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Can Covid Cause Erectile Dysfunction

No Link Between Covid

Can COVID-19 cause erectile dysfunction?

Public health officials around the world have explained that erectile dysfunction is not a side effect of COVID-19 vaccines, but a viral tweet from rapper Nicki Minaj has spread the unfounded claim.

    Contrary to what rapper Nicki Minaj claimed in a viral tweet on Sept. 13, there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause erectile dysfunction, or ED.

    But there is some preliminary research that suggests COVID-19 itself may be associated with ED. Well explain more on that below.

    Minajs tweet was one of several following her announcement that she wouldnt attend the annual Met Gala due to the COVID-19 vaccine requirements for the event. Although Minaj expressed hesitancy about getting vaccinated in her tweets, she also said that she would likely get a vaccine before going on her next tour.

    The tweet that went viral was vague, saying: My cousin in Trinidad wont get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. But it garnered more than 110,000 likes and praise from conservative commentators who have sowndoubt about the vaccines, such as Candace Owens and Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

    Although Minaj didnt specify which vaccine her cousins friend supposedly got or why she thought his condition was related, medical experts and public health authorities from around the world have said the claim that the vaccines could cause ED is false.

    Studies Reveal New Potential Long Covid Symptom: Erectile Dysfunction

    Evidence is mounting to support the idea that the can have a significant impact on that one organ that is quite important to about half the human population, leaving many of those who have them and have contracted COVID-19 with lasting erectile dysfunction.

    One study found that about a quarter of the people surveyed with penises who have had the illness had issues with impotence, compared to nine percent among those who have never had COVID-19.

    This does not come as a surprise to medical experts who understand that the coronavirus messes with the entire vascular system of the body and can result in thick, sticky blood that can spawn blood clots and result in deep vein thrombosis. Since erections are caused by increase blood flow to the penis, you can see how COVID-19 might interfere with that.

    Erectile dysfunction is 3x higher in covid positive men according to this study


    Another fun feature of this virus is the fact that sometimes the effects can linger for months, and for some unlucky individuals, we dont yet know how long the phenomenon known as long COVID will last because it hasnt stopped. Symptoms can include lasting fatigue and breathing problems, brain fog, and for individuals with penises, well, you know.

    To make matters even more terrifying for all of our bepenised humans, the erectile dysfunction experienced by those who have recovered from COVID is reportedly not responsive to our everyday, often-advertised ED drugs.

    Erectile Dysfunction In Fit And Healthy Young Men:

    Can covid cause ed. Specifically, ed functions as the canary in a coal mine for cardiovascular. Severe covid attacks organs all over the body, so it can cause ed, myocarditis, brain damage , and so on. Also, its not what the risk of ed may be and what percentage of people who have had covid.

    The researchers concluded that the infection may have restricted blood supply to the penis, leading to severe erectile dysfunction down the line. This protein is found in high numbers on the surface of many cells, including cells in the testicles. We can see organ damage in infected patients but only have 5mos of delta data for.

    Until now, little research has been done on how the virus or the vaccines affect the male reproductive system. I can’t find any studies on them, just loads of news articals saying covid can cause ed long term. Read to know probable causes and prevention methods to avoid erectile dysfunction written by:

    Lower testosterone levels due to covid may cause ed. Testicles are responsible for making testosterone and. erectile dysfunction ed. translational andrology and urology:

    Nicki Minaj Claim That Covid Vaccine Can Cause Impotence Dismissed By Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad And Tobago The Guardian

    Does Covid-19 Cause Erectile Dysfunction And Can Home Remedies Cure It

    Does Covid-19 Cause Erectile Dysfunction And Can Home Remedies Cure It

    Yes Covid-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction Cleveland Clinic

    Georgias Top-down Management Of Higher Ed Causes Covid-19 Chaos

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    Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction After Covid Ed Drugs May Help

    If youre suffering from erectile dysfunction, whether from COVID or from other factors, know that there are treatments available. There are many medications that may help improve erectile function and help you improve your sex life. Our providers are here to help identify underlying causes of your ED and find treatment solutions tailored to you. In some cases, treating underlying causes like hormone deficiencies may help improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In other cases, there are many erectile dysfunction drugs that may help, like PDE5 inhibitors sildenafil and tadalafil. Other common ED treatment options include PT-141 peptide therapy and TriMix injections. Our team can discuss your options and help find treatments based on your unique situation.

    A New Study On Vaccine Safety

    Can COVID

    Additional research by my team brought welcome news. A study of 45 men showed the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines appear safe for the male reproductive system.

    This, then, is another reason to get the vaccinations to preserve male fertility and sexual function.

    Granted, the research is only a first step on how COVID-19 might affect male sexual health the samples were small. Studies should continue.

    Still, for men who have had COVID-19 and then experienced testicular pain, it is reasonable to consider that the virus has invaded testes tissue. Erectile dysfunction can be the result. Those men should see a urologist.

    I also believe the research presents an urgent public health message to the U.S. regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

    For the millions of American men who remain unvaccinated, you may want to again consider the consequences if and when this highly aggressive virus finds you.

    One reason for vaccine hesitancy is the perception among many that COVID-19 shots might affect male fertility. Our research shows the opposite. There is no evidence the vaccine harms a mans reproductive system. But ignoring the vaccine and contracting COVID-19 very well could.

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    Tracking The Virus In Tissues

    Men most at risk for severe COVID-19older men or those with hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and heart diseaseare already at high risk for sexual dysfunction. These conditions affect their hormones, muscles, blood vessels, and more. However, much younger men have also reported sexual health issues. When it comes to figuring out the short-term and chronic aftereffects of this new virus, were still in the tracking and trends phase, says Ryan Berglund, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and that includes understanding its effects on mens sexual and reproductive health.

    To find out if the virus was indeed invading mens reproductive organs, Ramasamy and his team performed biopsies on six men ages 20 to 87 who had succumbed to COVID-19. When they examined these tissue samples under an electron microscope, they discovered virus particles lurking in one mans testicles. Half of the men also had poor sperm quality, backing up data from other small postmortem studies and raising questions about the diseases impact on fertility.

    If the virus was in the testes, Ramasamy wondered if was also present in the penis. The team investigated by studying two men who became impotent after having the virus. One of them had experienced mild symptoms the other had been hospitalized. Convinced they would never have a natural erection again, they each came to the clinic to see if they might be candidates for penile implant surgery.

    Erectile Dysfunction And Severe Covid

    Also, its important to point out that risk factors for erectile dysfunction and severe COVID-19 are similar. For instance, obesity, high blood pressure, age, heart disease, and poor overall health may all increase your risk for both severe COVID symptoms and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, for some men ED and COVID may not be connected at all, but symptoms may come down to your health, lifestyle, and other risk factors.

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    Depression And Anxiety From The Pandemic May Contribute

    The effects of the pandemic, including losing jobs and the impact of stay-at-home orders, can also affect peoples moods and contribute to erectile dysfunction, Jannini said.

    There is a strong, emotional, psychological component, Berglund said, to being able to get an erection quote-unquote being in the mood.

    Berglund said he had patients he knew could get an erection because they would wake up with one. But when the time comes to be intimate, they cant actually get an erection.

    And we know that the disease has caused a tremendous amount of stress on people, he said, and that can affect your ability to get erections.

    Link Between Erectile Dysfunction & Covid

    Erectile Dysfunction & Covid-19 in Jamaica | TVJ News

    COVID-19 has been linked to many negative health effects, such as increased blood pressure, long-term breathing problems, and increased risk for blood clots. New evidence suggests COVID may also increase your risk for developing erectile dysfunction . Research is still ongoing, but one study found that men may be five times more likely to experience ED after a COVID infection. We are all still learning about COVID-19 and its impacts, but there are some explanations for the potential link between coronavirus and ED.

    Some studies suggest that COVID-19 may increase your risk for erectile dysfunction.

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    /3can Covid Cause Erectile Dysfunction In Men

    Comorbidities related to COVID-19 have become a common phenomenon during the second wave of the coronavirus. From black fungus, white fungus, happy hypoxia to pneumonia, COVID-19 is affecting various organs of our body and making us prone to various diseases. One of the recent studies found that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction and affect fertility.

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    These findings dont show cause and effect of the virus inducing ED, but it is strongly suggestive of the relationship. The blood vessel damage is comparable to that seen in other organs like lungs, heart, bowel, kidneys, brain, etc. COVID is really a total body disease infecting and affecting small blood vessels in those tissues. The fact that the viral particles persisted for months after the documented infections may help understand long COVID problems

    Disease severity is not apparently relevant. One of the guys had severe infection two weeks in the hospital and the other just a mild case. However, he had clogged arteries and high blood pressure before infection. Those problems, along with others are known predisposing conditions for ED. The virus may be another vessel insult.

    The other current source of evidence that COVID can bring ED is a paper from a journal called Andrology, Mach 30, 2021, issue from Italy. Responses were extracted from an online survey between April 7 and May 4, 2020, of over 6,000 men. One hundred were selected as eligible. Of these, 25 had self-reported COVID infections and 75 had no known infection. The incidence of ED was 28% in the infection positive males and 9.33% in the negative group. Somehow, the number has been reported in many other references that ED was between 5 and 6 times higher in the positive patients.

    Dr. Frank Bures

    In this Series

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    Topic : The Mental Health Impact Of Covid

    It is important to consider the role of added stress, anxiety, and physical health implications for men with ED amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased rates of post-traumatic stress disorder , depression, and anxiety are expected in the general population, and even more in COVID-19 survivors, following the pandemic. Anxiety and depression are commonly seen in men with ED. Psychological and mental health issues may lead to ED or worsening ED. ED has been shown to be 1.32.3 times more common in individuals with anxiety and depression. Although the psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and sleep disturbances are being studied for COVID-19, literature evaluating the relationship between these psychological and mental consequences and ED is rather scarce.

    An online questionnaire administered to Chinese men during the pandemic found that 8.4% and 8.5% subjects reported deteriorated erectile function or ejaculation control ability by self-evaluation, whereas 31.9% and 17.9% subjects showed decreased IIEF-5 scores or increased premature ejaculation diagnostic tool scores. Subjects with deteriorated erectile function by self-evaluation and decreased IIEF-5 scores displayed higher General Anxiety Disorder-7 and higher Patient Health Questionnaire-9 score and decreased frequency of sexual life and physical exercise . Subjects with decreased frequency of sexual life had reduced income , increased anxiety and depression .

    What Is Erectile Dysfunction


    It is also called impotence. Erectile dysfunction can be termed as the inability to get and keep his penis firm enough for erection for having sexual intercourse. Having this issue sometimes is not a matter of concern but if erectile dysfunction is a regular issue in your life then it can be a cause of trouble. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to stress, anxiety and relationship issue which can affect your confidence badly. Problems keeping your penis up or getting up can be a sign of underlying health condition that needs to be treated. Erectile dysfunction can also be a risk factor for heart disease, hence addressing this issue is very important.

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    Whats The Evidence Behind It

    One study found that people infected with the virus were more than 5 times more likely to develop ED. In another small study, researchers took penis tissue samples from two men whod been infected with COVID-19. One had had severe symptoms, the other mild. The samples were taken before both men had surgery for severe ED symptoms. The scientists found COVID-19 viral particles and endothelial dysfunction long after the two men first had their infections.

    Its still too early to know for sure what the long-term effects of the virus are on sexual and reproductive health.


    Topic : Biological Impact Of Covid

    Evidence that COVID-19 may biologically impact ED both in regard to the prevalence of ED and the severity of ED in men with existing ED is beginning to emerge. A retrospective chart review of 12 outpatient urology clinics across Turkey investigated whether there have been variations in the presentations of male patients with sexual and reproductive health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrological problems were detected in 721 of 4,955 male patients included in the study. Study findings showed that there was a significant increase in overall andrological diagnosis in these patients during the pandemic period compared with the pre-pandemic period . The number of patients diagnosed with ED during the pandemic was significantly higher during COVID-19 compared to the pre-COVID-19 pandemic period . The authors hypothesized that possible reasons for more frequent presentation to the outpatient urology clinics with ED may include relationship strain due to the Stay Home policies, job losses and economic problems, and increased anxiety and depression. Limitations of this study include its retrospective design, lack of randomization, differences in patient baseline characteristics between the comparison groups, and potential confounding from unknown and/or unmeasured variables.

    Andrological diagnoses in male patients pre- and during COVID-19.

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    Does Covid Cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Although COVID is primarily known as a respiratory disease, it can disrupt many other body systems, including the cardiovascular system. Erectile dysfunction largely stems from issues with blood flow, so its no surprise that COVID-related vascular issues may be related to erectile dysfunction, Christopher Kyle, MD, a urologist and medical health advisor for the sexual wellness company Giddy, told Huffington Post. Anything that degrades blood vessels or impedes how freely blood flows throughout all parts of the body will almost assuredly have an impact on the ability to achieve an erection.

    Evidence for this connection comes from a study from May that found damaged blood vessels and coronavirus particles in the penises of two men who had developed erectile dysfunction months after recovering from COVID. One of the men had been hospitalized for COVID, but the other only had mild illness.

    Testosterone, which is crucial for erections, may also be a victim of COVID. The testicles are the main site of testosterone production in people who have them. Testicular cells have an ACE2 receptor on their surface the same receptor the coronavirus uses to invade cells. Researchers have found that the virus can indeed use those receptors to infect the testes. This could not only have an impact on the production of testosterone but also sperm. In other words, the coronavirus may not only affect erections but also fertility.

    What Can You Do

    Some Men Diagnosed with COVID-19 Experience Erectile Dysfunction

    ED as a side effect of COVID-19 can be short- or long-term. But experts aren’t not sure if these complications can lead to issues with fertility.

    Tell your doctor right away if you think you have ED, especially after a COVID-19 infection. Theyll ask about your medical history and give you a physical exam. They might also order lab tests or refer you to a urologist. Thats a doctor who specializes in treating problems in the male reproductive tract. Theyll figure out whats causing your ED and come up with a treatment plan.

    Experts recommend getting the COVID-19 vaccine to lower your risk of ED as a side effect.

    Andrology: Mask up to keep it up: Preliminary evidence of the association between erectile dysfunction and COVID19.

    World Journal of Men’s Health: COVID-19 Endothelial Dysfunction Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction: Histopathological, Immunohistochemical, and Ultrastructural Study of the Human Penis.

    Cleveland Clinic: Yes, COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction.

    Urology Care Foundation: What is Erectile Dysfunction?

    Stanford Healthcare: Endothelial Dysfunction.

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