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How To Volunteer During Covid

Order Or Donate To A Local Business

Coronavirus UK: Government calls for 250,000 volunteers to help NHS during coronavirus pandemic

Tapping into our own communities of influence can be a tremendous support for small businesses. Taking time to encourage followers on your social media channels to call for support can make a big difference. Sharing in stories, posting about a fundraising drive, and posting rallying cries for local restaurants and retailers are some of the ways to shine a light. Neighborhood Facebook pages have a become a particularly helpful way for people to call out their favorite small businesses in town to support. Make it a priority to give back in whatever way you can. Whether sharing information on social media, placing orders, tipping, buying gift cards, or donating funds, your community of small businesses will be positively impacted.

Join A Crisis Hotline

Isolation and fear can be a recipe for disaster for those already struggling while many of us find it difficult to cope with the new situation.

Join a crisis hotline and be a reassuring voice to those who need it. This is a great way to be socially engaged while youre at home. Hotlines can save lives and shine a bit of light when things seem especially dark. 7Cups is an online platform where volunteers can be a support for those needing to be heard.

Tutoring And Learning Opportunities

With school closures, donation opportunities also exist with local support agencies that are providing packaged snacks as well as academic activity materials to help with learning while at home. A key consequence to prolonged school closures could be learning gaps, an educational knowledge gap among different groups of students. Many organizations nationwide are focused on bridging this gap and have volunteer tutoring opportunities available. Here is a unique site working to match teens with virtual volunteering opportunities within Title 1 schools across the country:

Math tutoring is another area in need of volunteer academic coaches to help low-income high school students. In response to COVID-19, UPchieve is giving Title 1 schools free access to its platform to help connect students with live academic support. Learn how you can volunteer at:

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Volunteer With An Organization

Below is a listing of local volunteer opportunities:

  • Medical volunteers, such as retired or furloughed doctors and nurses, can sign up at to help provide resources as the states medical systems become taxed. Non-medical volunteers can also sign up here to assist with services such as transportation, security and other needs.
  • Volunteers interested in supporting NH nonprofits during the COVID-19 response, please create an account with Get Connected and select that, Yes, you are interested in volunteering in response to COVID-19. Register here.
  • As a Get Connected user, you can search volunteer listings within the COVID-19 Volunteer Needs Initiative and click respond if you are interested in offering your time to assist. This will alert the listing nonprofit, whose volunteer manager, can then reach out directly if your assistance is needed. Indicating your interest in COVID-19 volunteer response is not a guarantee that you will be contacted. It also does not mean that you have to volunteer at all.

Volunteer NH does not endorse or recommend any particular volunteer opportunities. This is simply a clearinghouse for what is known to us.

Safety First When Offering Your Services

Volunteer and donate during the COVID

As you might have guessed, volunteering in the time of the pandemic is more complicated than in normal circumstances. Organizations not only have the logistical challenges of managing surges in the demand for some services but theres also a need to keep everyone safe.

Even though you may feel healthy, the virus can be spread by people who arent showing symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Always take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe, whether youre volunteering with an organization or helping out friends or people in your neighborhood.

But if youre ready to roll up your sleeves and jump in, here are some ideas and tips on volunteering or helping others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Editor’s Picks

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Volunteer Now And For The Months Of Recovery To Come

Text or call 828-734-4145. or Email 289 Industrial Park Dr, Waynesville, NC 28786Collection and distribution and small construction projects.
First United Methodist ChurchNeed volunteers to sort clothing
Grace Church in the Mountains
Sorting donations and distributing supplies
New Covenant Church767 Lee Rd, Clyde, NC 28721Phone: 627-9000
101 Fibreville St, Canton, NC 28716Phone: 648-5301Clean up, providing meals, and donations
Samaritan’s Purse
Clean-Up and long term recovery
Baptists on Mission- Accepting all volunteersMuck out and clean up

Travelling To Volunteer Or While Volunteering

People wishing to travel into another nation in the UK to volunteer need to check the restrictions of that nation before doing so. Read guidance on coronavirus restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

People who are travelling internationally to volunteer but should check:

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Hands On Partners Supporting People Who Are Homebound Or Unhoused:

Volunteer needs: Yes – sign up here: .Donation needs: Yes – view items needed here: .

Volunteer needs: Yes – sign up here: .Donation needs: Yes – view items needed here: .

P:earVolunteer needs: We are serving 150+ to-go meals per day and are seeking volunteer help to continue to meet the needs of Portland’s homeless youth. To sign up to provide food for at least 125 people on a day that works well for you, please visit .Donation needs: You can support our youth by donating funds through our website and inviting your communities to do the same. Drop off homemade baked goods or any food/supply items listed on our webpage .Most-needed food items:- Fruit – Juice Boxes- Baked Goods – Chips

Volunteer needs: Not at this time. You can sign up to be on their list and will be notified when volunteer opportunities happen: Donation needs: Not at this time.

Volunteer needs: Yes – sign up here: View upcoming Operation Nightwatch volunteer shifts.Donation needs: Yes – below is the list of food supplies we need at this time:

  • sweatpants
  • loungewear
  • underwear
  • infant formula and Stage 2 baby foods.

To view our most current list, please visit:

YWCA of Greater Portland

Volunteer Needs:

A Guide To Volunteering 8 Ways You Can Help During Covid

Healthy volunteers to be infected with coronavirus during UK vaccine study | ABC News

Posted Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 by Christina Brown, Sterling Volunteers

Given the current COVID-19 environment and its growing sensitivity, many of us are finding ourselves wanting to help, but also wondering how.

This is a unique time in our lives, and with it come unique needs that many communities are facing across the nation. With that in mind, lets consider some of the ways to help direct volunteer service efforts while still maintaining social distancing.

Heres how you can help:

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How To List Your Volunteer And In

Volunteer NH recognizes the critical work of NH nonprofits and offers Get Connected as a resource to help with locating volunteer and material resources to assist. Nonprofits new to Get Connected can . Nonprofits registered with Get Connected can list their opportunities, making sure to select COVID-19 Volunteer Needs or COVID-19 In-Kind Donations Needed from the Initiative field for easy sorting.

If you have opportunities that are already listed on Get Connected, please edit the Initiative field, selecting the appropriate COVID-19 need so that individuals will know that you are still looking for volunteers or other resources during this time.

Individuals can search listings within the COVID-19 initiatives and click respond if they are interested in offering their time or resources to assist. This will alert your volunteer manager, who can then reach out directly to the interested volunteer. Your organization will be responsible for coordinating with the individual who have responded, and a response is not a guaranteed user.

If you are an individual in need of assistance, 211 NH provides the residents of NH with easy and accurate access to health and human services and to meet their needs daily and in times of crisis. Call 2-1-1 from anywhere in New Hampshire .

Where To Donate To Covid

Donating money is the fastest and easiest way to help organizations actively fighting the novel coronavirus. It can also be the most effective, because your support enables experts to do what they do best, whether thats feed vulnerable populations, provide hospitals with life-saving equipment, or supply financial support to those who need it. Here are a few organizations that need support to help fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Volunteering At National And Local Organizations In Your Area

Depending on the size of your city or town, there may be an organization set up to place volunteers to do specific tasks during the pandemic. Check the COVID-19 page on your city or county website to find out if you can sign up to offer your time this way.

Make sure you exchange emails with a volunteer coordinator or call before you visit an organization, as most places have very specific needs right now. If they cant use your help, dont take it personally. Volunteer organizations must work to keep everyone safe, and that may mean theyre limited in how many people they can take. Some volunteer jobs require training, and there may not be enough resources or staff to do that right now.

Virtual Volunteering Best Practices

Catholic Charities: Volunteers in times of COVID

To see the list of places to find virtual volunteering opportunities, keep scrolling down. But before you do, its worth taking a moment to learn how to be an effective online volunteer. Just because you are volunteering, doesnt mean youll make things better done wrong, even well-intentioned volunteers can end up creating more harm than good. To ensure that your efforts have the intended impact, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Focus on a real, solvable problem. Start by understanding what the particular organization and/or stakeholder group actually needs support with, rather than pushing your own ideas or projects. As Ernesto Sirolli suggests, if you want to help someone, shut-up and listen. The easiest way to do this is to find someone within an existing organization who is trying to accomplish a specific goal, but is facing barriers related to a lack of time, money, or skills. Then, use your time and skills to help them overcome those barriers to achieve their goal.
  • Follow a human-centered approach to proposing solutions. This starts with understanding the stakeholders you are trying to serve, building empathy with them, focusing on a very specific problem, ideating ways to solve the problem, prototyping a solution, and then testing it to make sure it will work.
  • For even more best practices, read our guide to skills-based volunteering published in partnership with Stanfords Social Innovation Review and our guide to volunteering abroad.

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    Make Masks And Donate Them To Local Organizations

    As the CDC and hospitals across the country ask that we all reserve medical-grade masks for health-care workers on the frontlines, theres an increasing need for homemade cloth masks for the rest of us, and especially for local aid organizations. If you like sewing, there are a number of masktutorialsonline. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is currently leading a donation drive and will send donated masks to local hospitals. You can also check with local medical facilities, food kitchens, nursing homes, and community organizations on your own to find out other places accepting mask donations.

    Volunteering Online During Covid: How To Support Social Impact Virtually

    Alexandra Nemeth

    Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Storytelling at MovingWorlds

    on March 26, 2020 / Alexandra Nemeth

    Life as we know it has abruptly changed in the wake of COVID-19. Many of us are self-quarantined at home, perhaps watching the news with dismay and wondering how we can help be a part of the solution. Although we cant support each other in-person right now, we can support each other virtually.

    As a virtual volunteer, you can make a meaningful contribution to nonprofits, social enterprises, and impact initiatives around the world that need your skills without ever leaving home. Learn how to find and plan a successful virtual volunteering engagement below.

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    Find Your Local Mutual Aid Network

    Right now, all over the country , communities are coming together to create mutual aid networks.

    Think of a mutual aid network as a kind of hyper-local COVID-19 Craigslist where neighbors are able to post their needsgroceries, translation services, pharmacy runs, even cash to make rentand others can choose to answer the call. Find your local mutual aid network or start your own here.

    A Little Bit About Jewish Family Service:

    You can volunteer from home to help during COVID-19 crisis

    Since 1872, our nonprofit human services agency has been serving Colorado, providing vital services to families and individuals in need. We offer a variety of services that are playing a big role during this pandemic, including counseling, training, job placement, food and financial assistance, and more.

    Become a part of our organization by volunteering to serve more than 25,000 people of all races, ages, incomes, faiths, and abilities. Were working to enhance the lives of those in need right now and you can help!

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    Book Now Travel Later

    We all know that the most drastic measures to prevent Covid-19 wont last forever. Slowly, life will return to a new normal and with the necessary precautions, more and more people will be able to start traveling responsibly.

    Volunteer organizations are struggling to keep up on their activities because of travel restrictions. Without international volunteers, its extremely challenging. A lot of the work has been paused while the environment and local communities continue to face the same issues.

    Help Virtually At A Local Red Cross

    The Red Cross is best known for its blood drives and local disaster relief work. But there are many online roles that go into helping such a large organization function. Case monitoring, translation, talent acquisition, coding, and digital tool testing are all things that the Red Cross is regularly looking for help with. The Red Cross typically asks for a yearlong commitment, but the timing and number of hours per day or per week changes with the position. To find an opportunity, use the volunteer role finder tool or search by keyword or role by typing virtual or NHQ into the search bar.

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    Collection And Disclosure Of Personal Information

    The personal information requested in your user profile or application will be collected by the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism and is necessary for the proper administration of the Ontario COVID-19 Volunteer Portal as authorized by sections 5 and 6 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act .

    The Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism collects, uses and discloses the personal information requested in your user profile or application to evaluate your suitability as a potential Ontario emergency volunteer for deployment by an Ontario ministry, community or authorized third parties in the event of an emergency as defined by the EMCPA.

    This information will be maintained in a secure database and will be searchable and viewable by:

    • emergency management staff in all ministries
    • staff in emergency management roles in municipalities

    Additional personal information may be required if you are considered for deployment. Personal information may also be collected by the organization or from your references. This additional information is only used to evaluate your suitability for deployment and verify the veracity of the information you provided. By providing this information, you consent to being contacted to volunteer in an emergency or to maintain the accuracy of the information provided.

    This information will not be disclosed except as required for the above-noted purposes or as required by law.

    Remember Those Who Are Still Out There On The Front Lines

    The Coronavirus Outbreak Should Bring Out the Best in Humanity

    Though it may be hard to imagine, at some point, the pandemic will subside and we’ll be able to slowly get back to our lives. And once we’re on the other side of this crisis, we’re going to have a whole lot of people to thank. Grocery store clerks, domestic workers, nurses and doctors, police officers and fire fighters, the people who work at the laundromat, sanitation workers, delivery people, teachers who taught our kids virtually, and the list goes on.

    We may not be able to do much right now, but we can certainly get a head start on finding ways to show our gratitude.

    Take some time over the next days and weeks to consider how you might show your appreciation to even one of these people. Call up your local police department and ask if they’d be willing to accept a delivery of a few pizzas as a small token of your appreciation encourage your market to allow cashiers to put out tip jars for the duration of the pandemic put a box of goods next to your front door with a message thanking delivery people and encouraging them to help themselves connect with your favorite bars and restaurants and set up a virtual tip jar spreadsheet so you can still offer a tip and help support one of the hardest hit industries. Remember, if any of these gestures involve the exchange of actual, physical money or goods, you’ll need to make sure that everything is hygienic, safe, and clean.

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