wait, because these things are uncertain. Get the vaccine that is on offer right now, he said on Monday.

Thats the most powerful contribution you can make to your safety, your health and of course to us meeting all those national cabinet timelines so we are open the place up.

Anthony Tassone, president of the Victorian branch of the Australian Pharmacy Guild, said people aged 60 and over could still only access AstraZeneca. He said they should not wait for the other vaccines, noting he already had patients over 60 trying to get Moderna.

Im sorry, they are not eligible for that at this stage. Please get AstraZeneca It is safe and effective.

    What About My Duty As A Worker Under Whs Laws Does This Mean I Have To Be Vaccinated

    More essential workers to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

    As a worker, you must take reasonable care of yourself and not do anything that would adversely affect the health and safety of others at work. You must also follow any reasonable health and safety instructions from your employer as far as you are reasonably able.

    If there is a law or public health order in place which requires you to be vaccinated, for example because you work in a certain industry, you may need to be vaccinated to work, or continue to work, in that industry.

    Remember, the Australian Government is encouraging everyone who can to get a COVID-19 vaccine. You should talk to your treating medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

    For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines, go to the Department of Health website.

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