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Updated on August 14, 2022 10:04 pm

Global Statistics

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Updated on August 14, 2022 10:04 pm
All countries
Updated on August 14, 2022 10:04 pm
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Updated on August 14, 2022 10:04 pm
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How Bad Is Covid In Colorado

As The Delta Variant Continues To Spread Among Colorados Unvaccinated Some Wonder If Vaccine Mandates Could Ever Happen And If Theyd Work

Richard Zane has had it.

“The Delta variant is ripping through under-vaccinated communities, and health care is tired. I’m telling you, health care is tired,” said Zane, a medical doctor who leads the emergency department at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital, the state’s biggest and busiest hospital, as well as the facility that’s cared for more COVID-19 patients than any other.

But recognizing the problem is a long way from solving it. Zane is one of many in Colorado — particularly in health care — whose desire to see COVID-19 vaccines made mandatory wherever possible started as a nudge and is now becoming a push. 

“It’s a matter of are we going to put this thing behind us because we have the tool to do it?” Zane asked. “Or are we not?”

The state’s COVID vaccination percentage is stuck at 54 percent of the population now fully vaccinated. That figure is now growing only incrementally by about 50,000 per week — a number that has been mostly falling weekly since the start of July. Roughly 2.6 million Coloradans, including children under 12 who aren’t yet eligible to get the vaccine, remain unvaccinated.

The Number Of Hospitalized Covid Patients Has Also Risen In The Pueblo County Area Deaths Have Remained At About The Same Level

The map below shows the average I.C.U. occupancy at nearby hospitals.See national hospitalizations ›

The trend in deaths tends to lag weeks behind the trend in reported cases: Cases have recently increased in Pueblo, which could mean a rise in deaths will follow.

These are days with a reporting anomaly.Read morehere.

If Im Vaccinated Should I Still Wear A Mask Or Take Other Precautions When Im Around People Who May Not Be Vaccinated

McQUEEN: As is true with any health-related issue, the risk of infection or disease is never zero. However, it is very unlikely that a vaccinated person who becomes infected will transmit the virus to someone else. This is why federal, state and county guidance, which we adhere to at CU Boulder, indicate that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks. It is, of course, important to finish your vaccine course and wait at least two weeks following your final dose to ensure you’ve built up optimal immunity.

As The Va And Others Announce Vaccine Requirements Colorado Focuses On Unvaccinated Nursing Home Employees

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said it would require 115,000 of its frontline health care workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in the next eight weeks, a first for a federal agency. Its chief said he worried about the risk of veterans getting care at centers with low vaccination rates.

With vaccination rates slowing considerably, New York City and California announced vaccines would be required for public employees, with potential penalties if they fail to get their shots. 

All three said if they didn’t get the shots, workers would have to get tested regularly.

Colorado’s health department is now requiring unvaccinated nursing home workers to be tested more frequently. But even more frequent testing still leaves significant numbers of the people most vulnerable to hospitalization and death from COVID-19 — the elderly — at risk of daily exposure.

Some nursing home officials think Polis could and should take the burden off individual businesses by ordering health care workers, across the board, to get vaccinated.  

He said the move would put the governor “in the limelight,” while prioritizing the health of the most vulnerable and the greater population. “I think it would send a strong message.” 

“We would love a mandate for all health care workers to be vaccinated. But if it’s only nursing homes, find another job and they’ll leave.”

A CPR News Investigation: How Colorado Caught COVID — The Third Wave

Colorado Business Chambers Prepared For The Worst During Coronavirus It Turns Out Things Werent So Bad

Flu season is bad news for Covid

Rampant business closures did not happen among members of local business chambers. Some say membership rose as businesses received federal aid and looked for help weathering the COVID storm.

Tamara Chuang

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  • This article contains new, firsthand information uncovered by its reporter. This includes directly interviewing sources and research / analysis of primary source documents.×closeOriginal Reporting
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The business community braced for the worst when coronavirus restrictions began in March 2020. But more than a year later, it wasn’t as bad as they thought.

Early on in the pandemic, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce waived membership fees to let local businesses most in need of help use its resources and webinars on federal financial relief.

And most members stuck around. New ones even joined. The Mesa County organization now has 825 members, 25 more members than before COVID began. And, surprisingly, there weren’t widespread closures among members, president and CEO Diane Schwenke said. 

Most Government Agencies And Businesses Are Cautious To Issue Mandates Preferring Other Incentives

That leaves government and business leaders in a quandary. Will vaccine mandates simply harden opposition making it even more difficult to eventually reach a safer level of immunity, and forcing us back into another winter of mask mandates and localized lockdowns? Or would they push enough resistant people to get the vaccine to reduce caseloads to a more manageable level and allow the economy to stay open and life to return to normal? 

While a handful of other states and cities have moved increasingly towards mandating vaccinations where they legally can, Gov. Jared Polis and the state health department have continued to hope that incentives like gift cards will move more of the public to get the shot.

The city of Denver is taking the same approach. Strategic communications director Theresa Marchetta said the city is watching the Delta variant closely and monitoring its impact on infections and hospitalizations.

“We are constantly assessing whether we need to take additional steps to protect the public and not lose the progress we have made over the last few months. The best thing people can do right now is to get vaccinated,” she said.

The Delta Coronavirus Variant Is Exploding Across Colorado Thats Bad News For Unvaccinated People

The state’s top epidemiologist says the variant, also known as B.1.617.2, is the most transmissible one Colorado has seen to date

John Ingold

  • Credibility:
  • This article contains new, firsthand information uncovered by its reporter. This includes directly interviewing sources and research / analysis of primary source documents.×closeOriginal Reporting
  • Indicates that a Newsmaker/Newsmakers was/were physically present to report the article from some/all of the location it concerns.×closeOn the Ground
  • As a news piece, this article cites verifiable, third-party sources which have all been thoroughly fact-checked and deemed credible by the Newsroom.×closeSources Cited

Infections from a dangerous new coronavirus variant are surging across Colorado, causing health officials to amp up the urgency in their messages for people to get vaccinated.

The Delta variant, which is believed to have originated in India and is also known as the B.1.617.2 variant, was first identified in Colorado in late April. By the first week of this month — a period of about six weeks — it had grown to account for an estimated 40% of all new infections in Colorado.


The latest from the coronavirus outbreak in Colorado:

  • MAP: Cases and deaths in Colorado.
  • TESTINGHere’s where to find a community testing site. The state is now encouraging anyone with symptoms to get tested.


Nationwide, the Delta variant is believed to account for about 10% of new cases.

‘i’m On Pins And Needles’: Cancer Patient’s Treatment Delayed Due To Covid

As the rate of Covid-19 vaccinations climbed and new infection numbers plummeted in spring, many Americans thought they were in for a carefree summer.

vicious Covid-19 surge new mask mandates and measures Covid-19 infections of vaccinated people are expected. But the unvaccinated are ‘the big highway of transmission,’ expert saysunvaccinated Americans hospitalized Covid-19 patients and deathsdangerous Delta variant,will likely get it,the country’s worst yet,, Walensky warned,

Cu Anschutz Experts: Chief Concerns Center On Unvaccinated Herd Immunity

The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant took over in just two months in Colorado, accounting for about 75% of all infections in the state. Who’s at risk? What does it mean for the battle against the pandemic? CU Anschutz experts answer those questions and more.

As a race that pits vaccine against virus forges on, a stealthy move by one contender might have just pushed the finish line farther out.

The Delta variant, a faster version of SARS-CoV-2, has surged ahead of other variants, accounting for about 75% of all COVID-19 cases in Colorado. And it accomplished its takeover in less than two months.

“That’s really, wow. That spread very fast,” said Rosemary Rochford, PhD, a professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. “We’re the second highest in the country that have Delta ,” Rochford said of Colorado. “Chances are, it’s going to overtake the entire country.”

The World Health Organization recently recommended wearing masks indoors again, as the variant spurs supply shortages and forces lockdowns in other parts of the world, especially in poorly vaccinated, developing countries.

Why Aren’t People Getting Vaccinated The Reasons Are Varied And Complex

The reasons people choose not to get vaccinated are varied. Social networks are awash with misinformation about the vaccine. Recent nationwide polling from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds unvaccinated adults give a variety of explanations: the vaccine is too new , worried about side effects , just don’t want to get the vaccine , don’t trust the government or don’t think they need the COVID-19 vaccine .

In an analysis, the group found unvaccinated adults tend to be younger, people of color, Republican-leaning and less-educated than the vaccinated population. But the deep dive look found key differences in terms of intention.

“Adults who want to “wait and see” before getting vaccinated are more likely to be young and people of color, while those in the “definitely not” group are more significantly Republican-leaning and in rural areas,” the report explains.

During a recent arts fair in Denver’s City Park, a doctor and a patron of the fair had a telling conversation about vaccines. A woman named Tara Davis said she wondered about issues she’d heard about with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“It just seems like they rushed it,” Davis said. “But I understand that there’s a rush for it. There was a need.” 

Dr. Terri Richardson, a leader with the collaborative and a former internist with Kaiser Permanente Colorado, explained to Davis what she knows about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

Davis listened, and said, “I just ain’t there yet.”

What Is Your Advice For People Who Are Worried About The Delta Variant

BJORKMAN: Get vaccinated! The best defense is an offense. There is a very clear relationship between the presence of delta and the vaccination rate of a community: the less vaccinated the community is, the more delta infections there are. This is true globally, nationally and across Colorado counties. 

Moreover, we need to be thinking ahead to the next variant. Delta will not be the last. Viruses have the advantage of speed: They can quickly hone their weapons while we play catch-up with our defenses. The COVID-19 deaths we see now are almost all preventable.

Vaccines Less Protective In Colorado County With Delta Variant Surge

Manas Mishra

Travelers wearing protective face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease reclaim their luggage at the airport in Denver, Colorado, U.S., November 24, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Mohatt

Aug 6 – COVID-19 infections in a Colorado county with a Delta variant surge this spring were more common among fully vaccinated people than in the state’s other counties where it was circulating at lower levels, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released on Friday showed.

The study also found that the Delta variant caused more severe illness. Cases, hospital intensive care unit admissions and deaths were higher in Mesa County, Colorado, than anywhere else in the state, it said.

The CDC recently said in a leaked report it believed the Delta variant was producing more severe illness among the unvaccinated than other versions of coronavirus, citing studies outside the United States. read more

In Mesa County, the proportion of Delta variant cases more than doubled from 43% for the week ending May 1 to 88% for the week ending June 5. The study looked at data from April 27 to June 6 in the county, which accounted for half of Delta variant cases in the state.

An estimated “crude efficacy” of COVID-19 vaccines against preventing symptomatic infection among the fully vaccinated people in Mesa County was 78%, versus 89% for other Colorado counties where the variant was less dominant.

Larimer County Working With Schools On Preventative Covid Measures

How Arizona became such a COVID

In the meantime, the county health department is working with the state and local school districts to decide what preventative COVID-19 measures may be put in place as school starts this fall. 

Late Tuesday evening, following the CDC’s announcement of its new mask guidance, Poudre School District superintendent Brian Kingsley sent out a communication to PSD families indicating a change in mask policy could be coming but that a decision had not yet been made. 

As back-to-school season nears and more people are pushed inside by colder fall weather, the threat of more COVID-19 cases and breakthrough infections looms. 

“If we’re not able to get more people fully vaccinated by the fall, we’ll have a wave,” Gonzales said, noting that the wave wouldn’t be anything like what Larimer County experienced last winter when it hit its all-time peak of COVID-19 cases.

“But there will be a wave if there’s still a large portion of our population not vaccinated,” he said. “And we’re going to have more breakthrough and we’re going to have more hospitalizations.” 

“If you’re eligible to get vaccinated, please consider it.” 

Ready to get your vaccine? Here’s how to get your COVID-19 vaccine in Larimer County

With Expansive Mandates Looking Unlikely Experts Think ‘the Hodge

A statewide requirement for all health care workers to be vaccinated could make all settings safer, Farmer said. “That to me is, you know, probably the most equitable direction to go,” he said “but we’re not there yet.”

At least one longtime public health official thinks we never will be. 

“It’ll never happen,” said Dr. Mark Johnson, the president-elect of the Colorado Medical Society, the largest physician-based organization in Colorado. Johnson thinks Polis would never back it. “It’s just too political.” 

On Monday, almost 60 major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, called for mandatory vaccination of health care workers. The groups cited concerns about the highly contagious Delta variant propelling a new surge of coronavirus cases. In a statement, they called vaccination an ethical obligation for health care workers.

Johnson said he expected CMS to consider a similar position in the coming days, though he doubts it would influence the state to issue such a mandate.

As Delta Variant Threatens Colorado Vaccines Can Stop Its Spread

    Daniel Strain

    Banner image: A mobile COVID-19 vaccination bus parks at the Williams Village residence complex at CU Boulder.

    This summer, cases of a mutated version of SARS-CoV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19—are increasing in Colorado, raising concerns among epidemiologists that a new stage in the pandemic could be underway. Called B.1.617.2 or the “delta” variant, this new type of coronavirus now accounts for nearly 90% of the COVID-19 cases in the state, according to recent data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. To date, Mesa County alone has recorded nearly 766 cases of COVID-19 caused by the delta variant, with Boulder County’s tally at 50.

    The science surrounding the delta variant is evolving quickly. Read an Aug. 5 Q&A addressing the latest data on the pandemic.

    Kristen Bjorkman, COVID scientific director for the BioFrontiers Institute at CU Boulder, and Matthew McQueen, professor of integrative physiology, have been following these cases closely. They spoke with CU Boulder Today about the new player in the pandemic and how Coloradans can stop its spread by getting vaccinated.

    This Is How Bad Covid Cases Are In Your State Data Shows

    Based on the rate of daily new coronavirus cases, here’s how your state is faring.

    For a few months, it felt as though the U.S. was quickly reaching the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, with lagging vaccination rates and the spread of the highly infectious Delta variant, it’s only getting harder for the country to contain COVID. As of Aug. 19, over 169.5 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . But while that number represents 51.1 percent of the country, some states are nowhere near that level of protection, and many are seeing significant surges in case numbers. So, how bad are COVID cases in your state?

    There are countless ways to measure the level of outbreak in any particular area. The experts at COVID Act Now use several categories to determine each state’s level of vulnerability: the daily new case rate, positive test rate, infection rate, and percentage of the population vaccinated. To keep things simple, we are focusing on the rate of daily new cases per 100,000 people, which is one of the most effective ways to determine the state of the COVID outbreak in a given area. Using a color-coded system, COVID Act Now marks a state as green if it’s “on track to contain COVID,” meaning there is less than 1 new case per 100,000 people, but there are not currently any states that meet this limit.

    Should People Who Are Immunocompromised Get The Vaccine

    People with a weakened immune system may get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. People with a weakened immune system or who take immunosuppressive medicines or therapies may be at increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease. However, because immunocompromised people were excluded from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine studies, we don’t have information to establish safety and efficacy in this population.

    Because the mRNA vaccine does not have any pieces of the virus that could make you sick, we do not feel there is a risk of getting sick from the vaccine. The main concern is that we don’t yet know how effective the vaccine will be in this group.

    Marr On Catching Covid After Being Double Vaccinated

    I can’t be sure – but working back, I’m pretty clear I caught the Delta variant of coronavirus during the summit of G7 nations, in Cornwall, probably on Sunday 13 June.

    It was a long day – up well before 05:00, all the hassle and stress of an outside broadcast, with our guests resolutely refusing to move from their “ring of steel”, then great transport difficulties trying to return to London, meaning I wasn’t home until after 00:00.

    If I felt shattered on the Monday, it was hardly a surprise – but I carried on with life.

    But in the middle of hay-fever season, it seemed nothing at all ominous.

    I had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine long before. I wasn’t behaving recklessly – but I did feel pretty much invulnerable.

    I was wrong.

    The following day, the Wednesday, I took two lateral-flow swab tests.

    Both were negative and I carried on with life – errands, shopping, delivering pictures for my art show, in Bermondsey, south-east London.

    I still felt I had a bad cold.

    Candidly, had I not been working at Broadcasting House with younger colleagues who had not been vaccinated, I might well have continued and tried to host my next Sunday programme.

    Instead, I went to take a polymerase-chain-reaction swab test at the north London site by the Neasden Temple.

    I did. Nick Robinson, bless him, stood in at the last minute for me.

    Two days after my first symptoms, I began to feel seriously ill.

    I wasn’t even much interested in the news.

    Pueblo County Colorado Covid Case And Risk Tracker

    The New York Times

    Cases have increased recently and are very high.The number of hospitalized Covid patients has also risen in the Pueblo County area. Deaths have remained at about the same level.The test positivity rate in Pueblo County is relatively low, suggesting that testing capacity is adequate for evaluating Covid-19 spread in the area.

    Because of high spread, the C.D.C. recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks here.


    Delta Variant Of Covid Part Of ‘concerning’ Trend

    New data on the delta variant, however, is showing that fully vaccinated people who have breakthrough COVID-19 infections are increasingly contagious with it, which Gonzales said is a “concerning” trend health officials hadn’t seen in the original strain of the virus or other variants. 

    Roughly two out of three eligible people in Larimer County were fully vaccinated as of Wednesday, according to county data. And, after a four-week slump in new vaccinations, the county just recorded an uptick in first vaccine doses being administered, Gonzales said. 

    Sweetening the pot:Colorado adopts gift cards, community college scholarships as COVID-19 vaccine incentives

    “We hope that’s a trend,” Gonzales said. “But what’s really important is that to be effective against delta, you need both doses. We really want people to consider getting even if they’re 42 days out .” 

    Despite Larimer County’s seven-day COVID-19 case rate increasing, COVID-19 hospitalizations aren’t rising at the same speed, which Gonzales attributes to Larimer County’s 64% vaccination rate. 

    As COVID-19 cases increase, Larimer County is encouraging unvaccinated people — especially children — to wear masks when possible, avoid indoor gatherings and avoid large outdoor gatherings where you’ll be in close contact with people from other households.

    Because of how transmissible the delta variant is, close, extended contact with people outdoors does increase your risk of transmission of COVID-19, Gonzales said.

    How Should I Get Ready For My Vaccine Appointment

    From Coronavirus To Economic Downturn To Wildfires, 2020 ...

    What to wear?

    You will get the shot in the arm of your choice. We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing with sleeves that are easy to push all the way up to the shoulder, such as a t-shirt.

    Wear your face covering

    To keep everyone safe, all patients, visitors and team members are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing in our parking lots, outdoor areas and buildings.

    Plan to arrive a few minutes early

    Give yourself extra time to park, walk to the entrance and answer our screening questions.

    Make care arrangements, if needed

    Unless they have an appointment, children under the age of 18 will not be allowed to enter our facilities. Do not leave children or pets unattended in the car or on campus.

    Remember: All individuals under the age of 18 receiving a vaccine during Phase 2 must have exactly one parent or legally authorized guardian present with them at each appointment to sign a hard-copy consent form.

    Adaptive care needs

    If your child has difficulty coping or cooperating in a healthcare setting, such as with procedures, shots, lights, noise or people, please let us know when you check in for your appointment. Our child life specialists are available to help.

    How Do I Care For Myself At Home If I Have Covid

    • Talk to your provider about the best way for you to care for yourself at home or call the Denver Health nurse line. We want you to recover well from COVID-19 so it’s very important to contact a healthcare provider before you feel very sick so that you can discuss your symptoms and care. Some patients have very low oxygen and don’t realize it so it’s important to call early. If you do not have a medical provider, you may call the Denver Health Nurse Line at 303-739-1211 to speak with a nurse about your symptoms.
    • Pay attention to your breathing and coughing. If you feel more tired, or you notice that it’s a little harder to breathe or you are having coughing fits, call a provider or use the nurse line .
    • Pay attention to how you are eating and drinking. If you aren’t eating and drinking as much as normal or you are vomiting you should call a provider or our nurse line.
    • Pay attention to whether you feel dizzy or lightheaded. If you have these symptoms, then call your provider/our nurse line.

    The Denver Health Nurse Line: Call 303-739-1211 to speak with a nurse about your symptoms. Press “2” for Spanish and press “3” for any other language.

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