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What Is Universal Studios Capacity During Covid

Social Distancing At Orlando Theme Parks

Universal Studios to require employees to be fully vaccinated or test weekly for COVID-19

The concept of social distancing is that keeping at least six feet from other people will greatly lessen the transfer of germs, both through breathing and physical contact. Both Disney World and Universal Orlando have taken precautions to suggest social distancing, but both arent taking equal action to enforce it.

Both parks have installed spacing guides on the ground or railings to show people where to stand while waiting in line, but Disney has gone an extra step to install plexiglass between queue zigzags on some attractions. Disney has cast members actively spacing guests throughout the park, in lines for rides and not. Universal has some staff that manages the flow of guests in ride queues, but not enforcing distancing beyond their immediate close-by guests.

Both parks are limiting ride capacity, which is nice. This means that at Disney World it is just your family in a Splash Mountain log, or at Universal its just your family on a Bilge Rat Barge. But thats not the case with every attraction. Some rides, in both parks, will still mix groups, but only when there are several rows between them.

Limiting PARK capacity *see belowNOYES

Enforcing Mask Rules At Disney And Universal

We are our own rule enforcers within our own family, but we cannot make others follow rules. So, how well do you think mask mandates are enforced at Disney World? How about at Universal Orlando?

Masks required at all times except when eatingNO there are mask-free zones and some rides do not require masksYES

Disney World Mask Mandate

They are upheld VERY WELL. From walking from the hotel to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, masks are worn and there are cast members along the route both talking to visitors AND enforcing mask policies. They also are out there OUTSIDE OF THE PARK enforcing social distancing.

Within the gates, masks are not a problem. Disney has empowered, and I think might be requiring, their staff to address guests not wearing masks in a polite, enforcing way. We saw one lady walk up to a cast member, pull down her mask to talk, and the heard the cast member tell her to pull her mask back up before they continued their conversation. Really, of all the visitors to Disney World we saw or interacted with, less than 10% werent wearing their masks properly, which we always saw get addressed.

The exception to wearing a mask is only when you are stationary, eating or drinking. That means where youre seated at a restaurant or having a snack on a bench, you can take your mask off. Thats it.

Masks at Universal Orlando

Florida Theme Parks Hit Capacity As Labor Day Weekend Crowds Flock To Resorts

Several theme parks in Florida hit their reduced capacity limits for the first time since they reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic as customers returned during the Labor Day weekend.

As reported by Click Orlando, all parks at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World hit their limited capacity on Saturday, September 5.

Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and Volcano Bay all reached their 50 percent capacity on both Saturday and Sunday, forcing them to close for new attendees.

Volcano Bay also reached capacity again Monday, reported WFTV.

Although it is unclear what the new limits are after Walt Disney parks reopened in July, Disney executive George Kalogridis previously said the company was considering reopening with only 20 to 30 percent capacity.

Mateo Osorio was one of those who attended Universal Studios on Saturday. He described how he did not feel safe because of the number of guests and the apparent lack of social distancing and mask wearing.

“The first thing we saw was the temperature screening line,” he told WFTV. “There are markers on the ground for you to be social distancing, but they don’t have as many that far back, so then you have these big clusters of people not social distancing.”

Despite the reduced numbers, Osorio said the lines were “just like a normal queue” for the ride.

Universal Parks News Today

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Going To The Parks During Covid: A Pandemic Guide To Universal Orlando Resort

The closing of the theme parks around Orlando due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 was an unprecedented and anxious time, but with safety at the forefront, the parks, restaurants, and hotels have since reopened and continue to welcome guests back to Universal Orlando Resort. If youre ready for a visit filled with fun and adventure, there are a few things youll want to take note of before you pack your bags, and Orlando Informer is here with your pandemic guide everything you need to know about the ins-and-outs of having fun and staying safe during your visit.

What Changes Are In Effect At Universal Citywalk Orlando During The Covid

Gavin Newsom leaves door open on reimposing California COVID ...

All day guests arriving at Universal Orlando Resort must enter through the parking complex and head through the normal security checkpoint to CityWalk. Valet parking is now available, but guests with furry family members will want to note that the kennels remain closed.

Once in CityWalk, most of the shops and experiences are open, including the Universal Cinemark movie theater and both mini-golf courses.

While most restaurants are open daily, nightclubs remain closed.

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Exclusive: Empty Rides Parkgoers In Masks And Stay 12 Feet Away From The Superheroes For Selfies

  • Universal Studios parks in Orlando, Florida, reopened to the public at a reduced capacity and with a variety of other safety measures in effect on June 5
  • got an inside look at what the new reality looks like, with social distancing and mask-wearing patrons attending the parks
  • Last week Universal Orlando laid off an unspecified number of workers less than three weeks after reopeining
  • Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Universals Volcano Bay are struggling to attract visitors
  • Florida reported having more than 146,341 confirmed cases and the state has had at least 3,447 coronavirus-related deaths

Covid And Universal Studios

We are debating a trip to Universal Studios this summer. Would be first time there. Is it worth it during Covid restrictions? And, what are the pros and cons of the park right now with these restrictions? Thank you!

Hard to say in summer. We were there Dec 17 and lower crowds made it a lot easier to get on rides. Universal was more uneven than Disney on spacing people on rides and mask enforcement. With vaccine rollout progressing nationwide, they could be a lot busier this summer. Either way, you’ll want the express pass add-on at Universal.

Park attendance is definitely increasing. I would expect it to be busy over the summer.

Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor’s forum posting guidelines with prohibiting self-promotional advertising or solicitation.

My prediction is that restrictions will ease and attendance will be off the charts.

Weekends are manic, Id avoid them if at all possible. Ive been several times since the reopening and Universal feels much more normal than Disney to me. In the summer Id definitely want Express.

Compliance with Covid restrictions is not as complete as with Disney but still pretty good.

Edited: 1 year ago

“My prediction is that restrictions will ease and attendance will be off the charts.”

Buy your DIS, SEAS, and CMCSA stock now.

This is an excellent question. There are two ways to look at this…

We were at universal in oct and disney in nov

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Both Universal Orlando Resort Theme Parks Reach Capacity Before 9 Am

Universal Orlando Resort does park entry differently than Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. Where Disney and SeaWorld require advanced reservations to visit, Universal is a first-come, first-served style of entry. While many people praised this system, on extremely busy days such as this, it does bring up the risk that the park may not be able to accept those who arrive later in the day.

Universal is always quick to notify guests if they do reach capacity. For Universal Orlando Resort hotel guests, Universals website says this:

Hotel guests will be given priority entrance to theme parks during our phased reopening. We encourage our hotel guests to take advantage of their Early Park Admission benefit to access the parks prior to our daily opening to the general public, and we will accommodate hotel guests on a priority basis in the parks throughout the day.

According to their online reservation website, SeaWorld Orlando is still fully open for guests today, whether it be ticket holders, Fun Card holders or annual passholders.

According to Walt Disney Worlds reservation site, only Epcot is available for day-of park reservations. Therefore, it is understood that Magic Kingdom, Disneys Animal Kingdom and Disneys Hollywood Studios also all reached capacity today.

If you are interested to learn more about the Florida COVID-19 Phases for re-openings and capacities, head to the official website.

Will Buffets Return To Universal Studios Parks And Resorts

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios visitors must have COVID vaccine proof or negative test

If you asked the Universal Director if buffets will still be a facet of the Orlando theme park experience, hell tell you I think so, though Phil Klinkenberg was also quick to point out in moderate fashion. The idea would be that buffet-style meals would be attended so that people could still get as much or as little of the items they wanted but some of the unknowns of letting guests get up close and personal with food items would be eliminated. The Dockside Food and Beverage Director elaborated that what will be most likely to happen is this idea of “attended” buffets.

Right now we’re a la carte in all of our work. What that really means is that buffets are taking a back seat, we’re not doing them. But when we do buffets, they’ll be attended. So I do think that when we get to our preferred and premiere properties, the places that had a buffet, they will work as an attended buffet. So they’ll continue to serve the same great food that they had in their buffets before but it’ll now be more, you’ll walk up to that buffet and ask for particular items and we will serve them to you. I would think that that’s a modification that’s going to happen.

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How To Book Your Universal Orlando Vacation

If you need help planning and booking your Universal Orlando vacation, then you need to be in touch with The Vacationeer.

Their services are always helpful and totally free of charge. They can answer your questions, give you insider recommendations, book your Universal tickets, hotel reservations, Universal Express Passes, car rentals, and so much more. We rank The Vacationeer #1 on our Best Travel Agencies for Universal page for a reason. They are fantastic!

Call 833-4MY-TRIP or click HERE for a free, no-obligation price quote today!

We hope our Universal Crowd Calendar is helpful as you plan your vacation.

Sanitation Measures At Universal And Disney World

A nice effort on Universals part is the extra signage guiding visitors to restrooms suggesting washing hands often. This is one thing we didnt see much of at Disney World. Universal has sandwich boards and small signs near EVERY bathroom telling guests to wash their hands frequently. They also make announcements reminding guests that the bathrooms are air conditioned, so spending time washing hands is also refreshing. Bravo, Universal!

At Disney World, there is some signage but it isnt nearly as common or prevalent as at Universal. But what Disney has done that we didnt observe at Universal is mobile hand washing stations, like you see at the fair or a concert.

When it comes to hand sanitizer both parks do a very good job about having hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. Like, everywhere. Universal does do a better job than Disney at making sure guests are using hand sanitizer. At Universal Orlando, before you can board a ride you are manually given hand sanitizer by a staff member and cant board without using it.


If youre deciding between visiting Disney World or Universal during COVID-19, both parks are sanitizing very well, albeit differently, so youll need to made your decision based on the bigger picture of crowds and observed behaviors.

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What Omicron Means For Your Theme Park Vacation

Here’s what you can expect at Disney and Universal parks in 2022 and how to prepare for new policies and procedures.

Hello and welcome back to a 2022-sized dose of theme park news!

We took the last two weeks off to do some internet-free things like see the Grand Canyon and flop around in the snow but now we’re back and ready to usher you into a new theme park era with tech-savvy wristbands and the dire need for an Uber the moment you arrive to Orlando International Airport.

If you missed our 2022 preview and find yourself confused, don’t fret you can catch up right here but here’s everything else you need to know as the new year settles into a groove…


Well, well, well, another year, another lengthy pandemic update. I no longer make theme park predictions after the way 2020 went Disneyland sitting closed for over a year was not on my bingo board but dang, I did not expect to file columns across three different years centered around COVID-19 and America’s theme parks.

It was a busy holiday season and running parallel to that was a… whole helluva lot of cases. It’s no longer a problem confined to cities in California or Florida like in previous seasons of The Virus That Will Never End, but the Omicron variant has spread like, well, the global pandemic we don’t seem close to witnessing the end of, and it’s bad out there.

Courtesy of Disneyland Resort


Additional Considerations To Keep Visitors Safe At Disney Or Universal

Florida Officials Say

Universal has implemented measures such as Mobile Order and Pay and Virtual Line, which does limit time waiting with other people around, but there are still crowds. Example: you can join the Virtual Line for Hagrids at Universal Islands of Adventure, but that just guarantees that you can get in line when it gets really busy, so youll be able to ride before the park closes that day. It limits the total number of people that can wait in line.

At Disney World, until reserving return times is started up again, there isnt anything particularly to manage queue length but they are limiting the number of people allowed inside the park. Example: if youd like to spend a day at Disneys Animal Kingdom you must purchase a park ticket and then actually reserve your admission to THAT PARK. This way, they can manage how many people are actively in the parks.

Lastly, if youre trying to decide if you should visit Disney World or Universal Orlando, take into consideration how many days youll be around. At Disney World, you CANNOT hop between parks in the same day. At Universal, as long as you have a multi-park ticket you can go between them, allowing you to experience both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in the same day.

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Universal Studios Singapore Cuts Operations To Weekends Only At 25% Capacity Due To Covid

While Universal Orlando Resort takes steps toward normality by removing the outdoor mask mandate, another Universal property is clamping down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Universal Studios Singapore operator Resorts World Sentosa has announced that the park will be further reducing operating days and capacity to align with new COVID-19 restrictions in the city-state.

Universal Studios Singapore has announced that they will be cutting park capacity to 25% through June 13th, as well as closing on Thursdays, leaving the park only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Guests with existing reservations will still be allowed entry as capacity allows. Additionally, sales of new Annual Passes or renewals has been suspended until further notice. Universal Studios Singapore has operated from 2pm to 9pm Thursday through Sunday since reopening on July 1st, 2020.

These changes come as Singapore is facing a renewed threat of COVID-19. The city-state reported 52 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, including 14 that could not be traced in spite of their robust contact tracing system, according to Insider. The Singaporean government has already banned indoor dining and gatherings of more than two people, stating that the country is on a knifes edge regarding the potential for community spread.

Did We Choose Disney Or Universal During Covid

Our pick for visiting an Orlando theme park during the COVID-19 pandemic is to go to Walt Disney World. While both parks have precautions in place, Disney is surpassing Universal in how well they manage all of their safety and health standards. Its clear, after spending several days in both parks, that Disney has asked their cast members and EMPOWERED them to interact with and manage visitors when it comes to following the rules.

After five separate days at Universal Orlando, our solid opinion based on observation is that Universal isnt actively requiring their staff to enforce rules with their visitors, including wearing masks properly or social distancing anywhere. I wish I could say that we observed random off-behavior, but how health and safety precautions are enforced from the moment you arrive at City Walk until the moment you leave the parks, has been consistently failing each time.

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