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Updated on June 22, 2022 11:26 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 11:26 pm

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 11:26 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 11:26 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 11:26 pm
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When Did Covid Start In The Us

Biden Warns Nation That Millions Are Still Unvaccinated

Where Did The Coronavirus Come From? Questions Remain

In a July 6 briefing, President Biden again pushed for all eligible people in the United States to get vaccinated against COVID-19, emphasizing the importance of being protected against the rapidly spreading delta variant.

So, if youre vaccinated, youre protected. But if youre unvaccinated, youre not, and youre putting yourself and more importantly maybe, from your perspective, your family and your friends at risk, Biden said. So, please get vaccinated now. It works. Its free. And its never been easier, and its never been more important.

During the briefing, Biden outlined his administrations plan to get unvaccinated people immunized against COVID-19. These measures include:

  • Renewed emphasis on getting the vaccines to more family doctors and healthcare professionals so more people can get vaccinated at their doctors office.
  • Increased efforts to get adolescents ages 12 to 18 vaccinated.
  • Sending out more mobile clinic units to vaccinate people at special events, summer festivals, sporting events, or places of worship.

Astrazeneca Antibody Drug Fails To Prevent Covid

A study key to demonstrating the effectiveness of AstraZenecas antibody drug combination, AZD7442, found it was only 33 percent effective at preventing symptoms of the disease in people exposed to the coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

The outcome is disappointing for the drugmaker, as this drug was hoped to be a bright spot in the companys efforts to fight the pandemic following the mixed success of its COVID-19 vaccine with the University of Oxford, reported Bloomberg.

While this trial did not meet the primary endpoint against symptomatic illness, we are encouraged by the protection seen in the PCR negative participants following treatment with AZD7442, AstraZeneca Executive Vice President Mene Pangalos said in a statement.

We await results from PROVENT, our pre-exposure prevention trial and TACKLE, our treatment trial in preventing more severe disease, to understand the potential role of AZD7442 in protecting against COVID-19, he said.

According to CNBC, AZD7442 belongs to a class of drugs called monoclonal antibodies, which mimic natural antibodies produced by the body to fight infections.

Similar therapies developed by drugmakers Regeneron and Eli Lilly have already received approval by U.S. regulators to treat nonhospitalized people with COVID-19.

Lack Of A Clear Animal Connection

Still, its true that there is no proof of a natural spillover, and some 18 months out from the;first identified COVID-19 cases, the lack of an animal that transmitted the virus to humans has led some people to wonder whether there was one.;

After all, with the first;SARS;epidemic in 2003, cat-like mammals known as palm civets were identified as possible intermediate hosts;within several months;and fingered more definitively;within a year. And with;MERS;in 2012, it took about a year to find out that people;had;likely;picked up the virus from camels.

But experts told us the delay is not unexpected.

Its not really surprising, said Goldstein. For one, unlike with the first SARS, the market linked to many of the early COVID-19 cases was quickly shut down, making it significantly more difficult to find any potential intermediate animals there.

You need to get lucky, he said. You have to go at the right time. If you go later, its going to be hard.

And, as Perlman, pointed out, If I were illegally trading in exotic animals and heard SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was about to begin, the first thing Id do is take my exotic animals and high-tail it.

There have been some efforts to look for an intermediate. The WHO;reported;that 80,000 wildlife and farm animal samples from China had been tested, all of which turned up negative for SARS-CoV-2. But Garry said that the figure is not as impressive as it might seem.

Its also possible a conclusive animal connection will prove elusive.

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/3/21 1: 00 Pm Pdt Biden Administration Outlines Plan To Send 25 Million Vaccines To Other Countries

With vaccination demand in the United States waning, the Biden administration is now looking to send millions of doses abroad to fight COVID-19, according to Reuters.

About 19 million doses will be given to COVAX, the campaign run by the World Health Organization to get vaccines to developing countries. The other 6 million doses will be given directly to countries including Canada, Mexico, India, and South Korea.

While more than 50 percent of the U.S. population has had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, many countries have yet to even start a mass vaccination campaign.

The World Health Organization has been pushing for wealthier countries to donate vaccines to poorer countries to fight the pandemic globally. Should a strain develop in other parts of the world, it can quickly spread to the United States.

India Reached A Million Coronavirus Cases And Lockdowns Were Reimposed

Canada administers first doses of COVID

India on July 17 surpassed one million confirmed infections and 25,000 deaths. The milestones came as several states and cities had reimposed total and partial lockdowns and as the country ranked third in the world in infections behind the United States and Brazil. While Indias caseloads continued to climb, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimated that by the end of next year, India would have the worst outbreak in the world.

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The Eu Said It Would Reopen Borders

The European Union prepared to open to visitors from 15 countries on July 1, but not to travelers from the United States, Brazil or Russia. The move puts into effect a complex policy that seeks to balance health concerns with politics, diplomacy and the desperate need for tourism revenue. Australia, Canada and New Zealand were among the approved list of countries. Travelers from China will be permitted if China reciprocates.

Trump May Be Gone But Covid Has Not Seen Off Populism

It is liberal fantasy to imagine that poor handling of the pandemic has lessened the allure of Modi and Bolsonaro. They are learning fast how to subvert voting

When the pandemic struck, newspaper opinion pages were full of pieces predicting the end of authoritarian populism. Surely Donald Trump, Narendra Modi and Jair Bolsonaro couldnt survive their mishandling of Covid-19? Finally, people were waking up to the reality of what these leaders represented.

Trump may not have lasted, but the expectation that the pandemic might see off populism is mistaken. Liberal observers have long assumed that populists are by definition incompetent demagogues. But populism is not all about promising simplistic solutions in a complex world and, contrary to a complacent liberal narrative, populist leaders are not incapable of correcting failed policies. The threat of authoritarian populism is compounded by the fact that these leaders are learning from each other though what they are copying are not more effective strategies to combat the pandemic, but techniques for disabling democracy.

Populist leaders are not all nearly as incompetent and irresponsible as Trump and Bolsonaros handling of Covid would suggest. Their core characteristic is not that they criticise elites or are angry with the establishment. Rather, what distinguishes them is the claim that they, and only they, represent what they often refer to as the real people or also the silent majority.

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What If The Virus Quietly Arrived In December

Doctors in France have said that a patients sample from late December has since tested positive for the coronavirus. But so far, there is no comparable evidence of a similar case in the United States.

The strongest possible indicator so far is new evidence that emerged this week of two people in Snohomish County, Wash., who reported coronavirus-like symptoms in December. Both people later tested positive for antibodies, county health officials announced.

But Dr. Chris Spitters, the countys health officer, said that while it was possible that both people had the coronavirus in December even before officials in China had reported a cluster to the World Health Organization at the end of the month he was doubtful.

Its possible and frankly, I think, more likely that they had a non-Covid respiratory viral illness in December and subsequently had an asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic Covid infection subsequent to that, Dr. Spitters said.

Dr. Bedford said he also believed this was the more likely scenario, noting that up to half of people with coronavirus infections have no symptoms.

There could have been a tiny number of isolated coronavirus cases among travelers to the United States in December, Dr. Bedford said. But it is pretty clear that none of them spread.

In part, scientists can tell that by looking at the genomic fingerprints of each case. But another clue is the rapid rate at which the virus spreads, Dr. Rutherford said.

A Chinese Doctor Who Tried To Raise The Alarm Died

Where did the coronavirus come from? Here’s what experts know

When Dr. Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor, died after contracting the coronavirus, he was hailed as a hero by many for trying to ring early alarms that infections could spin out of control.

In early January, the authorities reprimanded him, and he was forced to sign a statement denouncing his warning Dr. Lis death provoked anger and frustration at how the Chinese government mishandled the situation.

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May 1: More Than 300000 Deaths Worldwide

Global deaths passed 300,000, but;no country approached;even half of the more than 85,000 American lives lost,;according to a count maintained by Johns Hopkins University at the time.

President Trump;announced Operation Warp Speed, a government coordinating effort aimed at securing a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year.

Surveillance For Acute Sars

The Seattle Flu Study began monitoring acute respiratory disease in the Seattle metropolitan area in November 2018. In late February 2020, the study began testing specimens using reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction testing for SARS-CoV-2. The first positive laboratory result for SARS-CoV-2 was detected on February 28 from a specimen collected February 24. After this detection, deidentified specimens collected earlier were retrospectively tested for the virus. There were no positive results among 5,270 respiratory specimens collected during January 1February 20 .

The first specimen that tested positive among these retrospectively tested specimens had been collected February 21. During the week beginning February 21, eight of 1,255 specimens tested positive, and during the following week, 29 of 1,862 specimens tested positive.

Two influenza vaccine effectiveness study networks with sites in six states * retrospectively tested respiratory specimens from patients with acute respiratory disease for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR. At the Washington site, none of the 497 specimens collected during January 19February 24 tested positive; the first specimen that tested positive was collected on February 25. At the five other sites , none of 2,620 samples collected during January 19February 29 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

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Screening Containment And Mitigation

Strategies in the control of an outbreak are screening, containment , and mitigation. Screening is done with a device such as a thermometer to detect the elevated body temperature associated with fevers caused by the infection. Containment is undertaken in the early stages of the outbreak and aims to trace and isolate those infected as well as introduce other measures to stop the disease from spreading. When it is no longer possible to contain the disease, efforts then move to the mitigation stage: measures are taken to slow the spread and mitigate its effects on the healthcare system and society. A combination of both containment and mitigation measures may be undertaken at the same time. Suppression requires more extreme measures so as to reverse the pandemic by reducing the basic reproduction number to less than 1.

More drastic actions aimed at containing the outbreak were taken in China once the severity of the outbreak became apparent, such as quarantining entire cities and imposing strict travel bans. Other countries also adopted a variety of measures aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. South Korea introduced mass screening and localised quarantines and issued alerts on the movements of infected individuals. Singapore provided financial support for those infected who quarantined themselves and imposed large fines for those who failed to do so. Taiwan increased face mask production and penalised the hoarding of medical supplies.

Contact tracing

/13/: 19 Pm Pdt Fda Authorizes Additional Vaccine Dose For Immunocompromised People

Where do Haitis imported cases of coronavirus come from ...

The Food and Drug Administration announced that organ transplant recipients and others with severely weakened immune systems can receive a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be better protected against the highly infectious Delta variant, which continues to surge.

This decision is an amendment to the emergency use authorization under which mRNA vaccines are currently being used.

The decision doesnt apply to the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has seen far less use in the United States than the mRNA vaccines.

The country has entered yet another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the FDA is especially cognizant that immunocompromised people are particularly at risk for severe disease. After a thorough review of the available data, the FDA determined that this small, vulnerable group may benefit from a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock said in a

press release , the administration also authorized monoclonal antibody treatments for emergency use during the pandemic for people 12 years and older who weigh at least 88 pounds, have tested positive for COVID-19, and are at high risk for developing severe COVID-19, hospitalization, or both.

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Vermont Reaches Vaccination Milestone Lifts All Pandemic Restrictions

Vermont crossed a major vaccination milestone yesterday with more than 80 percent of the states eligible population receiving at least one vaccine dose, according to data from the states health department.

Consequently, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has dropped all remaining pandemic restrictions throughout the state, fulfilling a promise he made last month to lift restrictions once the state eclipsed that milestone, reported NBC5 News.

There are no longer any state COVID-19 restrictions, Scott said during a news conference, reported NBC5. None.

So unless there is a federal requirement in place, like for public transportation or long-term care facilities, employers, municipalities, and individuals can operate under the same conditions as before the pandemic, he said.

Today, drugmaker Novavax announced that its COVID-19 vaccine was 90 percent effective against disease and protected against virus variants in a large phase 3 clinical trial conducted in the United States and Mexico.

Company officials added that the vaccine was 100 percent effective in preventing moderate to serious disease.

The findings indicated that the two-shot vaccine had an overall effectiveness of about 90 percent, with preliminary data showing it was safe. This puts the vaccine at about the same level as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccine.

What Is The Incubation Period For Covid

Symptoms show up in people within two to 14 days of exposure to the virus. A person infected with the coronavirus is contagious to others for up to two days before symptoms appear, and they remain contagious to others for 10 to 20 days, depending upon their immune system and the severity of their illness.;

What have you learned about coronavirus in the last six months?

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/24/: 43 Pm Pdt India Records 300000 Covid

On Monday, India became the third country to record 300,000 COVID-19 deaths amid growing fears about the potentially fatal fungal infection striking some patients who have battled the virus. Only Brazil and the United States have reported more deaths.

Black fungus cases were first seen in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Karnataka has been reporting it only in the last three days and demand for medicines has gone up, federal minister DV Sadananda Gowda said on Friday, reported the New Indian Express.

On Saturday, Gowda said nearly 9,000 cases had been reported in India so far, leading to a shortage of amphotericin B, the drug used to treat the condition, reported the Associated Press .

According to AP, the infection, called mucormycosis, has a high mortality rate and was already present in India before the pandemic. While not contagious, its frequency in the past month has left doctors shocked.

It is a new challenge, and things are looking bleak, Dr. Ambrish Mithal, the chairman and head of the endocrinology and diabetes department at Max Healthcare, told AP.

He added that this fungal infection preys on patients with weakened immune systems and underlying conditions, particularly diabetes, and irrational usage of steroids.

Possibility Dogs Can Sniff Out Covid

Timeline: How The Coronavirus Spread In The United States | NBC News NOW

A new study published May 23 indicates dogs might be able to help in the fight against COVID-19. According to CNN, scientists and the group Medical Detection Dogs completed an early trial examining if dogs could smell and identify COVID-19 cases.

Researchers said the dogs could pick up the scent of COVID-19 after 6 to 8 weeks of training, reported CNN. These early results have been published in a preprint study that hasnt yet been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal.

The results are extremely exciting, James Logan, PhD, a project lead on the study, told CNN.

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Israel Will Start Giving Covid

Israel has become the first country to start giving COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, according to The Washington Post.

The Israels Ministry of Health is giving booster shots only to severely immunocompromised adults.

In the United States, the CDC has said theres not enough evidence that booster shots are needed.

However, Pfizer and BioNTech have said they will ask for emergency use authorization for their COVID-19 booster shots.

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