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Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am
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Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am
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Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am
All countries
Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am
All countries
Updated on August 12, 2022 6:08 am
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Can Covid Be Stopped Without A Vaccine

Q: What Are The Most Important Things I Need To Know To Keep Myself And Others Safe When I Go To The Grocery Store During The Pandemic

Covid Vaccination Drive : People Above 18 Can Get Jabs Without Registering On Cowin App

A: There are steps you can take to help protect yourself, grocery store workers and other shoppers, such as wearing a face covering, practicing social distancing, and using wipes on the handles of the shopping cart or basket. Read more tips in Shopping for Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Information for Consumers.

Hhs And Doj Guidance On Long Covid As A Disability

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice jointly published a guidance document on long COVID as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act , Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. The guidance, released as we commemorate the 31st anniversary of the ADA, provides additional clarity on how these disability nondiscrimination laws apply to people who may be newly covered under these laws because of the impact of the COVID-19 infection on their bodies and their lives. The document discusses when long COVID may be considered a disability under the ADA, Section 504, and Section 1557, and shares examples along with related resources that may be helpful.

– On Monday, August 2, 2021, the White House Office of Public Engagement, in conjunction with the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Labor, hosted “A Conversation about Long COVID,” to review the guidance, share information on how to access supports, and answer questions. If you missed it, you can watch the video here .

Q: Am I At Risk For Serious Complications From Covid

A: Yes. Data shows that when compared to never smokers, cigarette smoking increases the risk of more severe illness from COVID-19, which could result in hospitalization, the need for intensive care, or even death. Smoking cigarettes can cause inflammation and cell damage throughout the body, and can weaken your immune system, making it less able to fight off disease.Theres never been a better time to quit smoking. If you need resources to help you quit smoking, the FDAs Every Try Counts campaign has supportive tips and tools to help you get closer to quitting for good.

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Q: What Is The Risk Of Using A Hand Sanitizer That Contains Methanol Or 1

A: Methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death. Although people using these products on their hands are at risk for methanol poisoning, young children who accidentally swallow these products and adolescents and adults who drink these products as an alcohol substitute are most at risk.

Swallowing or drinking a hand sanitizer with 1-propanol can result in decreased breathing and heart rate, among other serious symptoms, and can lead to death. Hand sanitizer with 1-propanol contamination can irritate your skin . Although it is rare, some people have reported allergic skin reactions. Learn more about methanol and 1-propanol toxicities.

Disability And Crisis Standards Of Care

Coronavirus Vaccine Update:

Best Practices from OCR’s Work with States and Other Entities on Crisis Standards of Care

  • Resource allocation decisions should be based on individualized assessment of each patient using best available objective medical evidence concerning likelihood of death prior to or imminently after hospital discharge
  • Such assessments should not use categorical exclusion criteria on the basis of disability or age judgments as to long-term life expectancy evaluations of the relative worth of life, including through quality of life judgments, and should not deprioritize persons on the basis of disability or age because they may consume more treatment resources or require auxiliary aids or supports.
  • When using prognostic scoring systems with patients with underlying disabilities, reasonable modifications may be necessary for accurate use.
  • Healthcare providers should not “steer” patients into agreeing to the withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining treatment or require patients or their families to consent to a particular advanced care planning decision in order to continue to receive services from a facility. Patients must be given information on the full scope of available alternatives.
  • Providers should not consider for re-allocation a ventilator or other piece of life-sustaining equipment that is brought to the hospital by a patient whose life is dependent on that equipment

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What We Know About The Safety Of Different Vaccine Combinations

Based on data from the Australian Immunisation Register, we can see that most people under the age of 50 years received 3 mRNA vaccines â this was most commonly 3 doses of Comirnaty . For people in the 50-59 age group, there was more of a mixed picture with over half of them receiving 3 doses of an mRNA vaccine and the rest getting an mRNA vaccine booster after receiving initial doses of Vaxzevria . In the over 60 age group, most people received an mRNA vaccine booster after getting Vaxzevria for their first 2 doses.

For the adverse event reports received by the TGA following a booster dose, many do not give details about which COVID-19 vaccines the person received for their first and second doses. Taking into account the limitations in this reporting data, we have not observed any patterns of adverse events which suggests different vaccine combinations are more likely to lead to serious adverse events.

The US surveillance study of booster doses found that in people who had received 3 mRNA doses, adverse reactions were reported less frequently after the booster dose than after the second dose.

To improve our vaccine safety monitoring, we encourage people reporting adverse events to tell us as much information as possible about their experience, including the type of COVID vaccines they have received, and which dose the adverse event relates to.

More information about how to report a suspected side effect to a COVID-19 vaccine is available on the TGA website.

Q: Is Hand Sanitizer Effective Against Covid

A: The best way to prevent the spread of infections and decrease the risk of getting sick is by washing your hands with plain soap and water, advises the CDC. Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is essential, especially after going to the bathroom before eating and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing ones nose. If soap and water are not available, CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

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Are There Risks Or Safety Concerns Regarding The Covid Vaccines

As part of their normal activities, the CDC and FDA monitor possible safety issues with the COVID-19 vaccines. These agencies are thorough and transparent about COVID-19 vaccine side effects. While millions in the U.S. have been vaccinated with only mild side effects, some rare issues have been reported and reviewed.

  • In April 2021, the CDC and FDA temporarily paused administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine so they could review data on a small number of cases of serious blood clots following shots with that vaccine. Most of these incidents occurred in women under age 50. After this review, the FDA and CDC determined that the benefits of the J& J vaccine outweigh the risk of this very rare side effect, and resumed authorization of vaccination with the J& J shot. Read more about side effects related to a rare blood clot.
  • After observing rare occurrences of myocarditis following the second injection of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, the CDC released information for the public. Most of these myocarditis events happened in teens and young adults, and the majority of the cases were mild and cleared up on their own. Read more about side effects related to myocarditis.

This review process continues to monitor vaccine safety. Potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines are reviewed and weighed against the benefits of protection that the vaccines offer as well as the known, serious risk of harm due to COVID-19.

Q: Should I Take Chloroquine Phosphate Used To Treat Disease In Aquarium Fish To Prevent Or Treat Covid

Delta and other COVID variants can be stopped by vaccines | 7NEWS

A: No. Products marketed for veterinary use, for research only, or otherwise not for human consumption have not been evaluated for safety or effectiveness and should never be used by humans. The FDA is aware that chloroquine phosphate is marketed to treat disease in aquarium fish, but these products have not been evaluated by the FDA to determine if they are safe, effective, properly manufactured, and adequately labeled. The agency continues to work with online marketplaces to remove these items, and many have been removed based on these efforts. Patients should not take any form of chloroquine unless it has been prescribed by a licensed health care provider. Chloroquine products also should not be given to pets or livestock unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

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Vaccines For Children 5 To 11 Became Available Late Last Year

Last October, Pfizer and BioNTech completed their revised trial for children between 5 and 11, which found that a 10-microgram vaccine dosage was effective and safe for that age group. Following FDA authorization of emergency use of Pfizers dose, the White House rolled out a master plan to bring shots to the 28 million kids eligible for immunization, along with a revamped campaign to educate parents and kids. Instead of the large vaccination centers used in the initial rollout, the administration set up clinics in easily accessible locations, like childrens hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies, and pop-ups inside schools. Roughly 27 percent of the 6-to-11 age group is now fully vaccinated, according to data from the AAP.

Last fall, Moderna reported promising results from clinical trials with kids between 6 and 11. The company has submitted the data for FDA review, but approval is still pending, though it has been cleared for use for this age group in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Q: Why Has The Fda Placed Alcohol

A: During the coronavirus pandemic, the FDA has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products from Mexico that were labeled to contain ethanol but, among other concerns, tested positive for methanol contamination. Methanol can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and life-threatening when ingested. Methanol is not an acceptable ingredient in hand sanitizer.

Recently, the FDA placed all alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico on a country-wide import alert to help prevent entry into the U.S. of potentially dangerous products until we can review the products safety. An import alert informs field staff the FDA has sufficient evidence to detain products that appear to violate laws and regulations without physical examination. FDA analyses of alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico found that 84 percent of the samples we analyzed from April through December 2020 were not in compliance with FDA regulations.

Import alerts:

  • Help prevent potentially violative products from being distributed in the United States
  • Help free-up agency resources to examine other shipments
  • Provide uniform information to FDA field offices across the country
  • Provide the importer the opportunity to show that the products being imported into the United States are in compliance with the FDA’s laws and regulations.

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Fact: Studies Have Shown That A Person Infected With The Delta Variant Of Covid Has Roughly 1000 Times More Copies Of The Virus In Their Respiratory Tracts Than A Person Infected With The Original Straincdc Delta Variant: What We Know About The Science

Hamer: The challenge is that Delta is so transmissible that I am starting to advise people to wear masks again in supermarkets and stores and public places. But Delta is causing outbreaks mostly in unvaccinated people and only in some vaccinated people. Until we get to the point where transmission slows to a trickle, Delta is just more easily spread, and we are quickly learning that it can easily lead to vaccine breakthroughs and even be spread from one vaccinated person to another.

Assoumou: The vaccines are safe, and remarkably effective. But what precautions to take will decide on a lot of factors. For example, where you live. Are you in a place with high vaccination coverage, like Massachusetts, or a southern state with low vaccination coverage and high case rate. It also depends on what activity you are engaging in. Outside not in a crowd, thats safe. You dont need a mask, but inside in a crowd where you dont know who is vaccinated or unvaccinated, then you may still want to follow public health measures. If you have children less than 12, like I do, then you also need to be a little more cautious. In addition, if you have a compromised immune system, then you also need to take some precautions. If you happen to be in a place with high vaccination coverage and a lower case rate, then it might depend on your level of comfort for risk.

I do want to remind people there are still places we should mask up, like the doctors office or on public transportation.

Fact: After People Recover From Infection With A Virus The Immune System Retains A Memory Of It The National Institutes Of Health Explains While Thats Good For The Immune System It Also Means That Even After You Recover From Covid Its Still Inside Your Body And Can Resurface Studies Have Been Unclear How Long Immunity Lasts After Having Covidmost Experts Believe Anywhere From 90 Days To Six Months Though It Could Be Longernational Institutes Of Health

Take whatever COVID vaccine you can get. All of them stop ...

Assoumou: Thats a very common one. The information we have right now is that vaccines provide a more broad-based immune response that will protect you for a longer period of time. With the mRNA vaccines, you have two shots, one to prime and then another one to boost the immune system. You need the boost to protect you for a longer period of time.

Hamer: After three to six months or so, the natural immunity begins to wane and the risk of reinfection returns. We are definitely seeing people develop reinfections. Receiving the vaccine after having COVID is like a booster effect, and therefore its much more effective. Studies have been done comparing those who had the disease versus those who did not, and those who got at least one shot after having COVID end up with very high levels of antibodies.

MYTH: Children do not need to be vaccinated because they do not become sick from COVID-19.

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Q: Products Online Claim To Prevent Or Treat Covid

A: The FDA advises consumers to be beware of websites and stores selling products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19. If you have a question about a product sold online that claims to treat, prevent, or cure COVID-19, talk to your health care provider or doctor.

Watch this video and read this Consumer Update to learn how to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus fraud.

Please report websites selling products with fraudulent claims about treatment or prevention of COVID-19. If you have experienced a bad reaction to a product sold with COVID-19 claims, report it to the FDAs MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program:

  • Complete and submit the report online or
  • Download and complete the form, then submit it via fax at 1-800-FDA-0178.

Include as much information as you can about the product that caused the reaction, including the product name, the manufacturer, and the lot number .

Myth: Researchers Rushed The Development Of The Covid

FACT: Studies found that the two initial vaccines are both about 95% effective and reported no serious or life-threatening side effects. There are many reasons why the COVID-19 vaccines could be developed so quickly. Here are just a few:

  • The COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna were created with a method that has been in development for years, so the companies could start the vaccine development process early in the pandemic.
  • China isolated and shared genetic information about COVID-19 promptly, so scientists could start working on vaccines.
  • The vaccine developers didnt skip any testing steps, but conducted some of the steps on an overlapping schedule to gather data faster.
  • Vaccine projects had plenty of resources, as governments invested in research and/or paid for vaccines in advance.
  • Some types of COVID-19 vaccines were created using messenger RNA , which allows a faster approach than the traditional way that vaccines are made.
  • Social media helped companies find and engage study volunteers, and many were willing to help with COVID-19 vaccine research.
  • Because COVID-19 is so contagious and widespread, it did not take long to see if the vaccine worked for the study volunteers who were vaccinated.
  • Companies began making vaccines early in the process even before FDA authorization so some supplies were ready when authorization occurred.

The COVID-19 Vaccines: What you need to know | Las vacunas anticovid-19: información imprescindible

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Will Anything Change With My Cancer

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased risk of exposure to the virus, most hospitals and clinics have changed their visitation policies. Some may allow 1 visitor per patient, and others may allow no visitors. Masks and physical distancing are still required in health-care settings. Before heading to your medical appointment, check with the clinic or hospital for their current visitor policy.

Your cancer care team may conduct some of your appointments by telemedicine. During a telemedicine appointment, you can stay at home and visit with your doctor or other health care team member through video conferencing using your phone or computer. Your doctors office will give you instructions on how to have your visit this way. If you are interested in having a visit by telemedicine rather than in person, ask your doctor’s office staff if this is possible.

If community spread of COVID-19 in your area is high, your doctor may recommend delaying some treatments for supportive care, such as bone-strengthening treatments, for example, denosumab or zoledronic acid , or intravenous iron supplementation. They will only recommend delaying treatments if they feel it is in your best interest to do so.

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