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Updated on August 10, 2022 3:58 pm
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Updated on August 10, 2022 3:58 pm

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on August 10, 2022 3:58 pm
All countries
Updated on August 10, 2022 3:58 pm
All countries
Updated on August 10, 2022 3:58 pm
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Do You Need A Covid Test To Fly

Lax Rapid Covid Testing

Do you need a COVID test before you fly? Wake Up Charlotte: March 8

Los Angeles International Airport now offers guests two types of COVID-19 tests in the terminalarea at three testing locations, the primary lab across from Terminal 6 and two satellitelocations in Terminal 2 and the other in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The tests areprovided by Clarity Labs and processed in a state-of-the-art, on-site laboratory, providing aconvenient and safe option for testing before or after travel.

The laboratory offers a standard PCR test for $125 with resultsreturned in three to five hours or within 24 hours. Rapid PCR tests with results in one-hour are availablefor $199. Antigentests are offered at the Tom Bradley International Terminaldaily with results available in 1-hour for a cost of $80.

Test results are returned to guests electronically. Guests will receive an itemized receipt to submitto their insurance providers for reimbursement, if the tests are covered by their healthcareprovider. Please note that the airport does not receive test results or personal informationfrom customers.

LAX’s COVID-19 testing lab is certified as a trusted testing partner by the State of Hawaii and testsare eligible to meet current travel requirements to the state.

Which Test Should I Take?PCR tests are required to enter certain destinations or skip quarantine periods upon arrival.Antigen tests provide fastest results, cost less and may be accepted by certain airlines anddestinations that allow an antigen test in place of a PCR test.

Test Site & Location

Sample Communications With Air Passengers

This letter can be used to inform passengers of their requirements for boarding a flight to the United States.

Sample Email to Travelers

Subject: Travel Requirements to enter the U.S. by air


Thank you for booking your flight with .

On October 25, 2021, CDC issued several Orders affecting air travel to the United States from foreign countries, in accordance with the Presidents Proclamation. The new travel policies became effective November 8, 2021.

COVID-19 testing requirements have changed for ALL international air passengers. Passengers 2 years of age or older must show results from a negative COVID-19 viral test conducted on a sample taken no more than 1 day before boarding their flight to the United States. If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 .

For more information about this requirement, see Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Documentation of Recovery from COVID-19.

Also, for non-U.S. citizens, non-U.S. immigrants traveling to the United States by air, proof of vaccination is required. For more information about this requirement and a list of exceptions, please see Requirement for Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Air Passengers.

Additionally, all air passengers to the United States are required to provide contact information to airlines within 72 hours before boarding a flight to the United States.

For more information, please visit the following webpages:

Providing Proof Of Vaccination

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination is a reliable way for Canadians to show your COVID-19 vaccination history when you travel, and has all the necessary information for domestic and international trips.

If you plan to show your proof of vaccination on your phone, we recommend you carry a back-up paper copy during your travels in case of difficulties .

Your proof of vaccination must include the following information:

  • full name of the person who received the vaccine
  • the name of the government or organization who issued the proof or administered the vaccine
  • the brand name or manufacturer of the vaccine or of the mix of accepted vaccines
  • the date you received your second dose of an accepted vaccine, or your first dose of Janssen/Johnson & Johnson

If your proof of vaccination is not in English or French, you need a certified translation in English or French.

Your certified translation must include the stamp or membership number of a professional translation association.

Keep both the original proof of vaccination and the certified translation with you while you travel.

Protecting the privacy of Canadians is integral to implementing these requirements. Please note that airlines and railway companies are subject to applicable Canadian privacy legislation with respect to the handling of your personal information. For information on how they process your personal information, please visit their website for their privacy policy or contact them directly.

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Modified Quarantine For Children Age 12

Children under 12 years of age who are not fully vaccinated, travelling with fully vaccinated or medically exempt adults will be exempt from quarantine. They no longer need to wait 14 days before attending school, camp or daycare.

These children may be selected for mandatory random testing upon arrival, but they will not be required to quarantine while awaiting the test result.

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Emirates Etihad Clarify Rules As New Covid Protocols Come Into Effect

Coronavirus (COVID

UAE airlines have clarified the rules for tourists travelling to the country as Covid safety protocols were eased.

According to information provided on Abu Dhabis Etihad Airways’ website, unvaccinated tourists coming to the UAE capital will have to either take a PCR test 48 hours before the flight from an accredited clinic or present a Covid1-9 recovery certificate with a QR code dated within 30 days.

But full vaccinated tourists are not required to carry a negative PCR test.

Plus tourists will have to take a test on arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Children under 16 are exempt from testing.

This announcement comes in the wake of UAEs National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management easing Covid-19 safety protocols including dropping PCR test requirements for vaccinated residents and making it optional for people to wear masks outdoors.

Similarly, Dubais flagship carrier Emirates said on its website tourists travelling to Dubai will have to submit either a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test not more than 48 hours valid.

The worlds biggest international carrier said the valid vaccination certificate should prove that the passenger is fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the UAE, and includes a QR code.

Similarly, the Covid-19 PCR test certificate for unvaccinated passengers should also have a QR code and the test should be taken from an approved health service provider.


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Quarantine And Local Requirements

Travellers to Australia need to comply with requirements in the state or territory of their arrival, and any other state or territories that you plan to travel to. This includes quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements. Restrictions may change at short notice.

Quarantine requirements in Australia are determined by State and Territory governments.

If you wish to travel on to another state or territory you may not be allowed to enter, or may be subject to a quarantine period.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet entry, quarantine and post-arrival testing arrangements for each state or territory that you intend to travel to. You may be responsible for costs of quarantine if you arrive in a state or territory without meeting entry requirements.

If You Have Recently Had Covid

If you have recently recovered from COVID but are no longer infectious, you should use a lateral flow device test. LFD tests have a lower sensitivity than PCR or LAMP tests, so they are less likely to return a positive result from a historic infection. The LFD test must meet the minimum performance standards as set out above.

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Proof Of Vaccination Required In King County

Effective October 25, 2021: Anyone over the age of 12 in King County requires proof of COVID-19 vaccine or a negative test at restaurants, bars, indoor recreational venues, and outdoor events with 500 people or more. Proof of vaccination or a negative test is not required within the airport unless required for your destination. Current mask guidance remains in effect, for more details please see

Is My Flight Still Operating

Delta airlines requires negative Covid-19 tests for passengers traveling from U.K. to N.Y.C.

You can check your flight status on our flight schedules page. All services are subject to change as governments change travel and border restrictions. We may be required to adjust our domestic schedule to meet the regional travel restrictions set by the government. We’ll contact you if your flight is directly impacted.

To help make this process easier, it’s important that we have accurate contact details recorded in your booking. If you have booked directly with us, please go to manage bookings to update your preferred contact information.

If you booked via a Travel Agent or Third-Party Online Agent, please contact them directly for help with your booking.

Please check the latest New Zealand Government restrictions before you book a ticket or head to the airport.

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Acceptable Proof Of Covid

Acceptable Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

Documentation TypeExamples
Verifiable recordsVaccination certificate with QR code1, digital pass via Smartphone application with QR code1
Non-verifiable paper recordsPrintout of COVID-19 vaccination record or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued at national or subnational level or by an authorized vaccine provider
Non-verifiable digital recordsDigital photos of vaccination card or record, downloaded vaccine record or vaccination certificate from official source , or a mobile phone application without QR code1

1. The QR code in a verifiable vaccination record links to information confirming the credential was generated from an immunization record in an official database and is protected from tampering.

Why Is Someone Sitting Next To Me On My Flight

The risk of contracting COVID-19 on a Qantas plane is extremely low. The air conditioners on all planes are fitted with hospital-grade HEPA filters that remove 99.9 per cent of all air particles including viruses such as coronavirus and the air in the cabin is refreshed every few minutes. The air flows from the ceiling to the floor and as people are seated next to each other, rather than face-to-face, this reduces the risk even further.

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Check Travel And Health Restrictions For Your Trip

Simply enter your destination and dates to check what COVID-19 tests, documentation or other requirements are needed for your trip.

The information provided on this page is for information purposes only and could be subject to change at very short notice. It is your responsibility to check and observe all the health and entry requirements applicable to your journey and you should always check the latest travel guidance from your government before you travel and the guidance provided by the relevant public authorities of your destination. Failure to meet applicable requirements means that British Airways will not be able to carry you, and compensation and care and assistance provisions will not apply.

Please check our additional travel requirements if you are travelling to, or transiting through: India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and USA.

Tests For Returning To The Us From Abroad

COVID PCR test for flights

American Airlines has partnered with several companies offering packable testing kits to take with you on your trip and use one day before you return to the U.S.


  • eMed offers an Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test which costs $25 per kit, or $150 for a six-pack.
  • eMed offers rapid antigen tests and suggests packing two tests per person with you for your trip


  • Optum offers an Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test in two and three-packs.
  • Tests cost $69.99 per kit.


  • American Airlines has partnered with Qured to offer a discount on Fit to Fly at-home tests which come in a two-pack. Be sure to use promo code AATRAVEL10 at checkout to receive your discount.
  • Qured offers antigen tests with a video call for $45 with results in two hours.

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Lax Covid Vaccination Sites


Los Angeles World Airports, in partnership with MedEx Pharmacy and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, will offer free, on-site COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots to the public at Los Angeles International Airport on Dec. 22 and Dec. 29. The vaccine clinic will be open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each of the days and will be located on the Lower/Arrivals Level of the Tom Bradley International Terminal just beyond the U.S. Customs and Border Protection exit. The clinic will offer vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer for ages 12 and up, a pediatric Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for ages 18 and older. The clinic will offer first-time shots or boosters for individuals who were previously fully vaccinated and meet guidelines. The vaccinations will be administered by technicians with the site’s clinical partner, MedEx pharmacy, and are available without appointments. Follow-up appointments for those who require a second dose of the vaccine can be scheduled through My Turn or a local pharmacy.

Outside of these dates, you may also find free vaccination locations hosted by Los Angeles County here. Thank you for doing your part to Travel Safely at LAX.

The Type Of Test You Will Need To Take

The test you take must meet standards of 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml.

Suitable tests include:

  • a nucleic acid test, including a PCR test or derivative technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification tests
  • an antigen test, such as a rapid lateral flow test, though many lateral flow devices may not meet the standards needed you must check the test you buy meets standards of 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml

You may not be able to travel if the test you buy does not meet these standards.

If you are travelling from abroad, the foreign travel advice pages on will have the latest updates about where you can buy COVID-19 tests in the country you are travelling from.

If you need consular assistance while abroad, you should contact your nearest consulate, embassy or high commission.

What your test result must include

Your test result must be in either English, French or Spanish.

You must provide your original test result certificate. This can be a paper test result, or an original result you have had in an email or text message.

The test result must include:

If your test result does not include all these things, you may not be able to travel to Scotland.

Positive test results

If your test result is positive, you must not travel. You must follow local rules and guidance for positive COVID-19 cases.

If the result of your test is not clear, you must take another test.

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American Airlines Coronavirus Testing

American Airlines was among the first airlines to introduce testing as part of the preflight process, and currently offers at-home and in-person testing for its passengers. You will upload your test results to VeriFLY, a secure mobile app which helps streamline this and other AA preflight travel requirements.

American Airlines does not require COVID-19 testing for domestic flights, although the CDC recommends unvaccinated travelers get tested one to three days before traveling. Check local government regulations before domestic travel to determine if a test is required.

For international flights, testing requirements vary depending on the location. Make sure you check American Airlines’ website and your destination’s tourism board prior to your trip. Some places require a negative test result within 72 hours of departure, while others have a seven-day window.

Providing Proof Of Your Result

Could airlines require negative COVID-19 tests to fly?

When you arrive at the border, you must present an accepted negative molecular test result or proof of a previous positive molecular test result taken between 14 and 180 days that includes:

  • Traveller name and date of birth
  • Name and civic address of the laboratory/clinic/facility that administered the test
  • The date on which the test was taken
  • The type of test taken
  • The test result

Keep proof of your test results with you for the 14-day period that begins on the day you enter Canada.

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Who Needs A Pre

  • All travellers 5 years of age or older
  • You must provide proof of a COVID-19 negative molecular test result to enter Canada OR proof of a previous positive test result taken between 14 and 180 days ago .

If you are now symptom-free, you can provide proof of a positive COVID-19 molecular test when crossing the border, instead of a negative one.

  • The test must have been taken at least 14 and no more than 180 days before :
    • the initial scheduled departure time of your aircraft
    • your scheduled entry into Canada by water or land
  • The proof of the positive result must be from an accepted type of molecular test
  • If your positive proof is accepted you wont have to take arrival or Day-8 tests

You must take a molecular test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada.

If you have a connecting flight:

  • the test must be taken within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your last direct flight to Canada
  • you may need to schedule the test in your transit city

What Does Recovered Fromcovid

You are recovered from COVID-19 if you had COVID-19 in the past 180days . You should bringproof that you have recovered from COVID-19 when you travel to Ireland.

If you were tested for COVID-19 in the EEA, you should get an EU Digital COVIDCertificate . Other proof that you have recovered from COVID-19 canalso be accepted.

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Do I Need A Covid Vaccine Or Vaccination Certificate To Enter Dominican Republic

No, you don’t. As of today, COVID vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Dominican Republic. If you are a COVID-19 vaccine certificate holder, you won’t need to present a negative PCR test if you are coming from one of the countries mentioned below:

Australia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Kuwait, Monaco, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia and the United Kingdom

Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Dominican Republic travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

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