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Did Cody Rigsby Have Covid

Stanning A Company That Takes A Stand

Peloton offering at-home workouts during coronavirus pandemic

In addition to pandemic-fueled stress and heartbreak, after the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the year transformed into a reckoning with racism and police brutality in America. Rather than shy away from discussing real-world events and communities in need of allyship, Peloton’s instructors often address them directly, and members are grateful for those efforts.

“During the protests we had last year after the George Floyd incident… really made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

“During the protests we had last year after the George Floyd incident, taking Alex’s classes where he talked about the things that were happening and coming together not only him, but Tunde and some of the other instructors they really made me feel like I wasn’t alone,” Hauser, who’s been a member since 2016, said.

In June 2020, Peloton co-founder and CEO John Foley penned a letter to the community announcing the “Peloton Pledge,” which included a promise “to invest $100 million over the next four years to fight racial injustice and inequity in our world and to promote health and well-being for all.” He also announced that starting July 1, 2020, hourly team members began receiving an increasedminimum wage of $19 per hour. In January 2021, Foley released an update on the pledge, and shared exactly how the company would be using the money.

A Conversation With Cody Rigsby Pelotons King Of Quarantine

It’s another dark and dreary Tuesday morning in the time of rising COVID-19 numbers and winter scaries. Desperately seeking a mood-booster, I dig deep and find it within myself to mount the Peloton bike my husband planted in our living room. I power on the tablet affixed to the handlebars and select a 30-minute pop ride. Soon, I am giggling out loud.

Indisputably Kevin is the hottest Backstreet Boy, instructor Cody Rigsby says with grave seriousness, pedaling furiously through a playlist of BSB, NSync, Destinys Child and Dannity Kane. But A.J. is the most talented Fight me!

Rigsby, 33, is strapping, built like a Disney prince, with a perfectly coiffed mini pompadour and power quads that bulge from his bike shorts, and if only for this half-hour, he is a respite from the corona blues, a one-man warp to simpler times, with the fashion to match: He is no stranger to neon and sometimes wears a single, dangling lightning bolt earring. Immersed in Backstreet Boy power rankings, the gloom of the pandemic momentarily slips my mind.

As gyms and boutique fitness studios shuttered, Peloton boomedthe companys revenue is up 172% over last year, according to one reportand Rigsby, with his unwavering cheer, sass and and flair for nostalgia, has emerged an instructor uniquely suited to a bleak moment, a rainbow in our collective cloud.

Peloton’s Cody Rigsby Explains Recent Absence Reveals He’s Battling Covid

Beloved Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby is explaining where hes been lately after fans noticed he hasnt done any live classes in recent weeks.

The 33-year-old fitness instructor was recently dubbed the King of Quarantine by Vogue and he is definitely one of the most popular instructors at the company.

Cody took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to explain that hes currently battling with COVID-19 and he is cancelling his classes this week and next week.

Hi friends. Its me. Its been a while. I know youve been asking yourself where is this bch and unfortunately Ive been dealing with COVID-19 for the past two weeks. I have never been more sick in my life. It is a very real, real virus,Cody said in his video post.

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Cody Rigsbys Raunchy Ride To Stardom

    Long before I took Peloton instructor Cody Rigsbys 30 minute ride themed entirely around songs about ass , I knew his style was different. Id seen clips of his ride banter go viral on TikTok, in which the 34-year-old Cycling Director of Peloton;will jump into exuberant rants about Britney Spears and how settling gets you an ugly ass boyfriend.;

    No matter the inane topic he takes on, whats important is that Rigsby dispenses anything but the cliched, faux inspirational, your-body-is-a-temple, self-love gobbledygook that spinning fanatics like me have come to expect from their fitness instructors. This is a man who humbly admits when he loses the beat, or that he occasionally eats shredded cheese out of the bag like a trashy bitch.

    The former professional dancer has worked at Peloton for seven years, starting just a year after the companys early days on Kickstarter and before it became a cultural phenomenon, but says he only locked into his persona as Americas Gay Best Friend three years ago: I think for the longest time throughout my tenure at Peloton, I was really trying to fit into a box, a perfect fitness trainer box, he says. Our members put the instructors on these pedestals and they’re seen as like these heroes or unattainable figures. And I just dont want to be seen as that.

    Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby Reveals Has Covid

    Swapping My Cardio

    “I have never been more sick in my entire life,” the cycle instructor said on his Instagram Story Thursday

    Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby announced Thursday that he has contracted COVID-19.

    The 33-year-old posted an update on his Instagram Story, saying that many of his followers had asked about his absence from social media over the past week.

    “Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for the past two weeks,” he said in a video.

    Rigsby went on to encourage his followers to take the virus seriously, saying that he has been very ill.

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    “I have never been more sick in my entire life,” he said. “It is a very real virus.”

    The cycling instructor said he still has lingering symptoms, including extreme fatigue and a cough, adding that “for the most part I’m doing a lot better.”

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    While he’d hoped to be back on the bike by Friday, he said he will be taking another week to recover.

    “I promise I will be back on the bike as soon as I possibly can,” he concluded.

    A spokesperson for Peloton told PEOPLE in a statement of Rigsby’s diagnosis, “Like our community, we can’t wait to see Cody back to his healthy;self and inspiring our Members through his classes on the Bike and mat.”

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    Instructors Who Feel Like Friends

    Peloton’s instructors teach everything from strength and cardio classes to yoga, meditation, cycling, stretching, walking, and more. Anyone who’s attended a class knows that those leading strive to bring elevated levels of human connection, intimacy, and vulnerability to the workouts. And in quarantine, those instructors became friendly, familiar faces whose virtual presence made isolation feel a bit less isolating.

    Peloton’s intimate coaching methods leave members feeling seen, related to, and in many cases, like they have close friends on the other side of their screens even if they’re one of thousands of people in a workout.

    “I don’t know personally, but they’re kind of like part of my family. It’s a weird thing where I talk about them like I know them,” Kafi Hauser, a 42-year-old in Oakland, California, said. “During the pandemic I’ve kind of substituted the instructors for my real-life friends who I couldn’t see. So Alex became my motivating gym buddy type, and Cody subbed in for my brunch friend because you know Cody will occupy you with his hatred of grape jelly and talk about ‘hoe energy.'”

    On and off the mat, bike, or treadmill, the instructors share pieces of their own stories, which fosters a deeper sense of trust among members.

    Phillips, who got his bike in September 2019 and enjoyed studio classes before COVID-19, confirmed that the instructors go the extra mile in person, too.

    Meet Peloton Instructor Extraordinaire Cody Rigsby

    What do you want people to know about you that they might not already know?Im a pretty open book, but a few things: I dont have it all figured out and no one does if you think someone has it all together, they dont. Oftentimes when members see me out in public, they are nervous and scared to approach me, but I am always excited to see members, so no one should ever be afraid to say hi. Canadians, dont be mad at me, but Ive never had poutine! Im working on being a baker. There is this vision that instructors have a perfect diet, but that is not me. I eat Cheetos and talk about that all the time. I can have really messy eating days.;Whats next for you?I hope many more years at Peloton to continue inspiring people to be their best selves and finding new ways to inspire people. I want to continue to use my authentic self and strengths to make a positive impact on the world. I would love to host, write a book, be on a late-night TV show, but well see. What I really want is to have a guest spot on the panel of RuPauls Drag Race: if I do that, Ill know I made it!;If someone could only take one Cody Rigsby ridewhich one should it be?The XOXO Cody episode with songs about ass. ;;CHRISTOPHER TURNER acted as guest editor for this issue of IN Magazine. He is a Toronto-based writer, editor and lifelong fashionisto with a passion for pop culture and sneakers. Follow him on social media at @Turnstylin.;

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    How Cody Stays Positive

    In my classes, Im always thinking about our members on the other side of the camerasomeone who might be struggling and really needs my class as an escape. That always motivates me to be a source of light and positivity when the cameras are on. But Im not always positive. I have tough days, I go through rough patcheswe all do. But I allow myself to feel it and process it. Giving yourself the time and space to work through tough emotions, whatever they are, is so important. A little grace can go a long way.

    He’s Focused On Gratitude After Battling Covid

    Peter And Kristen Surprised With Workout From Peloton Star Cody Rigsby | TODAY

    As the pandemic continues to grip the country, and most of the world, Rigsby became one of the millions to battle COVID-19 earlier this year.

    “It was a really scary two weeks of it,” he reflects now, after recovering and returning to the studio. “One week, it would be like this, and then the next week the symptoms would completely change.”

    At the time of his diagnosis back in February, Rigsby said in a statement that he’d been experiencing extreme fatigue and a cough, among other symptoms. He admits now, that he was “very concerned and stressed about long-term term symptoms” that could affect his ability to work out. Luckily, he was “really, really fortunate.”

    The experience, and all of 2020, he says, has shifted his priorities to”be more centered around gratitude, just being grateful for what I can do, grateful for what my body is capable of. “

    “Instead of letting that fear kind of drive me, I landed in a space of gratitude and just taking every day as it is, and to celebrate what I can do in that day. “

    To find out more about the Adidas and Peloton clothing collection collaboration, as well as Rigsby’s involvement, visit;

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    He’s Not Just An Instructor He’s Also Peloton’s Cycling Director

    Rigsby isn’t just crafting the perfect fitness routines. He’s also the company’s cycling director, a role he tells PEOPLE that he’s “super proud of” and “passionate” about.

    “I’m kind of a liaison between our producers, our instructors, and really advocating for what our instructors need,” he explains. “And then a really big part of what I do is talent recruitment and development.”

    Want to get the biggest stories from PEOPLE every weekday? , PEOPLE Every Day, to get the essential celebrity, entertainment and human interest news stories Monday through Friday.

    Rigsby says he was instrumental in bringing on two new instructors in Germany, Cliff Dwenger and Mayla Wedekind, whose roles were announced in December of last year. He explains that he’s searched for fresh talent through traditional routes, like casting agents, but also via social media.

    “I really love that part of my job because I love being someone that helps other people and like, this is the most incredible, amazing job in the world especially for someone who’s in fitness and to be able to kind of guide someone through that process is really rewarding.”

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    Peloton Star Cody Rigsby Says You Did Not Survive A Pandemic To Do Anything But Thrive

    A week before his 34th birthday, Peloton star Cody Rigsby recorded one of his signature rides: an XOXO, Cody workout in which, during a recovery lull between scaling imaginary hills to the pulsing beat of high-intensity pop songs, he would answer questions submitted by his devoted fans. His T-shirt was taut across his pecs, and his thick white athletic socks were pulled halfway up his calves.

    I am definitely going to be having a hot girl summer, and no one is going to stop me, he announced as the warm-up got underway. Its shot girl summer, okay? Because she is vaccinated and ready to hit it. I cannot wait to just be sloppily breathing in peoples faces.

    Though Rigsbys enthusiasm for a post-coronavirus world seemed to power his pedaling, the scene around him was still eerie and vacant, proof that the pandemic endures. He would normally be teaching to a full room, recording the live session for future on-demand viewing the operation is not unlike a late-night show, with the instructor playing the host but safety precautions meant the New York City studio was empty, save for off-screen production assistants. Rigsby was flanked by Peloton bikes in shadow, arranged behind him in such a way that they appeared to be encroaching on him from the dark.

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    Top Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby Said He Has Covid

    • Cody Rigsby, a popular Peloton cycling instructor, said he’s been diagnosed with COVID-19.

    • Rigsby told fans he’s severe fatigue and a cough for two weeks, and has to cancel his classes.

    • Peloton clarified that Rigsby did not contract the coronavirus at the company’s studio.

    • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

    A popular Peloton instructor told fans this week that he’s had to cancel his classes after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

    Cody Rigsby, a 33-year-old cycle instructor with more than half a million Instagram followers, said he’s been struggling with symptoms like severe fatigue and a cough for the past two weeks.

    “I have never been more sick in my life, it is a very real virus,” he said in an Instagram story February 4.

    His followers had been responding to previous posts on Rigsby’s Instagram page to express concern that his classes had been canceled and wondering if he was OK.

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    Rigsby told fans that he was feeling “a lot better” and he had hoped to restart classes this week, but still felt ill. As a result, he’s postponed his class schedule and other Peloton activities for the next week to make time for his recovery.

    “I promise I’ll be back with you on the bike as soon I possibly can,” he said.

    Read the original article on Insider

    Peloton Celebrity Cody Rigsby Apologizes For Amy Klobuchar ‘casserole’ Faux Pas

    Lindsay Lohan Wows Instagram In Daisy Dukes & Red Heels ...
    Adam Uren

    Cody Rigsby, Instagram

    Cody Rigsby, a celebrity instructor for exercise bike phenomenon Peloton, found himself in hot water with Minnesotans during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

    The reason? Because he described the coat worn by Sen. Amy Klobuchar as she spoke and compered at President Joe Biden’s inauguration as “corn casserole yellow.”;

    He made the comment on Instagram Stories, but had to post a clarification a short time later in which he apologize to “all the midwesterners.”

    “Apparently it’s called a hot dish not caserole ,” he posted. “Either way sign me up. I do know Amy K just sent one to the White House.”

    Rigsby has become known as the “King of Quarantine” for his high-energy, optimistic fitness classes for Peloton, the fitness bike phenomenon that has boomed during COVID-19 shutdowns.

    His bio for Peloton notes he was “born in the West but raised in the South,” so it’s not surprising he’s not familiar with “hot dish,” a term very much rooted in the North.

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    He Puts A Lot Of Thought Into Those Class Playlists

    While Rigsby says there’s not one right way when it comes to crafting a class themed rides, he notes, are approached differently than a intervals-based workout he does have a formula for perfecting a playlist.

    “I want someone to take my class, and think, ‘Oh my God, this entire playlist makes sense,'” he shares with PEOPLE. “And the connections between each song completely makes sense.”

    He wants to ensure one song is “adjacent to the next is adjacent to the next,” sparking curiosity and familiarity. “Like maybe there’s something you’re super familiar with, but then I throw in something that you might not know, but you’re like, ‘Ooh, I like this.’ You know? I want people to feel familiar within the playlist and the programming.”

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