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How Much Do Rapid Covid Tests Cost

What Role Can Rapid Diagnostic Tests Play In Covid

How much does a rapid coronavirus test cost?

As weve said, standard testing resources can get backlogged and results can be significantly delayed. This can be a problem both for providers treating patients and for people proactively self-isolating to avoid exposing others to the virus. This is where rapid diagnostic testing can help fill in some of these gaps to get results back fast.

Rapid diagnostic tests can be helpful in confirming a suspected COVID-19 case quickly, especially when used in the early stages of the infection. These tests can also be useful in screening efforts. Screening means identifying someone who is contagious, but may or may not be showing symptoms, so they can take action before they spread the virus to others. For example, businesses might screen employees before they come back to the office. In fact, the U.S. government recently purchased 150 million of the BinaxNOW tests to distribute across the country in an effort to help governors reopen their states.

Covid Rapid Test Prices Are Going Up

At-home Covid-19 rapid test kits were already in short supply at stores. Now, a popular version is getting more expensive.

Walmart and Kroger are raising prices on BinaxNOW test kits, made by Abbott Laboratories, after an agreement with the White House to sell the kits at cost expired.

The White House said in September that customers would be able to buy the BinaxNow kits, two-packs of which retail for about $23, at Walmart, Kroger and Amazon for up to a 35% discount, a savings of roughly $8, for three months.

That deal lapsed in December. On Tuesday, a BinaxNow two-pack cost $19.88 on Walmarts website and $23.99 on Krogers website. The kits were unavailable on Amazons website.

Costlier tests may make it harder for some people to afford them. Epidemiologists and other health experts say that tests need to be inexpensive as they are in much of Europe to encourage people to use them regularly.

Higher prices on test kits are the latest challenge for Americans struggling to get tested.

Demand for Covid-19 tests has surged as the Omicron variant has spread in the United States in recent weeks. Many stores are sold out, and retailers and pharmacies started limiting the number of tests each customer could buy.

On Dec. 21 the Biden administration, which has faced scrutiny for testing shortages that the president has vowed to fix, announced a new plan to make 500 million additional at-home tests available this month.

Germans Pay Less Than $1 Per Test Brits Get Them Free Why Do Americans Pay So Much More Because Companies Can Still Demand It

Rapid at-home COVID tests are flying off store shelves across the nation and are largely sold out online as the delta variant complicates a return to school, work and travel routines.

But at $10 or $15 a test, the price is still far too high for regular use by anyone but the wealthy. A family with two school-age children might need to spend $500 or more a month to try to keep their family and others safe.

For Americans looking for swift answers, the cheapest over-the-counter COVID test is the Abbott Laboratories BinaxNOW two-pack for $23.99. Close behind are Quidels QuickVue tests, at $15 a pop. Yet supplies are dwindling. After a surge in demand, CVS is limiting the number of tests people can buy, and Amazon and Walgreens website were sold out as of Friday afternoon.

President Joe Biden said Thursday he would invoke the Defense Production Act to make 280 million rapid COVID tests available. The administration struck a deal with Walmart, Amazon and Kroger for them to sell tests for up to 35 percent less than current retail prices for three months. For those on Medicaid, the at-home tests will be fully covered, Biden said.

Consumers elsewhere have much cheaper or free options. In Germany, grocery stores are selling rapid COVID tests for under $1 per test. In India, theyre about $3.50. The United Kingdom provides 14 tests per person free of charge. Canada is doling out free rapid tests to businesses.

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Free Rapid Antigen Tests In Canada

New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan offer rapid testing kits free to the public without symptoms, but access in other provinces varies.

Ontario provides free tests to high-risk communities, organizations and workplaces through an application process and is now distributing them through the LCBO and at pop-up locations.

In British Columbia, qualified businesses and high risk organziations such as long-term care homes can get free tests for their employees through

Alberta provides free rapid tests to employers and service providers with an approved COVID-19 screening program through the provincial government website.

Federally, companies with 10 to 199 employees in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario can access free rapid tests through the rapid antigen test initiative from participating pharmacies.

Additional Fees For Covid

Coronavirus: FDA authorizes Abbott Labs

In addition to the cost of your test, many urgent care clinics can charge additional administrative fees. These fees may cover:

  • The cost of seeing a provider
  • Facility fee
  • Additional diagnostic tests
  • Bloodwork
  • COVID test being sent to an external lab
  • Medications and other treatment

These additional fees, coupled with the cost of your test, can add up quickly. The amount you are charged largely depends on where you receive testing and the labs the urgent care center uses. LabCorp, for example, charges insurers $100 for its tests.

It is important to understand what may cause high fees for COVID-19 testing and the steps you can take to avoid these fees. See our article for a guide on how to avoid surprise fees when seeking COVID-19 testing.

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What If I Do Not Have Insurance

Under the CARES Act , CareNow is able to provide services to uninsured families at no cost to the patient for all ages for active COVID-19. This covers an in-office or telemedicine visit if applicable, testing costs at our clinics, and third-party lab costs.

To participate in this government program, the patient must meet the following requirements:

  • The patient must not have private insurance of any kind.
  • The patient must not be enrolled in any government medical insurance programs such as childrens Medicaid or Medicare other than a Medicaid limited benefits plan that does not cover the COVID-19 services.
  • If the patient has any form of insurance but does not want to use that insurance, the patient is NOT ELIGIBLE for free services.
  • The CARES Act only covers certain CareNow services associated with COVID-19, such as COVID testing and testing-related visits. The CARES Act DOES NOT cover prescription medications or CareNow services and labs that are not related to COVID-19.
  • The patient must agree to be billed at full price if the patient submits false information in an attempt to obtain free services.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Covid Test Kits

In January, the Biden administration mandated health insurance companies cover the cost of eight at-home antigen tests per month. If an individual has been directed to undergo COVID-19 testing by a medical provider because of underlying health conditions or other factors, there is no limit to the number of tests covered.

Though the Biden plan is not retroactive, some states — including Vermont — required insurers to start covering at-home kits earlier.

Carriers will typically front the cost at in-network pharmacies and reimburse members who buy them out-of-network. That reimbursement is capped at $12, so you may have to pay something depending on what test you buy and where. You can find the full breakdown of how the insurance coverage and reimbursement process works here. Follow the links below for information about at-home COVID test reimbursement for the five US carriers with the largest memberships.

Several states are also issuing free COVID-19 tests to residents, including Colorado, Iowa, Connecticut, Washington, New Jersey, , Ohio, Oregon, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Washington, DC, is making at-home tests available for pickup at area libraries while other cities, such as New York and Boston, are distributing them to local health clinics.

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How Much Do Home Covid Tests Cost Who Pays For Them

Home tests for COVID-19 can cost anywhere between $10 and $30 per test and are available at drugstores, big-box stores like Walmart and online.

If you have a health savings account or flexible spending account through your health insurance, home COVID tests are an eligible expense, which means you can use these funds to pay for home test kits.

On Dec. 21, the White House announced plans to provide a half-billion at-home COVID antigen tests free of charge for people in the U.S. who want them. The free home testing kits will be available in January 2022 via a federal government website that will allow you to request tests for home delivery.

What Type Of Covid

COVID-19 in SA | Price reduction for Rapid Antigen Tests

Antigen test. Rapid test. PCR test. RT-PCR test. Antibody test. Take-home test. If youve taken a COVID-19 test during the pandemic, you might have been bewildered by the sheer number of options.

Keeping track of which COVID-19 test you need can seem daunting. Not all COVID-19 tests are created equal and not all are suitable for international travel.

What youll usually need for travel is a PCR test . These are the most reliable tests for detecting active COVID-19 infections and are considered the gold standard of testing. In this guide, well primarily focus on testing sites that provide these more accurate PCR tests, though keep in mind that some destinations like Hawaii only accept PCR tests from a specific list of testing providers.

The tests that often wont help you with travel are antibody tests, blood tests that can identify if a previous COVID-19 infection caused your immune system to produce COVID-19 antibodies. Some countries also wont accept rapid antigen tests, which check for proteins on the viruss surface. These tests are popular for quick turnaround times but are less accurate than PCR tests and arent valid to enter some countries, such as Canada.

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Where Can I Buy At

At-home rapid COVID-19 tests are available at pharmacies like Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid and CVS, and via online retailers like Amazon.

With the rise of the omicron variant in December and January, many pharmacies put caps on how many kits customers could buy. In early February, both Walgreens and CVS ended those limits.

What If I Test Positive For Covid

If you take an at-home test and it’s positive for COVID-19, it’s recommended that you share the results with your medical provider and local health department. Methods of reporting self-tests to health departments vary wildly, though. Some have online forms, others require email and others use phone reporting. Check your local health department website for specific info on how to report a positive result.

After receiving a positive test result, you should isolate for at least five days, and longer if you’re symptomatic, according to the CDC. Though the risk of false positives from rapid tests is low, most medical experts and health officials still recommend confirming a positive at-home test with a subsequent PCR test.

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When Are People Who Had Covid

You can be around others after: 10 days since symptoms first appeared and. 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and. Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving*

*Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation

Does Insurance Cover The Covid Test


Yes, your insurance will cover all costs for the COVID test.The CARES Act requires health insurance to cover 100% of the cost for COVID testing for those experiencing symptoms or who have concern for exposure. Other reasons for testing, such as Employer Mandated Testing, may not be covered by your insurance, unless under these circumstances.

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • bluish lips or face
  • fatigue or inability to wake or stay awake
  • severe or persistent headache
  • persistent nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • chest pain

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Regardless Of My Premiums Will The Tests Cost Me Money Directly

Its quite possible. If your insurance company doesnt have an arrangement with a retailer where you can simply pick up your allotted tests, youll have to pay for themat whatever price the store sets. If thats the case, youll need to fill out a form to request a reimbursement from the insurance company. How many times have you lost receipts or just plain neglected to mail in for rebates on something you bought? A lot, right?

Heres another thing: The reimbursement is set at $12 per test. If you pay $30 for a testand that is not unheard ofyour insurer is only on the hook for $12. You eat the $18.

And by the way, people on Medicare will have to pay for their tests themselves. People who get their health care covered by Medicaid can obtain free test kits at community centers.

A few free tests are supposed to arrive at every American home via the U.S. Postal Service. And the Biden administration has unveiled a website where Americans can order free tests from a cache of a billion the federal government ordered.

Best Home Covid Tests

A number of rapid antigen COVID tests are available for use at home, and the Food and Drug Administration has a directory you can use to look up a test by name to determine its approval status.

The following tests were selected by the Forbes Health editorial team based on product quality, price and availability with multiple retailers. Prices and availability are accurate as of the publication date. We also recommend reaching out to your doctor to explore options that are the best fit for you and your needs.

$29.99 for two testsCurrently available at , Walmart and WalgreensThe On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test pairs with a free iOS or Android app to walk you through exactly how to use it. The app also allows you to display your test results for circumstances where you need proof of a negative COVID test.

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You Can Now Order More Free Covid

It only takes a minute.

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All US households can now order two sets of four rapid COVID-19 antigen tests to be delivered by the Postal Service at no cost. The White House has made a second round of them available to order on its new, centralized website, which also includes a locator tool for free COVID antiviral pills.

COVID-19 test kits are also still being covered by private health insurance companies, and Americans with Medicare Part B can now get eight free tests per month. However, a lack of dedicated government funding means COVID tests for the insured are no longer free at hospitals and clinics — the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program and Coverage Assistance Fund recently stopped accepting claims for both testing and vaccines.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting the at-home COVID-19 test kits your household needs. For more, get the latest on the BA.2 variant, learn everything about long COVID, and find out when’s the best time to get a second booster.

Will The Insurance Company Just Swallow Those Imposed Costs

Money Matters: COVID-19 test costs & Florida gas prices

If companies draw from the time-tested insurance giants playbook, theyll pass along those costs to customers. This will put upward pressure on premiums, said Emily Gee, vice president and coordinator for health policy at the Center for American Progress.

Major insurance companies like Cigna, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare and Aetna did not respond to requests to discuss this issue.

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How Accurate Are Rapid Diagnostic Tests

You may be wondering if rapid diagnostic tests are as accurate as standard tests. Do they compromise accuracy for speed, for example?

When rapid molecular tests first became available, concerns rose that they were missing a significant number of positive cases. Of particular concern was the rapid ID NOW test by Abbott. People who may have had the virus were testing negative. This is called a false negative result. According to manufacturer studies, there is now more real-world data suggesting that the test is reliable. The ID NOW test has been able to identify 93% of positive samples and over 98% of negative samples when compared to standard molecular test results, Abbott says.

Even so, standard molecular tests are the gold standard, but they are not 100% accurate, either.

Rapid antigen tests are very specific for the coronavirus. A positive result likely means that you are infected. However, rapid antigen tests are not as sensitive as other tests, so there is a higher chance of a false negative result.

In general, rapid tests seem to be more accurate when you test earlier in the infection. The best time to be tested is when the amount of virus in your body is at its highest. A higher viral load increases the chances that the test will pick up on the presence of the virus in a sample. For example, the rapid ID NOW test has been shown in manufacturer studies to be more accurate when used within 7 days of when symptoms start.

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