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Global Statistics

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Updated on August 7, 2022 1:27 am
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Updated on August 7, 2022 1:27 am
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Updated on August 7, 2022 1:27 am
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Does Your Back Hurt With Covid

Is Back Pain A Common Symptom Of Covid

Why does your arm hurt after the COVID-19 vaccine?

Maybe not back pain specifically, but body aches are. However, back pain due to COVID-19 is, in fact, grouped in with general muscle aches or pains, which the CDC lists as an official symptom.

What might be more common with back pain is its impact on COVID-19 long-haulerspeople who have technically recovered from COVID-19 but still experience long-term symptoms or side effects. These people have said that, even after recovery, they experienced lingering upper, middle and lower back pain. Back and muscle pains arent the only symptoms to watch out for when it comes to COVID-19, however, so weve listed some more common symptoms below.

How Can You Treat The Back Aches

Doherty recommended treating COVID-related back and muscle aches the same way youd treat other types of back pain try some gentle stretching, use heat or ice, and if you can tolerate them, over-the-counter oral anti-inflammatories like NSAIDs or acetaminophen. Hascalovici also suggested topical anti-inflammatory and botanical therapies since the side effects are low.

Avoid strenuous activity and physical therapy during the infection and let yourself rest, Whang added. If you have an active infection, you dont want to be too aggressive in treating back pain.

The good news is that most of the time, the back pain and muscle aches are self-limited theyll fade away when the infection clears .

As they are recovering, with a little bit of a lag, so is the back pain recovering, Doherty said.

Omicron is so new that researchers dont yet know if back pain will be a common long-haul symptom in patients who were infected with the variant. Weve seen this with other variants, so the same could very well be true with omicron. But, regardless, if your back pain persists after you recover from COVID, its time to seek medical attention as there may be an underlying condition causing the pain.

You dont want to miss something and just dismiss it as this is my omicron, Doherty said. Sometimes, its something else.

Why Does Back Pain With Covid Happen

The Covid virus creates its mayhem by increasing inflammation. If this inflammation settles in a back or pelvic joint then pain will be the result.

Another cause is not directly related to the virus but is caused by the inactivity it brings. If you feel unwell, tired and achy then you are likely to be less active. This lack of activity can bring on ordinary back pain and other joint and muscle stiffness. These aches and pains are then aggravated by Covid. Some people experience shoulder and arm problems after Covid too, especially if they have been in hospital.

But thats not all. If you have a cough then it can strain your lower back. To feel the effect on your low back, stand up, place your hands on your lower back and cough gently. You should feel your low back give a little kick. Imagine this over and over again with a Covid cough and you can see why it irritates low back joints.

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Omicron Symptoms: Sore Throat Lower Back Pain Nausea And Other Signs Of Omicron Infection To Watch Out For

The Omicron variant of COVID-19-causing SARS-CoV-2 virus has taken the world by storm, with cases associated with it rising at an unprecedented rate around the globe.

While it appears to be less severe than the Delta variant that dominated the second wave of COVID-19 in Indiaespecially among vaccinated individualsthe WHO has warned against categorising it as ‘mild’.

Just like previous variants, Omicron is hospitalising people and it is killing people, said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a recent media briefing.

While this new variant has its fair share of similarities as well as differences as compared to the previous variants, the story is more or less the same when it comes to the symptoms associated with Omicron.

As per the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the four most common symptoms of an Omicron infection are cough, fatigue, congestion, and runny nose.

Furthermore, the warning signs listed by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences include difficulty in breathing, dip in oxygen saturation, consistent pain/pressure in the chest, mental confusion and persisting or worsening of symptoms beyond 3-4 days.

How Common Is Muscle Pain With Covid

Dr. Fauci Warns These COVID Symptoms Can Last for Months

The CDC doesn’t provide that information on its list of symptoms, but according to the World Health Organization, muscle pain was a little less common than other well-known coronavirus symptoms.

A , which analyzed 55,924 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in China, found that 14.8% of patients reported myalgia or arthralgia . That’s significantly less than the amount of patients who reported a fever and dry cough , and still less common than other symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath . It is, however, slightly more common than sore throat , headache , and chills .

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Other Causes Of Back Pain

Persistent back pain could be a sign of something else. Common causes of back pain include:

  • Injuries such as sprains, strains, spasms, and pulled muscles or tendons. You can injure your back in an accident, playing sports, overstretching, or lifting heavy objects.
  • Arthritis. Spinal arthritis can affect spine joints or joints located between the spine and the pelvis, producing pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. It can be osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , spondyloarthritis .
  • Osteoporosis. This disease causes bones to become weak and fragile. The bones are constantly breaking down and growing back, but when they start breaking down faster than they can reform, itâs called osteoporosis. This leads to back pain, limited mobility, and spinal fractures.
  • Herniated or ruptured discs. Herniated discs occur when the discs that connect the spinal bones break, making the nucleus push out through the tear. A herniated disk can irritate a nearby nerve, producing pain, numbness, and other symptoms.
  • Fibromyalgia. This disease causes widespread chronic pain, due to an alteration of how the brain perceives pain signals. We donât yet understand its causes, but we know one of fibromyalgiaâs main symptoms is chronic back pain.
  • Stress. When you feel stressed, your bodyâs muscles get tight, which usually affects your neck and lower back. Prolonged tension in these areas can lead to back pain.

Some Classic Covid Symptoms Are Barely Being Seen With Omicron Infections

Along with cough and fever, doctors are warning that loss of taste and smell are not all that common with the Omicron variant. Prior research has suggested that nearly 48 percent patients with the original strain of COVID had loss of smell and 41 percent had loss of taste. But a small analysis of an Omicron outbreak among vaccinated people in Norway found that only 23 percent reported loss of taste and just 12 percent reported loss of smell.

And some experts say the “new” symptoms of Omicron like back pain might just be more noticeable now that these classic COVID signs are less prevalent. Scott Roberts, MD, an assistant professor of infectious diseases at the Yale School of Medicine, told NPR that it’s possible doctors and patients are just paying more attention to these subtler signs than they did with earlier variants. “A lot of this is probably magnifying these symptoms under a microscope instead of clear changes,” he said.

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What Causes Post Covid Joint And Muscle Problems

Many people will have had some aches and pains before getting ill with COVID. Being unwell may have made these problems come back or get worse. This is because joints and muscles are better when we regularly move. When unwell with COVID people are less active than usual. This can cause aches and pains, stiffness and muscle weakness. Muscle weakness can lead to difficulties with activities such as standing, climbing stairs, gripping objects with your hands or lifting your arms above your head. Some of the treatments that were needed during your COVID illness may have put extra stresses and strains on some of your joints and muscles. These may have caused new or increased joint and muscle problems.

People have told us the most common problems after being unwell with COVID are shoulder and back problems, but joint and muscle problems can occur in any part of the body. Some people have widespread aching that can come and go for a time as you recover. Some people also have odd or altered feelings such as numbness or pins and needles and weakness in the arms or legs.

What Does Muscle Pain From Covid

COVID-19 and Back Pain

According to Dr. Barzin, the muscle pain associated with COVID-19 usually feels like “tenderness to the touch of the muscle or pain with movements of the muscle.” While muscle pain from a workout can feel similar to muscle pain caused by a virus like SARS-CoV-2, virus pain tends to be more generalized, while exercise- or injury-related pain tends to be more localized in a specific muscle.

Sometimes even doctors have a hard time distinguishing virus-induced muscle pain from exercise-induced muscle pain. “It’s very hard to tell the difference,” Dr. Barzin admits, adding that doctors often have to play detective to get to the root of the issuequestioning whether the patient has worked out recently or if they have other infectious symptoms, like fever, chills, or coughing, which can help with a diagnosis.

Virus-related muscle pain and exercise-induced muscle pain are also different in how long they take to resolve. “Viral myopathies tend to resolve in weeks to months after the infection clears,” says Dr. Barzin, while he notes that muscle soreness from exercise tends to resolve within 48-72 hours.

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Exclusive Analysis Of Biopharma Health Policy And The Life Sciences

Suspicions about pain have also grown amid the overdose crisis attributed to opioid overprescribing, but its a mistake to conflate the corporate actions of Big Pharma and the unethical actions of some prescribers with the problem of pain itself.

The good news for the newcomers with long Covid chronic pain is that early intervention can help prevent pain from progressing from acute to chronic and from chronic to disabling. But that makes their concerns urgent providers must listen to and treat them now.

The World Health Organization has released a clinical definition of long Covid, which specifies common symptoms along twelve domains, and includes joint and muscle pain, headache, and neuralgias, among others. In the U.S., doctors on the front lines of treating this new disease have rightly called for a national crisis management plan for Covid long-haulers. Addressing pain, which is so often neglected in the U.S. health care system, must be a central part of this crisis management effort.

A chronic condition that affects more Americans than any other, and one that is growing amid a global pandemic, should no longer be disregarded. It requires attention stat.

Kate M. Nicholson is a civil rights attorney and the founder and president of the National Pain Advocacy Center, a 501 nonprofit that takes no industry funding and advocates for the health and human rights of people in pain.

How Long Could Protection From Infection Last

Kirby Institute virologist Associate Prof Stuart Turville said Omicron has only been around a couple of months so it was too early to estimate the risk of reinfection or how long any protection from an infection lasts.

We can only base our answer on what we have observed in previous variants, he said. Several large studies from Qatar have looked at reinfections.

A recent preprint from Qatar states: Protection afforded by prior infection in preventing symptomatic reinfection with Alpha, Beta, or Delta is robust, at about 90%.

While such protection against reinfection with Omicron is lower, it is still considerable at nearly 60%. Prior-infection protection against hospitalisation or death at reinfection appears robust, regardless of variant.

How long this protection lasts is unclear and depends on factors including the number of vaccinations, whether youre immune-suppressed, and the length of time since vaccination.

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What My Agonising Back Pain Taught Me About Coronavirus Complacency

When I relaxed and forgot about pilates, I was struck down. Theres a cautionary tale in there somewhere

I was in the upstairs bathroom of the Airbnb, bending down to theres no gilding this wipe the bum of one of my children, when I felt something snap and collapsed. A period of intense swearing ensued, during which my daughter burst into tears and after yelling at her to go get help, I crawled out of the bathroom and lay flat on the floor.

Why are you swearing? asked my other five-year-old, looking up dispassionately from her iPad. Im in agony, I said, information she considered for a moment before informing me: It still counts you still have to put money in the swear box.

This has happened to me every few years since my babies were born: mid-way through some trivial task, my back will give out and I will be stuck, cursing, on the floor. It has never been pleasant, but it has usually been bearable, and after the ingestion of copious amounts of pain meds and relaxants, I can generally claw my way up and somehow get into bed.

The cops arrived first. Hi, I said, looking up at the guy who tried to get down my details in between the screaming. Next came the fire department, an avuncular-looking man who started assessing how to get me down the stairs, while the paramedics put a line in my arm and jacked me up on enough fentanyl to lift me on to a chair and down to the ambulance.

What Can I Do For Low Back Pain At Home

Sure Signs COVID is In Your Body Now, According to the CDC

If your lower back pain has just started, the best thing you can do is start a log. Record your symptoms, times, dates and which activities trigger the pain or make it worse or better. Take this information to your family physician if the pain doesnt resolve on its own. It will make diagnosing the cause much easier.

Once you know which motion or position causes your lower back pain, try to avoid it and see if you get better. Icing the painful spot can also help. And so can over-the-counter pain relievers that help reduce inflammation. Just remember that pain killers treat only the symptom pain and not its cause.

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How To Survive This Pandemic

As for yourself, do everything you can to prevent gettingand spreadingCOVID-19 in the first place: Wear a face mask, get tested if you think you have coronavirus, avoid crowds , practice social distancing, only run essential errands, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don’t miss these 35 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch COVID.

Can Covid Cause Pain In Your Knees Hips & Other Joints

COVID-19 is characterized by a variety of symptomssome common to respiratory illness and others altogether strange . Although some COVID-19 patients have complained of joint pain, new research has quantified the prevalence of the symptom and is beginning to reveal the causes behind it.

As more people are infected with the novel coronavirus and recover, more is known about the different ways it affects the human body, says Ahmed Siddiqi, D.O., an adult reconstruction orthopedic surgeon at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and JFK University Medical Center.

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How To Know If You Have Covid

Covid manifests differently in each patient. Some may not feel a thing , while others can get very serious and even lead to death.If you have back pain in the absence of other symptoms, thereâs a possibility you have covid, but there are other signs that you should also be aware of.

  • Diarrhea
  • Muscular painâIncluding back pain.

Remember, the only way to be certain about having covid 19 is to get a positive diagnostic test. However, even with that, thereâs still a chance of an inaccurate result.

This Is What Muscle Pain From Covid

Physiotherapy COVID 19 RECOVERY Exercise Routine at Home

With a larger pool of symptoms that are instructive of SARS-CoV-2 infection, researchers can better assess the frequency that each occurs in confirmed cases.

Fever and a persistent dry cough are the most reliable indicators of COVID-19, with each affecting 87% and 67% of patients respectively. These figures may change in the coming months as more studies enter review.

Ultimately, supportive care comes down to parsing through any and all accompanying impairments.

With any viral infection, discomfort is simultaneously a byproduct of a pathogens pathology and our immune systems efforts to fight it. These efforts are expressed via varying degrees of intensity depending on the genetic integrity of the virus in question as well as its host.

For instance, the body aches associated with 15% of the 56,000 initial COVID-19 cases reported in Mainland, China were likely the result of immune cells releasing infection-fighting proteins called interleukins.

Interleukins contribute to viral clearance by altering the way weakened cells interact with one another.

A less fortunate portion of carriers experienced intense body sores by reason of rhabdomyolysis, which is a condition that erodes damaged skeletal muscles. Over time this process can result in renal failure if not attended.

These two potentialities alone demonstrate how body aches have frustrated the diagnostic process and improved it in equal measure.

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