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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am

Global Statistics

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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
All countries
Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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How Many Teachers Have Died Of Covid

Biden Mourns 500000 Americans Lost Holds Moment Of Silence

Teachers dying of COVID-19 before the start of school raises alarm

President Joe Biden called the U.S. topping of the threshold of 500,000 deaths blamed on the coronavirus a “truly grim, heartbreaking milestone.

Biden is urging Americans to resist becoming numb to the sorrow and viewing each life as a statistic. He says the people lost were extraordinary.

Biden also touched on the personal tragedy hes experienced in losing his first wife and baby daughter in a car collision, and later losing an adult son to brain cancer.

Biden tells the nations he knows its hard but that to heal, we must remember.

He spoke before holding a moment of silence in the White House and inviting the public to join.

Teachers Die Of Covid In South Carolina Mississippi Missouri Iowa And Oklahoma As Schools Reopen

Six teachers in Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina have died of COVID-19 since the start of the fall semester, renewing fears about the dangers of teaching during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

It’s unclear whether any of the teachers actually contracted COVID-19 at their schools. Two are believed to have contracted the virus outside of school and one unnamed teacher died before classes officially began.

Regardless, most of their respective schools have offered counseling for students and faculty affected by their deaths and have pledged to redouble efforts to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak following their deaths.

The six deceased teachers are the following:

– AshLee DeMarinis, a 34-year-old special education teacher at John Evans Middle School in Potosi, Missouri who had asthma and died on September 6 in the hospital three weeks after first experiencing coronavirus symptoms. She occasionally paid for students’ school supplies and helped them get clothes when needed, according to KMOV 4.

– Demetria Bannister, a 28-year-old third-grade teacher at Windsor Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, died on September 7 after testing positive on September 4. She led the school’s student choir and school spirit initiatives, according to The State.

Florida School District Rattled By Covid

Two teachers and one teaching assistant died this week from complications of Covid-19, rattling a school district in southern Florida only days before students are scheduled to return to classrooms, officials said.

The deaths from employees with the Broward County Public Schools included a female teacher, 48, and female teaching assistant, 49. They worked at an elementary school, according to a statement Friday from the Broward Teachers Union. A second female elementary school teacher also died, the union said. She was 48.

The two teachers and teaching assistant all died within a 24-hour period, union officials said. The union corrected a previous statement from their president Anna Fusco. Fusco incorrectly said three teachers and one teacher’s assistant died earlier this week from Covid-19 complications.

“We grieve their losses along with their families and the school communities they left behind,” the union said.

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Fortunately Florida’s Vaccination Rate Is Increasing

In addition to Florida being the epicenter of the pandemic, Florida’s vaccination rates have been low.

As of , 49% of Floridas population has been fully vaccinated, with 60% of the state having received at least one dose.

Florida is ranked 24 out of all 50 US states and Washington, DC by the percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

” are a lot of people that have still not gotten the vaccination,” Osgood said. “And it is becoming a deadly thing to not be vaccinated.”

As of August 12, 2021, the state of Florida is at a seven day average of 21,244 cases, which is higher than it has ever been.

“You need to get vaccinated,” says Osgood, “This disease will kill you or leave with you a lifelong complication that not only impacts you but also impacts your family and the people that you love and care about.”

Schools continue to fight Gov. Ron DeSantis mask mandate ban in public schools across Florida.

As of now, parents have the right to allow their children to opt out from wearing a mask in school.

The Broward County School Board recently voted 8 to 1 to to require students to wear masks, pushing back against the ban on mask mandates in school.

David Mcilroy 69 St Matthews Academy In Saltcoats Scotland

Beloved Brooklyn teacher, 30, dies of coronavirus after ...

Just before Christmas, staff and pupils at St Matthewâs Academy in Saltcoats, Scotland, were rocked by the death of teacher David McIlroy, 69.

Former pupil Graeme Johnston told the Androssan Herald : “Our class totally loved him from day one – he was an absolute gem.

“At that age, he was the first adult who had just acted like a fellow human being and a good pal to us, rather than an authority figure.”

Dr Patrick Roach, general secretary of teaching union the NASUWT, fears schools are not completely safe during the pandemic.

He added: âThe NASUWT is completely committed to ensuring that children can return to school as quickly as possible.

âHowever, it is now abundantly clear that the pandemic is seriously impacting on the ability of all schools to continue to operate normally.

âThere is genuine concern that schools are not able to reopen fully and safely at this time.

âThe NASUWT remains of the view that schools and other settings should only remain open to all pupils where it is safe for them to do so.

âThe NASUWT will not hesitate to take appropriate action in order to protect members whose safety is put at risk as a result of the failure of employers or the Department of Education to ensure safe working conditions in schools.â

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New York Set For Biggest Reopening Steps This Week

Fans;in the stands.;Middle schoolers;in the classroom. More;overnight subway;service. A big boost for;indoor dining. The two;largest vaccination sites;yet.

Monday kicks off what perhaps might be the most significant week of reopening in New York state and city since the pandemic began, NBC New York reports. It comes a day after the U.S. surpassed a;once-unthinkable 500,000 lives;lost to COVID-19 and as the unprecedented vaccination rollout faces severe weather and other challenges that had left the five boroughs with less than 1,000 first doses for the weekend.

Almost all first doses that had been scheduled to arrive in New York last week were delayed by weather, but the restock started to slowly trickle in on Monday, City Hall said. By early Monday, the first dose supply had increased to 23,253, according to city data.;Last week, the city did more than twice that in one day.

Meanwhile, COVID numbers continue to decline across the board. New York state’s daily positivity rate dropped below 3 percent Sunday for the first time since Nov. 23, while the rolling rate stands at 3.4 percent.

Statewide, hospitalizations have dropped to 5,764, a more than 3,500 patient plunge from their post-holiday surge peak of 9,273 on Jan. 19. The governor also reported a single-day death toll Sunday below 100 for the second day in a row. Those single-day tolls;had been in the triple digits every day since Dec. 13.

Read the full story on

Educators Weve Lost To The Coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken the lives of hundreds of thousandsyoung and old, men and women, people of all backgrounds.

Among the educators weve lost was a teacher whod taught her students online the day before she died. Another was a school climate counselor at his alma mater who supported students struggling with behavior. Some of them had retired, but are still vividly remembered for their deep impact on students lives.

As of Sept. 17, 2021, at least 1,116 active and retired K-12 educators and personnel have died of COVID-19. Of those, 361 were active teachers.

In this memorial, we remember some of the dedicated educators lost to their communities and to the field.

Do you know someone who is not already in this memorial? Please tell us about them.

In addition to our own reporting and reader submissions, here are some other sources Education Week has used to identify and/or confirm names to include in this gallery: Amalgamated Transit Union memorial

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Three Teachers Died Of Covid

  • Three teachers from Florida’s Broward County died from COVID-19 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • All three taught in elementary school, and were unvaccinated, said the Broward Teachers’ Union.

  • This week, Broward County’s school board voted to defy a ban on mask mandates on school premises.

  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Correction: An earlier version of this article reported that four teachers died, per Broward Teachers’ Union. The union issued a correction on August 13 saying it received incorrect information, and that three teachers have died. Two teachers and a teaching assistant in Florida’s Broward County died from COVID-19 within a span of 24 hours, the Broward Teachers Union said Thursday.

All three worked at elementary schools and were unvaccinated, per the union. The two teachers were 48-years-old, while the teaching assistant was 49-years-old, it added in an update late Thursday.

They were on summer break when they caught the virus and died just as the school year was about to begin, said Union President Anna Fusco to NBC Miami.

“It’s extremely frightening,” said Fusco. “I hear this every day. Whether in Broward or elsewhere. We’re the fifth-largest union in the country.”

She told NBC Miami: “It really hits because we’ve been in this conversation about masking up in schools, our own elected governor acting like masks are not necessary.”

Florida Teachers Die Of Covid In First Two Weeks Of School

Western Cape communities remember teachers lost due to COVID-19

Over the past 10 days, 15 staff members of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District in Florida have died from COVID-19, according to an NBC 6 report.

Sonia Diaz, a spokesperson for several unions in the school district, confirmed the number of deaths, said the outlet. Students in the district returned to class Aug. 23 and it remains unclear when the staff members may have contracted the virus.

It was an exciting first day ! We cant wait to see you back tomorrow, bright and early. #InfinitePossibilitiesMDCPS

Miami-Dade Schools

Abe Coleman, one of the deceased staff members, was a teacher for more than three decades. He died Sept. 1 at age 55.

Coleman taught at Holes Elementary School in the Liberty City area of Miami, Fla. He also served as a mentor and Site Director for the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program at Holmes.

Its a tremendous loss. The number of lives that he impacted are countless. So many young men had the benefit of him intervening in their lives and pointing them in the right direction,” said Marcus Bright of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence mentor program.

Liberty City is predominately Black and 42 percent of its population is living below the poverty line, according to FIU Metropolitan Center.

In particular, he was a bridge builder for the students there. He connected them with opportunity, with resources, with infrastructures of opportunity that fed into and contributed to their development, Bright said of Coleman.

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Connecticut Adjusts Vaccine Rollout To Age

A major change to Connecticuts vaccination schedule was announced Monday, with the state continuing with a mostly age-based system to make the rollout less complicated after seeing the challenges other states have faced in vaccinating essential workers and people with underlying health conditions.

The lesson learned here from all these other states is, complexity is the enemy of equity and speed, which makes it the enemy of public health, Max Reiss, spokesman for Gov. Ned Lamont, told The Associated Press.

Beginning March 1, anyone aged 55 to 64 will be allowed to get a COVID-19 vaccine. That group will be followed by people 45-54 on March 22; 35-44 years on April 12; and everyone else 34 years and younger on May 3.

The only exception to the Democratic governors new rollout will be for pre-K-12 school staff, including teachers, and professional childcare providers. That group, which is estimated to include about 100,000 people, will be allowed to get their shots in March at dedicated clinics set up for them. No specific date has been announced yet.

The administration will likely receive some pushback from various groups, including frontline grocery store workers and people with disabilities, that have been arguing they should be prioritized for the shots.

How Many Florida Teachers Died Of Covid

Over the course of one week, Broward County three educators two teachers and one teaching assistant are reported to have died of complications related to Covid-19 within somewhere between 24 to 36 hours of one another.

A press release issued by the Broward Teachers Union stated a 48-year-old teacher and 49-year-teacher assistant worked at the same elementary school, while the other teacher, also 48, was originally said to work at a high school but now appears to have been a third grade teacher at a second elementary school. All three were Black females, and none contracted the virus while on campus.

Early reports based on information from the Broward Teachers Union incorrectly stated four educators had died in that time frame, but the fourth person was later identified as a “female Broward County Public Schools graduate with close ties to the school district through her job.”

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Data collected by the Florida Education Association indicates that 14-15 active Florida educators have died from Covid-19 complications since July 2021. Their roles include an assistant principal, five teachers, one teaching assistant, one bus driver, one locksmith, two maintenance workers and three custodians.

FEA’s information is gathered from various news reports found online and may not show the whole picture.

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New Research Aims To Discover How Many Teachers And Staff Contracted Covid

  • Copy article linkCopy link

The debate over the safety of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic is coming under researchers microscopes.

Three new projects are aiming determine how many teachers and school staff in Canada have had COVID-19, to help inform prevention strategies in neighbourhoods, schools and daycares.

About $2.9 million will be spent on the research in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec as part of the work of the national COVID-19 immunity task force.

All three projects will ask teachers for blood samples to determine how many have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which would indicate a previous COVID-19 infection.

In Ontario, researchers are hoping for 7,000 teachers and education workers to enrol, while in B.C. the study will focus on the Vancouver School District.

In Quebec, the work will build on an existing study looking at the spread of the novel coronavirus in children in four Montreal neighbourhoods.

The new study will use the same schools and daycares in Beaconsfield, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal-North, and the Plateau, this time focusing on staff.

The research will also delve into the question of teachers mental health, a key area of concern for educators in recent months.

Read more: Montreal study claims schools major vector for COVID-19 transmission

While the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is released daily, the true number of how many people in Canada have been infected cant actually be known without widespread surveillance testing.

Who Is Getting Breakthrough Covid Cases


According to the CDC, most of the severe breakthrough cases about 74% had been among seniors who were 65 years or older, CNN reports.

  • About 20% of the people who died from COVID-19 after a breakthrough case died from something other than COVID-19, though they had a breakthrough case when they died, according to CNN.

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Paul Hilditch 55 Conyers School In Teesside

Last week the Mirror reported that “inspirational” secondary school teacher Paul Hilditch, 55, who had no underlying health conditions, had died two days after Christmas.

He was remembered by parents, pupils and teachers at Conyers School in Teesside as a “dedicated” and “well-loved” member of staff.

His death comes after teaching unions slammed the government’s response to the pandemic and called for greater risk assessments to protect staff from the virus.

Two Texas Teachers Die Of Covid

Two social studies teachers at Connally Junior High School near Waco, Texas, David McCormick, 59, and Natalia Chansler, 41, died just days apart from COVID-19. Both teachers fell sick after the school had reopened for in-person classes. The double tragedy is only one indication of the horrific conditions facing teachers, students and parents as US schools reopen for face-to-face classes.

The small school district is on the northern edge of Waco, a city of 125,000 people located about 100 miles south of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area. It has one high school, one junior high, and three elementary schools. The two deaths have had a devastating effect on the surviving 180 teachers and 2,400 students, and on the wider community.

David McCormick was on campus for face-to-face teaching only for the first day of school, August 18, and fell sick quickly, passing away six days later. Chansler taught for the first few days, fell sick, and died last week. The Connally Independent School District has cancelled in-person classes, but only until September 7, as well as all sports and other school-related activities. On-line classes are continuing.

The district said it would provide COVID-19 rapid testing for all junior high staff on Sunday, and would offer testing to students and parents as well, scheduling a September 13 vaccination clinicsix days after in-person classes resume.

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Florida Educators Die Of Covid

“We have not found any correlation” between the two deaths, Bottelberghe said. “They were at two different grade levels even though they worked under the same content area, but we have recognized that there has been an increase in spread as far as throughout our student body at those two grade levels.”

In a Monday email, Superintendent Wesley Holt said the hope “is that the closure and holiday break will provide those who are positive with the virus or exposed to others with the virus, the time to isolate and recover. This closure will also allow time for deep cleaning and sanitizing of all CISD facilities.”

The rolling seven-day average of new daily COVID-19 cases in Texas was 15,400 cases as of Sunday, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rolling seven-day average of daily COVID-19 deaths in Texas was 200 per day.

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