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Updated on June 22, 2022 10:25 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 10:25 pm
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What To Do In Nyc During Covid

What Are The Restrictions

How You Can Go to the Dentist During Coronavirus | NBC New York

Asymptomatic travelers entering New York from another country, US state or territory are not required to test or quarantine.

New York officials still recommend quarantine for all travelers who are not fully vaccinated or have not recovered from Covid-19 during the previous three months. Testing three to five days after arriving in New York is also recommended for these travelers.

Most travelers must continue to fill out the states Traveler Health Form upon entering New York. Limited exceptions include people coming from bordering states.

Every air traveler entering the United States needs a negative Covid-19 test result. Passengers are required to get a viral test within three days before their flight to the US departs and to provide documentation of their lab results or documentation of having recovered from Covid-19.

Attend Lincoln Center Out Of Doors

Starting in late July and running through mid-August, Lincoln Center hosts several free outdoor shows including musical acts, spoken word artists, and professional dancing.

See their;events page for details on dates and performances.

To see behind the scenes of this world-renowned performance space, you can take a;Lincoln Center Tour.

NOTE: There are not currently any events scheduled for Lincoln Center: Out of Doors in 2021, but that could change soon. Keep an eye on their events page for more details.

The Fdas Day Of Lively Debate Revealed Key Questions About The Evidence On Boosters

Advisers to the Food and Drug Administration on Friday questioned a key assertion by researchers in Israel and by the drug company Pfizer: that its coronavirus vaccine is waning in protection not just against infection, but against severe illness and hospitalization.

The advisers met to evaluate Pfizers application for approval of booster vaccine doses for all Americans over age 16. Among the details that surfaced during the lively debate: Israel and the United States define severe illness differently.

In Israel, anyone with an accelerated respiratory rate and an oxygen level of below 94 percent is severely ill. By contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers people who are sick enough to be hospitalized as having severe disease, Dr. Sara Oliver, a C.D.C. scientist, said at the advisory committee meeting.

The discrepancy might help explain why the two countries have reported vastly different outcomes in people who are fully immunized.

Israeli researchers said they have seen large numbers of hospitalized patients who had received two doses months earlier. But in the United States, the C.D.C. has reported that vaccinated patients make up just 2 percent of people hospitalized for Covid-19.

It is just one of many scientific discrepancies that came to light this week.

On Wednesday, scientists at the F.D.A. posted an assessment online hinting that they, too, are unconvinced that theres enough evidence that boosters are needed.

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Ride At The Coney Islands Iconic Parks

After a gap of more than one year, Coney Island amusement parks including the iconic Luna Park and Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park started welcoming back visitors in the last week of April. The Parks are open on the weekends only and to ensure physical distancing attendance is limited to 33% of the full capacity. With a bunch of safety measures in place visiting the Coney Island parks is one of the best things to do in NYC during Covid-19. Reserve slots in advance and enjoy the heart-pounding thrill rides at the Coney Island amusement parks.

What To Do About Unemployment Overpayment

6 tips to prepare your child for easy COVID

Losing a job can be financially and emotionally exhausting. Unemployment allowances help reduce some of the stress, but what if your state overpays you? It happened.

Many state unemployment systems deliberately use older technology to prevent fraud, but when the system is overloaded with requests, it can quickly become a problem. This happened when the COVID-19 pandemic closed the US economy overnight, leaving millions of people out of work. In April 2020, the unemployment rate surged to 14.7%, leaving 23.1 million workers unemployed. After that, it dropped to 6% in March 2021, but 2.5% higher than in February 2020, just before the pandemic, and 9.7 million people are unemployed.

  • Its not uncommon for states to overpay unemployment allowances.
  • Only a small portion of the overpayment is due to fraud.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused a flood of complaints and new bailout programs stating that the unemployment system was not equipped to handle.
  • Many states are struggling to put in place policies to abandon or forgive rather than automatically regain legal overpayments.

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Hours Before The Fda Vote The Cdc Released A Study Showing Waning Protection Of The Pfizer Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data on Friday indicating that the level of protection against Covid hospitalizations afforded by the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine dropped significantly in the four months after full inoculation.

The data was released hours before a scientific advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration recommended authorizing booster shots for recipients of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine who are 65 or older or are at high risk of severe Covid-19, at least six months after the second shot.

The new study found that from two weeks after recipients got their second dose a point at which they are normally considered fully vaccinated to four months later, the Pfizer vaccine was 91 percent effective in preventing hospitalization. Beyond 120 days, though, its effectiveness fell to 77 percent.

The Moderna vaccine showed no comparable decrease in protection over the same time frame: It was 92 percent effective against hospitalizations four months after recipients vaccination, a level virtually identical to its 93 percent effectiveness before then.

The study said that not enough participants had received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine to compare its performance. Overall, though, the Johnson & Johnson shot has been 71 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations.

The latest C.D.C. study was based on an analysis of roughly 3,700 adults hospitalized across the United States from March to August.


Dine Out And Listen To Live Music

You will be glad to know that after a break due to Covid-19 live music has returned to the bars and restaurants of NYC. Thus, if you get sick of eating at home, go to Canary club, The Beatrice Inn, Clinton Hall, or Il Cortile Restaurant and enjoy live music along with a variety of delicious cuisine.

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Caring For Children With Symptoms At Home

ACS issued this guidance on March 25, 2020 to be used for situations in which children and youth with symptoms will be receiving care at home. All children and youth with symptoms will now be assumed to be COVID-19, unless proven otherwise with a negative test. Symptoms of COVID-19 could include: fever , cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing/shortness of breath. Call your doctor for any questions regarding the child’s health.

Summer In The Time Of Covid: 10 Things To Do In Nyc

How NYC Is Burying The Dead During Coronavirus

    This is a summer like no other in New York City. It seems as though the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is now behind us, but restrictions remain in place and its the season of social distancing. Fortunately, having been through a few crazy summers in their past who could forget the Son of Sam, a major blackout and financial crisis all happening in the summer of 1977 New Yorkers know how to make the best of challenging times. Here are some creative things to do in the city while staying safe from COVID-19.

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    What To Do If You Receive An Overpayment Notice

    But what about those just caught in the midst of an outdated system that isnt equipped to handle new unemployed demands? Suppose you receive a notification from your state unemployment office that you have overpaid thousands of dollars. There was no red flag. You follow all the steps required for your first submission, enthusiastically prove your claim every week, and receive help that you attribute to you. Now you are said to be renting some or all of it. What can you do?

    • Appeal If you believe you have received the notification by mistake, please visit the state unemployment website and request a hearing.
    • Request a waiver-If the overpayment is justified, you are entitled to either a waiver or forgiveness of it. In any case, you may have a short time frame to request such action, so be sure to check your states requirements.
    • Repay money-Contact the state Department of Labor to make a repayment plan or simply repay the full amount.

    Karma Kids Yoga Live On Youtube Insta And Facebook

    Karma Kids Yoga is founded and managed by my awesome friend, Shari Vilchez-Blatt, with loads of help from her precious daughter, Layla Moon. No one in NYC does Kids yoga better than Karma Kids! Classes include Super Hero Yoga, Storytime Yoga, Pajama Glow-in-the-Dark Yoga and tons more! Shari and her team are currently offering live stream classes on Zoom, Instagram and their YouTube Channel. More Info: Karma Kids Yoga NYC

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    More Unusual Things To Do In New York City

    If stepping off the beaten track is more your thing, there are plenty of things to do in New York City that are unique and unusual in their own way.

    Although visiting some of the citys hot spots is a must, you can still have fun outside of the tourist segment. How about a tour of the catacombs of the Basilica St. Peters old cathedral? Or what about challenging your mind along with some friends at The Escape Game? Or why not become a world-class spy after a visit to Spyscape? All these and more are fun and exciting things to do in NYC that take you away from the buzz of Times Square.

    So, whatever it is youre into, make sure you dont miss any of the cool things to do in New York City that we mentioned above!

    Get Excited For Halloween

    Do you need a Covid

    Pumpkin picking at Decker Farm;

    If youre worried about the pandemic affecting your Halloween, it’s time to get back into the spirit of the season. Set in Historic Richmond Town, Deckers Farm is NYCs oldest working family farm. Impressively, it was also designated a New York landmark in 1967. Visiting the attraction not only supports the farm itself, but bolsters the work they do. They’re a key part of the Staten Historical Society, who preserve and present centuries of American life.

    Have a great day searching the patch for the perfect pumpkin. Learn about the farm. And have some delicious autumnal food, all while making a little slice of history.;

    Availability: Saturdays and Sundays in October

    Ages: All ages

    The Guggenheim is an NYC architectural masterpiece. It’s also home to one of the finest modern art collections in the world. If you havent been before, why not go during this quieter period? The museum opens its doors again on October 3, giving adoring art enthusiasts the opportunity to safely experience the art housed within. Ascend the landmark’s grand spiral and experience the Guggenheims special exhibitions and permanent collections.Availability: Daily from October 3

    Ages: All ages

    Availability: Closed on Tues & Weds

    Ages: All ages

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Availability: Daily – check the official site for updates

    Ages: All ages

    Booking Type:Pre-book or enjoy free entry with The New York Pass;

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    Fda Panel Greenlights Pfizer Boosters For High

    A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended that Pfizer-BioNTech boosters be made available to people 65 and older and those at high risk of severe Covid, but voted against giving blanket boosters to people 16 and older.

    This is the voting question No. 2 that we will ask the committee to consider: Based on the totality of scientific evidence available, including the safety and effectiveness data from Clinical Trial C4591001: Do the known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks of a Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine booster dose administered at least six months after completion of the primary series for use in individual 65 years of age and older, and individuals at high risk of severe Covid-19? We do have a unanimous 18 out of 18 who voted yes for this question.

    A key advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration overwhelmingly rejected recommending Pfizer booster shots for most recipients of the companys coronavirus vaccine, instead endorsing them only for people who are 65 or older or at high risk of severe Covid-19.

    The vote the first on boosters in the United States was a blow to the Biden administrations strategy to make extra shots available to most fully vaccinated adults in the United States eight months after they received a second dose. The broader rollout was to start next week.

    Apoorva Mandavilli andSheryl Gay Stolberg contributed reporting.

    What Can Visitors Expect

    New Yorks busy streets fell quiet at the start of the pandemic, but they are now picking up again. And summer looks to be even better. Restaurants, movie theaters and other venues that appeal to tourists can now operate at full capacity if they choose.

    The city will hold a ticker tape parade in downtown Manhattan onto celebrate the health care staff, first-responders and other essential workers who got the city through the pandemic, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on June 14. It will be the first official parade hosted in the city since the pandemic began.

    Broadway remains set to fully reopen in September, and tickets are now on sale. You can see a listing of shows at The Empire State Buildings 86th floor Observatory is open.

    Cautions do remain in place though. and youll need to remain flexible. For instance, the Metropolitan Museum of Art still requires visitors to wear a mask as of June 25, even if youre fully vaccinated.

    A trip to NYC could cost you less now, too. Mayor de Blasio signed an executive order eliminating the 5.875% hotel room occupancy tax rate from June 1 to August 31.

    Getting in and out of the often-dreaded LaGuardia Airport might be easier this summer with the early completion of Terminal Cs new outer roadway system, part of a massive overhaul of the airport that will eventually include a mass transit link to Manhattan.

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    Ocfs Child Care Stabilization Grant Application

    The OCFS Child Care Stabilization Grant application is available from . All providers must have been issued their license/registration/permit or enrollment letter on or before March 11, 2021 and are open and available to provide in person child care services on the date they apply for the grant. This includes providers who may not currently have children enrolled but are “open” and staffed to provide care. For programs that are temporarily closed and not providing in person child care services on the date of application due to public health or other reasons relating to the COVID-19 public health emergency, they will need to attest that they will be serving children by 9/20/2021 or within 30 days of application, whichever is later.

    Allowable uses include:

    To apply, visit OCFS Child Care Stabilization Grants and follow the steps to create an “” account. Once you have an “” account, you will have access to the Stabilization grant application. Before you begin your application, please gather the following required information: your program’s license/registration/enrollment or permit ID number, tax ID number , your program’s estimated monthly expenses. You must submit a separate application for EACH facility ID/permit/enrollment number.

    If you need assistance with completing your application, please contact the NYC Child Care Resource and Referral Consortium at or the OCFS Human Services Call Center at .

    Become A Master Of Cuisine

    How Coronavirus Has Hurt This NYC Food Truck

    For food lovers in NYC, the best thing to do during Covid-19 is to master their cooking skills by experimenting with new dishes. Ingredients might already be lying around at your home. All you have to do is try to cook a different meal. Moreover, there are several Kitchens in NYC like Brooklyn Kitchen that offer online cooking courses. Get enrolled and learn to cook some amazingly delicious new dishes. You can also get in touch with fellow food enthusiasts and famous chefs on Alphabet Inc , Facebook, Inc. , Instagram, and Twitter Inc. to share recipes and food photos.

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    Hear Live Music At The Museum Of Modern Art

    On Sundays in July, the Museum of Modern Art has free concerts in their beautiful sculpture garden. This series, known as;Summergarden, is free, though space is limited so go early.

    The Sculpture Garden opens at 7:00 pm, concerts start at 8:00 pm and the garden closes at 10:00 pm. The museum is not open during these hours.

    MoMA is a fantastic museum and you should consider visiting it during their open hours.

    They have free hours on Fridays from 4 pm-8 pm. Find out more here. For other free museums, see our post here.

    NOTE: This event has yet to be scheduled for 2021.

    Take A Virtual Tour Of Nyc

    In response to the pandemic, we have begun to offer a lot of new virtual walking tours in New York City and other locations around the world.

    Were currently offering the following digital outings in NYC:

    For a different perspective on this all-American sport, consider taking a;tour of Yankee Stadium!;These tours are popular and get great reviews.;


    Both NYC soccer teams are playing in July. Get tickets here for the New York City Football Club;or the;New York Red Bulls.

    Going to a sports event is a fun way to spend a night out in NYC.;For more nighttime activity ideas, see the;things to do at night;section below.

    NOTE: The MLB currently has plans to allow only a limited number of people into the stadium in 2021 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.;

    Because of this policy, it will be important to get your tickets well in advance if you want to attend a game.;

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