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Can Teachers Get The Covid Vaccine

Fauci Says Teachers Should Be Required To Be Vaccinated

Ohio teachers can get the COVID-19 vaccine, but what about childcare workers?

“We think this is the right thing to do and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open and to address the number one anxiety that parents like myself have for young children,” Newsom said.

Several large school districts in the state have issued similar requirements in recent days, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the Long Beach Unified.

California, like the rest of the country, has seen a troubling surge in COVID-19 infections because of the delta variant, which represents the vast majority of new cases. It has affected children more than previous strains of the virus.

California’s two largest teachers unions, both powerful political allies to the governor, said they fully supported Newsom’s policy.

On Sunday, the president of the nation’s second-largest teachers union, Randi Weingarten, said “the circumstances have changed.”

“It weighs really heavily on me that kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated,” said Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

The California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers both cited state and national polling that indicates nearly 90% of educators have been vaccinated but said the rising spread of the delta variant, particularly among children, makes the new policy necessary. Children under 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.

A vaccination site for employees of the Los Angeles school district in Inglewood, Calif., in March.

Correction Aug. 11, 2021

Will Teachers Be Required To Have The Covid Vaccine

Right now, teachers are not legally required by the government to have the Covid vaccine.

However, the NHS strongly recommends the jab to all who are medically eligible, which is currently 16 to 17-year-olds, and adults over 18.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service; says employers should support staff in getting the vaccine, making it possible for them to take time off to receive it.

That said, back in June, Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green said on BBC Today that compulsory vaccines for teachers shouldnt be ruled out.

I think weve got to be wary about compulsory vaccinations, she said. We wanted, as you know, to bring forward the vaccination programme for teachers to give them priority very early on this year.

Because, if teachers are off sick, it means they have to go home and children cant be in the classroom.

Some individual schools or nurseries may decide to enforce their own policies on staff.

Nursery World has even reported that a Bradford nursery will require its staff to be double-jabbed by September 1.

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Madison Teachers Inc. union President Michael Jones said on Friday that more than 85 percent of teachers are in favor of a vaccine mandate.

California, Illinois and New York City have already required teachers get vaccinated or submit to regular testing.

In other districts, though, school boards have not passed or, in some cases, even considered mask requirements for students or staff, let alone raised the idea of mask mandates.

Wirtz-Olsen said the union has also been focused on professional development for teachers. She said theyve offered courses around virtual learning, which many schools used for all students at least part of last school year and a few districts are offering as an option for families this year.

She said WEAC has also been offering more professional development around teacher mental health, after hearing from their members that its a top concern. ;

“As weve seen with everyone throughout the pandemic, its something critically important for our educators for taking care of themselves, but also for their own understanding of working with their student population and supporting them along the way,” she said.

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As Districts Insist On Vaccines Some Teachers Push Back

PORTLAND, Ore. Some of the biggest school systems in the U.S. are taking a hard line with teachers and staff members who are not yet vaccinated against COVID-19: Get a jab or lose your job.

Most teachers already are vaccinated, and national teachers unions have endorsed vaccine mandates, but the policies have sparked protests from educators and, in some cases, pushback from local district leaders who fear large numbers of departures.

In Oregon, where school staffers statewide are required to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18, the board for the 7,500-student district of Redmond last week passed a resolution protesting the mandate and mandatory mask-wearing in schools after significant opposition.

This is to ensure that the children we all cherish are safe, that their families are reassured, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, said last week.

California Requires Vaccinations Or Weekly Covid Tests For All School Staff

L.A. students must get COVID

California on Wednesday became the first state in the nation to require all teachers and other school staff to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 or be tested weekly, following in the footsteps of several of the states largest school districts.

We think this is the right thing to do, Gov. Gavin Newsom said. Its a sustainable way to keep our schools open, and it addresses parents anxiety that schools are doing everything in their power to keep kids safe and healthy.

When Newsom announced the public health order Wednesday morning at Carl B. Munck Elementary school in Oakland, students were attending their third day of school amid a nationwide surge in infections due to the delta variant.

Newsom said it was a series of conversations with districts, labor unions and public health officials that led to the new requirement. California Teachers Association President E. Toby Boyd, California State PTA President Carol Green, the California School Employees Association and SEIU California Executive Board Member Max Arias all expressed support for the new requirement.

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Nyc Can Impose Vaccine Mandate On Teachers Federal Appeals Court Says

    The Associated Press

    NEW YORK The nation’s largest school district can immediately impose a vaccine mandate on its teachers and other workers, after all, a federal appeals panel decided Monday.The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan issued a brief order late in the day that lifted a block of the mandate that a single appeals judge had put in place on Friday.


    Who Is Eligible For A Covid Booster Shot

    So far, COVID-19 boosters shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are available for people who completed their Pfizer shots at least six months ago* and meet the following conditions:

    • You are 65 years of age or older
    • You are 18 or over and you have underlying medical conditions such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, heart conditions, HIV infection, liver disease, obesity, sickle cell disease, smoking, solid organ transplant and;stroke, among others.
    • You are 18 or over and you work in high-risk conditions such as first responders, education staff, food and agriculture workers, grocery store workers and others.
    • You are 18 or over and you live in high-risk settings such as;health care, schools, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, or if you live with someone with underlying conditions or in an;immunocompromised state.

    *Note that this is not the same as a third shot for immunocompromised people. Immunocompromised individuals may receive a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine as early as 28 days after their second dose.

    Booster shot availability may be expanded in the future as researchers continue testing how well the vaccines are working for different groups of people.

    High risk?;Who is considered ‘high risk’ and eligible for Pfizer-BioNTech’s booster shots?

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    When Can I Get A Covid

    Not immediately. The goal is for people to start receiving a COVID-19 booster shot beginning in the fall, with individuals being eligible starting 8 months after they received their second dose of an mRNA vaccine . This is subject to authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and recommendation by CDCs Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices . FDA is conducting an independent evaluation to determine the safety and effectiveness of a booster dose of the mRNA vaccines. ACIP will decide whether to issue a booster dose recommendation based on a thorough review of the evidence.

    If We Need A Booster Dose Does That Mean That The Vaccines Arent Working

    Why You Can Be Forced To Get The Covid Vaccine

    No. COVID-19 vaccines are working very well to prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death, even against the widely circulating Delta variant. However, with the Delta variant, public health experts are starting to see reduced protection against mild and moderate disease. For that reason, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is planning for a booster shot so vaccinated people maintain protection over the coming months.

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    Cities States Now Requiring Vaccinations For Teachers

    On Thursday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that teachers, staff, and volunteers must get a shot, reversing an earlier decision that individual districts would decide whether vaccines would be required.

    Staff, faculty, and volunteers wont be able to opt out of the vaccination requirement unless they have a documented medical or religious exemption. Oregon isnt yet considering vaccination requirements for students.

    COVID-19 poses a threat to our kids, and our kids need to be protected, and they need to be in school, Brown said. Thats why Im willing to take the heat for this decision.

    Browns announcement came a day after Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, said that all its educators must be vaccinated by Sept. 1, the newspaper reported. Across Oregon, teachers must be immunized by Oct. 18.

    Also on Wednesday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced that school and university employees must be vaccinated, including public, private, and charter school employees. They could be fired if they arent fully vaccinated by Oct. 18.

    This is a serious issue, Inslee said. This is not some suggestion or whimsical idea were floating. It is a job requirement.

    Other states are expected to implement vaccine requirements in the coming days as well. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is slated to make an announcement as soon as Monday. Its not yet clear whether New Jersey will allow teachers to opt for weekly testing in lieu of a shot.

    Why Isn’t The Covid Vaccine Enough By Itself Isn’t It Working

    The COVID vaccines are working very well, preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death against the virus and its variants. The vast majority of patients hospitalized in the latest surge have been unvaccinated.;

    But public health officials are starting to see reduced protection against asymptomatic, mild and moderate cases of the disease.

    Data from clinial trials showed that a Pfizer booster increased the immune response for people who were completely vaccinated six months earlier. And Immunocompromised people, who may not have received the full benefit of the initial vaccines, have seen greatly improved immunization with a third shot.

    C. A. Bridges is a Digital Producer for the USA TODAY Network, working with several newsrooms across Florida. Local journalists work hard to keep you informed about the things you care about, and you can support them by subscribing to your;local news organization.;Read more articles by Chris here and follow him on Twitter at

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    Can I Get A Booster Shot For The Moderna Or Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    Not yet. At the moment, the FDA has;only authorized boosters for the Pfizer vaccine, which has been fully licensed under the name;Comirnaty.

    Moderna has requested authorization for a lower dose of its initial vaccine to be used as a booster, which the FDA is currently considering and which could become available for boosters in coming weeks.

    Johnson & Johnson, which has been a single-dose vaccine,;released studies showing that a second dose is safe and improves effectiveness,;but it has not yet submitted a request for FDA authorization to provide boosters.

    Wisconsins Largest Teachers Union Calls For Universal Masking Vaccination Of All Teachers And School Staff

    Thompson teachers, first responders get COVID
    • Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 4:15pm

    The Wisconsin Education Association Council, the states largest teachers union, is calling for all teachers and school staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or go through robust regular testing.

    “We believe that all teachers, education support professionals, adults in the building and eligible students should be vaccinated,” said new WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen during a press conference Wednesday. “Those with rare exceptions who arent must be tested regularly.”

    WEAC said masks should also be required for all students, educators and other adults in school buildings.

    Wirtz-Olsen,;a high school art and English teacher in Marshfield, said the organization released its recommendations to support teachers and staff in pushing for masks and vaccine or testing standards at the local level.

    “Its my belief as an educator that our educators across the state in all school districts will recognize that with us coming forward with this plan, it gives them the help and support to bring this forward in their local districts and with their local school boards,” she said.

    The school boards for both the Madison Metropolitan School District and Milwaukee Public Schools have directed staff to draft plans for teacher and staff vaccine requirements for possible approval later this month.

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    Book Your Free Shot It’s Safe And Easy

    COVID-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it. All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

    Everyone born in 2009 or before can get their first and second doses now. Third doses are available to some people most at risk of severe illness.

    NEW: AHS clinics and pharmacies now use the same centralized online booking system. You can also book your shot by calling 811, visiting a walk-in clinic, or contacting a doctor’s office.

    • 78.8% of Albertans 12+ with at least 1 dose
    • 70.8% of Albertans 12+ fully vaccinated
    • $100 Debit Card

      Get vaccinated to get a $100 debit card!

    • Who’s eligible: Albertans 18 or older who got their first or second dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine between September 3 and October 14, 2021.
    • How to register: After vaccination, register online or by phone, starting on September 13. Detailed instructions will be posted at that time.
    • How to claim: $100 debit cards will be delivered to you. Everyone who is registered and has a valid vaccination will receive a debit card.
  • Open for Summer Lottery

    Get vaccinated for your shot to win $1 million!

  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older who have had 2 doses of an approved COVID-19;vaccine.
  • How to register: Enter online at by September 23 at 11:59 pm.
  • How to claim: Winner will be contacted by September 30, 2021.
  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older with 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • When Can Indiana Teachers Get Vaccinated

    Video: Here’s who can get a COVID-19 vaccine in Indiana

    Teachers who meet the current state eligibility criteria can get vaccinated any time. Visit or call 211 to make an appointment.

    For younger teachers, its less clear. Some Hoosier teachers have reported being able to make appointments at their local Kroger, Meijer or Walmart already, while others have run into issues. During a press briefing Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the federal initiative would start next week.

    During his briefing Wednesday, Holcomb asked for patience as the details get sorted out.

    At least Kroger and Meijer had updated their websites to reflect teacher eligibility as of Wednesday night.

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    Most Teachers Should Be Eligible Soon

    All Indiana teachers became eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in March after a White House directive;urged;states to prioritize teachers, school employees and child care workers for vaccination. Teachers who received their first shot in mid-March would have received their second in early April, meaning they should be eligible sometime next month.;

    Prior to that, the state had been opening;vaccine access based on age, so older teachers that received the Pfizer vaccine may already be eligible for a booster dose.;

    “The boosters provide an extra level of protection to our most vulnerable Hoosiers,” Weaver said Wednesday.

    According to Weaver, more than;35,000 people have already received their third dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Indiana.

    Call IndyStar education reporter Arika Herron at 317-201-5620 or email her at . Follow her on Twitter: .

    Have There Been Any Issues

    Teachers across Sacramento County excited to get the COVID-19 vaccine

    Yes. It appears that not all participating pharmacies were ready for Wednesdays announcement. Websites for Kroger and Meijer were not updated for several hours, and the Walmart website still appears not to be updated. While some Hoosier teachers reported on social media that they were able to make appointments, others said they were running into problems. Holcomb said Wednesday that state officials didnt have all the details yet and asked for patience.

    Representatives for Kroger and Walmart told IndyStar on Wednesday that they were working as quickly as possible to update changing eligibility criteria on their online appointment systems.

    Call IndyStar education reporter Arika Herron at 317-201-5620 or email her at . Follow her on Twitter: .

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    There Aren’t Enough Covid

    Legal rules aside, it would be difficult to require something in high demand and short supply. The bigger problem nationally;is many;teachers want the vaccine;but can’t get it.;Brent Pearson, a language arts teacher at Eureka High School near St. Louis, scoured vaccination sites, even considering taking two personal days to drive to a far-flung part of the state for an appointment .

    The Rockwood School District, where Pearson works, has been open for in-person instruction since November. Like other districts, staff and students have faced multiple rounds of quarantine because of illness or exposure.

    Erika Kitzmiller, an education professor at Barnard College in New York City, said most of the teachers she talks to;are desperate;to get the vaccine. They want to protect not only themselves;but also their;families, their;students and their students’ families.;But many cannot find appointments in their communities, Kitzmiller said.

    “They are understandably worried about teaching in-person without;it,” she added.

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