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How To Meet New People During Covid

How To Meet New People After A Year Of Isolation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you make new friends from home?

Growing up, making friends goes a little like this: as a child you just have themneighbors, cousins, theyre everywherein high school, miserable or not, you still have them, and in college, campus life usually ensures a round-the-clock social circle. Once you hit adulthood, however, the universe stops throwing people who share your age and interests in front of you, especially when moving to a new city or traveling solo. Friendships suddenly become something you have to seek out.

Meeting new people was hard even in 2019. After the pandemics onset though, it became even more difficult. Life got more lonely. Not just friends, but shared moments with acquaintances and strangers became scarcer. For many, community and a sense of belonging faded. If you were in a position in which you wanted to meet new people, you may have felt stuck.

Twenty-twenty-one glimmers with hope. As the vaccine rolls out, this is the year in which well, hopefully, return to our neighborhood hangouts and into the world alike. For many of us, the joy of living in a city and the thrill of travel is social interaction. But after a year of so much isolation, how exactly do we get comfortable with strangers again? Here, a few tips on meeting new people when the time comesonline, nearby, or even far away.

Its Hard To Make Friends When You Move To A New Town

I think we both experienced some culture shock coming here. It was lonely.

Each installment of The Friendship Files features a conversation between The Atlantics Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship.

This week she talks to two women who struck up a friendship last summer and started walking miles together every day. They discuss the difficulty they had making friends after moving to their town, how meeting during the pandemic led them to get close quickly, and what its like when a friendship born in quarantine starts to emerge into normal life.

Understanding The Role Of Perception

A 2018 journal article chronicled how folx underestimated how much others liked them after engaging in conversations, a phenomenon called the “liking gap.”

This was apparent among strangers who had connected in the laboratory, between first-year college students interacting with dorm mates, and folx engaging with each other during a personal development workshop.

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Welcome To The Neighborhood Letter Template

Hi ,

Congrats on your new home, we want to officially welcome you to NEIGHBORHOOD.

lived here for and are happy to answer any questions you might have. We hope youll love this community as much as we do! Some of our favorite things to do around here are SUGGESTIONS.

Were excited to get to know you better. If you ever need anything, we can be reached at .

Welcome to the neighborhood,

Dating With More Caution

Helping Your Child Find Resiliency During the COVID

The Match Group, which owns dozens of dating apps including Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge, did a comprehensive study of singles across the US. It showed that the way people were dating was markedly different than in the past.

Data showed people were being more selective and intentional about choosing who to contact and going more slowly in the dating process. The study also found that singles were more upfront in openly addressing serious topics as well.

According to Helen Fisher, PhD, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor to Match, people are seeking greater transparency on dates and meaningful relationships instead of casual dating. This shift is largely due to many of the recent turbulent events in the news.

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How To Meet New People Even At A Distance

Online and offline platforms are helping strangers form social connections, which are crucial for our health, especially in a pandemic.

  • Send any friend a story

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    Give this article

A retired teacher, a Midwestern minister and a mother of two teenagers all dial into a Zoom room. For the next 90 minutes, they do something their typical adult lives dont usually afford them a chance to do: listen to others perspectives, and have others listen to them. And after three rounds of answering not-so-standard questions, like What sense of purpose guides you in your life?, the group leaves the room, feeling deeply connected.

Or so goes the logic of Living Room Conversations an online platform through which volunteer hosts help small groups of people discuss timely topics such as voting, gun rights and their vision for America. Founded in 2010 by two women on differing sides of the political spectrum, with the input of dialogue experts, Living Room Conversations have sought to show how people could have civil conversations across lines of difference. At one point, these discussions, which have always been free to join, happened in actual living rooms. But when the coronavirus mandated a strict lockdown, the conversations went online-only, and became a means for alleviating loneliness, too.

New Neighbor Welcome Box

Really wow your new neighbors with a welcome to the neighborhood gift basket. This could be stuffed with treats and other consumables bonus points if you source the items from local businesses that they can check out! With people spending a lot of time at home it also makes sense to create more interactive gift baskets. For example, gather the supplies theyd need to bake or create a dish and gift them along with instructions. Of course, some people just want the finished product so use your best judgment.

The different gift basket themes are endless, but weve created some gift tags to go along with some common themes:

  • Baked goods or a baking kit to facilitate family time
  • Wine and cheese basket with the charcuterie fixings
  • Cooking essentials basket since theyre moving into a new kitchen
  • Jams, preserves and different gourmet nonperishables
  • Garden basket with plantable seeds and some potted herbs

The gift tags can be accessed below:

After selecting and printing your themed tag, cut it out, sign it and secure it to your gift via tape or with a hole-punch and string. These tags also work with smaller housewarming gifts like a bottle of wine, flowers or a potted plant.

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Create A Goodie Bag For Their Pet

If you see your neighbors have moved some furry friends in with them, try putting something together that will please both your two-legged and four-legged neighbors. You could make homemade treats or go with something store-bought like a toy the thought behind it will go a long way. To kick the goodie bag up a notch, introduce yourself through one of our cute gift tags:

After youve printed them, cut them out and use a hole punch to create room for a piece of string, sign it and secure it to your goodies.

Ending Wrong Or Toxic Friendships

How singles, new couples should navigate dating during the coronavirus pandemic

In reflecting on our friendships, we may decide to end any that have become particularly toxic.

Where possible, we should be kind, explain this, and avoid ghosting, as this can be highly traumatic to those who are ghosted and de-sensitise us to others feelings if we do it regularly.

Before doing so, we should be careful we dont just need a break to rebuild energy and habits of interactions.

We should be especially careful with ending long-term friendships. Quality relationships take time, shared history, and involve natural ups and downs especially in a pandemic. We should look to renegotiate rather than end them wherever possible.

Take time, and seek counselling or another friends advice. Since listening is key to friendship, maybe ask yourself have you heard everything theyre trying to say?

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Get Involved In Your Major

This may seem a bit obvious at first, but there is more to this than just meeting new people. First off, there is the simple reasoning of meeting like-minded individuals with whom you already have something in common.

Getting involved in clubs that are associated with your major helps with not only making new friends, but also having hands-on experiences with your future career path.

Its also a great way to learn about yourself and if this is really the career choice for you.

Take me, for example. Im a broadcast journalism major, and I knew I liked the idea of it coming into college. Getting involved with the PSN News and Penn State Sports Night show has cemented my career choice. Ive made some great friends in my major and have had plenty of networking opportunities already.

Give Yourself A Break

Another way to reduce these feelings is by getting outside. Things feel less restrictive in Florida because we can be outdoors, David says. As often as possible get out to walk, bike, swim and go to a beach. And, if you have a friendly dog to walk, even better. Ellen says she has been able to chat with neighbors while out with her dog, Kiwi.

Despite wanting to meet people in your new community and create connections, it’s important to maintain perspective. Recognizing that we’re all in the same boat can help you cope. As Theresa says, Even if we’d been here for 20 years, we wouldn’t be able to physically see anyone. That helps her feel better and has helped her explain the situation to her son.

David, too, speaks about making the best of things and of being all right with delayed gratification. I’m not thinking of my disappointments, he says. I’m living my life and keeping myself busy. I know our social life will flourish in another six months. I’m trying to be positive.

Ways to Connect

Meetup: Dubbed as the place to discover events for all the things you love, allows you to start a group or meet others with similar interests in already-established groups. Want to find people to hike with? Go to, type in hiking and your town’s name, and you’ll see lots of groups and scheduled events.

Social media: Put out the word that you’re moving and want to meet friends of friends in your new area.

More on Home and Family

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Turning Acquaintanceships Into Friendships

Is there someone at work you think you might have things in common with but just havent gotten the chance to talk with outside a work setting?

A simple way to deepen a connection is to change or broaden the context of connection, says Peck. suggest that you connect outside of this usual setting.

This could mean chatting in a private slack message about a TV show youre both watching or, if you live nearby, asking whether they want to go for a walk in the park.

Changing the context allows us to see the person more three-dimensionally and offers us a new look at some of their traits, hobbies, and personality, Peck explains.

Make An Activity Kit For A Family

Alcohol Use and Abuse during the Coronavirus: Type COVID ...

If your new neighbors have children, then theyll be eternally grateful if you can help keep their kids engaged and occupied while they finish up moving or organizing. Of course, youll want to consider the childrens ages but some ideas could include:

  • Get artsy with coloring books, paint by number, and crayons or pens
  • Go crafty with things like blocks, model kits, knitting, calligraphy sets, etc.
  • Get something the whole family could do together like a board game

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Online Counseling Question: How Do I Make New Friends During Covid

Click here to schedule online counseling at Thriveworks.

Hi, my name is Shontel Cargill and Im a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Thriveworks. So the question that was asked was, How do I make new friends during COVID-19?

I think that this is a great question. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are strongly advised to remain socially distant, disrupting our ability to congregate for church weddings, birthday celebrations, and other types of gatherings. These types of gatherings are typically ways in which we meet new people. And so today I want to be able to offer a few ways in which you can meet new people while remaining safe and healthy.

So lets start with technology. Technology has said to be a blessing and a curse, right? But during this time, I believe its an integral way of keeping us connected while remaining safe. And so some popular platforms out there that are being used are Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, House Party, and other video conferencing platforms. Ive also seen that there are, you know, chat groups such as GroupMe that create ways of meeting new people.

So I think that these are fantastic ways in meeting new people. And I hope that these tips are helpful in your journey of creating those new friendships while also remaining safe and socially distant. Thank you so much for listening and please be well.

Why Weak Ties Matter A Lot Right Now

As the shelter-in-place orders began around the country, I found myself a little lonelier than I expected to feel. I mean, I knew being locked in my apartment and not being able to see friends and family or enjoy the city was going to be sad. I compensated for this sudden emptiness by texting and FaceTiming people more often, Zooming my workouts, and cooking at home more. But I still felt this dull absence of somethingthat I couldnt quite place.

Checking in with my friends on Slack made me happier it dissipated that sense of absence, in ways that FaceTiming my friends and family couldnt. And I couldnt figure out why that was until my roommate pointed out to me the concept of weak ties.

Weak ties are whats known in sociology as low-stakes, casual relationships. Theyre the friendly bonds you form with people you may share a coffee or subway commute with, or see regularly at an exercise class.

These people arent your best friends, or even friends you ever spend time with outside of these small instances. But their presence in your life is important.

The weak ties theory has been used by sociologists primarily in the context of explaining professional networks the idea being that your mom or best friend probably wont know about a job opening youre perfect for, but your acquaintance that shares your love of Game of Thrones but works in accounting instead of, say, journalism might know someone who knows someone.

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Dating During The Covid Crisis Here Are 6 Ways To Meet Guys Gals And Non

Dating is tough, but thanks to the coronavirus crisis, finding a casual or romantic partner is more laborious than ever. After all, there are no restaurants to go to. No bars to visit. Even libraries and museums are shut down. But you donât have to put your life on hold. There are ways to date in this age of social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines.

Here are six ways to meet guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

So Is It Safe To Date During Covid

People Finding New Ways To Connect During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Here’s the thing: Short of staying holed up in your home 24/7, nothing you do right now is going to be zero risk. The same is true for dating, although it’s definitely a little riskier than, say, going for a walk in your neighborhood with a mask on. “People are going on dates during the pandemic and there’s never going to be a way to get the risk down to zero,” Amesh A. Adalja, MD, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, tells Health. “There’s definitely going to be risk involved unless you stay six feet apart, and I don’t know how fun of a date that will be.”

You probably have this memorized by now, but it never hurts to recap: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding close contact with people who don’t live in your home to try to lower your risk of contracting COVID-19. And, when you have to be around others, the CDC says it’s important to cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

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Before you freak out, keep in mind that thinking about risk and dating isn’t a new thing, given that there’s always been a risk of contracting an STI, a cold, the flu, and a slew of other infectious diseases from the people you date, William Schaffner, MD, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, tells Health. It’s just that the stakes are a bit higher with COVID-19.

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Remain Engaged To Alleviate Anxiety

Another couple, Theresa and Harvey Beldner, both 50, moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Buffalo, New York, when Harvey got a new job. They have three adult children no longer living at home and a 10-year-old son who does. Normally, school is a place they’d meet others. But, the school shut down four days after we arrived, Theresa says.

Courtesy of Beldner family

Harvey Beldner and his golden doodle Seamus meeting a new neighbor Stephen King and his pup Owen.

Harvey has met some people at his new company and luckily, one family also has a 10-year old son. However, Harvey, Theresa and their son still feel isolated, and because of COVID-19 are cautious about making connections, Theresa says.

They recognize, though, that even if they hadn’t moved, they and their son would still be somewhat isolated from friends. It’s lonely, Theresa says, but it’s lonely for everyone.”

This kind of social isolation worries many in the therapy community. It can be incredibly frightening to move to a different home or state in the midst of the pandemic. Change is hard itself, but change mixed with the fear of contracting COVID-19 can lead to distressing anxiety, says Leela R. Magavi, the regional medical director for California-based Community Psychiatry. Individuals I evaluate over the age of 50 often express intense isolation and loneliness.

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