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How To Register For Covid Vaccine In Oklahoma

Will The Vaccine Have Any Side Effects For Breastfeeding Mothers Or Pregnant Women

Who Will Get The Covid-19 Vaccine First In India? | NewsMo
  • COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people aged 12 years and older, including people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or might become pregnant in the future.
  • Pregnant and recently pregnant people are more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 compared with non-pregnant people. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can protect you from severe illness from COVID-19.
  • Evidence about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy has been growing. These data suggest that the benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known or potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy.
  • There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems in women or men.;

Will I Get A New Vaccination Card

  • Residents should bring their current vaccination card to their appointment and their third dose will be added to the card.
  • If a vaccination card has been misplaced, a new one, reflecting the third dose only, will be provided at the time of the third dose.
  • There are a few ways you can obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccination:
  • Watch the videos or access the FAQs with information about how to use the portal
  • Follow the instructions to register and book your appointment

Need Assistance? Call 2-1-1; a call center team member can help find and book your appointment.

County Health Departments Vaccination Availability

  • County health departments are offering vaccine availability with several options. At this time, appointments are available on the portal and through walk-in or by calling your local health department directly.
  • Nearly all county health departments offer walk-in appointments on a first come, first serve basis while crowds are manageable. Please check your local health departments Facebook page and/or website for days and times of walk-in clinics in your area.

Can I Travel Once I Am Fully Vaccinated

The CDC advises that fully vaccinated people can travel both within the United States and internationally. If you travel, you should still wear a mask in public places. You do not need to get a COVID-19 test before arriving in another country unless required to do so by authorities at the destination. However, you should have a negative test result before boarding a flight back to the U.S., and should also get tested 3-5 days after you return home. If you are not vaccinated, OSDH and the CDC still recommend you avoid travel, especially air travel, if at all possible.

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What Should I Know About New Covid

  • Viruses constantly change through mutation, and new variants of a virus are expected to occur over time.
  • Multiple variants are circulating globally and within the United States.
  • There are currently four variants of concern in Oklahoma:
  • B.1.1.7
  • As variants emerge and the virus continues to spread, we may see breakthrough cases of COVID-19.
  • Breakthrough cases are cases of COVID-19 that occur after someone has been fully vaccinated.
  • They happen in only a small percentage of vaccinated people, but its possible for them to occur.
  • The more people that get vaccinated, the less the virus will be able to spread from person to person, reducing the likelihood of breakthrough cases. ;

Who Needs An Additional Covid

Grand Prairie holding in

Currently, CDC is recommending that moderately to severely immunocompromised people receive an additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine at least 28 days after a second dose of;Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine;or;Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.. This includes people who have:

  • Been receiving active cancer treatment for tumors or cancers of the blood
  • Received an organ transplant and are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 years or are taking medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency
  • Advanced or untreated HIV infection
  • Active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or other drugs that may suppress your immune response

People should talk to their healthcare provider about their medical condition, and whether getting an additional dose is appropriate for them.

For more information about vaccines, visit the CDC at .;

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What Do Pregnant Women Need To Know

As of Aug. 14, 76.2% of pregnant people were unvaccinated.

Pregnant women with COVID-19 are 15 times more likely to die, 14 times more likely to need to be intubated and 22 times more likely to have preterm birth, according to an August JAMA Network Open study.

Vaccine studies on pregnant women began in February, and evidence has shown no increased risk of miscarriage.

There’s also no indication COVID vaccines put fertility at risk, said Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a gynecologist and professor at the Yale University School of Medicine.

How Does An Mrna Vaccine Work To Protect Against Covid

  • mRNA vaccines are a type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. mRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein or even just a piece of a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies. That immune response, which produces antibodies, is what protects us from getting infected if the real virus enters our bodies.
  • COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein. The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19. Our immune systems recognize that the protein doesnt belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies, like what happens in natural infection against COVID-19.
  • At the end of the process, our bodies have learned how to protect against future infection.
  • The benefit of mRNA vaccines, like all vaccines, is that those vaccinated gain this protection without having to risk the serious consequences of getting sick with COVID-19.

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Is Getting The Covid

The FDA has authorized three COVID-19 vaccines which have been shown to be safe and effective as determined by data from the manufacturers and findings from large clinical trials. This data demonstrates that the known and potential benefits of this vaccine outweigh the known and potential harms of becoming infected with COVID 19. CVS Health is only administering vaccines that have been authorized for use by the FDA and our COVID-19 vaccination services are being conducted in compliance with CDC guidance for safe delivery of vaccines.

Where Can I Get A Covid

Nearly 50,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine on the way to Oklahoma

Oklahoma residents over age 12 are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Theyre free, safe and highly effective at preventing the worst outcomes from COVID-19, like severe illness, hospitalization and death.;

Need to find one? Here are some places to start your search.;

More:See where COVID-19 vaccinations are required in the Oklahoma City area

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Scheduling Your First Appointment

When can I use the Vaccine Scheduler Portal to schedule my appointment?

You will be able to schedule your appointment shortly after you register. The email you receive after registration will direct you back to the portal to schedule your appointment based on vaccine availability at the location you select. Once you schedule your appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a QR code and a record of your appointment time and location. It may take 24-48 hours to receive this email after you register. You will also receive email reminders as your appointment date approaches. You will need a photo ID and the QR code from your confirmation email to check in to your appointment on the day of.

I have registered and am part of the current vaccination phase, but there are no appointment slots available. What do I do?

Its important to note that appointment availability is dependent on the current vaccine supply in each county. We recommend checking back weekly on Thursdays for more available appointment slots, or checking with a local provider for appointments that may be available outside of the portal. ;

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You will be able to cancel or reschedule your appointment through the Vaccine Scheduler Portal. ;

What happens if I miss or need to cancel my appointment?

What happens after my first appointment? How do I know when to get my second dose?

How do I check for available appointments each week?

American Sign Language Videos

CDC- Spanish

Continue wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing from others and plan to get the vaccination when it becomes available to you.

Taking preventative measures help to reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others. The vaccine will work with your immune system so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed.

Stopping a pandemic requires using all the tools we have available. As experts learn more about how COVID-19 vaccination may help reduce spread of the disease in communities, CDC will continue to update the recommendations to protect communities using the latest science.

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How Can I Obtain Proof Of My Covid

There are a few ways you can obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Go to the Oklahoma OSIIS public health portal:
  • Note: Records will be listed under the phone number and email provided at the time you received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Email if you have questions or need assistance.
  • You may also submit a HIPAA release form and valid form of ID to .
  • If you received a federally administered vaccine, you can look it up in the Vaccine Administration Management System .
  • Osdh Vaccine Scheduler Portal Available For Pre

    Need help registering for a COVID

    OKLAHOMA CITY ;Earlier this week, OSDH announced the launch of an online COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler Portal on Thursday, January 7, to notify Oklahomans when theyre eligible to receive the vaccine and provide more information on how to schedule an appointment.;

    As of today, Oklahomans can visit this portal at, but appointment scheduling will not be available until Thursday, January 7.

    However, pre-registration is open for all Oklahomans to enter their personal information to determine their eligibility to receive the vaccine within Oklahomas priority phase plan and receive notifications when the vaccine is available to them.

    Remember, beginning Jan. 7 only Oklahomans who are 65+, healthcare workers and/or first responders will be able to schedule appointments. As our state advances in our phased approach to vaccine distribution, the system will notify and allow individuals in additional priority groups and phases the opportunity to schedule their appointment.;

    Please note that eligibility also doesnt mean youll be able to receive an appointment right away. Appointment availability will depend on vaccine supply in each county, which changes from week to week as the state receives more vaccine doses from the federal government.

    Oklahomans can begin the pre-registration process today at

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    Tulsa Health Department Covid

    THD has COVID-19 vaccine clinics at four of its main sites: James O. Goodwin Health Center, Central Regional Health Center, North Regional Health and Wellness Center and Sand Springs Health Center. Appointments are required to receive the vaccine. Anyone over the age of 12 can make an appointment through the Oklahoma Vaccine Portal. Those 12-17 years old will need a parent or guardian present for consent to receive the Pfizer vaccine. The Moderna vaccine is recommended for those 18 years and older.

    Other OpportunitiesThere are other ways to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Healthcare systems and pandemic providers use their own system to schedule appointments. View opportunities:

    Need For Specimens To Sequence For Variants

    The Oklahoma State Health Department is operating under the assumption that most if not all of a recent bump in cases is attributable to COVID variants, but the agencys understanding of to what extent and where the variants are spreading is limited, at best, due to a scarcity of samples to sequence.

    The Health Department put out a call to labs, health care providers and hospitals asking that they send more positive tests to be sequenced for variant identification.

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    How Can You Schedule An Appointment For The Covid

    COVID-19 vaccines are currently available to all patients 18 and older at participating MinuteClinic locations. Currently, customers can walk-in to a participating MinuteClinic location and register for an appointment at the kiosk outside the clinic or add-on the vaccine if they are visiting the clinic for another health care service. Soon, patients will also be able to schedule a vaccine on-line at

    What Comorbidities Make A Person Eligible For The Vaccine

    How COVID-19 vaccination POD will work in Oklahoma City

    Oklahomas list of health conditions that make a person eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine include: asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver or renal disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, Down syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure , obesity, suppressed immune system.

    But thats not an exhaustive list. If you have a health condition not listed, state health officials have said its a good idea to check with your medical provider to see if you may be eligible.;

    Officials have said residents won’t need to show documentation of a comorbidity to get a vaccine.;

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    Where Can I Make An Appointment

    COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available at many grocery stores, pharmacies, local health departments and other sites. Some doctors offices also stock them, so its worth asking your primary care provider if you can get vaccinated at their facility.;

    To search for vaccination sites near you, visit to filter by zip code. You can also narrow your search only to sites that stock the type of vaccination you want: Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.;

    Other options for finding a vaccination appointment include:;

    Oklahoma Department of Health: The states vaccination scheduling portal,, allows residents to register and find an appointment at one of many locations, including local health departments across the state.

    To see a list of available appointments by location, visit this website.;

    Oklahoma City-County Health Department: The Health Department updates its website,, with information about where its offering vaccinations, including some walk-up vaccination opportunities.

    Appointments can also be scheduled at these clinic locations over the phone:;

    • Northeast Regional Health & Wellness Campus, 2600 NE 63: 405-419-4200
    • Southern Oaks Health & Wellness Campus, 6728 S Hudson Ave.: 405-419-4119
    • West Health Clinic, 4330 NW 10: 405-419-4150


    • First and second doses available at multiple locations.;
    • Third doses for immunocompromised people are available on a walk-in basis.;


    How Can I Be Sure That My Local Cvs Pharmacy Offers The Pfizer Vaccine For My Child Ages 12 15

    At this time, our CVS Pharmacy locations that are currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine have either the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine not more than one type at this time. Patients are able to see which CVS Pharmacy location has which vaccine and appointment availability on before scheduling, which is recommended especially when looking for an appointment for children ages 12 15 that require the Pfizer vaccine. Our online scheduling tool will only display appointments at locations that have the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine once the patients age is provided.

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    Where Can I Sign Up

    There are a number of providers offering COVID-19 vaccines in Oklahoma. Here are some places to start your search, if you’re looking for a shot.;

    Tip: Some providers;post on social media when they will have vaccine appointments loaded into the state portal or their own sign-up systems. If youre trying to find a vaccine near you, its worth following providers on Facebook and Twitter.

    You can also sign up for text alerts when vaccines are available in your area through, a service launched by a Norman software developer.

    Some sites like and allow you to search for vaccine providers by location and availability.

    How Is Cvs Health Prepared To Deal With Possible Allergic Reactions To The Vaccine

    Coronavirus vaccinations begin in historic U.S. campaign

    CVS Health immunizers are trained in the safe administration of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use by the FDA, including identifying and treating allergic reactions. The vaccination procedures include a patient screening checklist to assess the risk of reaction. All patients are monitored for 15 minutes after administration injection, or longer for people with a history of severe allergic reactions.; Our immunizers are equipped with appropriate medications, such as epinephrine and antihistamines. Further information on COVID-19 Vaccines and allergic reactions can be found here

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    Health Care Worker Worries

    LaWanna Halstead, an Oklahoma Hospital Association vice president, said staffing is a major concern because the hospital industry has lost medical professionals not just to COVID deaths but burnout, too. She said hospitals in Grove, Miami and Tahlequah are full as the hospital community works to handle the rapid influx without the leeway offered by an emergency order from the governor.

    Dr. Ryan Parker at Saint Francis said animosity is also affecting physicians. Shes encountered anger in the ER just for inquiring about a patients vaccination status. We went very quickly from being Heroes work here to people getting angry with us for asking them to get vaccines and stuff like that.

    Dr. Mary Clarke, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, said short-staffed pediatric wards are filling up at hospitals, resulting in children being taken 100 miles or 200 miles from home for treatment. Clarke has said COVID-related isolation and quarantines are affecting health care workers who, like those in other work settings, then have to cover for their colleagues.

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