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When Did Trump Get Covid

What Did Joe Biden Say About The Covid Vaccine

Trump pledges to get coronavirus vaccine to every American ‘immediately’

Back in May, Biden argued that getting jabbed is a “life and death” situation.

He acknowledged that “the pace of vaccination is slowing” and that the rollout effort was “going to be harder” when it comes to convincing “doubters” to get the jab.

“This is your choice: Its life and death,” he said.

The Biden administration is set to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try to boost interest in vaccines through education campaigns.

They are also seeking access to shots through community organizations that can help bring people to clinics.

Here Is What Scientists Know About The Risk Of Breakthrough Covid Deaths

The death of former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell on Monday from complications of Covid-19 has provided fuel for vaccine skeptics and opponents, who immediately seized on the news that Mr. Powell had been vaccinated to stoke doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccines.

But Mr. Powells immune system had most likely been weakened by multiple myeloma, a cancer of white blood cells. Both the disease and the treatment can make people more susceptible to infections.

His age, 84, may also have increased his risk, scientists said.

Mr. Powell received his second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in February, said Peggy Cifrino, his longtime aide. He had been scheduled for a booster last week but fell ill before he received it, she said.

Although Mr. Powells death is a high-profile tragedy, scientists stressed that it should not undermine confidence in the Covid-19 vaccines, which drastically reduce the odds of severe disease and death.

Nothing is 100 percent effective, said Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. The point of getting a vaccine is that you want to know that the benefits clearly and definitively outweigh the risks. And we know that for this vaccine.

A New York Times analysis of data from 40 states found that fully vaccinated people have accounted for 0.2 to 6 percent of Covid-19 deaths.

Vaccines are also likely to be less effective in people with multiple myeloma.

Emily Anthes

Remembering Colin Powell A General Who Stayed True To His Roots

For hundreds of troops in desert-camouflage fatigues who gathered at a sprawling air base in Saudi Arabia to greet the visiting brass from Washington, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney was the boss. But Gen. Colin L. Powell, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the star.

It was late December 1990, and as a New York Times Pentagon correspondent, I had flown with Mr. Cheney and General Powell to the kingdom to inspect the huge American troop buildup in response to Iraqs invasion of Kuwait four months earlier.

Nerves were jittery. Just before we arrived, the troops had pulled on gas masks and rubber gloves and scrambled into sandbag bunkers as sirens wailed, fearing a poison-gas attack from Baghdad. False alarm. The alert had been called when Israel test-launched a missile into the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

For General Powell, a Vietnam War veteran and onetime brigade commander in the Armys storied 101st Airborne Division, it was a chance to do what he liked best: mingle with soldiers.

After speaking to the assembled troops, General Powell drove to an artillery unit set up way out in the desert. He walked from foxhole to foxhole, talking to soldiers about the mission, about the weather, about camels .

He approached one young soldier in a foxhole filling sandbags. The soldier, without looking up, sensed somebody was standing near him and threw the sandbag, yelling, Here, take it!

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Trump Believes In Vaccine

The New York Post interview wasnt the first time former President Trump has tried to encourage his supporters to get the coronavirus vaccine this week.

At a Mar-a-Lago interview on Monday, Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that hed been asked to make a commercial supporting coronavirus vaccine, because a lot of our people dont want to take vaccine.

  • Do you encourage people to get it?, Hannity asked the former president. I encourage them to take it. I do, Trump responded.
  • I had it and I took it, Trump told the Fox News host of getting the coronavirus and also receiving the vaccine. Because I believe.

Stocks Bounce Up After White House Says It’s Open To Stimulus After All

Trump Says Getting Tested For Coronavirus Isn

Pelosi has in recent weeks called on airlines to delay furloughs and layoffs, saying Congress is working on relief for the industry. She promised to pass a stand-alone measure to renew a lapsed payroll support program for airlines or include that provision in a broader bill.

Earlier this month, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., tried to pass the provision by unanimous agreement, but it was rejected on the procedural grounds that he did not have a signoff from GOP leaders.

Meadows told Fox News on Wednesday that Trump’s tweet came right after a call that Trump had with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, and Meadows. Meadows said that Trump felt it was “better to be transparent” with Americans on the “prognosis” for a comprehensive aid package.

Meadows offered a similar strategy in mid-September after a bipartisan group of House members, known as the Problem Solvers Caucus, attempted to bridge the gap between the White House and House leaders. At the time, Pelosi called it a “moral choice” and said a comprehensive bill was needed.

“We can’t â some people said, well we’ll do this bill and then we’ll do another bill,” Pelosi said in an September 16 interview on MSNBC. “You think the Administration is going to do another bill? All they want is to have the president’s name on a check going out, $300, and â and that’s all he â he really cares about.”

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The 8 Most Important Leaders Of Operation Warp Speed

When did he contract the virus?

The best guesses of when Trump contracted SARS-2 is likely over the weekend before he tested positive or late in the last full week of September. The president started feeling sick on Thursday, Oct. 1, his medical team has said, and most people who do show symptoms generally do so about five days after being infected. Other people who interacted with Trump those days have also since been diagnosed with Covid-19, including a number of people who were at the announcement of Amy Coney Barretts nomination to the Supreme Court on Sept. 26 at the White House.

But trying to pinpoint when and where Trump caught the coronavirus is likely impossible, given that he was around so many different people at so many different moments in those few days.

All The Presidents Lies About The Coronavirus

An unfinished compendium of Trumps overwhelming dishonesty during a national emergency

President Donald Trump has repeatedly lied about the coronavirus pandemic and the countrys preparation for this once-in-a-generation crisis.

Here, a collection of the biggest lies hes told as the nation endures a public-health and economic calamity. This post will be updated as needed.

On the Nature of the Outbreak

When:Friday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 19Theclaim: The coronavirus would weaken when we get into April, in the warmer weatherthat has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.The truth: When Trump made this claim, it was too early to tell whether the viruss spread would be dampened by warmer conditions, though public-health experts and epidemiologists were immediately skeptical of Trumps comment. But the spring and summer have passed, and the pandemic is still raging.

When: Thursday, February 27The claim: The outbreak would be temporary: Its going to disappear. One day, its like a miracleit will disappear.The truth: Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned days later that he was concerned that as the next week or two or three go by, were going to see a lot more community-related cases. He was rightthe virus has not disappeared.

Blaming the Obama Administration

On Coronavirus Testing

On Travel Bans and Travelers

On States Resources

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Not ‘out Of The Woods Yet’: Trump’s Health Remains At Risk Doctors Say

Since Trump announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus late last week, the White House has tried to make the case that the president is still on the job. They released pictures of him signing papers and on the phone while he was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Trump’s physician, Sean Conley, released a memo Wednesday saying that the president has been fever-free for more than four days and that his vital signs remain stable and in a normal range. Conley also said that Trump has been symptom-free for more than 24 hours.

A Wednesday update from President âs physician:

â Kayleigh McEnany 45 Archived

Trump has needed supplemental oxygen on at least two occasions since he tested positive for the virus. But Conley said Trump has not needed any oxygen since his initial hospitalization.

Conley’s memo also said it was “of note” that the president’s labs on Monday detected antibodies not detected Thursday night. But Trump received an antibody treatment on Friday. The maker of that treatment, Regeneron, said in a statement that it is “likely” the test is detecting antibodies from the therapy rather than “self-made” antibodies. In other words, the results are not necessarily an indication of whether or not the president has developed immunity in a way that would clear the infection.

Tracker: Key Trump Contacts Who Have Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Trump: Catching Coronavirus “a blessing from God”

Gold Star Mother’s Day has been around since the 1930s, but was highlighted recently by Presidents Obama and Trump withWhite House receptions. Despite this year’s event landing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the White House decided not to cancel it. President Trump says when he met these family members and heard their stories, he couldn’t bear to keep them at arms-length.

“They come within an inch of my face sometimes, they want to hug me, and they want to kiss me. And they do. And, frankly, I’m not telling them to back up. I’m not doing it. But I did say it’s like, it’s obviously dangerous, it’s a dangerous thing I guess if you go by the COVID thing,” Trump told Fox Business on Thursday.

The family of United States Marine Capt. Jesse Melton III poses for a photo with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump during the reception. Andrea Hanks/White Househide caption

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The family of United States Marine Capt. Jesse Melton III poses for a photo with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump during the reception.

Days after the event, the president and first lady tested positive. Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral Charles Ray was also at the Gold Star reception. Later he too had a positive test. Now, more than a week later, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in quarantine. One more of them is known to have tested positive, Assistant Marine Commandant Gen. Gary Thomas.

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Donald Trump Reveals He Had Pfizer Vaccine And Might Get Booster Shot

Former President Donald Trump has revealed he got Pfizer‘s COVID vaccine before leaving office – and that he may get a booster shot if he thinks it is necessary.

Trump had not previously announced which vaccine he had received. He and then-First Lady Melania got the shot in January before Trump left office, but did not reveal he had been vaccinated until March.

His revelation that he would be willing to get a booster came despite him telling supporters last month that he ‘probably wouldn’t’ get the third shot.

The former president had also accused the Food and Drug Administration of favoring Pfizer and Moderna after officials paused distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance Live published Saturday, Trump said: ‘Well, I got the Pfizer and I would have been very happy with any of them.’

Trump contracted COVID last fall at the height of the 2020 presidential campaign.

‘I had it, recovered from it pretty well. I don’t think I had it like the press, like the media said, you know, they would try to make it difficult,’ the former president told Yahoo. ‘It’s not pleasant, but I had it.’

Two months later, a presidential aide told the New York Times that the pair had been inoculated after Trump encouraged attendees to get vaccinated for the first time during his Conservative Party Action Committee speech: ‘go get your shot.’

A month ago, he told The Wall Street Journal that the booster shot was ‘probably not for me.’

Exclusive Analysis Of Biopharma Health Policy And The Life Sciences

Will he stick to guidelines about isolating?

Trump could still be infectious, so under recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he should be isolated for 10 days after he became sick.

The concern is now that hes back at the White House, Trump wont stay away from other people. On Monday, he was filmed taking off his mask as he stepped back into the White House. If he doesnt isolate, he could put additional administration officials and all the other people who work to keep the White House running at risk.

The White House on Tuesday released updated measures for people who work in the White House residence, but Trump has not been a model for keeping up with precautions. He has a history of mocking federal health guidelines aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus and has acted in ways that have alarmed experts since he was diagnosed with Covid-19, including by leaving Walter Reed to wave to supporters from the inside of a car that had at least two other people in it.

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What Did Donald Trump Say About The Covid Vaccine

The revelation of Trumps vaccination came a day after he encouraged people for the first time to get the jab at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

He credited his Operation Warp Speed program for the availability of the vaccine.

We took a risk because if we didnt do that, you still wouldnt have the vaccines. You wouldnt have them for a long time, Trump said at the time.

He later added, So everybody go get your shot.

Following Joe Bidens first six months in office, Trump released a statement regarding the progress of Americans getting vaccinated.

The former president said: Joe Biden kept talking about how good of a job he’s doing on the distribution of the Vaccine that was developed by Operation Warp Speed or, quite simply, the Trump Administration.

“He’s not doing well at all.

He’s way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration, they don’t trust the Election results, and they certainly don’t trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth.”

However, nearly 49.2% of the US population has been vaccinated and over 338million doses have been administered, with the trend scaling upwards since January of 2021.

Due to the rise in vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control have recommended ease on mask restrictions for those who are fully jabbed.

Multiple Myeloma Is A Rare Cancer That Seems To Strike At Random

Trump Says That Coronavirus Pandemic Is

Colin L. Powell, the first Black secretary of state, had multiple myeloma: a form of blood cancer that hobbles the immune system and makes vaccines, including those for Covid-19, less effective.

The cancer attacks plasma cells, which build the antibodies essential to the bodys immune defenses. It also lives in the bone marrow, crowding out the spongy material in the middle of bones and preventing healthy plasma cells from being made. In addition to weakening the immune system, it can also lead to kidney damage.

Multiple myeloma seems to be random bad luck for those who develop the disease, and scientists cannot yet predict it based on genetic or environmental factors. But there are risk factors, and Mr. Powell had them. Being Black doubles the risk, as does being male. Nearly all multiple myeloma patients are over age 45. Mr. Powell was 84.

But it is rare, accounting for just 1.8 percent of cancers in the United States with 34,920 new cases a year, according to the National Cancer Institute, a rate that has remained stable for the past decade.

The cancers five-year survival rate is 55.6 percent, which has barely changed over the past decade despite the introduction of more sophisticated drugs. About 12,410 deaths per year, or 2 percent of national cancer deaths, are a result of multiple myeloma.

There is no known way to prevent the disease.

  • 2010 Drew Angerer/The New York Times
  • The New York Times

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    The Many Schools Named For Colin Powell Pay Tribute To Him

    As students arrived at Colin Powell Elementary School in Union City, N.J., on Monday morning, Principal Teresita Diaz knew the day would be unlike any other. The flag was lowered to half-staff and the school held a moment of silence in honor of Mr. Powell.

    As a school, immediately, we needed to make sure he was recognized, Ms. Diaz said, adding that the school was blessed to be named after Mr. Powell, particularly given his story of being born to immigrant parents that resonated with the areas predominantly Hispanic community.

    Ms. Diaz and other staff set up a tribute to Mr. Powell in the lobby, where a mural depicting a timeline of his life has hung on the wall since the school opened in 2013. They decorated the space with flowers, which were provided by the mayor and the board of education, and a collage of newspaper clippings and photos from when Mr. Powell visited the school on June 5, 2013. Another tribute was set up at the lobbys fireplace, Ms. Diaz said.

    Union City Schools

    The memorials will stay in place for 10 days, Ms. Diaz said, and the school plans to spend time each day talking about Mr. Powell, his legacy and why the school is named after him.

    More than a dozen schools around the country have been named for Mr. Powell, and many paused on Monday to remember a man who, beyond his military and political credentials, was a passionate advocate for education and the role that teachers play in shaping the countrys future.

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