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How Many Deaths From Covid Vaccine In Usa

Vaers Reports Are Unverified And Dont Show Causation

Answering COVID vaccine questions: Have people died after getting vaccinated? Can the vaccine he…

Unlike other official government sources, which flow through consistent reporting channels and get screened by statisticians and analysts before they are made available to the public, VAERS is an open-access system. The reports submitted are not verified before they become public.

“Anybody can report to it,” Offit said. “If I get a vaccine, or I give my child a vaccine, and I believe that they have turned into the Incredible Hulk, then I can write up a one-page report online and submit it, and that then is included. And thats been done.”

A disclaimer on the VAERS website says the “reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness,” in part because they “may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information.” People accessing the database must click an option that says that theyve read and understand the disclaimer.

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Offit said VAERS works best as “a hypothesis-generating mechanism” that can tip scientists off to issues for further study, such as the rare cases of blood clots that prompted the agency to recommend a temporary pause on use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

In this case, the CDC has analyzed all the reports of death among COVID-19 vaccine recipients that were submitted to VAERS between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 3. 

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Vaccine Risks Vs Benefits And A Drop In Life Expectancy

Many people have chosen not to get vaccinated because of the newness of the coronavirus vaccines and the fact that the vaccines have emergency use authorization from the FDA as opposed to regular authorization. Although all the vaccines went through clinical trials and have continued to prove to be safe, people’s wariness about side effects may keep them from getting vaccinated. 

The reported side effects that have caused the most concern are all exceedingly rare, have been investigated by health officials, and continue to be monitored. They include the risk of myocarditis, or heart inflammation, in Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as well as a blood-clotting disorder and autoimmune disorder associated with Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

In a meeting last month, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices found that the benefits of mRNA vaccines of myocarditis because they ultimately prevented hospitalizations, even in men under age 30 after they’ve been given the second dose of an mRNA vaccine. As of June 11 when ACIP’s data was collected, there were 636 reported myocarditis cases out of 133 million second doses of an mRNA vaccine. 

Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological disorder linked as another rare side effect of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, occurs in about doses of the vaccine, according to the CDC, and the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. People who have a history of the neurological disorder, however, should choose an mRNA vaccine.

Houses Of Worship Struggle With Fear Of Deltas Rise Within Their Congregations

The weekly rhythms of Catholic life have started to return at Our Lady of Lourdes in Harlem. The pews are packed on Sunday mornings, prayer groups meet after work and the collection plate is almost as full as it was before the coronavirus pandemic began.

But parishioners are starting to worry about the virus again.

For a little while, everyone felt more free, not using masks and things like that, said the Rev. Gilberto Ángel-Neri, the pastor. But now that we hear all the news about the Delta variant, everyone is using masks again.

The progress made at Father Ángel-Neris church, and at houses of worship across New York City, may be threatened by a rise in virus cases in the past month and by an uneven patchwork of rules governing vaccination.

New rules to curb the spread of the viruss more contagious Delta variant require New Yorkers to show proof of vaccination to participate in many indoor activities, including sitting inside restaurants or bars, going to a gym or nightclub and visiting a museum or zoo. But they do not apply to religious services, and most churches in the city do not require worshipers to be vaccinated, though approaches vary from place to place.

Faith is a light to help you navigate through uncertainty and darkness, but what a lot of people have been grappling with is what do you do when church itself becomes a place of anxiety, said John Gehring, the Catholic program director at the advocacy group Faith in Public Life.

My Brother Says He’s Also Cautious Because The Vaccines Had Only Emergency Fda Authorization Full Authorization For Pfizer Could Come As Soon As Next Month I Asked Him If That Would Change His Mind

Not really, he said, as the FDA is a government organization, and maybe President Joe Biden pressured them to approve it. “He’s going overboard trying to sell it,” Chris said. “Because Biden wants me to get it so bad, that makes me skeptical of getting it.”

So does politics play into his decision not to get a vaccine? Absolutely, he says. He doesn’t trust the president. But the vaccine was developed under President Donald Trump, I pointed out. “He was under pressure” to get a vaccine quickly to reopen the economy, Chris replied.

Chris is a Christian conservative and lifelong Texan. He’s bothered by the pressure to get what he calls “the jab,” such as lotteries, , employer mandates

Will these types of mandates encourage him to get the vaccine? “No.” He had COVID-19 late last year, and while there are people now sick for a second time, he isn’t worried about getting it again. He said blood tests have confirmed he has COVID antibodies, and he feels comfortable with his natural immunity.

However, it’s not known exactly how long antibodies from infection last or how mutations of the virus may impact that. Research in Science magazine found natural immunity can last at least eight months. More recent research,  in Nature, detected cells producing coronavirus antibodies in patients at least 11 months after they had mild COVID-19 cases. 

Chris doesn’t look down on those who get the vaccine. He thinks vaccines are purely a personal choice. 

Report: More Vaccine Deaths Last Week Than Covid

‘The fact that they’re offering money to take, tells me that something is wrong’

In a span of one week, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines reported to the governments database outnumbered the official count of deaths due to the virus.

The governments Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, contains voluntary, unverified reports of adverse events following immunization with U.S.-licensed vaccines. But its estimated that only between 1% and 10% of the adverse events that occur are reported to VAERS.

The Gateway Pundit noted VAERS reported 2,043 vaccine deaths in the week prior to July 7 compared to 1,505 COVID-19 deaths.

A Morning Consult poll released earlier this month, Breitbart News reported, showed 49% of Americans who are vaccine hesitant cite safety concerns and a lack of trust in vaccines that were developed in one year while the process normally takes 10 to 15 years.

One respondent to the survey said, The fact that theyre offering money to take, tells me that something is wrong.

Another chose not to be vaccinated because of the way the media and government are pushing it.

On Monday, the Washington Post reported the FDA is preparing to announce a new warning for the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine because it has been linked to a serious but rare side effect called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

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Infertility Microchips And Other Misinformation

Another reason some people have chosen not to get vaccinated is the misinformation about the vaccines that continues to circulate online. There’s no evidence for a claim that links the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to female infertility. Many people who got an mRNA vaccine have been able to get pregnant after their shots, or were pregnant when they get the vaccine. Another falsehood is that the vaccines contain a microchip

President Joe Biden and US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy provoked a heated conversation about the role of social media companies in the spread of false public health information recently, with the are “killing people” by allowing misinformation to spread online.

Amid a flurry of conflicting opinions about vaccines and COVID, though, one hard fact can’t be ignored: the number of unvaccinated individuals getting sick or dying from COVID-19. And as people in COVID-ridden communities see a surge in illness, hospitalization or death of community members, many are choosing to get vaccinated, even if they declined before.

At the briefing Friday, Jeff Zients, head of the White House COVID-19 task force, said that the five states with the highest number of COVID cases — Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada — had more people getting newly vaccinated than the national average.

Dr Anthony Fauci Pushes For Use Of Monoclonal Antibodies

Amid the continued push for Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci also called Tuesday for increased used of another intervention that can serve as both treatment and prevention.

Fauci, who is President Joe Bidens chief medical adviser, said monoclonal antibodies have been much underutilized even though they can reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19 by 70%-85%. He emphasized that level of effectiveness hinges on early treatment after infection.

We want people out there, including physicians as well as potential patients, to realize the advantage of this very effective way of treating early infection, Fauci said.

Monoclonal antibodies can also be used to prevent infection among those exposed to the virus, Fauci said, adding that current studies are looking at the effectiveness before exposure.  There are three brands available under FDA emergency use authorization and they work by targeting the coronavirus spike protein.

President Donald Trump was treated with monoclonal antibodies when he was infected in October 2020, and more recently Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also received the therapy when he had a breakthrough infection. Demand for the drugs increased five-fold last month to nearly 110,000 doses; the majority is going to states with low vaccination rates.

This is a very effective intervention for COVID-19, Fauci said. It is underutilized, and we recommend strongly that we utilize this to its fullest.

Fda Warns Against Use Of Animal Dewormer As Covid

Health officials are warning against using a drug called ivermectin for unapproved use as a medicine to prevent or treat COVID-19. The drug, which has been approved only as an anti-parasitic treatment for humans and animals, such as livestock and horses, has been the subject of a spike in calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center. 

The drugs produced for humans are different than what’s made for livestock, which is “highly concentrated and is toxic to people, and can cause serious harm,” the Mississippi State Department of Health said in an alert Monday. At least two people have been hospitalized with potential ivermectin toxicity after ingesting the drug produced for livestock, the state’s poison control center said Monday.

Interest in the drug is rising as the delta variant of the coronavirus has spurred higher COVID-19 transmission rates and increased concern among the vaccinated about becoming infected.

Multiple reports of patients treated or hospitalized after “self-medicating with ivermectin intended for horses” led the FDA to issue a warning Friday. “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” .   

The Us Surgeon General Is Calling Covid

Americans get first doses of Pfizer vaccine as US coronavirus deaths cross 300,000

This week, Murthy issued a surgeon general’s warning about misinformation online and called on social media companies to do more to combat the spread of conspiracies.

Asked Friday about his message to social media companies, President Biden said, “They’re killing people. I mean, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they’re killing people.”

Given The Dire Situation I Wanted To Know What Is Keeping So Many From Getting Vaccinated So I Asked My Brother Why Won’t You Get A Vaccine It’s A Conversation Many Family Members Are Having

First of all, he doesn’t trust it. He’s worried about long-term effects years down the road.

I pointed out that all three U.S. vaccines went through rigorous clinical trials. Moderna was tested on 30,000 people, Pfizer on nearly 44,000, Johnson and Johnson on more than 39,000. Side effects, including pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue and nausea, were mild to moderate and resolved within a few days. 

And since then, about 165 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. Long-term side effects are extremely unlikely, according to the CDC, because historically vaccine monitoring has shown side effects appear within six weeks.

A study out Wednesday, published by JAMA, showed that for every 1 million Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, only 60 developed heart problems. Complications were short-lived.

My brother, Chris Carroll, also says fully vaccinated people are getting breakthrough viruses, so why bother. The vaccinated can get COVID. Sen. Lindsey Graham announced this week he tested positive despite being vaccinated. But, as Graham pointed out, those with the vaccine generally have mild cases and are far less likely to die than the unvaccinated.

The Us Open Will Require Proof Of Vaccination For Fans

Under pressure from Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city leaders, the United States Tennis Association reversed its lax coronavirus protocols for the upcoming U.S. Open tournament, which opens to thousands of fans on Monday.

Originally, the tournament did not require any proof of vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test for fans to enter, and there were no mask mandates, either. But the mayors office stepped in over the past two days to demand stricter protocols.

On Friday evening, the tournament announced that proof of at least one vaccine shot would now be required for entrance to the grounds for all fans ages 12 and older. No masks are required.

The mayors office was adamant that fans entering Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest venue on the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, be vaccinated. But the U.S.T.A. took it a step further and made it a requirement for all fans entering the grounds of the tournament.

Today, the U.S.T.A. was informed that the New York City mayors office will be mandating proof of Covid-19 vaccination for entrance to Arthur Ashe Stadium, the statement said. Given the continuing evolution of the Delta variant and in keeping with our intention to put the health and safety of our fans first, the U.S.T.A. will extend the mayors requirement to all U.S. Open ticket holders 12 years old and older.

Levine was pleased by the reversal.

City Faces Property Buyouts For Downtown New Mexico United Stadium Sites

Unvaccinated people, by comparison, are extremely susceptible to the coronavirus, particularly to the delta variant and the data on deaths and hospitalizations show this discrepancy clearly.

On July 16, 2021, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky revealed that 99.5% of recent U.S. deaths from COVID-19 were of unvaccinated people. Those deaths were preventable with a simple, safe shot, she said. In Early July, Fauci said that 99.2% of people who died recently were unvaccinated. In the state of Maryland, every patient who died from COVID-19 in June was unvaccinated.

In her July 16 statement, Walensky also said that 97% of current COVID-19 hospitalizations are of unvaccinated people. An earlier analysis done by The Associated Press found that 98.9% of all hospitalized COVID-19 patients in May were unvaccinated. The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services recently stated that all new hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Los Angeles were unvaccinated.

A tale of two states

In the state of Missouri, only 40% of people are vaccinated. In some counties within Missouri, as few as 14.7% of the residents are vaccinated. Not surprisingly, the state has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases through the middle of July, with 2,000 to 3,000 new cases per day. The rate of spread is also increasing. Already, some hospitals are running out of ventilators and intensive care beds.

Does it matter if people stay unvaccinated?

Cdc Studies Show Vaccines Less Effective Against Delta But Protective Against Hospitalizations

There’s growing evidence about the need for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, possibly sooner than later.

A CDC study released Tuesday shows protection from the vaccines may decline over time as the wildly contagious delta variant surges across the country. Once delta became the dominant strain in the U.S., vaccine effectiveness against infection decreased from 91% to 66%.

A second CDC study found that a quarter of COVID-19 infections between May and July in Los Angeles were breakthrough cases, but hospitalizations were significantly lower for those who had been inoculated. Unvaccinated people were more than 29 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated people, and about five times more likely to be infected. Read the full story.

Jeanine Santucci

What Will Make The Delta Surge Fade Away

Although the reasons for Delta receding in India and the United Kingdom remain unclear, increasing population immunityfrom either infection with the virus or vaccinationshould give the variant increasingly fewer new opportunities to spread. Human behavior plays a role, too. As cases start to climb start to think twice about that big party they were going to go to, Dowdy says. Another factor that may bend the U.S. curve is CDCs revised recommendation last week that fully vaccinated people again wear masks in public, indoor spaces in areas of high transmission. The decline will take time. People need to recognize that things are going to get worse before they get better, Dowdy cautions. But its not time to panic in thinking that this is going to be December and January all over again.

Donald Trump Booed At Alabama Rally For Recommending Covid Vaccine

Former President Donald Trump was briefly booed at a rally on Saturday in Alabama after telling his supporters they should get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The rally was held in Cullman, about 50 miles north of Birmingham. Trump said the three vaccines  Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson  were developed in under nine months during his presidency. He then suggested that they get the vaccine.

“You know what? I believe totally in your freedoms. You got to do what you have to do, but I recommend: take the vaccines. I did it, it’s good,” he said.

Shortly afterward, some boos could be heard in the crowd, which was mostly maskless. Trump acknowledged the crowd’s reaction and said it was OK.

Alabama has the lowest percentage of people in the nation that are fully vaccinated at 36%, according to a USA TODAY analysis. On Saturday, Alabama reported no new COVID-19 cases, two days after 3,890 new cases were reported, according to the CDC.

 Jordan Mendoza

What Does The Delta Variant Have In Store For The United States We Asked Coronavirus Experts

The United States is standing at a dire inflection point, with pandemic coronavirus cases surging and only 50% of the population fully vaccinated. Driving the latest wave is the highly contagious Delta variant, which according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention caused between 80% and 87% of all U.S. COVID-19 cases in the last 2 weeks of Julyup from 8% to 14% in early June. The variants exceptional infectiousness has driven cases from a 7-day average of 13,500 daily cases in early June to 92,000 on 3 August. At the same time, an internal CDC document that leaked last week says the variant may make people sicker, citing published reports from Singapore and Scotland and a preprint from Canada.

The good news is that severe disease and death are highly unlikely among the vaccinatedand U.S. vaccination rates are beginning to increase once again, if modestly.

How bad will the U.S. surge become, and how long will it take to recede? Anyone saying they know exactly what is happening is overconfident, says Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at Emory University. There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in the future, even on a relatively short time scale. With that proviso, here is what Dean and other scientists closely following the pandemic told Science

Biden Suggests Booster Shots Could Be Given Sooner Than Eight Months After Vaccination

VERIFY: Has the COVID-19 vaccine killed 3,000 people?

WASHINGTON President Biden suggested on Friday that the government could offer coronavirus vaccine booster shots to most vaccinated adults sooner than eight months after a second shot, underscoring the administrations concerns about the spread of the Delta variant.

Mr. Bidens comments came during an Oval Office meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel, whose government has already given booster shots to about a third of its population.

Just nine days earlier, the president announced that his administration would begin offering third shots the week of Sept. 20 to adults who had received their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines at least eight months earlier.

But during the meeting with Mr. Bennett, Mr. Biden said his administration was weighing other options as well.

We were going to start mid-September, but were considering the advice youve given that we should start earlier, Mr. Biden said. The question raised is should it be shorter than eight months? Should it be as little as five months? Thats being discussed.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, later played down the significance of Mr. Bidens comments, saying the administrations original eight-month proposal was unchanged. She said the president would continue to rely on guidance from federal health experts.

These are days with a reporting anomaly.

Heres whats happening in other parts of the world:

Cdc: 4115 Fully Vaccinated Have Been Hospitalized Or Died With Breakthrough Covid

Although the Covid-19 vaccines offer very good protection, they are not perfect. Covid-19 … infections, hospitalizations, and deaths can still occur.

Here is yet another reminder that Covid-19 vaccines are not like gigantic concrete full-body condoms. Concrete condoms, in general, are a bad idea, and fully vaccinated does not mean perfectly protected against Covid-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , there have already been 4,115 reported cases of fully vaccinated people being hospitalized or dying with Covid-19 coronavirus breakthrough infections.

Thats as of June 21, 2021. Nearly half of these cases have been female and a little over three-quarters have been 65 years and older. There were a total of 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 deaths among those who had breakthrough infections, although not all of the hospitalizations may have been due primarily to Covid-19.

As I have described previously for Forbes, a breakthrough infection is when a fully vaccinated person still gets infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, otherwise known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 . The 4,115 number does not represent all breakthrough infections that have happened. They are just reported cases where hospitalizations or deaths happened to occur. Back in April, the CDC stopped keeping track of all reported breakthrough infections, choosing instead to focus going forward just on those in which hospitalizations or deaths were involved.

Pediatricians: Don’t Yet Vaccinate Children Under 12 Against Covid

Leading pediatricians said loudly and in unison Monday that doctors should not prescribe COVID-19 vaccines to children under 12

With the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, such “off-label” use is now legal. But it’s definitely not a good idea, a number of experts said.

“We don’t have the data on young children. So that really ought to be a no-no,” said Dr. Jesse Goodman, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University.

Yet while the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed children should not yet get vaccinated, the group is also  the process of authorizing shots for children under 12 by relying on early trial data rather than waiting for more complete results. 

Karen Weintraub

Vaccine Deaths In The Usa Have Increased 27

Sorry the Charts are not here but go to the Daily Expose and you will see them.

Vaccine Deaths in the USA have increased 27-fold over the average seen in the previous decade thanks to the Covid Jabs

Deaths due to vaccines in the USA have increased 27-fold in 2021 compared to the previous decade.What is going on here?


As of May 14th there have been over 4,133 deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System  in 2021, compared to just 165 in all of 2020, and an average of 153 per year, over the last 10 years. In other words, there are now over 27 times more vaccine deaths reported than average .

The renowned internist, cardiologist, professor, and pioneer for multi-drug Covid therapy protocols, Dr. Peter McCullough was one of the first to sound the alarm on the unprecedented number of Covid vaccine deaths being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS. 

Attorney Virginia Stoner digs deep into the staggering increase in deaths in an incisive article The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coverup.  Dr. Joseph Mercola has run consistently superb articles on the issue:

To update, and put all these statistics in context, Covid shots started in the US, late December of 2020, and really ramped up in February through to April .  It doesnt take a lot of deep statistical analysis to see a trend here

Is this the Vioxx drug fraud that killed tens of thousands of Americans all over again?  Or is it something worse?

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