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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am

Global Statistics

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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
All countries
Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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Updated on July 4, 2022 7:56 am
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What’s Inside The Covid Vaccine

Do We Need Different Covid

What’s inside Coronavirus Vaccine? Bill Gates Interview

Ultimately, its helpful to have multiple safe, effective vaccines available. Part of the reason for this is that it is impossible for any single manufacturer to quickly release enough vaccine to serve the population of the whole world. It will be much easier to perform widespread vaccination if several different safe and effective vaccines are produced.

Also, not all these vaccines will have exactly the same properties. Hopefully, multiple successful vaccines will be produced that might help meet different needs.

Some require certain storage conditions, like freezing. Some need to be produced in very high-tech facilities that arent available in all parts of the world, but others use older techniques that can be more easily reproduced. And some will be more expensive than others.

Some vaccines may turn out to provide longer-lasting immunity compared to some others, but that isnt clear at this time. Some might turn out to be better for certain populations, like the elderly or people with certain medical conditions. For example, live virus vaccines will probably not be advised for anyone who has problems with their immune system.

As more research is conducted and more data collected, comparisons of the vaccines may become clearer with time.

As availability improves, it will be key for as many people as possible to get vaccinated. Only through such efforts will we really be able to end the pandemic.

A Simple Breakdown Of The Ingredients In The Covid Vaccines

Three COVID-19 vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since mid-December 2020. Prior to authorization by the FDA, these vaccines underwent the same rigorous safety and effectiveness standards as all other vaccines. Quickly, vaccine distribution began, starting with health care professionals on the frontlines of patient care.

Once available to the broader public, its critical that a high percentage of the population receive the vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19. Herd immunity occurs when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease and provides indirect protection to those who are not immune to the disease.

There have been many rumors flying around on the internet about whats in the vaccine. Some rumors even suggested that the vaccines contain gluten, wheat, eggs and even bee venom! All of that is simply, untrue.

If youre among the many wondering whats actually in it? and, is it safe to receive the injection?, keep reading.

Acid And Acid Stabilizers

Acids are everywhere. Like lipid, acid is a molecule that is found in many of the substances we eat and drink. In foods, we associate acids with anything that tastes sour, such as lemons and limes.

You might associate acids with the pH scale any substance that measures less than 7 on the pH scale is acidic.

Acids are also found naturally in the human body. Hydrochloric acid in our stomachs helps aid digestion, amino acids are needed to make proteins and fatty acids help grow and repair the bodys tissues.

In the COVID-19 vaccines, acids and acid stabilizers work to maintain stability of the shot.

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Vaccines Are Made To Resemble Invaders

The most important thing to understand about vaccines is that they teach your body how to gear up to fight an infection, without your body having to deal with the infection itself. In this way, vaccines help your body be prepared for invasions by germs that could otherwise make you very sick.

All three of the COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. focus on what is called the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 is a round virus, with bumps all over it sort of like a baseball covered in golf tees. The bumps are the spike proteins.

On an actual coronavirus, spike proteins allow the COVID-19 virus to get into cells so the virus can make more copies of itself. It does this by sticking to certain kinds of proteins, called receptors, on human cells particularly lung cells. In this way, the virus can break into healthy cells and infect them.

The Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all work similarly by giving the bodys cells the instructions to make the spike protein. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines carry these instructions on a molecule called mRNA. This single-stranded molecule looks like a long piece of tape with the instructions to make a protein coded on one side.

So the main difference between the three vaccines is that the Pfizer and Moderna shots give your body instructions for the spike protein through mRNA, while the Johnson & Johnson shot directs it via DNA. After that, all three vaccines work the same way.

What Happens When The Vaccine Enters Your Body

When Will There Be A Coronavirus Vaccine?

Once a COVID-19 vaccine is injected, the mRNA or DNA gets swallowed up by tissue cells and special immune cells that live in muscles, skin and organs called dendritic cells. Dendritic cells keep watch over all parts of the body like sentinels, searching for signs of invading germs like the coronavirus.

As soon as the DNA or mRNA is inside the dendritic or tissue cells, the cells use the instructions to create spike proteins. This process usually takes less than 12 hours. After the spike proteins are made and ready to show to the immune system, the mRNA or DNA is broken down by the cell and eliminated.

Its important to know that even though your cells have made their own spike proteins, they dont have enough information to make copies of the full virus. But the spike proteins can trigger the bodys immune system to amp up its defense so it is ready if the whole coronavirus invades.

When the tissue cells and dendritic cells recognize the spike proteins as unwelcome visitors, the cells place sections of the spike proteins on their exterior for other cells to see. The dendritic cells also release danger signals at the same time to let other cells know that the spike protein presents a threat. The danger signals are like flashing neon yellow signs pointing to the displayed spike protein piece saying, This does not belong!

These warning signals then fire up your bodys immune response.

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Coronavirus Vaccines: Heres Whats In Them

When we go to the grocery store, many us look at labels on the foods we buy to see the ingredients. We want to know what were putting into our bodies.

Why then do almost none of us know the ingredients of the vaccines we get?

Tens of millions of Americans have lined up to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But very few know whats going into their arm.

Were about to tell you

Ingredient Lists for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

The two vaccines now availableone from Pfizer and the other from Modernahave similar ingredients. Thats because they use the use the same technology.

The active ingredient is something called messenger RNA or mRNA. It is a piece of genetic material from the coronavirus. It cant cause infection. But once inside your body, it stimulates your immune system to make antibodies against the virus.

mRNA is fragile. If you simply injected yourself with it, it would almost immediately breakdown. It needs a component to protect it and help it bind to cells, which it cant do on its own.

Thats why both vaccines also contain fat droplets. They protect the mRNA and provide a greasy exterior that helps the mRNA slide into cells.

One type of fat used in both vaccines is cholesterol. The shots dont have enough of it to raise your cholesterol level or affect your heart.

Besides mRNA and fats, both vaccines also contain salts and sugars. They are added as preservatives. The Moderna vaccine also contains an acid preservative.

Can I Still Get Covid

Because no vaccine is 100 percent effective, breakthrough infections may occur. But experts stress that the vaccines remain highly protective against hospitalization and death if you do catch COVID.

Breakthrough infections, however, can contribute to the spread of COVID-19. New data show that fully vaccinated people who become infected with the highly transmissible delta variant can pass the virus on to others, which is why health officials now recommend that vaccinated individuals in areas of high community transmission wear a face mask in indoor public settings.

Join today and get instant access to discounts, programs, services, and the information you need to benefit every area of your life.

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You Dont Need A Biologist On Board To Make These You Need A Chemist

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With Covid-19 vaccines widely available, the scientist behind experimental technology used by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna has explained what was baked into the first batch off the production line.

Dr Drew Weissman, a professor in the University of Pennsylvanias Perelman School of Medicine, is one of the pioneers of the vaccine formula called Messenger RNA . He collaborated with Pfizer and BioNTech on their version of the vaccine.

He told The Independent that the vaccine, unlike any that has been developed previously, contains a new technology that delivers genetic code or directions that instructs the body to create a copy of the Covid-19 virus spike protein, which prompts an immune response.

The mRNA is produced by an enzyme that copies DNA that contains the protein to be produced, Mr Weissman said.

Four lipids are used to create the lipid nanoparticle that self-assemble with the mRNA. They are all created synthetically. The cationic lipid, which is the main function component is proprietary to companies.

Ingredients Are Used During The Production Of Vaccines

Do We know What’s Inside the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines?

Some ingredients that are needed to produce the vaccine are no longer needed for the vaccine to work in a person.

These ingredients are taken out after production so only tiny amounts are left in the final product. The very small amounts of these ingredients that remain in the final product arent harmful.

Examples of ingredients used in some vaccines include:

  • Cell culture material , like eggs, to help grow the vaccine antigens.
  • Inactivating ingredients , like formaldehyde, to weaken or kill viruses, bacteria, or toxins in the vaccine.
  • Antibiotics , like neomycin, to help keep outside germs and bacteria from growing in the vaccine.

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More People Are Getting Unapproved Fourth Doses Of The Covid

If asked to show her vaccine card, Stacey Ricks can choose from three.

Ms. Ricks, 49, a kidney transplant recipient who takes immune suppressing medication, didnt develop antibodies after her first two Moderna shots.

In June, without disclosing she already had received the Moderna shots, she got a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine before federal health officials had approved anyone for a third shot.

Getting her fourth and fifth shots was trickier. By July, pharmacy records in the Houston area where she lives finally showed her prior shots. Armed with a doctors note explaining that she hadnt developed antibodies, Ms. Ricks convinced a pharmacist to give her two doses of the Pfizer vaccine over the summer.

She kept saying, Theres no clinical data here, Ms. Ricks recalled. And I said, Hey, I am the clinical data.

Ms. Ricks is one of many people with compromised immune systems in the U.S. who have sidestepped government guidelines and received unauthorized fourth or fifth shots.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in charge of determining when additional doses should be administered, but some patients and their doctors feel that federal agencies have acted too slowly to protect the most vulnerable.

Typically, doctors have discretion to use approved medications outside of their recommended uses so a fully approved vaccine like Pfizers could normally be prescribed as doctors see fit.

What About Allergies

For those worried about their allergies, the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines do not contain human or animal products, or common allergens such as latex, milk, lactose, gluten, egg, maize/corn, or peanuts.

Allergic reactions to vaccines or their ingredients are very rare, but they do happen. In the US, a report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that severe allergic reaction was very rare at 11.1 instances per million doses of vaccine, and that more than 80 per cent of those cases occurred in people with a history of allergic reactions.

You must not get a COVID-19 vaccine if you have had any of the following:

  • Anaphylaxis to a previous dose of the same COVID-19 vaccine
  • Anaphylaxis after exposure to any ingredient of the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you have ever had a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis to anything else, including after receiving a vaccine, you can still get the vaccine, but you must tell the immunisation provider beforehand.

Vaccines are usually delivered in a healthcare setting by trained professionals who have the right medications and equipment on hand and know what to do if there is an issue.

If you are asked to wait around for 30 minutes after your vaccination, dont be alarmed. This is a standard procedure, depending on your medical history.

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Why Is My Arm Sore

As all of these important processes are happening inside your body, you might see some physical signs that theres a struggle going on underneath the skin. If your arm gets sore after you get the shot, its because immune cells like the dendritic cells, T-cells and B-cells are racing to the arm to inspect the threat.

You might also experience a fever or other signs of sickness. All of these mean that your body is doing exactly what its supposed to. This is a safe and natural process that happens when the body is learning how to fight the spike proteins. That way, if you do come into contact with the real coronavirus, your body has learned how to protect you from it.

Hello, curious kids! Do you have a question youd like an expert to answer? Ask an adult to send your question to . Please tell us your name, age and the city where you live.

And since curiosity has no age limit adults, let us know what youre wondering, too. We wont be able to answer every question, but we will do our best.

How To Book Your Booster

is 5G the cause of Covid

Although 2021 is coming to an end in the middle of a COVID-19 surge, that doesnt mean we should give up hope on finally bidding farewell to the pandemic in 2022.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization, just released his end-of-year statement, and he was cautiously optimistic that the world can knock out COVID by this time next year.

Although we now have vaccines and new treatments for COVID-19 that have saved millions of lives, he says the key to getting back to everyday life is sharing those breakthroughs with everyone.

As we enter the third year of this pandemic, Im confident that this will be the the year we end it but only if we do it together, he said.

Dr Tedros says we wont be able to leave the pandemic behind us until we can distribute vaccines to the countries that still need them the most, rather than allowing some countries to hoard them.

He also blames the emergence of the Omicron variant on inequity created by narrow nationalism and vaccine hoarding by some countries.

The longer inequity continues, the higher the risks of this virus evolving in ways we cant prevent or predict, Dr. Tedros said. If we end inequity, we end the pandemic.

The WHO and its partners are working hard to make sure vaccines become readily available to people worldwide with initiatives like COVAX, which will accelerate the production and equal distribution of vaccines.

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Youll Need A Covid Booster Vaccine To Travel Abroad Warns Boris Johnson

Prime Minister says travel requirement likely to become the norm very soon and urges millions who are eligible to get their jabs

Booster vaccines are likely to be needed for travel to many countries within weeks, Boris Johnson warned as he urged people to come forward for a third jab.

Mr Johnson said the travel requirement was likely to become “the norm” very soon, adding that it would be “very much to people’s advantage” to take up the jabs.

Third vaccines are also set to be needed for vaccine passports in England after everyone has been offered a third vaccine. That milestone has now been reached but more than nine million eligible people have yet to take up the offer.

On Tuesday night, Mr Johnson said the Government would “give people plenty of time” before requiring a third jab for vaccine passports and urged millions to come forward.

Ministers are concerned about poor take-up of boosters, with uptake peaking in mid-December. The latest figures show that only one in three available slots for the next week have been booked.

Mr Johnson said it was “heartbreaking” that people were dying from Covid because they had not been vaccinated.

Anyone who has had Covid must wait 28 days before being able to have a booster.

Next Steps & Resources:

  • Meet our clinical contributor: Juan Ravell, M.D., division chief of allergy and immunology at Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Hackensack Meridian Health has appointments available for Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. to get your appointment within 24 hours. To make an appointment with a doctor near you, call or visit our website.

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What Are The Ingredients Of Pfizers Covid

We asked experts to help us decode the contents.

Facebook said on December 3 that it would remove posts with false claims or conspiracy theories about whats in the covid-19 vaccines that everyones counting on.

In the face of rumors suggesting that Bill Gates has installed tracking microchips in the shots, or that the inoculations contain luciferase, a glowing chemical from fireflies whose name makes some people think of the devil, the company suggested it would be policing such claims by making reference to the official vaccine ingredient list.

Whats actually on the official ingredient list? This week an elderly UK woman became the first person outside of a trial to get the newly approved vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, and the US could greenlight the same inoculation as soon as Thursday, December 10. Along with the regulatory actions over the last week have come the most detailed disclosures yet of the new vaccines makeup.

Here, for instance, is what the US Food and Drug Administration says is in Pfizers vaccine:

  • Active Ingredient
  • nucleoside-modified messenger RNA encoding the viral spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2
  • Lipids
  • ,2–N,N-ditetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine
  • Other
  • sucrose
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