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Does Ted Nugent Have Covid

Ted Nugent Describes Beating Covid

Ted Cruz on coronavirus funding: âWe have spent more than enough moneyâ

It seems like rock star Ted Nugent thinks vaccine mandates have a “stranglehold” on the public.

Nugent, who said he was sharing “truth, logic, and common sense with people who care,” responded to a question Friday about vaccine policies, referring to COVID-19 as a “weaponized virus.” He contracted the coronavirus earlier in 2021.

“I did what the government told me not to do, which is what I always do,” he said. “Because what the government tells you to do is always the wrong thing. I took hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroids, and zinc and continued with my healthy lifestyle, being clean and sober and eating venison, and my wife and I recovered in just a few days.”

Nugent has been asked countless times to run for office, he said.

“I’ve shared campfires both literally and figuratively with great families across this country,” the 73-year-old told PBS. “God, family, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, that man-in-the-arena work ethic, law and order. Those are the battle cries of good families in this country, and they know that I’ve always stood up and raised hell for those basic, traditional values and the foundation of the American dream quality of life.”

His calling is to make sure politicians adhere to constitutional values, he said.

Nugent referred to the coronavirus vaccine as an “experimental shot.”

“If you try to give it to me, I’ll experiment on you,” he added.

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Who Is Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Deziel

Shemane Deziel, 59, is a TV producer, author, and fitness instructor.

She hails from Michigan but was raised in Missouri alongside her siblings.

Deziel has developed various fitness programs and also teaches yoga, kickboxing, and spinning.

She is a three-time published author of best-selling books: Kill It & Grill It, Married To A Rock Star, and 4 Minutes A Day, Rock n Roll Your Way To Happiness.

Ted Nugent Admitted He Was Wrong About Covid And That Counts For Something

Rock guitarist Ted Nugent the Covid pandemic a dirty lying scam as recently as two weeks ago. So social media reacted with predictable and justified schadenfreude when he announced Monday on a Facebook live video that he had tested positive for Covid after a severe illness. I thought I was dying. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days, he said. Maybe its not even Covid. Im thinking its just Cat Scratch Fever. Karma has a sense of humor, actor George Takei responded on Twitter, speaking for many.

Nugent has a long history of making racist and antisemitic statements and of generally being horrible. That hasnt changed. In the video in which he says he has Covid he uses anti-Asian slurs and reiterates that he wont get the Covid vaccine because nobody knows whats in it . Even with these major caveats, though, Nugents decision to acknowledge that he was sick with Covid is one of the few decent things hes done in the last several decades.

Nugent obliquely acknowledges that his recent video is off-message for his demographic and audience. Everyone told me that I shouldnt announce this, he says, before launching into a discussion of his illness and diagnosis.

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Ted Nugent Says He Took Parasitic Worm Medicine Ivermectin To Treat Covid

He also compared those that had been vaccinated to sheep.

Ted Nugent believes COVID-19 vaccines are fake, revealing recently that he instead took hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, drugs that are used to treat arthritis and parasitic worms in horses, respectively.

During an appearance on PBS Off The Record show, Nugent presented his experience with COVID-19, as well as his opinion that the COVID-19 might be a weaponised virus created in Wuhan by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Fauci. How silly of me.

I got the Wuhan weaponised virus, and I survived quite nicely after a couple of days because I did what the government told me not to do, which is what I always do, he said, before revealing that he took arthritis medicine hydroxychloroquine and parasitic worm medicine ivermectin to treat his bout with the virus, as well as his healthy lifestyle, being clean and sober and eating venison.

This, according to Nugent, gave him and his wife the antibodies we have a strengthened and fortified immune system against experimental shots. Ironically, in his description of catching the virus and therefore being immune to the vaccine, Nugent has described the mechanism through which the vaccine actually works, albeit in reverse.

While the vaccine is not a treatment for COVID-19 once caught, those who catch the virus after being vaccinated are far less likely to be hospitalised.

Do Ted Nugent And Shemane Deziel Have Children

Ted Nugent, who once dismissed COVID

The couple have two kids, Rocco Winchester and Chantal Nungent.

Back in 2015, Nugent gave a shout out to Chantal about her new career venture on his personal Facebook page, writing: My beautiful daughter Chantal is studying hard to become a worldclass actress & is selling specialty products she believes in!

She believes we believes!! Check it out! This lady ROCKS!!

Nugent also has four other children from various other relationships.

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Ted Nugent Has No Idea What Covid

The bombastic tirade comes a week after the Nuge had announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, which he had infamously deemed not a real pandemic. The right-wing musician had also called mask-wearers sheep and repeatedly referred to the disease as the China virus.

I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days. I thought I was dying, Nugent said in the video, adding that the disease had left him struggling to crawl out of bed.

Despite the horrific symptoms, the staunch NRA advocate claimed he wouldnt get the COVID-19 vaccine because nobody knows whats in it.

Earlier in April, Nugent had wondered why cities werent shut down for COVID 1 through 18?

I Got The Chinese Sh*t: Twitter Trolls Ted Nugent As He Tests Positive For Covid

Just months after labeling it a scam, controversial rockstar Ted Nugent has tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

Last Christmas, the 72-year old conservative rockstar sparked controversy after he went on a foul-mouthed rant and vented about the pandemic.

From lashing out at the government for limiting family gatherings to threatening those who tried to impose vaccination drives upon them, Ted Nugent’s controversial remarks grabbed headlines back then.

In what is being perceived as a cruel case of karmic retribution, the former frontman of the Amboy Dukes recently hosted another Facebook Live session in which he informed viewers that he had contracted the Novel Coronavirus:

Between fits of coughing and spitting, Ted Nugent revealed:

“Everybody told me that I should not announce this. I have had flu symptoms for the last ten days. I thought I was dying. Just a clusterf*ck. I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese shit. Ive got a stuffed up head, body aches. My God, what a pain in the ass. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days So I was officially tested positive for COVID-19 today”

In light of his crass and racist-laden livestream, several users soon weighed in on the situation by taking a dig at Ted Nugent’s shallow comments from last year.

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Ted Nugent Tests Positive For Covid After Calling Pandemic A Hoax’: I Thought I Was Dying

Musician Ted Nugent said Monday he tested positive for COVID-19 and had been experiencing intense symptoms, though hes called the pandemic a hoax in the past.

In December 2020, the 72-year-old entertainer dismissed the global coronavirus pandemic as scammy. Monday, he changed his tune, mentioning the pandemic clusterfu.

During the Facebook Live broadcast in which he announced his diagnosis, in fact, he used that colorful word twice.

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I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days and I thought I was dying, he told viewers. Just a clusterfu.

Previously, Nugent declared that the ongoing global crisis was somehow not a real pandemic and people who choose to wear masks often in compliance with local ordinances are sheep.

Nugent is a political conservative who expressed support for former president Donald Trumps policies and even performed at the Republicans events. Trump, like Nugent, contracted COVID-19 at one point, requiring hospitalization last fall.

Nugent has attacked school shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg and praised Fox News Laura Ingraham.

Earlier this month, Nugent expressed no fear of the virus in another Facebook Live, instead quipping, Why werent we shut down for COVID one-through-18?

Of course, COVID-19 was not named sequentially, but for the year the infection was initially reported, 2019.

Ted Nugent Performed Inside Florida Anti

Sen. Ted Cruz reacts to coronavirus response, quarantine experience

Ted Nugent said he thought he was dying from COVID-19 just days after he performed inside a Florida supermarket thats become well-known for its anti-mask stance. Video of his performance can be seen on Nugents YouTube page.

The Michigan rocker, who has a condo in Naples, according to NaplesNews, played a concert at Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market in that city on April 12. A video taken inside that crowded supermarket earlier this year, showing pretty much no one wearing a mask, including employees.

Nugent went on Facebook Live on April 19 to tell his fans hed tested positive for coronavirus that day after battling flu-like symptoms for nearly two weeks. His self-described timeline would mean he had these symptoms while performing at the supermarket, where he was shown not wearing a mask.

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I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days and I thought I was dying, Nugent said in his live video. I was tested positive today. Ive got a stuffed up head, body aches. My God, what a pain in the a–. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days. But I did. I crawled.

During the supermarket performance, with his wife Shemane by his side, Nugent criticized Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Nugent used similar lingo his his Facebook Live, saying it was BS that 500,000 Americans have died from COVID and asking why we didnt shut down for COVIDs one through 18.

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Ted Nugent Mentions 18 Covids Thats Not How Covid

On a Facebook Live video, Ted Nugent asked why there weren’t shut downs for Covid one through 18. …

Ted Nugent is trending on Twitter right now. And its not because of the singer-songwriters music.

When Nugent appeared on , he didnt really talk much about his song Cat Scratch Fever. Instead, he offered his thoughts about something else that can cause a fever and can potentially send you to the hospital and kill you: Covid-19. After all, youve probably been wondering all this time, gee, I really want to know what Ted Nugent has to say about Covid-19. Well, the Facebook Live video offered a bargain, a 19-for-one. Nugent didnt just talk about Covid-19. He talked about Covid 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, as well.

Scroll to around the 2:20 mark in the video and youll hear Nugent ask, You know, I guess I would ask you, because Im addicted to truth, logic and common sense, and my common-sense meter would demand the answer to why werent we shut down for Covid one through 18?

You must be wondering how the heck did you miss all those Covids? Did the world have a bunch of pandemics and not invite you? Has this been the 18-year-old mother of all cover ups:

When Nugent said one through 18, he couldnt have meant that there have been 18 other Covids just like Covid-19, could he?

Nugent Who Previously Said Covid

Ted Nugent, the 72-year-old rocker with Michigan roots, announced on he tested positive for the coronavirus Monday after suffering flu-like symptoms for 10 days.

“Everybody told me I should not announce this,” Nugent said at the beginning of the nearly nine-minute video from his Waco, Texas, ranch.

Nugent, who previously claimed COVID-19 was “not a real pandemic” and has shared debunked claims about the coronavirus, described having a “stuffed up head and” body aches and said he “literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days.”

“I thought I was dying,” he said, stopping periodically for his self-described “rattly cough.”

Nugent, however, questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, saying the government is unwilling to discuss what is in them: Nobody knows whats in it.

Ingredients of the vaccines are listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website here. And USA TODAY has compared each of the vaccines here.

He also reiterates his previous pronouncement he wouldnt be getting the vaccine.

On April 12, the gun rights activist and staunch conservative raised a question about the pandemic: “Why werent we shut down for COVID one through 18?”

Nugent asked that question in an interview also shared to his Facebook page.

Of course, the coronavirus that has killed nearly 567,000 people in the U.S. and more than 16,000 people in Michigan was named for the year in which the first infection was reported 2019.

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White House Mandates Pfizer Vaccines For Millions Of Citizens Before The Fda Clinical Or Safety Reviews Have Been Made Public

If you are about truth, logic, and common sense, just go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website where youll find the following rationale for the Covid-19 name: the disease caused by the virus was named Covid-19 to show that it was discovered in 2019. Indeed, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 first emerged in the year right before 2020, which happened to be 2019. The virus bears the name SARS-CoV2 because the virus is similar to but not the same as the original SARS virus that first emerged in 2002.

He went on to ask why didnt we shut down for the AIDS epidemic or the flu or the Spanish flu. Well, actually, Mr. Nugent, the U.S. did shut down for the 1918 influenza pandemic, which was previously referred to as The Spanish flu, before the World Health Organization established new approaches to naming new diseases that wouldnt end up stigmatizing groups of people or countries. Getting the seasonal flu is not the same as getting Covid-19. Your immune system is not used to and prepared for the SARS-CoV2 whereas your immune system is much more familiar with the influenza virus through flu vaccines every year or other previous exposure. And AIDS is very different from Covid-19. The human immunodeficiency virus does not spread by coughing, sneezing, or breathing.

Now, not everyone may know who Nugent is as evidenced by the following tweet that asked What is a Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent Says He Knocked The Shit Out Of Covid With Fake Science

Ted Nugent tested positive for coronavirus one week after ...

Ted Nugent has knocked the shit out of COVID-19, according to a recent YouTube livestream held by the guitarist.

The Cat Scratch Fever rocker claims he beat the deadly disease he originally believed was a leftist scam and still doesnt seem to understand, by using a combination of diet, vitamins, and medication that has been scientifically proven not to work. Of course, he also received some intelligent, professionally guided care from the misinformation experts at Americas Frontline Doctors the ones who backed the now-debunked hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID promoted by the disgraced former host of The Apprentice.

More from SPIN:

    Normally, we would put a warning here that Nugent isnt a doctor and the vast majority of his recommendations likely do nothing for COVID-19, and thus you shouldnt follow his regimen if youre feeling ill. But really, if youre trusting the Nuge over doctors when it comes to medical advice these days, you probably just think the whole thing is a hoax anyway.

    Check out the full video of Nugents livestream below if youve got time and brain cells to spare.

    To see our running list of the top 100 greatest guitarists of all time, .

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    Musician Ted Nugent Ask Why There Wasn’t A Lockdown For ‘covid 1

    On Wednesday, famed musician Ted Nugent turned to Live to voice some of his lingering questions and concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, he wants to know why there was no shut down for “COVID 1-18.”

    He recorded the video on April 7, lamenting the cancellation of his upcoming tour.

    “You know, this year’s tour is canceled again. Are you kidding me? The production companies won’t let us tour again this year,” he says, outraged.

    He continues to call the production companies “dirty bastard, lying, scam, smoke-and-mirrors COVID-19 freaks.”

    Explaining his skepticism towards the pandemic more broadly, Nugent says, “I’m addicted to truth, logic, and common sense and my common sense meter would demand the answer to, ‘Why weren’t we shut down for COVID 1-18?'”

    He continues, “There was a COVID-1, and there was a COVID-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, -11, -12, -13, -14, -15, -16, -17, -18. COVID 1-18 didn’t shut anything down. But whoaCOVID-19.”

    Nugent claims that the virus is “99.8% survivable”but in that statistic, he does not account for how the virus disproportionately affects certain parts of the population, dependent on age and other factors.

    “They claim five hundred thousand people have died from COVID-19,” he says. “Bulls***.”

    Ted Nugent was live.

    In these claims, Nugent appears to push a narrative that has become common amongst COVID deniers: that the number of COVID-related deaths has been falsely inflated.

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