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Does Hawaii Require Covid Test

I Did Not Have Symptoms But Was Tested For Covid

Hawaii State libraries to require COVID vaccine or negative test

If youve been in close contact with someone with suspected or known COVID-19, you should get tested 5 days after the exposure, if possible.

If you are not up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, you must remain in quarantine and stay away from other people for 5 full days, even if you have a NEGATIVE test result.

If you are up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations OR you have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 90 days , you do not need to quarantine.

Everyone should take precautions for 10 full days. Wear a well-fitted mask any time you are around others inside your home or in public. Do not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask. Avoid travel. Avoid being around people who are at high risk.

See Identifying and Talking to Your Close Contacts.

Hawaii Testing Procedures Rules & Protocols

  • A “state-approved COVID-19 test” means a test to determine the presence of active COVID-19 infection that has been approved for use under these rules by the Hawaii Department of Health .
  • Currently approved is the processing by laboratories that are licensed or certified by Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendments of specimens for nucleic acid amplification testing approved or authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration , pursuant to an Emergency Use Authorization or other authorization for COVID-19 testing. At this time, the state of Hawaii will ONLY accept tests from Trusted Testing & Travel Partners.
  • To reiterate, this test result must be confirmed prior to arrival in Hawaii, and the visitor must present evidence of this test upon arrival.
  • Travelers wishing to bypass the 5-day mandatory quarantine must have their negative COVID-19 test results, from a trusted testing partner, prior to departure for the state of Hawaii. If test results are not available before boarding the final leg of the trip, the traveler must quarantine for 5 days or the length of their stay, whichever is shorter.
  • Travelers who cannot are unable to provide a negative test result certification, prior to departure, for each member of their party will be required to quarantine for 5-days. See our Hawaii Travel Restrictions articles for more information.

Pre-Travel Test – What to do with your results…

State of Hawaii ‘Safe Travels’ – Mandatory for all Travelers

Hawaii Travel Restrictions Are Lifting: What To Know Before You Plan A Trip

Hawaiian vacations are about to become even more relaxing. Last week, Governor David Ige announced that the state will end both its travel quarantine requirements and the Safe Travels program, meaning there will be no COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements for domestic arrivals starting on March 26.

Currently, Hawaii requires a mandatory five-day self-quarantine with exceptions for those who are fully vaccinated or who show proof of a negative COVID-19 test from an approved partner within 72 hours of departure of the final leg of their flight. For either option, travelers must upload documentation to the Safe Travels site before departure, in addition to having a hard copy in hand upon arrival .

The Safe Travels programâwhich launched back in October 2020âremains in effect for those arriving through March 25. After that, it will be as easy to arrive in Hawaii as it is to cross any other U.S. state border without any pandemic-age checks.

âWe started the Safe Travels program to protect the health, lives, and livelihoods of the people of Hawaii,â Ige said in a statement. But with the virus ebbing across the state, those protections are no longer necessary. âRight now, we are seeing lower case counts, and hospitalizations are coming down,â Ige said.

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Travel Update For Those Vaccinated Within The Us

Currently, travelers vaccinated in the U.S. no longer need a pre-travel test to skip quarantine

As of last , the state of Hawaii is now allowing all domestic U.S. travelers vaccinated in the U.S. to skip quarantine without getting a pre-travel COVID test, a major step toward reopening Hawaii to all travelers.

  • All vaccinated trans-Pacific travelers will need to upload proof of their vaccination to the state of Hawaii’s Safe Travels website in addition to bringing their original physical vaccination card with them when they travel to the Hawaiian Islands. More information, including the official steps to take for travelers who have been vaccinated, can be found on our Health / Vaccine passport page here.
  • We’ve also now included a Vaccine Exemption FAQ on our Hawaii Travel & COVID-19 Vaccine page.
  • The State of Hawaii will also accept vaccine records that are digitally validated by Digital Health Pass Partners . Travelers who use one of the State’s partners to link their digitally validated vaccine records with Safe Travels may enjoy expedited processing at the airport .

Currently, as of , Hawaii had a statewide vaccination rate of 74.9%, with 34.8% who are also ‘boosted,’ according to local state data from the Hawaii Department of Health.

  • Additional details on this program, including the steps to take for travelers who have been vaccinated, can be found on our Health / Vaccine passport page.
What about children who have not been vaccinated?

Can Ivisacom Help Me In Obtaining The Entry Documents For My Visit To Us Hawaii

Hawaii travel restrictions: How to navigate COVID Safe Travels program

In order to visit US Hawaii there are required documents you would need. One of these is the US Hawaii health declaration.

As we do not yet offer the US Hawaii Health declaration, its not possible to obtain it through our website. However we can inform you about the necessary documents to visit US Hawaii.

In the health declaration you would need to provide information about your recent health history and upcoming trip details.

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What Does Mandatory Quarantine Entail

Hawaiis current mandatory five-day self-quarantine remains for anyone not vaccinated who does not follow the pre-travel testing requirements. This isnt a destination where you can roam freely at your property of choice.

Hawaii is our home, Jeff Helfrick, the vice president of airport operations at Hawaiian Airlines, told TPG last year. So its important not only that we take care of our island home, but also that we do it right.

Travelers not cleared via the pre-travel program cannot leave their personal quarantine space, such as a hotel room, unless they are seeking medical care.

All public spaces, including any on-site resort pool, fitness center or restaurant, are off-limits during this period, which means food delivery and room service only. Visitors are also not allowed unless they are health care professionals explicitly checking on your health.

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Contact Tracing Procedures In Hawaii

Contact tracers at the Hawaii State Department of Healths help protect the community from the spread of COVID-19 by locating everyone who comes in close contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus. Tracers notify and interview individuals who may have been exposed without revealing the COVID-positive persons identity. Successful contact tracing relies on a partnership between tracers and individuals who are interviewed. Contact tracers also offer education and resources to individuals required to isolate or quarantine. Heres more information on the work of contact tracers in Hawaii.

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Member Of Campus Community Tests Positive For Covid

Last evening, BYUHawaii learned that a family member of two campus employees tested positive for COVID-19. The family member had recently traveled off-island.

The university has been informed that the Hawaii State Department of Health has conducted contact tracing, which is the process of reaching out to individuals who have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Generally, if you arent contacted, health officials have determined that you werent exposed to COVID-19 through the individual who has tested positive.

BYUHawaii takes every precaution necessary to create a safe working environment for its students and employees. Please continue to follow public health recommendations that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Maui Will No Longer Require Proof Of Vaccination Or A Negative Test For Indoor Venues

Hawaii governor to require COVID vaccine or testing status from contractors, visitors at State facil

    Alison Fox is a journalist whose work regularly appears in Travel + Leisure. She has also written for, The Wall Street Journal, and amNewYork. She focuses on travel news and feature stories based on personal experiences and interviews. Born in Brooklyn and a lifelong traveler, she developed a love for exploring the world at an early age and hopes to visit every country. * Traveled to 50+ countries * Received a master’s degree in journalism from Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University * Received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

    • Email

    The Hawaiian island of Maui has dropped its vaccine or test requirement for indoor spaces like restaurants and bars, the mayor’s office has announced.

    The new policy, which went into effect this week, will now allow people to enter restaurants, bars, and gyms without showing any COVID-19-related documentation. Previously, Maui required people to show either proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test to enter.

    While the county is easing some protocols, masks will still be required in indoor spaces as it is required by the state.

    “This rule change, and more to come, doesn’t mean we can throw caution to the wind,” Victorino said, adding “COVID-19 is still circulating out there.”

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    Five: Hawaii Airport Arrival Procedures

    There are two options that can occur once you arrive at a Hawaii airport:

  • If your airline participates in the Pre-Clearpre-travel screening, you will skip the post-arrival screening in Hawaii.
  • If your airline does not participate in pre-travel screening, you will need to go through a screening process once you arrive into Hawaii.
  • When you check-in for your flight to Hawaii, ask the counter agents if the airline participates in the Pre-Clear program and if you can be screened before boarding. This will include scanning Safe Travels QR Code, and once completed, you will receive a wristband that will allow you to exit any Hawaii airport as per usual.

    If your airline does not participate in pre-travel screening at the time of check-in, you will need to go through post-arrival screening once you reach your final Hawaii destination.

    While your Safe Travels account contains all of the necessary information needed by the State of Hawaii, additional paperwork may need to be filled out upon arrival.

    For non-vaccinated travelers, if you do not receive your negative test result prior to your arrival, you will need to complete the mandatory 10-day quarantine. This quarantine must be completed even if you receive your negative test result during your quarantine.

    Important! You MUST have your Safe Travels QR Code ready to be scanned either before departure or upon arrival into Hawaii.

    Types Of Proof Of Identification

    What types of proof of vaccination are sufficient?

    Proof of full vaccination means demonstrating that a person has completed a vaccination regimen approved by the Hawaii Department of Health in compliance with all requirements of the States Safe Travels program through providing a state approved digital application, a hard copy of a state approved vaccination card, or a photograph of the same.

    Proof of a US FDA approved or US FDA EUA or World Health Organization approved vaccination administered outside the United States is acceptable. Employer must be able to provide a translated version of the employees documentation upon request for verification. Please see above proof of vaccination.

    What if an individual refuses to show proof of vaccination at an establishment thats included in the emergency order?

    An individual who refuses to show proof of vaccination may not enter except for very quick and limited purposes .

    When entering a venue for such limited purposes, the individuals must wear a face mask.

    Do I need to verify that the proof of vaccination is real?

    No. However, if you suspect the proof of vaccination is fake, you do not need to accept it

    What if someone presents a fake vaccination card?

    If you suspect someone is presenting a fake vaccination card, you may decline to accept it

    May an establishment adopt a stricter policy and require that staff and patrons be fully vaccinated to enter my establishment?


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    Who Can Travel To Hawaii

    Fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to get pre-travel testing or quarantine upon arrival. Out-of-state visitors who are not vaccinated can skip the mandatory quarantine thats part of Hawaiis travel requirements with proof of a negative COVID-19 test from a trusted facility.

    Vaccinated travelers must:

    • Provide a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card with their name, birth date, type of vaccine, date vaccine was administered and lot number for each vaccine dose.
    • Create an online account and register with the State of Hawaii Safe Travels Hawaii web program.
    • Upload a PDF file or digital image of a correctly filled CDC Vaccination Record Card to the Safe Travels Hawaii web program.
    • Affirm they are fully vaccinated and that the uploaded CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is accurate and authentic.
    • Travel with a digital image and the original CDC Vaccination Record Card in case its requested.

    Unvaccinated U.S. travelers must complete the following steps before entering Hawaiis participating islands:

    The states pre-travel testing program requires all non-vaccinated visitors to take a nucleic acid amplification test, such as a PCR test, from an approved testing partner within 72 hours and obtain results before departure to Hawaii. If youre not fully vaccinated, thats the only way to bypass the states mandatory quarantine.

    Fill Out Your Health Assessment 24 Hours Before Your Flight

    Hawaii reopens with no more mandatory quarantine  negative Covid test ...

    The Hawaii Safe Travels program will send you an email 24 hours before your flight with a health assessment to fill out. Once you answer the standard health questions, the program will email you a QR code, which you will need to present at the airport to get into Hawaii without quarantining .

    You dont want to get on the plane without your QR code and a negative test, Takamori says, noting that if you have proof of a negative test result but no QR code, an airport official may take pity on you and assess the situation. But its better to show up with everything sorted.

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    Do I Need A Vaccine To Travel To Us Hawaii

    If you are a citizen of a foreign country and are worried, Do I need a vaccine to travel to US Hawaii? No, as per the current restrictions, you will not need the coronavirus vaccine to enter US Hawaii. You can check all updates about these rules on However, as a citizen of a foreign nation, you will need a Health Declaration to enter US Hawaii.

    You can find out more about the short process to get your travel documents ready before your vacation.

    Print Out Your Test Results

    Because technology is a cruel mistress, you should print out your essential documents just in case something goes wrong when you arrive in Hawaii. Even if your devices are charged and working, there may be technical glitches that could complicate your entry process.

    There are some times when the website tells people they dont have a valid test when they do, Fisher says. We had that yesterday a couple several times, actually. So I just tell people, Dont worry sometimes the technology doesnt work properly.

    Cover your bases by having your QR code and test results with your name and where your test took place in hard copies.

    I didnt have access to a printer until the day of my flight. I spent my layover in Seattle panic-printing documents in the Delta lounge. I havent traveled with so many pieces of paper since I had to print out MapQuest directions.

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    Five: Fill Out The Safe Travels Travel Health Questionnaire 24 Hours Before Your Flight

    24 hours prior to your flight, log into your account, upload your negative test results and fill out the Travel Health Questionnaire.

    You will receive a QR code upon completion which you can either display on a mobile device, or print up and bring with you on your flight.

    If you have not received your test results before your departure and Hawaii arrival, you will need to quarantine for the mandatory 10 days.

    Should you have any trouble with the Safe Travels system, you can call the service desk at from 10:00AM to 10:00PM HST or visit the FAQ site.

    What If I Need To Care For Someone Else

    Hawaii DOH encourages ordering at-home COVID tests, what to do if your address is ‘invalid’

    Please wait until your 5-day traveler quarantine period is over to leave your home to care for a loved one. If you are caring for someone within your home, you can do so provided you are monitoring your own health and not leaving the home for appointments and other errands. Please make other arrangements such as use of a paratransit service, taxi, or ride share to get your loved one to their appointments. If they are suffering from a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

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    Can Service Members Ets And Retire Within The Directive Window

    The order to stop travel does not apply to ETS or retirements.

    Anyone traveling on official orders from the U.S. to another country is now required to complete a 14-day restriction of movement or quarantine. If the country does not require it upon your arrival, you must complete it before leaving the U.S.

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