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How To Sign Up For Covid Vaccine In Arizona

What Should I Bring To My Vaccination Appointment

Struggle to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine continues for high-risk groups

Some vaccination sites ask for proof of identity or eligibility. Officials recommend that you bring a drivers license or other state-issued ID that shows your name, age and state residency, and your health insurance card, if you have one. You will not be charged, but the vaccine provider may bill your insurer a fee for administering the vaccine.

Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Mandates By Private Businesses

    Texas Gov Greg Abbott speaks before signing Senate Bill 1, also known as the election integrity bill, into law in Tyler, Texas, Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.

    AUSTIN, Texas Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday to prohibit any entity, including private business, from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on workers and called on state lawmakers to pass a similar ban into law.

    The move comes as the Biden administration is set to issue rules requiring employers with more than 100 workers to be vaccinated or test weekly for the coronavirus. Several major companies, including Texas-based American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, have said they would abide by the federal mandate.

    Keep scrolling for the latest vaccination and virus case numbers

    “No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19,” Abbott wrote in his order.

    Abbott, who was previously vaccinated and also later tested positive for COVID-19, noted in his order that “vaccines are strongly encouraged for those eligible to receive one, but must always be voluntary for Texans.”

    * * *


    Vaccine Incentives & Star Rewards

    Students and employees who upload their vaccine document are automatically entered for a chance to receive a number of exciting incentives! Recipients are selected at random and notified via email to claim their incentive.

    Questions about vaccine incentives? Email .

    • Parking Permit for the garage/lot of your choice
    • Private viewing of an Arizona Athletics team practice, including a meet & greet with the Head Coach
    • Single game tickets to Arizona football home games
    • Tickets to Arizona Arts Live
    • Campus Rec semester memberships
    • $500 tuition scholarships
    • $100 book scholarships
    • Private viewing of an Arizona Athletics team practice, including a meet & greet with the Head Coach
    • ZonaZoo Passes
    • Parking Permit for the garage/lot of your choice
    • Tickets to Arizona Arts Live
    • Lunch with President Robbins

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    What Brand Of Vaccines Are Available In The Us

    In December 2020 the Food and Drug Administration issued Emergency Use Authorizations for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine is a 2-dose series, administered either 21 days or 28 days apart. If its not possible to adhere to the recommended interval, the second dose can be administered up to six weeks after the first dose. The 2-doses must be from the same manufacturer.

    In February 2021 the Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authorization for the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is a single-dose shot.

    The FDA, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Banners team of experts have all reviewed the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen COVID-19 vaccines and recommend their use in preventing symptomatic COVID-19.

    If you would like to learn more, please visit the CDC web site.

    How To Register For A Vaccine


    If you belong to a currently prioritized group, you can register to receive a vaccine. Because vaccine availability is limited, appointments may not be available immediately. After submitting your preregistration, be sure to continue checking your email for important updates.

    If you filled out preregistration on Pima Countys website and have been waiting longer than 17 days to be notified about an available appointment, the Pima County Health Department has advised that you fill out the registration form again with the same information.

    The county currently has five vaccine distribution sites and two registration portals. One registration portal is via Banner, where people can register at Banner-North or Banner-South Kino Stadium. The other vaccination portal is via TMC, where people can register at the TCC, TMC or the University of Arizona.

    Heres what you should do:

    Adults who are 70 and older can register online or over the phone at .

    Law enforcement/education and child care providers – Go to

    • Select your category
    • Select Make Your Appointment
    • Fill out the Pima County Vaccine Pre-Registration Form and follow subsequent instructions to make an appointment. Appointments may not be available immediately.

    Important links and contacts:

    Pima County vaccine registration:

    Pima County registration help line: (Monday through Sunday, 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m._

    COVID-19 testing:

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    Who Is Eligible To Get The Vaccine Now

    Currently, all Arizonans 16 and older are eligible to get the vaccine. Many places require prescheduled appointments, but some locations, including some large state sites, are allowing walk-ins without appointments.

    The state-run sites are open to anyone 16 and older. Pharmacies and federally qualified health centers are too.

    The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are approved for anyone 18 and older, and Pfizer for anyone 16 and older. The vaccines may be approved for kids and younger teens in the coming months.

    All counties are vaccinating those 16 or 18 and older, and some are holding targeted events for essential worker groups or people with high-risk conditions or disabilities, for example.

    Some counties have targeted efforts to vaccinate frontline essential workers like transit employees or grocery store workers. Those events are coordinated often through employers and at the county level.

    How Can I Be Sure That My Local Cvs Pharmacy Offers The Pfizer Vaccine For My Child Ages 12 15

    At this time, our CVS Pharmacy locations that are currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine have either the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine not more than one type at this time. Patients are able to see which CVS Pharmacy location has which vaccine and appointment availability on before scheduling, which is recommended especially when looking for an appointment for children ages 12 15 that require the Pfizer vaccine. Our online scheduling tool will only display appointments at locations that have the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine once the patients age is provided.

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    Clean Your Hands Often

    Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

    If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

    What Should I Do With My Vaccine Card

    Arizona Department of Health Services steps up COVID-19 vaccine rollout

    You should get a small white card at your vaccination appointment with your name, birth date, name of the vaccine you received and the date it was administered. If you receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, bring your card when you get your second shot. You may need your vaccine card to schedule a third vaccine dose, for certain immunocompromised people, or a booster shot. You may also need it for certain kinds of travel or other activities and may want to take a photo of it with your smartphone for your own records. But experts warn that posting a photo of your card to social media could make you vulnerable to identity theft.If youve lost your vaccine card, call the site where you were vaccinated to request a new one or a copy of your vaccination record. You can also contact your state health department to request a replacement card or a copy of your record.

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    Who Can Get Vaccinated

    COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and our best shot at getting back to normal.

    Anyone 12 years and older can get vaccinated. The University is not requiring students, faculty, or staff to get vaccinated. However, the University strongly encourages vaccination to protect yourself and the community.

    Why Are Only Patients Who Are Immunocompromised Eligible For An Additional Dose At This Time

    According to the CDC, studies show that some people who are immunocompromised dont build adequate levels of protection after receiving their 2-dose initial mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. With the Delta variant surging and cases of COVID-19 increasing significantly across the United States, an additional dose could help prevent serious and possibly life-threatening COVID-19 infection in immunocompromised people.

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    Who Is Administering The Vaccines Pharmacists Pharmacy Technicians Other Health Care Providers

    CVS Health immunizers include pharmacists, pharmacy interns and trained pharmacy technicians, as well as other qualified health care professionals depending on each states specific regulations. All CVS Health immunizers are certified according to company requirements, trained in the administration of immunizations, and hold an active CPR certification.

    Fact Finders: Heres How You Can Sign Up Online For Covid

    CDC updates guidelines for those with COVID vaccines ...

    TUCSON, Ariz. – Several KOLD viewers reached out to our Fact Finders team to ask how they can sign up to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Wendi Redman investigated and found out there are a few options, but below is one way you can do it online.

    There is a Patient Portal Dashboard on the Arizona Department of Health Services website. The link is


    First, make sure you are eligible to get the vaccine now or in the near future.

    The state took guidance from the federal government and put residents into several groups/phases to make sure those most at-risk would get priority.

    First up were health care workers and people in long-term care facilities, a group named 1A. The state in late January will start vaccinating Group 1B, which includes education/childcare workers along with residents 75 years old and up.

    It may take several weeks for everyone in Group 1B who wants the vaccine to get it. After that, Group 1C will go.

    Group 1C will mark the end of the first phase of vaccine distribution. According to the state, Phase 2 will start some time in the spring/summer and include heath care workers not in 1A, additional high-risk groups and then the general population.


    Get on a computer and go to We have been told the site does not support mobile phones at this time.

    The next step is to chose your vaccine.

    The website will then ask for your contact and insurance information.

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    I Am Fully Vaccinated What Precautions Do I Still Need To Take

    An individual is considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 two weeks after they have received the 2-dose series of the Pfizer of Moderna vaccine or two weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

    According to the CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated people can:

    • Visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing
    • Attend medium size gatherings without masking and distancing
    • Visit with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 disease indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing
    • Be unmasked if outdoors and away from crowded areas
    • Refrain from quarantine and testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic
    • Resume domestic travel without testing or quarantine

    Fixes For Arizona Covid

    PHOENIX The Arizona Department of Health Services is responding to complaints by making its online COVID-19 vaccination registration system more user friendly, the agencys leader said Wednesday.

    I completely agree with their frustration, Dr. Cara Christ told KTAR News 92.3 FMs The Mike Broomhead show.

    I had to use the system myself to register some family members who had difficulty with it as well. We know how difficult it is.

    Christ said one much-anticipated fix is coming soon: Users will only see dates with available spots. Currently, users have to click from date to date in search of openings.

    That was one of my biggest complaints was, I dont want to go in and check days that dont have appointments. Tell me when the first appointment is or tell me what days have appointments available, she said.

    That will be going live next week.

    Another common complaint is that users have to repeatedly fill out forms during their search.

    We are hoping to be able to also put a fix that you dont have to re-enter every time you go back a screen, Christ said.

    So we are listening to that customer feedback because a lot of us had our very own frustrating issues with the website.

    The state health department website has a vaccine-finder page with a map of active and pending locations and information about registration.

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    Why Is It Important To Get The Second Shot For The Pfizer And Moderna Vaccine

    Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have two doses, with the second dose coming a few weeks after the first. Pfizer-BioNTechs second dose comes three weeks after the first, and Modernas comes four weeks later. The second dose gives people a strong, long-lasting immunity. While these two vaccines include a second dose, the Janssen vaccine requires one dose.

    Appointments Are Required To Get A Covid

    Arizona prepares to expand COVID-19 vaccine rollout

    A new batch of appointments at state-run vaccination sites opens every Friday at 11 a.m.

    Schedule an appointment at

    ADHS Vaccine Finder

    PHOENIX The first thing you need to do, if you havent already, is register for a free account at Having your account set up will speed things along when you go online to make an appointment.

  • Enter your first and last name, email address, birth date, and phone number
  • Check your email for a link to finish setting up your account.
  • The subject line will be Arizona Vaccine Management Program New User Last name, First name
  • The from address will be
  • Note: If you dont see the email in 10 minutes or so, check your bulk/spam/junk folder
  • Enter that code and click the Verify code button. Click Continue button.
  • Enter and confirm your password. Click Continue button.
  • Once youve set your password, the website will take you back to the sign-in page.
  • Book an appointment for yourself first by choosing Self from the drop-down menu and then clicking the Next button in the lower right corner.
  • Fill out your personal information and then Next.
  • The next page is your health insurance information followed by two supplemental questions.
  • Once all of that is complete, youll hit the scheduling page. Enter your ZIP code and the system will bring up a list of eligible appointments. Select a location that works for you and then select your time.
  • Repeat everything in step six for any dependents.

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    Yuma County Public Health Services District

    COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics –

    • Location: 2200 W. 28th Street Yuma, AZ 85365
    • Monday – Thursday
    • Clinic Hours – 8:30-11:30am and 1:00 – 3:30 pm
    • Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available, although availability may vary

    An appointment MUST BE MADE by calling 928-317-4550 or 928-317-4687. There is NO ONLINE registration for these clinics.

    How to Locate Other Vaccination Sites in Your Area:

    The Yuma County Public Health Services District reminds everyone that local vaccine providers, including pharmacies, may have vaccine available. Use the Arizona Department of Health Services COVID 19 Vaccine Finder to find a provider near you with vaccine available. Check the providers website for how to best sign up for a vaccine. Call only if the providers website doesnt answer your question.

    • Local vaccination sites can be found using the ADHS COVID-19 Vaccine Finder at
    • You can also access the information from the main ADHS webpage by clicking on the find vaccine icon, scroll down the page, a GIS map will appear, zoom in Yuma County and a window with Yuma County specific provider information will appear on the left hand side of the screen. You can scroll down the list or click on the GIS map locator pins to learn about registration information and hours of operation for each site.

    What Do I Need To Know About The Covid

    According to the CDC, COVID-19 continues to spread in the United States and variants are circulating. You can take steps to protect yourself from the virus and its variants by getting a COVID-19 vaccine and taking other safety precautions including avoiding crowds and washing your hands often. For more information, please see the CDC’s page on variants.

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    Volunteers Needed At State

    Volunteers needed at COVID-19 vaccination sites in Arizona

    As Arizona opens up COVID-19 vaccination to anyone 16 or older, fewer people have opted to volunteer at vaccination sites in exchange for a vaccine. Now, officials with HandsOn Greater Phoenix say volunteers are needed for the various state-run vaccination sites.

    PHOENIX – As Arizona works to get everyone in the state vaccinated against COVID-19, there is a renewed call for volunteers at state-run sites.

    HandsOn Greater Phoenix is an organization that is helping to coordinate volunteers. Prior to an announcement by Governor Doug Ducey to allow anyone 16 and older to get vaccinated, shifts were hard to come by. Since the announcement, however, dozens of shifts and thousands of slots are available.

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    In addition, officials with the organization say they are seeing a higher rate of no-shows among the scheduled volunteers.

    There are currently four sites in need of volunteers, and the shifts are in between six hours to eight-and-a-half hours in length. Volunteers will get a meal break, with meals provided on-site.

    In addition, volunteers will also be vaccinated while they are on-site.

    Hands On Greater Phoenix – Vaccinate State 48

    Tune in to FOX 10 Phoenix for the latest news

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