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Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm
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Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm
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Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm
All countries
Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm
All countries
Updated on June 23, 2022 8:27 pm
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Can You Travel Without Covid Vaccine

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Key Things To Know

VERIFY: Can you travel internationally without a COVID-19 vaccine?

New C.D.C. guidelinesHoping to prevent further disruptions to daily life, the C.D.C. reduced the period that certain infected Americans must sequester to five days from 10. This change applies only to those without symptoms, or those without fevers whose other symptoms are improving.

Staying safeThe recent Covid surge is prompting travel and event cancellations as we exit 2021. The Times asked experts to share some guidance on travel and gathering safely, as well as some tips on how and when to test and on using at-home virus tests and how to manage . Here is what to do if you test positive for the coronavirus.

The Omicron variantThe highly transmissible variant appears to cause less-severe illness than that of previous forms of the virus, according to new studies. Research also suggests that many non-mRNA vaccines offer almost no defense against infection. The Pfizer and Moderna boosters, which are mRNA-based, most likely provide strong protection.

Around the worldGlobally, thousands of flights were canceled as the Omicron variant began to affect airline crews. In Israel, trials have begun to test the effectiveness of a fourth dose of the vaccine. India is expanding its Covid vaccination drive to include everyone 15 and up and is making health workers and some older people eligible for booster shots as the country prepares for another Covid wave.

The C.D.C. risk assessment for Covid-19 is Level 3: High.

What If I Cant Have The Covid

Under the Package Travel Regulations, travel companies are required by law to tell you about the health and safety requirements at your destination. So they have to inform you if you need to provide proof of Covid-19 inoculation. But they arent required to offer you a refund if you book, and subsequently refuse the vaccine.

If theres a medical reason for doing so and you have evidence of this from your doctor, you may still be allowed into the country. For yellow fever, for example, GPs can issue a medical exemption form thats typically accepted.

But if you choose not to have the vaccine, whether on medical grounds or for another reason, and decide not to go on the holiday as a result, this is likely to be considered disinclination to travel, and standard terms and conditions apply if you choose to cancel.

If youre unable to be vaccinated against Covid-19, you may want to hold off on booking a holiday until the situation is clearer.

Only Six Countries Are Open To Quarantine

Holidaymakers hoping to get away this summer would do well to get vaccinated.

Being fully-jabbed opens up the possibility of quarantine-free travel to a host of amber list destinations, where quarantine on return is no longer required for the vaccinated.

The vaccine also allows travellers to enter many countries where non-vaccinated travellers are not welcome, including France, Iceland and Malta.

However, there are still many would-be holidaymakers, especially the young, waiting on their final jab who are desperate to get away before the summer is over.

If youre still waiting for both doses or are somewhere in the two weeks following the final jab before being granted the coveted fully jabbed status, then here is your guide to how to get away.

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Quarantine And Local Requirements

Travellers to Australia need to comply with requirements in the state or territory of their arrival, and any other state or territories that you plan to travel to. This includes quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements. Restrictions may change at short notice.

Quarantine requirements in Australia are determined by State and Territory governments.

If you wish to travel on to another state or territory you may not be allowed to enter, or may be subject to a quarantine period.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet entry, quarantine and post-arrival testing arrangements for each state or territory that you intend to travel to. You may be responsible for costs of quarantine if you arrive in a state or territory without meeting entry requirements.

To check requirements, see State and Territory Information for travellers.

Do Any Countries Allow Travel Without A Covid Vaccine


    On Monday 4 October, the UK government scrapped the previous traffic light system and instead introduced a single red list of high-risk countries, moving the rest of the world onto a single footing. How do the latest rules affect those who aren’t fully vaccinated, and are any countries allowing tourists to enter with just a test?

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    Do I Need To Quarantine

    You do not have to quarantine when you arrive in Ireland unless you arrivewithout a negative test.

    If you arrive without a negative pre-departure test result, you must homequarantine and take a RT-PCR test within 36 hours of your arrival. If no RT-PCRtest is taken you must remain in home quarantine for 10 days after yourarrival.

    Arrivalsshould take a daily antigen test for thefirst 5 days upon arrival in Ireland.

    You should follow publichealth advice if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are a closecontact of a confirmed case of COVID-19.

    Who Must Quarantine While Awaiting Arrival Test Results

    Quarantine requirements depend on where you’ve been within the last 14 days:

    Upon your entry to Canada by air or at a land border crossing, the border services officer may notify you that you have been randomly selected for a mandatory arrival test.

    All travellers are strongly encouraged to pre-register for an on-arrival COVID-19 molecular test in advance of landing in Canada to avoid lengthy lines and delays in processing.

    If you are randomly selected for a mandatory arrival test, you:

    • must take the arrival test as directed on the day you enter Canada. The test may be administered at the airport or you may receive a self-swab kit at the airport or land border to complete within 24 hours after entering Canada
    • can take connecting flights to your place of quarantine
    • must quarantine in a suitable place while you await the arrival test result
    • arent required to pay a fee for the arrival test
    • may leave quarantine when you get a negative arrival test result. If the test result is positive you must isolate for a further 10 days

    Upon your entry to Canada by air or at a land border crossing, the border services officer may notify you that you have been randomly selected for an arrival test.

    If you are randomly selected for a mandatory arrival test, you:

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    Federal Requirements For Travel

    • Departing from any Canadian airport
    • Travelling on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains
    • Staying on a non-essential passenger vessel for more than 24 hours
    • BC Ferries does not require proof of vaccination

    You should get your federal COVID-19 proof of vaccination before travelling inside or outside of Canada.

    Note: You’re considered fully vaccinated 14 days after you get your second dose of vaccine.

    How Can I Find Out If My Eu Destination Country Accepts My Vaccine As Valid For Travel

    Why You Can Be Forced To Get The Covid Vaccine

    The differences in the vaccines accepted by the Member States have created confusion among travellers. A vaccine checker tool developed by VisaGuide.World enables travellers to check whether the country they are planning to visit soon has approved the vaccine that the traveller has been immunized with against COVID-19.

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    What To Know For Domestic United States Travel

    Dr. Joseph Khabbaza, pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic, told Healthline that you should continually assess beforehand different requirements for different forms of travel as well as what might be required once you reach your destination.

    Dont wait until the last minute and then be caught by surprise once you make it to the airport or your destination.

    Within the United States, the only place that currently requires proof of vaccination for entry is Hawaii, which has an online portal available to upload proof of vaccination, he said.

    If you have been vaccinated within the continental U.S. or its territories, you can avoid the mandatory 10-day quarantine with vaccine proof upon entry to the state.

    If you dont wish to show proof of vaccination, then you can take a pre-travel test, showing a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 72 hours before the final leg of your trip to the state, according to the states official website.

    Other than Hawaii, the United States does not require vaccination proof to travel within the country at this time, Khabbaza reasserted.

    That being said, he cautioned domestic U.S. travelers within the country to check the website of common transportation services like Amtrak and airlines to see if guidelines and recommendations change as the global and international realities of the pandemic change.

    He said, right now, all domestic forms of travel have mask mandates inside a train or plane, for instance.

    Can We Travel Abroad Right Now

    International travel for leisure purposes became legal once more from Monday 17 May 2021, although some destinations remain on the red list for travel.

    On Wednesday 28 April, Transport Minister Grant Shapps confirmed that an existing NHS app would become a vaccine passport for UK residents. The EU created the EU Digital Covid Certificate, which launched from Thursday 1 July. These passes contain details of Covid test results as well as vaccinations allowing those with a recent negative test to travel. Keep an eye on our list of countries open to vaccinated travellers for the latest updates.

    On Tuesday 30 November 2021, The World Health Organisation advised that those over 60 or with a weakened immune system should avoid unnecessary travel due to concerns from the new Omicron variant. They announced, Persons who are unwell, or who have not been fully vaccinated or do not have proof of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection and are at increased risk of developing severe disease and dying, including people 60 years of age or older or those with comorbidities that present increased risk of severe Covid-19 should be advised to postpone travel to areas with community transmission. It seems clear this advice will remain in place until more is known about the Omicron variant. On Wednesday 1 December, health secretary Sajid Javid stated, ‘We’re confident that, actually, maybe within two weeks that we can know a lot more about ‘.

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    Revocation Of Geographic Covid

    Presidential Proclamation 10294 of October 25, 2021 replaced the prior geographic travel ban restrictions with new air travel vaccination requirements, which are applicable not only to travel from one of the countries formerly subject to a geographic travel ban, but to travel to the United States by air by nonimmigrants from any part of the world.

    Section 1 of Proclamation 10294 officially revokes all four geographic COVID-19 proclamations effective November 8, 2021, including:

  • Proclamation 9984 of January 31, 2020 , which restricted the “entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of all aliens who were physically present within the People’s Republic of China, excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States,” unless exempted or otherwise excepted.
  • Proclamation 9992 of February 29, 2020 , which restricted the “entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of all aliens who were physically present within the Islamic Republic of Iran, during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States,” unless exempted or otherwise excepted.
  • Section 4 of Proclamation 10294 directs the Departments of State, Transportation, and Homeland Security to consider revising or revoking their respective agency’s regulations, guidance documents, and policies that are inconsistent with the policy set forth in the proclamation:

    What Does The Covid Booster Vaccine Plan Involve


    On Tuesday 14 September, it was confirmed that booster doses will be offered during autumn to around 30 million people in the UK including everyone over the age of 50 as well as healthcare workers and other individuals with underlying health conditions which put them at risk of serious illness, should they catch Covid. On Monday 29 November, it was announced that the Covid booster dose would be extended out to all adults over the age of 18, and open to anyone whose second dose was three months ago or more. The Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZenca jabs have also been confirmed for use as boosters, and most evidence suggests it is safe to mix vaccines. On Sunday 12 December Boris Johnson announced the new target set to offer boosters to all adults over the age of 18 in England by the end of December 2021. This plan will begin from Wednesday 15 December 2021.

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    Providing Proof Of Your Result

    When you arrive at the border, you must present an accepted negative molecular test result or proof of a previous positive molecular test result taken between 14 and 180 days that includes:

    • Traveller name and date of birth
    • Name and civic address of the laboratory/clinic/facility that administered the test
    • The date on which the test was taken
    • The type of test taken
    • The test result

    Keep proof of your test results with you for the 14-day period that begins on the day you enter Canada.

    What Are The Different Vaccines Being Used In The Uk

    Several vaccines against Covid have been bought by the UK three of which are currently being rolled out to help end the pandemic. Millions of UK residents have already received a jab: whether it’s the more complicated Pfizer/BioNTech one, which needs to be kept at a very low temperature, or the ‘easier’ Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. The American-developed Moderna vaccine has been available since early April, while the Novavax vaccine which has shown a high level of efficacy against the original coronavirus and the UK variant will be manufactured in the UK from May. And a fourth vaccine was also added in May: the single-dose Janssen one, which is 85 per cent effective 20 million doses have been ordered for later in 2021. Tests are being done to see if a mix of the different approved vaccines improves efficacy.

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    How To Use The Nhs Covid Pass When Travelling Abroad

    You can show the vaccination records in your NHS COVID Pass as proof of your COVID-19 status when travelling abroad. Proof of prior infection is also shown. You will also need to follow additional rules when travelling abroad.

    You should register with the NHS App before booking international travel.

    Read more information on travelling abroad during COVID-19.

    You should check that your first name and your surname on your passport match how they are displayed by your NHS COVID Pass at least 2 weeks before you travel. If the names are different, contact your GP practice to have your details updated.

    If you have not been fully vaccinated, you should continue to follow the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to, such as proof of a negative COVID-19 test on arrival. You should carefully research the requirements of your destination country before travelling.

    Further details on entry requirements can be found on the GOV.UK foreign travel advice pages and on the websites of your destination country.

    See advice about travelling abroad from England during the pandemic.

    Proof That You Cannot Be Vaccinated For Medical Reasons When Departing Australia

    Can You Travel Without A COVID Vaccine Card?

    If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident departing Australia you need to show evidence that you have a medical contraindication reported to the Australian Immunisation Register for all COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia. As proof you should provide your Australian COVID-19 digital certificate. You can otherwise provide your immunisation history statement.

    If a temporary medical contraindication has been recorded on the AIR, the COVID-19 digital certificate will display a valid to date. After this time, you will need to either:

    • check with your doctor to see if you can now get a COVID-19 vaccine or
    • ask your doctor to update your status on the AIR if your medical contraindication is still valid.

    If you cannot provide evidence that your medical contraindication has been listed in the AIR, you will need to apply for an exemption to leave Australia.

    Only eligible health professionals as defined on the Department of Health website can report medical contraindications to the AIR. If you cannot demonstrate that your medical contradiction has been reported to the Australian Immunisation Register, you will need to apply for an exemption to leave Australia.

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    Links To Government Sources

    NAFSA will update this page with additional links to official White House and agency announcements when they become available.

    White House

    Department of Homeland Security

    What Is The Purpose Of Eus Covid

    The European COVID-19 travel certificate has been created by the European Union in a bid to restore the freedom of travel, which has been put at a halt for over a year since the pandemic erupted all over the block. Through the certificate, the Commission intends to remove travel restrictions as entry bans, quarantine obligation, and testing.

    The EU Commission has encouraged the Member States to remove the entry restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement since mid-March 2020, for those that hold such a document, starting from July 1, though the members have had the option to remove those restrictions earlier.

    When travelling, every Digital Green Certificate holder will have the same rights as citizens of the visited Member State who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered, the EU Commission had explained presenting the certificate.

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