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What Type Of Covid Test Does Cvs Use

Places Where You Can Buy A Home Covid

CVS to start selling at-home COVID-19 tests

Beginning Saturday, the White House is requiring private insurers to cover the cost of eight at-home COVID-19 tests per month for people covered under a health plan.

Federal reimbursement for rapid COVID-19 tests could Americans save big bucks. Pricing for the tests starts at roughly $12 each, but can reach $35 for a pack of two tests at some places. As the spreading Omicron variant fuels demand for a fast and easy way to check for infections, reports of price gouging are surfacing as well.

For now, the at-home screening tools are still hard to find in stock many are sold out across brick-and-mortar pharmacy chains and online retailers. If youre looking for a test, read on to learn about five places that offer a range of at-home, rapid COVID-19 tests that are authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration.

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What Role Can Rapid Diagnostic Tests Play In Covid

As weve said, standard testing resources can get backlogged and results can be significantly delayed. This can be a problem both for providers treating patients and for people proactively self-isolating to avoid exposing others to the virus. This is where rapid diagnostic testing can help fill in some of these gaps to get results back fast.

Rapid diagnostic tests can be helpful in confirming a suspected COVID-19 case quickly, especially when used in the early stages of the infection. These tests can also be useful in screening efforts. Screening means identifying someone who is contagious, but may or may not be showing symptoms, so they can take action before they spread the virus to others. For example, businesses might screen employees before they come back to the office. In fact, the U.S. government recently purchased 150 million of the BinaxNOW tests to distribute across the country in an effort to help governors reopen their states.

Where Can I Get A Covid Home Test

COVID home tests are widely available now, from corner drugstores and grocery stores to online retailers. Availability may vary by area, but major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart started stocking rapid home tests in stores and on websites in April 2021.

Kits that require a prescription, use home sample collection and lab testing, or use other mail-in methods have been available for some time through a variety of retailers, including online sellers like Amazon and even individual laboratories.

LabCorp’s Pixel home collection kit was the first home COVID test kit approved by the FDA. This kit, approved in April 2020, includes a cotton swab for sample collection. Once the sample is collected and sent to the lab, results are sent to the test taker within days. Initially available by prescription only, approval to sell the kit directly to customers 18 years and older without a prescription was granted in December 2020. It is available at major drugstores.

The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit is available by prescription only.

The Ellume COVID-19 Home Test, another completely at-home antigen test for COVID-19, was approved in December 2020. This test is available over the counter at major drugstores.

The first nonprescription at-home molecular COVID-19 test, the Cue COVID-19 Test for Home and Over The Counter Use, was approved in March 2021, and includes a swab and cartridge to analyze the sample within 15 minutes. It does not require a prescription.

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How To Get It

*FOR COVID-19 HOME TEST SELECT INSURANCE CLAIM: Applies to fully-insured and self-insured group and individual coverage, including FEHB plans until the end of the public health emergency. This also applies to Medicare and Medicaid plan coverage. Covers up to eight rapid antigen single-test kits or four rapid antigen two-test kits per month. COVID-19 home test kit returns will not be accepted. At-home COVID-19 tests are excluded from all coupon discounts and promotions, including CarePass® and ExtraBucks Rewards®.

Getting The Right Covid Test


The right test, then, depends on the goal, such as confirming an active COVID infection identifying asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals who might be shedding virus, or determining whether someone previously had COVID. “There is not a lone testing approach that is going to meet every need and solve every problem,” Dr. Rhoads points out.

Here’s what you should know about the different types of COVID tests, how they’re used, and what they can tell you.

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How Do I Know If I Am A Close Contact Of Someone With Covid

  • You are a close contact of a COVID-19 positive person if you were within 6 feet of them while indoors, for at least 15 minutes, while they were symptomatic or within 2 days before symptom onset.
  • You are also a close contact if you were indoors and within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes of someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and your exposure happened in the 2 days before their test was taken to anytime in the 10 days after the test.
  • A close contact can also be someone who had direct contact with the droplets of a COVID-19 case while not wearing a mask or face covering.

Does Minuteclinic Test For Coronavirus

CVS Health is conducting no-cost coronavirus testing at select locations. Limited appointments are available for patients who qualify. Patients must schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 test in advance. It is required for patients to bring their insurance card and proof of identity to their testing appointment. Please view our other coronavirus support options for more information. If youd instead like to browse all clinics offering COVID-19 testing, visit our clinic directory.

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What Type Of Test Should I Get

If you are exhibiting a fever, cough, trouble breathing, or other COVID-19 symptoms, you should get tested, regardless of vaccination status, health experts advise. You should also get tested if you have no symptoms, but know you were recently exposed to the virus.

A lot of this depends on access and what is readily available to you. We are thankful to have rapid antigen tests that are easy to find, but if you dont have symptoms, their sensitivity is limited and we know that 40% of people who are contagious with COVID are asymptomatic, Dr. Martinello says. A NAAT test is more sensitive, but a lot still depends on the quality of the specimen.

Still, for the diagnosis of people seriously ill , doctors will generally use a PCR test, because false-negative tests might result in inadequate treatment.


If you are traveling, you might be required to get tested, too. The location you are visiting might require a certain type of test and approved testing locations as well.

Dr. Campbell says a PCR test probably makes the most sense for travel. You want to detect the virus early, and the PCR test is the most sensitive for that to make sure you are not infectious for your trip, he says, acknowledging that many places require a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before boarding a plane.

School and workplaces

For surveillance, such as at schools or workplaces, antigen tests work well, Dr. Campbell says.

Can Customers Pay For Their Prescriptions Via Text Message Rite Aid Mobile App Or Phone

CVS To Start Selling Over The Counter COVID-19 Test Kits This Week

All stores are currently offering “Pay n Go pre-pay services for prescriptions. Patients who are signed up for Prescription Notifications at eligible stores will have an option to pre-pay for their pharmacy order when they receive their Your Prescription is Ready text or email with a link to pay.

We are also encouraging the use of contactless payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and contactless cards, which allow you to hold your card near the pin pad to be read wirelessly. Contact your bank for more information on contactless credit cards.

A supply of finger covers are available at each register, and customers are encouraged to use one if they need to touch our pin pad payment units.

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Doctors Offices And Clinics

Your primary care provider may be willing to test you for COVID-19 if you dont have symptoms, although your insurance may not cover the test or the cost of the office visit for this purpose. It cant hurt to ask.

Passport Health, a travel medicine and immunization agency with clinics across the US, offers COVID-19 testing specifically for travel. The agency has locations in 33 states.

Your primary care provider may offer you a COVID-19 test for travel.

What Are The Different Types Of Covid

There are 2 types of COVID-19 testing: Virus Testing and Antibody Testing.

Virus testing is the type that tells you if you currently have COVID-19. These tests are typically done using a nasal swab, oral swab, or saliva sample, and then sent to a lab. There are two types of this testing:

  • Molecular tests detect the presence of viral genetic materials and are considered the gold standard test.
  • Antigen tests are rapid tests which detect the presence of certain proteins on the surface of the virus. These tests can be performed at point-of-care or at home and are available over-the-counter. BinaxNOW Antigen Test Abstract | Graph

Antibody testing detects the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 in your blood. Antibodies are produced during an infection with COVID-19 or by vaccination.

  • Important to know: At this time, most people dont need antibody tests and they should not be used to guide decisions on whether to stop isolation or return to work. Currently, we do not know what level of antibodies in your blood means that you are immune from further infection with COVID-19.

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Where To Get Tested And How To Get Rapid Tests

Some provinces have programs in place that distribute free rapid test kits and others have extensive testing programs. Visit your provincial or territorial government website to find out:

  • where to get a molecular test
  • where to get a rapid test

Pick your province:

The Government of Canada, some provincial/territorial governments and distribution partners are providing free rapid COVID-19 tests to organizations. Regular rapid testing gives an extra layer of defence against the spread of the virus. Organizations can apply through our federal program .

How Much Do Covid

CVS begins COVID

Theyre literally free. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ensured that COVID-19 testing will be free to anyone within the United States.

  • Per CVS, any COVID-19 testing patient should not have any out-of-pocket costs, but you should check with your health plan to confirm before scheduling a test.


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Your Rx Costs & Savings

Keeping your medication affordable is important. One way we can help is by showing you ways to save on your Rx. or register to see your personalized savings options.

Drug prices can differ based on benefit plans, whether or not deductibles are met, and pharmacy pricing.

Our drug cost and coverage tool makes it easy to see if a drug is covered and what you can expect to pay. To get started, sign in or register for an account at, or with our mobile app.

Use our drug cost and coverage tool to enter the drug name, choose your prescribed amount, and search. Results will show prices for brand name, generics, or therapeutic alternatives covered under your plan.

If you don’t see a price, it means the drug isn’t covered. Your best value is the option that can save you the most money. You can also check the price difference between having your medications delivered by mail or picking them up at the pharmacy, plus compare costs at different pharmacies in your network. And check out more ways to save by reviewing drug savings opportunities personalized just for you.

To learn more, visit our help center at

How Samples Are Collected For Diagnostic Covid

There are different ways samples can be collected to test for COVID-19. Samples can be collected through a:

  • nose swab
  • saliva sample
  • oral swab

For nucleic acid-based testing, such as molecular PCR, samples are collected from a patient in either a:

  • health care setting or
  • point-of-care setting

The samples are then evaluated in a laboratory. It usually takes 1 to 3 days for people to get their results back. As well, some rapid molecular tests can produce results in less than 1 hour.

Antigen tests detect proteins of the virus. They are quick and easy to perform in point-of-care. The results can often be read in less than 15 minutes.

Self-tests make it possible for people to collect samples for themselves or their dependants. They can administer the test and read their results at home. More information on self-testing and how to use them correctly can be found in our self-testing for COVID-19 fact sheet.

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Where Can I Find Rapid Testing Near Me

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or believe youve been exposed to the virus, youll want to contact your provider or health department to see if you need to get tested. Because testing supplies are limited, tests should be reserved for those people who need them.

But if you need a test with faster results, there may be some options available to you. Depending on where you are located and where you go for testing, you may need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for a test, like symptoms or exposure risk. If you are booking an appointment online, you may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to make sure that you meet the requirements.

Most testing sites use the standard molecular tests for COVID-19. Some may offer rapid diagnostic tests, but availability is usually limited. The rapid tests may be referred to as:

  • Rapid tests

  • Instant tests

  • 15-minute tests

CVS Pharmacys MinuteClinic and Walgreens both offer no-cost COVID-19 testing for people who meet certain criteria at select locations. While most locations offer standard molecular testing, some have rapid testing options.

There shouldnt be any out-of-pocket costs for testing. But youll want to check with your health plan to make sure. Rapid test results are typically available same-day or within 24 hours. Standard test results can be expected within 2 to 3 days.

For additional options, you can search for COVID-19 testing locations near you here.

What Is A Rapid Diagnostic Test

Self-swab COVID-19 testing at CVS Pharmacy locations

The key difference between rapid tests and standard tests is how long they take to process results. As the name suggests, rapid tests can produce fast results. Standard coronavirus tests typically use more complex, time-consuming methods and bulky equipment. Rapid tests are often simpler, allowing them to process samples faster. The fastest test currently available, ID NOW by Abbott, can detect the virus in 13 minutes or less.

Rapid tests can also be done at point-of-care, without requiring an outside laboratory for processing samples. With standard tests, samples are sent to a lab. This can cause bottlenecks, potentially delaying results for days, if not weeks, as demand increases. Rapid tests often use a portable device to test samples, so the entire process can be completed at the same location.

To summarize, rapid tests can be done on-site. They are generally simpler or less time-consuming. And they produce results in under an hour.

Next, well cover the types of rapid testing that have been developed so far.

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Best Serial Test: Bd Veritor At

  • Includes care support and digital instructions

  • App connectivity provides results in 15 minutes

  • Smartphone compatibility required to see results

  • Not yet suitable for asymptomatic users

Serial tests may offer more peace of mind, and if you have some time to spare waiting for results, consider the BD Veritor At-Home COVID-19 Test. Complete with a lower nasal swab, it’s intended to be used twice over two to three days, with no more than two days in between tests.

Keep in mind that while some COVID-19 tests can be used on the asymptomatic, BD Veritor’s kit hasn’t yet been evaluated for patients without symptoms of infection.

This test has been authorized by the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization.

Type: Rapid | Form: Nasal | Number of Tests Per Kit: 2 | Results Speed: 15 minutes

Cvs Now Offering 3 At

WOONSOCKET, R.I. Three over-the-counter COVID-19 tests are now available at select CVS pharmacies.

CVS Pharmacy said all of the three at-homes have received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

“Access to testing continues to be an important part of the nation’s pandemic response. Making OTC COVID-19 tests available to our customers helps remove barriers by providing convenient options for testing,” George Coleman, Senior Vice President and Chief Merchant for CVS Pharmacy, said.

Here are the tests that are available:

  • Ellume COVID-19 Home Test Kit A rapid test that delivers results in 15 minutes through a free app. Its $38.99
  • Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test A rapid test that delivers results in 15 minutes. It contains two tests that need to be administered twice over three days with at least 36 hours between tests. Its $23.99
  • Pixel by Labcorp Home Collection Kit A PCR test that gives results within 1-2 days.

CVS Pharmacy said the tests do not need a prescription, and can be used by people with and without COVID-19 symptoms.

This comes as coronavirus vaccine eligibility opens to all Massachusetts residents 16 and older.

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Where To Get A Coronavirus Test

Your state and local health department websites should have a list of the hospitals, clinics, and drive-thru screening facilities offering COVID-19 tests in your area, according to the CDC.

Many doctors and medical centers are scheduling telehealth appointments over video prior to administering the test in-person, so make sure you know what the procedure is before trying to get a walk-in appointment . Pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens are also operating pop-up testing sites appointments for those facilities can be booked online.

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