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Does Weed Help With Covid

Is Inhaling Cannabis Smoke A Good Idea For Covid

Canadian researchers are exploring how cannabis could help the fight against COVID-19 | Your Morning

While consuming cannabis is most commonly done by inhaling the smoke of cannabis flower, that is not the only way cannabiss therapeutic compounds can be consumed. Most research involving cannabis uses oil extracts, like CBD oil.

Cannabis oil can be consumed through ingestion, vaping, nasal sprays, or topical application. Many delivery mechanisms dont involve the lungs and leave out potentially harmful substances that come with smoke inhalation.

Multiple Studies Support Cannabis And Its Cytokine Storm Fighting Properties

The Aging study isnt the only piece of research that has concluded that cannabis shows an ability to block a cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients.

A 2020 mouse-model study found that CBD, an active cannabinoid compound found in cannabis, reduced proinflammatory cytokines and improved the clinical symptoms of mice with symptoms similar to COVID-19 .

The study suggests that CBD may work as part of the treatment of COVID-19 by reducing the cytokine storm and protecting lung tissue from inflammation.

The Role Of Ecs Cannabinoids And Cannabis In Sars

To date, no scientific studies have evaluated the role of EC, cannabinoids, and cannabis in the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Also, no epidemiological data are available on the incidence of COVID-19 in persons taking medical or nonmedical cannabinoids.

In the French governments recommendations concerning COVID-19, the consumption of inhaled cannabis products was mentioned as potentially promoting the onset of coughing and thus increasing transmission of the virus, particularly in the case of asymptomatic infections, as well as in intensifying COVID-19 respiratory symptoms. In addition, cannabis can alter the vigilance level and thus may aggravate central symptoms of COVID-19, such as fatigue and confusion .

Recent rumors suggested a positive impact of nicotine on COVID-19 . These findings are debated and should be confirmed by clinical studies , but could represent a potential confounder in the relation between cannabis and COVID-19.

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Msu Professor: No But It Could Help With Some Side Effects

Recreational marijuana has certainly taken the spotlight off the medical side of the industry over the last few years. Sales for adult-use products routinely outpace their medicinal counterparts. Fewer and fewer patients are bothering to apply for or renew their medical marijuana licenses.

And this month, state officials also rolled back the requirement that recreational retailers also obtain a medical license, opening the first door to standalone adult-use pot shops in Michigan. Some advocates fear it could represent the death knell for the therapeutic side of the market.

But at Michigan State University, at least one professor is keeping focused on the medicinal benefits of certain cannabinoids particularly those that could help reduce inflammation. And his research suggests it could potentially help with some of the long-term effects of COVID-19.

First, some clarity: We dont have enough information to suggest it would be a positive thing to consume cannabis if you have COVID-19, especially smoking. This is really more about specific compounds that are well characterized and could, potentially, down the road, become useful for certain conditions, said Norbert Kaminski, a pharmacology and toxicology professor at MSU.

No. Kaminski didnt offer me any samples. I guess the family name doesnt carry much weight.

How Else Could Cannabis Treat Covid

Cannabis May Help Treat Coronavirus

Cannabis shows strong potential in reducing inflammation and scarring in patients with COVID-19, but how else could cannabis help patients with COVID-19?

Compounds in cannabis like CBD and THC have also shown promise in a range of other areas, including pain relief and treating anxiety. While these therapeutic benefits have not been investigated in patients with COVID-19, they could offer exciting areas of future study.

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Cellular Staining And Confocal Microscopy

Differentiated macrophages from KG1 cells were incubated in 500 µL of 5% FBS-IMDM media with FNP, ENP or ENPG and incubated at 37 °C for 4 h for phagocytosis. Macrophages that underwent phagocytosis were fixed with 3.7% formaldehyde solution and permeabilized with 0.1% Triton X-100 at room temperature. Fixed cells were blocked in PBS containing 1% bovine serum albumin. Cells were incubated with EasyProbes ActinRed 555 Stain for actin and Hoechst for nuclear staining . Cell microscopy and image acquisition was carried out using a Leica SP8 laser scanning microscope , equipped with a 405, 488 and 552 nm solid state lasers, HCX PL APO CS 10×/0.40 or HC PL APO CS 63×/1.2 water immersion objectives and Leica Application Suite X software . Hoechst, 5-Carboxyfluorescein and ActinRed 555 emission signals were detected with PMT and HyD detectors in ranges of 415490 nm, 500535 nm and 565660 nm, respectively.

Labeling Of Amine Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles With 5

Stock solutions of 1 mg of EDC were prepared separately in 1 mL of 0.1 M MES buffer. 100 mg of the amine functionalized silica nanoparticles were added to 600 µL of the MES buffer followed by 200 µL of the EDC. The mixture was vortexed for 10 min. Then 100 µL 5-Carboxyfluorescein only or 100 µL 5-Carboxyfluorescein and IgG solutions were added. The final solution was then mixed by vortex for 3 h at ambient room temperature. Subsequently, the mixture was centrifuged and rinsed with MES buffer to remove excess reactants. EDC was used as a cross-linker to chemically attach the carboxyl group of the 5-Carboxyfluorescein molecule and producing an amine-reactive O-acylisourea. For the fluorescent-IgG labelled silica nanoparticles this intermediate product reacted with the amino groups of the silica nanoparticles to yield an amide bond, releasing fluorescent-IgG labelled silica nanoparticles and urea as a by-product. The fluorescent labelled or fluorescent-IgG labelled silica nanoparticles were then dispersed again in the MES buffer for further analysis.

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Kevin William Simpson Ceo And Founder Of Oilsbysimpson Tells Us About The Growing Evidence Around Cannabis As A Treatment For Covid

Cannabiss therapeutic effects have long been known, with cannabinoids like THC and CBD commonly used to treat various symptoms. But what effect does cannabis have on COVID-19?

Cannabis has evolved from that substance your parents warned you about that only hippies used. As research into cannabiss therapeutic properties has developed, so has the mainstream use of cannabis products. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are prevalent because of their extensive therapeutic benefits and ease of use. With health benefits, including pain relief, improved anxiety, and reduced inflammation, its no wonder why cannabis products have soared in popularity.

The Findings Could Offer New Avenues To Prevent And Treat Infection

Struggling CBD farmers hopeful after research finds CBD may help with COVID-19 side effects

New research has found that cannabis compounds can prevent infection from the virus that causes covid-19 by blocking its entry into cells.

In the study, which was published on Monday in the Journal of Natural Products, researchers found that two cannabinoid acids – cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, also known as CBDA – can bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19.

This prevents the virus from entering cells and causing infection.

The researchers wrote: “Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.”

The study was led by Richard van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon States Global Hemp Innovation Center in the College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, in collaboration with scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University.

These cannabinoid acids are abundant in hemp and in many hemp extracts, van Breemen said, as quoted by local media. They are not controlled substances like THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and have a good safety profile in humans.

The study also suggests that the cannabinoids were effective against new variants of the virus as well, with CBDA and CBGA proving to be “equally effective” against the Alpha and Beta variants.

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Cannabis May Increase The Risk Of Covid Infection

Again, the link between marijuana and COVID is not entirely benign. Research has also established a negative relationship between consuming cannabis and contracting COVID.

A recently released study conducted by researchers at the University of Western Australia compared COVID infection rates and cannabis use. They found that cannabis use is linked to an increased risk of contracting the virus. The authors of the study state that cannabis use is a COVID danger by saying, Cannabis thus joins tobacco as a SARS2-CoV risk factor.

Complication of Infection

Dr. Peter Grindpoon is a primary care physician, medical cannabis expert, and teacher trained at Harvard Medical School. He said that, in theory, cannabis might be a risk factor. He also noted that the potential ability of CBD to reduce cytokine storms in severe COVID cases might worsen the disease for patients in an earlier phase of the infection. So, CBD may be beneficial or detrimental depending on the patients stage of infection.

Grinspoon said: In the first part, you need to mount an immune response to fight off the virus, adding that if you get a severe case its your system going haywire, and you need immunosuppressants.

Transmission of the Disease

Mgc Pharmaceuticals At Late

Meanwhile, other cannabis firms have already pivoted to deal with the pandemic, such as AXIM Biotechnologies who is using its resources to develop rapid COVID testing kits. Others are leveraging their knowledge of plant-based medicines and the human immune system to create novel therapies that dont rely on cannabinoids. MGC Pharmaceuticals is the furthest ahead of any cannabinoid company in developing a treatment, having already made it to phase II human patient trials for COVID-19 with its non-cannabinoid-containing food supplement, ArtemiC. The spray consists of plant extracts, including artemisinin, curcumin, boswellia serrata, and ascorbic acid, which have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. Preliminary results from the first ten patients of the phase II clinical trial have shown significant clinical benefits in patients treated with ArtemiC compared to placebo, with no record of any adverse events to date.

If positive results are obtained from the remaining participants, this would bode very well for ArtemiC moving on to phase IIb and towards market approval, which would represent potentially the largest contribution to COVID-19 treatments for any cannabis company to date.

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Sticking To The Routine

Health experts say they arent seeing evidence showing a detriment to using cannabis pre- or post-vaccination.

Dr. Frank Lucido, a medical cannabis specialist based in Berkeley, California, worries about lung illness from severe COVID, not vaccine/weed interactions, he told Leafly.

If people are sticking to their regular cannabis consumption habits, Lucido said he does not see a reason to be ultra-cautious around using cannabis as the body generates protective levels of antibodies against the novel coronavirus.

Certified California Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen, president of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and chief nursing officer for Leaf 411, said the Leaf 411 hotline has had an uptick in questions surrounding the COVID vaccine and safety uses associated with CBD and cannabis use.

If you are using cannabis daily and it is necessary, please continue using it

Eloise Theisen, Nurse Practitioner, via Leaf 411

As far as cannabis goes, we know that cannabinoids can stay in the system for 5-13 days depending on the frequency of use, the organization said through a written response. If you are using cannabis daily and it is necessary, please continue using it If you are new to cannabis and have just received your vaccine, please wait 24 hours before starting a new cannabinoid treatment plan and be sure to talk with your healthcare professional to review your treatment plan.

That would have just been my normal, she says.

Does Cannabis Interact With A Covid Shot

Congressman seeking coronavirus relief for cannabis ...

After more than a year of isolation, the COVID-19 vaccines are ushering in normal life, and a reason to celebrate.

And while many are wondering if its OK to have a celebratory drink after the vaccine, what about those of us that commemorate major milestones with cannabis?

  • The vaccine trials didnt exclude or track cannabinoid use status, but multiple experts say that there is no evidence the vaccine interacts badly with either alcohol or marijuana.
  • Anecdotal evidence also points towards cannabis use pre or post-vaccination being OK. Almost301 million Americans have received a dose and the number of new COVID cases continues to decline, demonstrating the vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of Americans who regularly enjoy marijuana have vaccine immunity to this deadly new pathogen.
  • Vaccines rare side effects stand in contrast to a global pandemic killing about 600 Americans per day with variants on the rise.

Its crucial folks protect themselves and their communities, yet anti-vax sentiment lurks in the cannabis community, just like broader society. Weed lover that younger people should forgo the vaccine. In reality, heavy lifetime cannabis consumers report being less likely to get vaccinated, 2021 survey research indicates.

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Effect Of Cannabinoids And Cannabis On The Immune System

CBD inhibits the migration of murine macrophages in vitro and in vivo by activating CB2 in a dose-dependent manner . Numerous in vitro and in vivo studies, conducted on animal and human cells, suggested that CBD has immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties due either to direct inhibition of microglial, innate, and T cells, or by inducing apoptosis of regulatory T cells or myeloid-derived suppressor cells . Among other mechanisms, immune system modulation of CBD is thought to be mediated through activation of TRPV1 , regulation of FAAH, and indirect action on CB1 . However, the administration of phytocannabinoids in experimental models revealed conflicting results. In the 1970s, experimental studies in rodents showed greater lethality of bacterial endotoxins with an additive toxicity when co-administered with very high THC dosages . In contrast, more recent in vitro and animal studies suggest that extracts of C. sativa have bactericidal activity on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and certain fungi .

How Are We Doing

Better, thanks to state-mandated stay-at-home orders. On April 20, Americas coronavirus death toll surpassed 40,000, although the outbreak shows signs of leveling off after nearly 40 straight days of growth. Check out the United Statess trajectory on the April 20 Financial Times chart:

The National Governors Association has a roundup of actions taken in each state, updated daily. The most reliable information sources right now are state health agencies in Washington, New York, and California, which are on the leading edge of the outbreak and mitigation strategies.

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Effective Management Requires Prevention Of New Cases Hospitalizations And Deaths But Also Restoring Stability To Everyday Life

Many of us thought the end of the pandemic was within sight when the first COVID-19 vaccinations started rolling out last year. However, it is clear that COVID will be with us for the long term.

We need many tools to manage this virus vaccination, proper masking, ventilation in indoor spaces, and testing are the primary ones, with widespread vaccination the most crucial. But waning immunity and evolving variants remind us that our work to limit the pandemic has not been a one-way march but, instead, a series of steps forward and back.

Effective management requires prevention of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, but also restoring stability to everyday life. Unpredictability and patchwork policies for K-12 schools, for example, have wreaked havoc for families and employers.

Against this backdrop, testing technologies and strategies are paramount. Rapid antigen tests, which can be purchased by consumers and used at home with quick results, are a critical tool, given their ability to identify when people have high viral loads and are most infectious.

Self-testing, which has gained increased attention with the arrival of Omicron, covers at-home testing done at the discretion of an individual. It might be used before gathering with friends, or in the event of COVID-like symptoms.

Cbd Moving To Human Covid Trials

Cannabis for COVID-19 treatment

Study authors also examined the chemicals effects on 82 patients taking CBD prior to the pandemic. They compared this group to patients with no history of using cannabidiol.

The results reveal only 1.2 percent of CBD users tested positive for COVID-19. In comparison, 12.2 percent of non-users contracted the virus.

The substantial reduction in SARS-CoV-2 infection risk of approximately an order of magnitude in patients who took FDA-approved CBD highlights the potential efficacy of this drug in combating SARS-CoV2 infection, study authors write.

We advocate carefully designed placebo-controlled clinical trials with known concentrations and highly-characterized formulations in order to define CBDs role in preventing and treating early SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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Another Benefit Of Using Cbd

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana, is growing in popularity as a natural remedy for various conditions. Along with pain management and stress relief, previous studies point to CBD having antiviral properties and being able to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. The U.S. food and Drug Administration approved its use as a treatment for epilepsy.

In the new study, researchers treated A549 human lung carcinoma cells which express the ACE-2 gene with CBD. This is the gene receptor which the SARS-CoV-2 spike attaches to in patients.

Once treated, scientists exposed these cells to the virus. After 48 hours, the team discovered that CBD-treated A549 cells blocked the viruss ability to multiply. Further study revealed that CBD helped to reverse nearly all of the gene expression changes SARS-CoV-2 causes in the host cells.

Researchers believe these results show CBD may be helpful in stopping the cytokine storm COVID patients suffer during severe infections. This hyper inflammation takes place when the patients own immune system goes into overdrive and attacks healthy cells.

CBD has the potential not only to act as an antiviral agent at early stages of infection but also to protect the host against an overactive immune system at later stages, the team explains.

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