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Updated on September 25, 2022 4:40 pm
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Global Statistics

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Updated on September 25, 2022 4:40 pm
All countries
Updated on September 25, 2022 4:40 pm
All countries
Updated on September 25, 2022 4:40 pm
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How Many Us Citizens Have Been Vaccinated For Covid 19

Second Doses And Additional Shots

Here’s how many Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far

Every Albertan should get their second dose when they’re eligible. A single dose of COVID-19 vaccine offers at least 80% protection against severe outcomes, including hospitalization and death. However, second doses are needed to get the best and most long-lasting protection.

  • Second dose for mRNA recipients

    If you got an mRNA vaccine for your first dose, you should get an mRNA vaccine for your second dose to become fully vaccinated, but it doesn’t need to be the same brand. Both Pfizer and Moderna are considered interchangeable so book the first appointment available.

    For more on mRNA vaccines, including information on safety, side effects and effectiveness of second doses, see second dose for mRNA recipients.

    When to book

Learn more: Second dose for AstraZeneca recipients

  • Second dose for immunocompromised

    Immunization for immunocompromised individuals should occur at a time when the individual is most likely to mount an immune response. Consult your physician for the best time based on your treatment plan.

    When to book

  • Pfizer or Moderna 21 to 28 days after your first dose
  • AstraZeneca 8 weeks after your first dose is recommended, but as early as 28 days after your first dose if that is the most appropriate timing
  • Second dose for those vaccinated outside Alberta
  • Anyone who was partially vaccinated outside Alberta can get a second dose here when they are eligible.
  • Bring the original written record of your first dose with you to the appointment.
  • Immunocompromised

    Answers To Key Questions About The Covid

    To help answer common vaccine questions, we consulted Dr. Stanley Perlman, a professor at the University of Iowas Carver College of Medicine and a member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations vaccine advisory committee, and Angela Shen, a visiting scientist with the Vaccine Education Center at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

    When can I get a vaccine?

    Now, if you’re at least 12 years old. President Joe Biden directed all states to open vaccine access to anyone 16 or older by April 19, 2021even earlier than his prior deadline of May 1. And in May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said kids ages 12 to 15 can get Pfizer-BioNTech’s shot. Some states are now allowing non-residents to get vaccinated, or making some clinics appointment-free.

    Im in a high-risk group. How do I make sure I get vaccinated early?

    At this point, you don’t have to worry about meeting strict eligibility criteria. States were directed to open vaccine access to all adults by April 19, and adolescents were cleared to get Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine in May. As long as you’re at least 12 years old, you should be able to get a vaccine in your area.

    Where will COVID-19 vaccines be available?

    How much will it cost to get vaccinated?

    Nothing for the vaccine itself. The federal Operation Warp Speed program funded vaccine development with the intent that they be offered free to all Americans, regardless of insurance status.

    Can I choose which vaccine I get?

    Can pregnant people get the vaccine?

    Us Surpasses 100m Covid

    • Medium
    • Large

    The U.S. has given more than 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses as of March 12, according to data from the CDC.

    The U.S. also set a new daily record for shots administered, with 2.9 million March 12, the White House said, according toThe Hill. The seven-day average of COVID-19 vaccines administered is now at 2.3 million daily.

    Roughly 35 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and about 65 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the CDC. That means about 10.5 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, and about 19.9 percent have received at least one shot.

    The White House also said that almost 65 percent of people over age 65 have received at least one dose of the vaccine, The Hill reported.

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    Where Can I Get A Vaccine

    The federal government’s website lets you search for locations by zip code, with links to appointments, and many sites permit walk-ins.

    Many county health clinics, doctor’s offices and pharmacies, including large chains like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, are taking vaccine appointments, and lots of them offer walk-in vaccinations. Check the pharmacy sites for appointment and walk-in options. Veterans can get vaccinated through Veterans Affairs facilities. For residents and staff at long-term care facilities, vaccines are generally available on-site.

    The mass-vaccination sites that popped up across the country in the early days of vaccine distribution have mostly closed.

    How Many People In Somerset County Have Received A Covid

    • 89% of people in Somerset County have received at least one dose of the vaccine, for a total of 294,558 people
    • 72% of people in Somerset County are fully vaccinated, for a total of 238,530 people

    For a county-by-county look at the vaccination rollout, see our COVID-19 vaccine tracker, which is updated daily.

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    Daily Reported Doses Given By Manufacturer

    Each line shows the seven-day average.

    In December, federal regulators gave emergency use authorization to two-dose vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. Regulators authorized Johnson & Johnsons one-dose vaccine in February, but recommended a pause in its use on April 13 because of reports of blood clots in a small number of patients. All 50 states paused or recommended that providers pause those vaccinations. The government ended the Johnson & Johnson pause on April 23, clearing the way for states to resume vaccinations.

    Johnson & Johnson doses that were already administered or distributed continued to appear in the federal vaccination data during the halt in use.

    On Aug. 12, regulators gave emergency use authorization for people with weakened immune systems to get a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. On Aug. 23, the federal government approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for those 16 and older, the first full approval of a Covid-19 vaccine in the country. Emergency use authorization of the vaccine continues for those ages 12 to 15 and third doses for those with weakened immune systems.

    Everyone Affected By The Covid

    Announcing “a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated to combat those blocking public health,” Biden on Sept. 9 rolled out his administration’s Path Out of the Pandemic program, which aims to increase the vaccination rate by requiring shots across public and private sectors.

    Here’s who would be required to be vaccinated under the plan:

    • Employers with 100 or more employees will be required to have their employees either be fully vaccinated or get tested weekly to come to work . Biden said the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration would implement the requirements that will affect 84 million workers. For now, OSHA has suspended this mandate after a federal appeals panel claimed the government agency exceeded its authority.
    • Federal workers and employees of contractors that do business with the federal government will be required to be vaccinated, though they won’t be penalized for not getting the vaccine until January 2022. for them to get the vaccine.
    • The Department of Health and Human Services will require vaccinations in Head Start programs, as well as schools run by the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Indian Education.
    • Workers in health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, including hospitals and home health agencies, will also have to be fully vaccinated.
    • Individuals applying to become lawful permanent US residents must be fully vaccinated, US Citizenship and Immigration Services said.

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    Book Your Free Shot It’s Safe And Easy

    COVID-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it. All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

    Everyone born in 2009 or before can get their first and second doses now. Third doses are available to some people most at risk of severe illness.

    NEW: AHS clinics and pharmacies now use the same centralized online booking system. You can also book your shot by calling 811, visiting a walk-in clinic, or contacting a doctor’s office.

    • 78.8% of Albertans 12+ with at least 1 dose
    • 70.8% of Albertans 12+ fully vaccinated
    • $100 Debit Card

      Get vaccinated to get a $100 debit card!

    • Who’s eligible: Albertans 18 or older who got their first or second dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine between September 3 and October 14, 2021.
    • How to register: After vaccination, register online or by phone, starting on September 13. Detailed instructions will be posted at that time.
    • How to claim: $100 debit cards will be delivered to you. Everyone who is registered and has a valid vaccination will receive a debit card.
  • Open for Summer Lottery

    Get vaccinated for your shot to win $1 million!

  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older who have had 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • How to register: Enter online at by September 23 at 11:59 pm.
  • How to claim: Winner will be contacted by September 30, 2021.
  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older with 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Companies With Employee Vaccination Requirements

    Australians âmust knowâ how many people diagnosed with COVID have been vaccinated

    Several companies have announced plans for mandatory vaccinations, including airlines, cruise lines, concert halls, health care facilities and restaurants. Some of the requirements may include mask and testing guidelines, and some may only apply to employees traveling internationally, working in the office or having face-to-face interactions with customers. If any of these applies to you, check with your employer for more details.

    Here are some of the companies that have announced vaccination requirements for employees:

    • Amtrak
    • Walmart

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    States Ranked By Percentage Of Population Fully Vaccinated: Sept 17

    Vermont has the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration data tracker.

    The CDC’s data tracker compiles data from healthcare facilities and public health authorities. It updates daily to report the total number of people in each state who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The numbers reported by the CDC may vary from the numbers published on individual states’ public health websites, as there may be reporting lags between the states and the CDC.

    As of 6 a.m. EDT Sept. 16, a total of 180,086,143 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 54.2 percent of the country’s population, according to the CDC’s data.

    Below are the states and Washington, D.C., ranked by the percentage of their population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC.

    1. VermontNumber of people fully vaccinated: 429,145Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 68.77

    2. ConnecticutNumber of people fully vaccinated: 2,405,018Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 67.46

    3. MaineNumber of people fully vaccinated: 903,390Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 67.21

    4. MassachusettsNumber of people fully vaccinated: 4,620,288Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 67.03

    5. Rhode IslandNumber of people fully vaccinated: 704,928Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 66.54

    Who Are The Unvaccinated In America Theres No One Answer

    One segment of people who have avoided shots is vehemently opposed to the idea. But there is a second group, surveys suggest, that is still deciding.

    By , , and Tim Arango

    As coronavirus cases rise across the United States, the fight against the pandemic is focused on an estimated 93 million people who are eligible for shots but have chosen not to get them. These are the Americans who are most vulnerable to serious illness from the highly contagious Delta variant and most likely to carry the virus, spreading it further.

    It turns out, though, that this is not a single set of Americans, but in many ways two.

    In one group are those who say they are adamant in their refusal of the coronavirus vaccines they include a mix of people but tend to be disproportionately white, rural, evangelical Christian and politically conservative, surveys show.

    In the other are those who say they are open to getting a shot but have been putting it off or want to wait and see before making a decision they are a broad range of people, but tend to be a more diverse and urban group, including many younger people, Black and Latino Americans, and Democrats.

    With cases surging and hospitalizations rising, health officials are making progress in inoculating this second group, who surveys suggest account for less than half of all unvaccinated adults in the United States.

    Steven Harris, 58, who said he believes that the antibodies he has from getting Covid-19 are sufficiently protective.

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    How Many People In Washington County Have Received A Covid

    • 59% of people in Washington County have received at least one dose of the vaccine, for a total of 95,494 people
    • 52% of people in Washington County are fully vaccinated, for a total of 83,768 people

    For a county-by-county look at the vaccination rollout, see our COVID-19 vaccine tracker, which is updated daily.

    Chart: How Many Shots From Each Vaccine Manufacturer Have Been Administered

    Your COVID

    The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one for the recipient to be fully vaccinated. For the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, a second shot should be administered about three or four weeks after the first, depending on which of the vaccines was given.

    Read more:Comparing the COVID-19 vaccines

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    The Coronavirus Pandemic: Key Things To Know

    New restrictions.The U.S. is requiring international travelers to provide proof of a negative test taken no more than a day before their flights. In Germany, the government introduced tough restrictions on unvaccinated people, while Britain announced new measures in response to the rise in Omicron cases.

    New York Citys new mandate.Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a sweeping vaccine mandate for all private employers in New York City to combat the spread of the Omicron variant. It is unclear if the incoming mayor, Eric Adams, intends to enforce the mandate.

    New Covid treatments.Two pills for treating Covid-19, by Merck and Pfizer, should be available soon. These new options may be just the beginning: Scientists say we will need an arsenal of drugs to deploy against new variants especially if those foes erode the protection of existing vaccines.

    I think the contention we have seen over the mask issue is likely to pale in comparison to what were going to see over the idea of a vaccine mandate for schoolchildren, Dr. Jessica Snowden, chief of the infectious disease division at Arkansas Childrens Hospital, said. At a meeting this week of the F.D.A.s expert advisory panel on vaccines, several members came out strongly against school vaccine mandates.

    But C.D.C. officials said it would be hard to narrow eligibility, and the F.D.A.s advisory panel endorsed offering the pediatric dose to the entire age group by a 17-0 vote, with one abstention.

    Are There Side Effects

    Some people never develop side effects, but many experience injection-site pain, fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches or joint pain, among other symptoms. These reactions are temporary, but experts say you should avoid making big plans in the days following your appointment as a precaution.

    More serious aftereffects, including a small number of allergic reactions, are rare. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has been connected with rare, severe blood clots in a small number of recipients, especially in women 50 and younger.

    For the latest coronavirus news and advice go to

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    Can’t Immunocompromised People Already Get Boosters

    Not exactly. The CDC recommends that certain immunocompromised people, including those being actively treated for cancer or taking certain immunosuppressing drugs, receive a third dose of Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine at least 28 days after getting their second dose. These individuals immune systems may not respond sufficiently to just two vaccine doses. Only about 3 percent of the U.S. adult population is expected to need a third shot. If you think you may be eligible for one, the CDC recommends talking with your health care provider about your medical condition and whether getting an additional dose makes sense.

    Third shots are available at the same locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines. If you received a shot from a mass-vaccination site that has since closed, use to find a vaccine provider near you.

    Boosters, on the other hand, will likely be available to anyone who is fully vaccinated but not until months after completing the initial regimen.

    What May Motivate The Unvaccinated To Get A Shot

    Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated

    Some people who have yet to get vaccinated say they have encountered obstacles to obtaining shots, are worried about hidden costs or are waiting until they can get a shot from someone they trust. But the share of unvaccinated Americans who are held up because of issues of convenience is shrinking, survey research shows.

    Understand Vaccine and Mask Mandates in the U.S.

    For some Latino immigrants, fear of immigration authorities has been a roadblock.

    For instance, grass-roots organizers recently hosted a vaccine clinic at a supermarket in Merced, a city in Californias fertile Central Valley that draws farmworkers from Mexico. But some residents say they were turned away by the health care workers administering the vaccines because they did not have government-issued IDs although officials have said that only proof of age should be required.

    For the undocumented, their fears are not the vaccine but the record keeping that goes along with it, said Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and Democratic state senator in California who has gone into neighborhoods to knock on doors and urge people to get inoculated.

    A substantial share of the wait-and-see group more than 40 percent in the Kaiser survey says it would be motivated by vaccine mandates.

    But San Francisco became one of the first cities to impose a vaccine mandate for its nearly 35,000 city workers, and immediately encountered resistance from labor unions and other organizations.

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    Do People Die From Covid After Getting The Covid

    New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests 99.999% of people who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 did not have a severe breakthrough case that led to hospitalization or death, CNN reports.

    • Per the CDC, more than 166 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
    • The new data suggests 1,507 people of those fully vaccinated people died from COVID-19.
    • Meanwhile, 7,101 people of those fully vaccinated people were hospitalized from COVID-19.


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