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Is It Mandatory To Get Covid Vaccine

Biden Calls On States To Implement Vaccine Requirements In Schools

Gregg County Sheriff’s Office says it is mandatory for staff to get COVID-19 vaccine

President Biden on Thursday amplified calls for states to take more aggressive measures to keep children in school amid surging coronavirus cases, calling on governors to require vaccinations for all school employees and for districts to implement more regular testing.

In the latest iteration of the White Houses plan to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the administration will also require teachers and other employees of schools run by federal agencies to be vaccinated as part of his broad push to get the federal work force protected.

That requirement would apply to those who teach in Head Start programs, Department of Defense Schools, and schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Education. Collectively, those schools serve more than 1 million children and employ nearly 300,000 staff, according to the plan released by administration officials.

In remarks Thursday evening, during which Mr. Biden sold his plan to an American public that is divided on vaccines, he also made impassioned pleas to populations outside of his control: He implored parents to get their eligible children ages 12 and older vaccinated, and state leaders to help raise the 90 percent of the nations teaching force that is reportedly vaccinated to 100 percent.

Vaccination requirements in schools are nothing new, he said. They work.

Both leaders of the nations most powerful teachers unions expressed support for Mr. Bidens new plan.

Can School Districts Mandate Vaccines

In August, California became the first state to mandate vaccinations for teachers in public and private schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. Without vaccinations, teachers will face weekly testing, says The New York Times.

New York City is also mandating vaccination for every one of its 148,000 Department of Education employees; this includes teachers, principals, and other school staff. Unlike in California, weekly testing isn’t an option. The New York Times says that employees will need to have at least one dose by September 27.

According to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, M.D., vaccination mandates for students could happen at the state and local level, once the vaccines are approved for pediatric use by the FDA. Schools already mandate certain vaccinessuch as polio, DTap , MMR , varicella , and hepatitis Band there’s nothing to say they can’t also mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.

Every Bc Vaccine Card Has A Unique Qr Code

Every BC Vaccine Card comes with a unique QR code. B.C. is using the SMART Health Card QR code format, a requirement of;the federal government.;This means the QR code only stores the absolute minimum level of information and is not connected to other health records.

Don’t share your QR code on social media. This is a personal document.;

Partially vaccinated

No record found

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Health Systems Step Forward

VAs mandate which applies to front-line workers, including physicians, dentists, podiatrists and registered nurses gives workers eight weeks to comply. Agency officials said the decision was driven by the determination to protect both workers and patients, noting that four unvaccinated employees recently died of covid-19 and that there was an outbreak among staff and unvaccinated trainees at a VA training center.

Since the pandemic began, we have tragically lost tens of thousands of Veterans to this deadly disease, said VA spokesperson Randal Noller. This action is aimed at ensuring that we are doing everything we can to protect our veterans and the system that serves them.

Mayo Clinic leaders, meanwhile, grew concerned about an uptick of cases linked to the delta variant. The health system is headquartered in Minnesota but also operates inhard-hit states like Florida and Arizona, allowing officials to gauge how different parts of the country are experiencing the pandemic and adjust systemwide policies, said Amy Williams, Mayo Clinics executive dean of practice.

The seriousness of the delta variant, as were watching this, we thought, Okay, we have to do more, Williams added.

A Judge Grants An Injunction To End Anti

COVID19 Coronavirus myths what you should know about ...

A state judge granted an injunction on Wednesday prohibiting disruptive protests near school campuses after anti-mask demonstrations in a high school in the Washington city of Vancouver resulted in a lockdown.

According to a statement from the Vancouver School District, the injunction requires that protests, rallies, gatherings on or near school premises that disrupt educational services, immediately cease and desist and not be allowed to convene on or within a one-mile radius of any Vancouver School District building or grounds. The injunction, granted by a judge in the Clark County Superior Court, is effective as long as state-issued mask mandates are in place.

The injunction follows protests outside one of the districts schools, Skyview High School. Groups including some members of the far-right Proud Boys gathered there twice this month to protest the states mask mandate for schools.

After the second protest, during which demonstrators left the sidewalk and came onto the campus, the school went into lockdown on Sept. 3, the districts statement said. The neighboring Alki Middle School and Chinook Elementary School also locked down as a precaution. More protests had been scheduled for this week.

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Universal Masking Fewer Exposures To Positive Cases Curbed Spread In University Setting Cdc Reports Finds

Universal masking and fewer close-contact encounters with people with covid-19 curbed the spread of the coronavirus in university settings in a five-month period before the hyper-contagious delta variant became widespread, according to a report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report, released in the CDCs Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, was based on an evaluation of a quarantine protocol at Saint Louis University that considered mask use to determine whether a person should quarantine after being exposed to someone with covid-19.

From January 2021 to May 2021, a total of 265 students received a positive coronavirus test result and named 378 close contacts at the university. Compared with the close contacts whose exposure occurred only when both individuals were wearing masks, the close contacts who had any unmasked exposure had higher adjusted odds of receiving a positive test result, according to the report. Only unvaccinated close contacts who had unmasked exposures were required to quarantine.

Among the 378 close contacts, 7 percent reported only masked exposures and 93 percent reported any unmasked exposures. Among the close contacts, the percentage of positive test results was substantially higher among contacts who reported unmasked exposure, at 32 percent, when compared with positive test rates among those who had only masked exposure, at 8 percent.

Difference Between Proof Of Vaccination And The Vaccination Passport

Electronic proof of vaccination is a PDF document you can download from a computer or mobile device. It contains your personal information, the name of the vaccine you received or your contraindication, the result of your first positive COVID-19 screening test, and a QR code containing this information.To learn more, visit the Proof of COVID-19 vaccination page.

The vaccination passport is a tool that interprets the information in the QR;code for your proof of vaccination to determine your level of protection against COVID-19.;It will not show your personal information other than your name, nor information about your medical, vaccination, or exemption history.

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Examples Of Places That Don’t Require Proof Of Vaccination

You don’t have to show proof of vaccination at places like:

  • Grocery stores,;liquor stores and pharmacies
  • Unlicensed restaurants that don’t offer table service, like fast food, coffee shops and takeout
  • Local public transportation
  • Salons, hairdressers, barbers
  • Hotels, resorts, pools, cabins and campsites
  • Unless it is a setting or event covered by the PHO order. For example a licensed hotel restaurant, wedding reception or conference
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Public libraries;
  • Food banks and shelters
  • Escape rooms, laser tag,;indoor paint ball, arcades and;bowling alleys
  • Post-secondary on-campus cafeterias
  • You don’t have to show proof of vaccination at events like:

    • Worship services

    Scotland Will Require Proof Of Vaccination For Entry To Crowded Venues As Of Oct 1

    Gregg County Sheriffs Office says it is mandatory for staff to get COVID-19 vaccine

    As parts of Scotland are seeing some of the highest coronavirus rates in Europe, members of the Scottish Parliament voted on Thursday to introduce a vaccine passport system as of Oct. 1, requiring proof of vaccination to visit crowded venues and some large events.

    The plan was formally approved in the Parliament, or Holyrood, after the countrys National Party and the Green Party voted in favor of the plan.

    The new rules mean that people over age 18 will have to show that they are fully vaccinated before being allowed entry to crowded sites at adult entertainment venues including nightclubs, music festivals,some soccer grounds, some live events and any event that is expected to draw more than 10,000 people. All those 16 and older are eligible for vaccination in Scotland.

    After the vote, Humza Yousaf, Scotlands health secretary, said in a statement that vaccination certification will only be used in certain higher risk settings and we hope this will allow businesses to remain open and prevent any further restrictions as we head into autumn and winter.

    Scotlands leader, Nicola Sturgeon, told the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday that requiring people to present vaccine certificates in these circumstances was a reasonable response to a very difficult situation.

    Across Britain, anyone over 18 who has been administered two vaccines can download or get a paper copy of a coronavirus pass proving their vaccination status.

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    Is There A Legal Precedent For Requiring Vaccination

    There is, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, . The case itself was about a vaccination mandate.

    In the early 1900s, smallpox outbreaks were fairly frequent and many people had been vaccinated earlier as children, but needed to be vaccinatedas their immunity waned. The state of Massachusetts passed a law that gave authority to local boards of health to make a decision at any given moment in response to an outbreak that smallpox vaccination should be mandatory for all residents of their local area if in the opinion of the medical experts who were serving on the board it was necessary to protect the public’s health.

    The city of Cambridge made that determination. They then went through the effort of outreach to get everyone vaccinated. When they came to Henning Jacobson, he objected. He argued that vaccines are ineffective. He argued that they don’t prevent transmission. And he argued that they were harmful.

    The court described those arguments as not seeking a medical exemption, but rather reciting the alternative views that differ from medical consensus and that those arguments did not warrant an exemption exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated.

    Can Your Employer Require You To Get The Vaccine

    The short answer is yes, though a vast majority have not.

    Any company is within its legal rights to require employees get vaccinated, barring any conflicting disability or religious belief, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    Walmart, the nations largest private employer, is requiring that about 17,000 workers in its headquarters but not the bulk of its 1.6 million American workers receive a vaccine.

    The Walt Disney Company, Google, Facebook, Tyson Foods and Uber are some of the other large companies requiring at least some of their employees to be vaccinated.

    State governments and the Biden administration have also issued vaccine mandates in their capacity as employers, but not in a way that affects the general public.

    As many as seven million federal workers are now required to show proof of vaccination, under new guidelines announced by President Biden in late July. If they do not, theyll have to follow strict rules on mandatory masking, weekly testing and social distancing. The military said it would follow suit with its employees.

    States like North Carolina, New York and California are also requiring their state employees do the same. And mandatory vaccination orders are also popping up for workers in state hospital systems across the country. This includes most hospitals in Massachusetts, some in South Carolina and others in North Carolina.

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    Can Businesses Mandate Vaccines

    Can your family’s favorite store, restaurant, salon, or event venue require vaccinations? As it turns out, the answer is yes. Even without a statewide or local vaccine mandate, businesses are allowed to set their own policiesjust like they can turn away shirtless or shoeless customers. Business owners simply can’t discriminate based on cultural, religious, or other reasons.

      New Vaccine Mandates Are Being Rolled Out At Va In California New York City The Mayo Clinic Among Other Places



      Follow this story and more bysigning up for national breaking news email alerts.

      The Department of Veterans Affairs, which runs one of the nations largest health systems, announced Monday it would mandate coronavirus vaccines for its front-line workers, becoming the first federal agency to do so and signaling what some experts said could be a national pivot to such requirements.

      Faced with the explosive growth of a new virusvariant, the state of California and the city of New York gave workers a choice: Get vaccinated or face weekly testing. And an array of hospitals from coast to coast, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic, declared they would require staff to get vaccinated, following a joint plea from the nations major medical groups.

      Health-care leaders say the moves represent an escalation of the nations fight against the coronavirus the first concerted effort to mandate that tens of millions of Americans get vaccinated, more than seven months after regulators authorized the shots and as new cases rip through the nation. VAs mandate applies to more than 100,000 front-line workers, New York Citys applies to about 45,000 city employees and contractors, and Californias applies to more than 2.2 million state employees and health workers.

      I fully expect more health care employers health systems, long-term care companies, pharmacies and others will mandate their employees get vaccinated, Emanuel added. The nation will be better off for it.

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      Should I Still Get The Vaccine If I’ve Had Covid

      Yes. Medical experts recommend that people who have had COVID-19 should still get the vaccine. If someones treatment included monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, they should talk to their doctor before scheduling a vaccine appointment. The CDC recommends that people who received those treatments should wait 90 days before getting the vaccine.

      Have Private Companies Required Vaccines For Their Employees In The Past

      It’s very common for health care employers to require flu shots and a whole host of other shots as a measure to protect patients, but also to some extent to protect health workers themselves. So, for example, many require hepatitis vaccinations in addition to flu shots and all of the kind of childhood vaccines that we we tend to get as a condition of attending school.

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      Mandatory Employee Vaccines Coming To A State Near You

      While available vaccines have proven highly effective in controlling COVID-19 and its variants to date, the virus continues to spread particularly among unvaccinated populations. In the face of flagging interest, officials across the U.S. have tried different approaches to increase vaccination rates. For example, officials launched incentive programs, stressed personal responsibility, deployed mobile vaccination units, and coordinated with corporate and community partners to encourage and effectuate vaccine uptake.

      But having exhausted these avenues, and with the rise of more contagious COVID-19 variants, some officials are going a step further. In recent weeks, several states and municipalities have announced that, in essence, they are requiring certain categories of workers to be vaccinated. Generally, under these types of mandates, workers who decline vaccination must comply with measures that do not apply to their vaccinated counterparts, such as weekly COVID-19 testing and/or mask wearing. Depending on the jurisdiction and the sector involved, however, unvaccinated workers might not have such alternatives.

      In addition, this post does not address other significant issues related to employee vaccinations, including potential leaves of absence, discrimination, accommodation, incentives, and privacy concerns. As a result, employers should consult with counsel for guidance on these legal questions.

      Gop Senator Threatens To Stall Biden Nominees Over Probe Of Viruss Origins

      COVID-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory, but those who don’t get it could face restrictions: Elliott

      A Republican senator said Thursday that he would prevent Bidens nominees from being confirmed by the Senate unless the administration committed to a thorough probe into the origins of the pandemic and released additional documents about the federal governments role in coronavirus research.

      Sen. Roger Marshall called on the administration to release more information about its coronavirus investigations, citing documents obtained by the Intercept that detailed how federal funds supported research into bat coronaviruses in China. Marshall also pointed to intelligence agencies inconclusive report that ruled out neither that the virus emerged in the wild nor that it leaked from a laboratory.

      Its outrageous that a comprehensive global investigation on the origins of COVID-19 has still not been carried out, Marshall said in a statement, calling for placing holds on Bidens nominees at agencies involved in coronavirus research, instituting additional sanctions on China and taking other steps that he said would compel further disclosures.

      Multiple federal agencies have provided more than $100 million in taxpayer funded grants and contracts to EcoHealth Alliance, and we still dont have full clarity on where and how that money was spent. Among them, NIH has been highly uncooperative in providing this much-needed information despite numerous requests, said Michawn Rich, a spokeswoman for the senator.

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      Africas Cdc Director Urges Wealthy Nations To Forego Covid Vaccine Boosters And Donate Them Instead

      The decision by some rich nations to offer booster shots will hinder coronavirus vaccine access for low-income countries, the director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday, arguing there is no conclusive evidence healthy people who are not immunocompromised need an extra shot.

      In wealthy countries including Germany, France, Israel and the United States there has been growing momentum to offer additional doses to certain vulnerable populations, including older citizens, and to the general public.

      The problem we have with the third doses is that we have not seen enough science behind them, the director, Dr. John Nkengasong, said in an online news conference with journalists on Thursday. It is really still confusing to me as to why we are moving toward a vast recommendation for a booster dose.

      The World Health Organization has warned that booster shots could divert vaccine supplies from countries with largely unvaccinated populations. On Wednesday, the agency asked wealthy countries to hold off on administering booster shots for healthy patients until at least the end of the year as a way of enabling every country to vaccinate at least 40 percent of their populations.

      Despite the flurry of booster programs in wealthier nations, the science of whether they are needed is not yet clear.

      The African continent is coming off a severe third wave of the pandemic, driven largely by the Delta variant.

      Emily Anthes contributed reporting.

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