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Global Statistics

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Updated on August 12, 2022 1:06 am
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Updated on August 12, 2022 1:06 am
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Updated on August 12, 2022 1:06 am
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When Will Teachers Get Covid Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Over 500 Fort Mill teachers get COVID-19 vaccine Friday

The COVID-19 Command Center was notified that Massachusetts is receiving only one shipment of 58,000 doses for the month of March. These doses have been allocated primarily to hospitals and health systems.

Based on information the Commonwealth has received from the federal government, the administration does not expect to be able to order more Johnson & Johnson doses until the end of March or early April.

While the Commonwealth is receiving limited doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in March, the administration is continuing to plan for eventual widespread distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Key Educators Support A Vaccine Mandate For Teachers In Washington

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, a growing number of elected officials, education leaders and health experts in Washington and around the country are voicing support for a vaccine requirement for teachers and staff in public schools.

On Wednesday, the same day California adopted a vaccine mandate for teachers and staff, state Superintendent Chris Reykdal said he has encouraged Gov. Jay Inslee to consider requiring public school employees to be vaccinated.

And during a School Board meeting Wednesday, Seattle Public Schools interim Superintendent Brent Jones said he was considering a vaccination mandate for teachers in the states largest school district.

I know theres discussion at the state level for maybe having that as a mandate from the governor, but he hasnt made that proclamation yet, Jones said during the meeting. But we are researching it and taking it very seriously internally. Seattle students go back to school Sept. 1.

Earlier this week, Inslee issued a sweeping order requiring state employees and hundreds of thousands of health care workers to be vaccinated. He did not include public educators in the mandate.

The governor has the authority to require a vaccine for school employees, but that plan isnt currently in the works, according to spokesperson Tara Lee.

Several California school districts have issued similar policies for employees, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Long Beach Unified.

Oregon Moved Teachers Ahead Of Seniors

In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown announced the state would move teachers to the front of the line for vaccines to get children back to classrooms by mid-February.

But some teachers disagreed with the move.

Educators are very uncomfortable with the decision that was made to put educators in front of other groups, said Elizabeth Thiel, president of the Portland Association of Teachers.

Mindy Merritt, president of the Salem-Keizer teachers union the second-largest district in the state, which serves about 42,000 students had her own misgivings: She would have preferred to give her vaccine to her elderly mother.

But that wasnt an option. So when it was Merritts turn on Jan. 21, she got her shot.

Merritt said almost all of Salem-Keizer’s teachers had received the first vaccine dose, putting them in position to reopen for more students by mid-February.

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Florida Vaccine Updates: City Of Sweetwater Opens Up Vaccine Site For Seniors Firefighters K

DeSantis said the state’s educators will be eligible under the federal order, but said the state’s “seniors first” plan that mostly focuses on older residents has been working.

Stay informed about local news and weather. Get the NBC 6 South Florida app for iOS or Android and pick your alerts.

“Our view is, if you’re 25, you’re just at less risk than somebody that’s 80, that’s just the bottom line,” DeSantis said at a news conference in Crystal River. “The age-based approach we think is the most effective to reduce mortality, you know at the same time, the federal government’s the one sending us the vaccine, if they want it to be for all ages, then they have the ability to go and do that.”

DeSantis’ comments came after the CVS Pharmacy chain began vaccinating Florida teachers under age 50, in accordance with the Biden administration’s guidelines. CVS is giving inoculations in two dozen cities across the state.

Weve aligned with updated Federal Retail Pharmacy Program guidelines by making appointments available to pre-K through 12 educators and staff and childcare workers in all 17 states where we currently offer COVID-19 vaccines,” the Rhode Island-based company said in a statement.

The chain had been working with DeSantis to expand vaccine availability. Its executives held a press conference with the governor last week when the chain announced its Latino-focused subsidiaries in Miami-Dade County, Navarro Discount Pharmacies and CVS y Mas, would offer the vaccine.

Requiring Nj Teachers Get Covid Vaccine Or Face Regular Tests Is Something Were Working On Murphy Says

Teachers wait for Covid vaccines

Though Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday that New Jersey will require masks indoors in all schools at least to start the new academic year in a few weeks, he has so far stopped short of saying the state will require all teachers be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face regular testing.

But Murphy suggested Monday that the state may be moving toward that direction.

This is something were working on right now, the governor said during his latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton. My guess is within the next two or three weeks, well have something well be able to put out there.

As the state deals with a rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations thanks to the delta variant, Murphy announced last week the state will require all workers in certain state and private health-care centers and high-risk settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and prisons be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or be subject to repeated coronavirus testing.

Murphy said Monday the goal was to start with the states most time-sensitive and vulnerable communities and work out from there. The start of the school year is still a few weeks to a month away for most districts.

So were looking at all options in terms of what moves to make next there, he said. The double-headed notion feels like the right one to us either requiring vaccination or a very high frequency of testing alongside of it whenever if it we get there.

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Also School Staff And Child Care Workers

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Also school staff and child care workers

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Also school staff and child care workers

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Massachusetts educators will be eligible to start signing up for a COVID-19 vaccination on March 11, Gov. Charlie Baker announced Wednesday.

In an effort to streamline our process and to limit the amount of confusion between federal eligibility guidelines and state eligibility guidelines and to coordinate with the feds, we are announcing that educators, early educators and school staff will be eligible to start signing up for vaccine appointments starting on March 11, Baker said.

School bus drivers will also be eligible, officials said.

The move comes one day after President Joe Biden directed states to have every educator, school staff member and child care worker receive at least one shot by the end of the month.

The state estimates that it will take about a month for the 400,000 educators who will become eligible to receive their first dose. The timeframe is only subject to change if federal supply increases dramatically, including the recently authorized Johnson & Johnson vaccine, officials said.

Educators will be able to sign up at all 170 vaccination sites that are available to residents across the state. Officials said the Command Center will work to designate specific days at the seven mass vaccination sites for educators to get their shots.

Teachers Upset At Desantis Want Vaccines Provided And Testing Canceled Union Poll Finds

Florida teachers are deeply dissatisfied with Gov. Ron DeSantis, angry his pay raise plan largely left out veteran instructors and upset he hasnt prioritized teachers for COVID-19 vaccinations, a new teachers union poll released Friday shows.

Teachers also are bothered about the states handling of the coronavirus pandemic, eager to see standardized tests canceled this year and worried about how their students have fared as the health crisis upended public education, the poll done for the Florida Education Association found.

Quite simply, respondents are not happy about the State of Florida and how they have been treated by lawmakers and the current administration, read the summary of the poll done by Clearview Research. They feel they are being disrespected at every turn.

The poll was done this month and surveyed teachers who are union members. In all, 76% gave him an unfavorably rating.

DeSantis called 2020 the year of the teacher and pushed a teacher raise plan through the Florida Legislature that aimed to boost the base pay to $47,500. The effort, he said, should hike salaries for more than half of Floridas public school teachers.

But the plan did little for veteran teachers already earning more than the new minimum. In Orange County, for example, new teachers got raises of about 16% while veterans received a little more than 1%.

In the poll, nearly 88% of teachers called the raise plan unfair.

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Why Experts Say Teachers Should Be Prioritized For The Covid

The U.K. has become the first country to authorize a COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, and the United States likely will not be far behind. It is plausible that there will be two COVID-19 vaccines available for use here before the end of this year.

A federal advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now recommended that health care workers and nursing home residents should be the first to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

But who comes next? As a debate develops over how to prioritize distribution among high-risk individuals, including essential workers and older adults, there is a growing push to put teachers on the next rung of the priority list.

This week, 12 of the countrys largest education organizations, including the major teachers unions and National PTA, joined together to urge the CDC to prioritize educators and school staff. Heres why.

Are All Indiana Teachers Eligible

Louisiana teachers start getting covid-19 vaccines

Indiana teachers of any age are eligible to receive a vaccine at pharmacies that are participating in the federal program. In Indiana, those are Kroger, Meijer and Walmart. The federal government has directed participating pharmacies to prioritize teachers, school employees and child care workers for the month of March.

For the nearly one-third of teachers who meet the state eligibility criteria , they can receive the vaccine at any location, just like any other Indiana resident. For more information on current eligibility criteria, visit

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Pfizer Ceo: Big Mistake To Think Covid

A Miami private school has asked its employees to wait to get the Covid-19 vaccine until the end of the school year, but still cautioned that if they do, they won’t be allowed to return next year, the school told staff this month.

Deped Reiterates Call For Teachers To Get Covid

    VAX DRIVE. The Department of Education regional office in Palo, Leyte. The DepEd has urged teachers and students in Eastern Visayas to be vaccinated and get their booster shots against Covid-19 as more schools in the region join the limited face-to-face classes.

    TACLOBAN CITY The Department of Education has urged teachers and students in Eastern Visayas to be vaccinated and have their booster shots against Covid-19 as more schools in the region join the limited face-to-face classes.

    If there are still teachers and non-teaching personnel who are not yet vaccinated, please do have yourself vaccinated, said DepEd Eastern Visayas Regional Director Evelyn Fetalvero in an interview Friday.

    Of the 57,656 teaching and non-teaching personnel in the region, some 52,958 are already fully vaccinated and only 4,698 are still unvaccinated.

    We are hoping that soon we achieve the 100 percent vaccination rate among teachers and non-teaching staff as we expand the face-to-face classes, Fetalvero said.

    We hope that this advocacy to encourage more people in the academe sector to be vaccinated will also be supported by parents to also encourage and support the vaccination campaign among learners, she added.

    Of the 464,208 enrolled students , a total of 180,650 are already fully vaccinated while 24,418 received their first dose.

    This move aims to bring the Covid-19 vaccine to the ground where learners dont have to travel to the town center to get inoculated.

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    Schools Have Opened Without Vaccinated Staff

    Many smaller or wealthier districts have opened for in-person learning this year, before vaccines were developed. But most large districts serving poorer populations have remained all or mostly remote into the second semester.

    The challenges are myriad in those places. Large districts often serve mostly Black and Latino families who have been hit hardest by the virus and are also more likely to keep their children at home than white families. Buildings are older and require ventilation upgrades in many cases. Classrooms are smaller, which makes physical distancing more difficult depending on how many students show up.

    The latest CDC data shows schools that opened in person and embraced universal masking, small student groups and some physical distance had limited spread of COVID-19.

    Teachers union pushback to reopening largely centers on a lack of trust that all districts, especially large ones, can dutifully follow such mitigation strategies.

    In-person school can be safe:CDC reports how schools with little COVID-19 spread are making it work

    That’s what’s happening in Chicago. Some of the city’s schools had reopened for the youngest students and those with special needs earlier this month. But as the Feb. 1 date approached for opening more K-8 classrooms to traditional students, a narrow majority of union members voted to return to all-remote work until an agreement on safety measures could be reached.

    Contributing: Grace Hauck in Chicago

    Number Of Vaccinated Teachers Unclear As Ctu Tells Members Not To Inform Cps When They Receive Covid

    More teachers getting prioritized for COVID

    CHICAGO — Among those who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine are thousands of Chicago Public Schools teachers — but not nearly as many as one might think. After a bitter battle between the district and the union, why haven’t more teachers raised their hands to get the shot?

    The two sides cannot even agree on figuring out how many have been vaccinated. One reason is because the Chicago Teachers Union does not yet want members to tell CPS. Another is CPS’s own tracking system is incomplete.

    Albany Park’s Roosevelt High School is one of four CPS vaccination sites. It is one way the district is trying to make it easier for teachers and staff to get vaccinated, which for many is coinciding with a return to the classroom.

    “We were sent emails to our CPS emails and were given opportunities in multiple locations around the city,” said CPS high school teacher Molly Lane.

    Lane has gotten her first shot and believes CPS’s program so far is effective.

    “As an example yesterday I was talking to a co-teacher, and she went to get her first vaccination. She said truly behind her were three other of her direct colleagues from the same school in line,” Lane said.

    But tracking vaccinations is another story.

    “We don’t have the best information,” said CTU President Jesse Sharkey

    “I don’t have a problem with people answering this kind of survey,” said Sharkey. “I do have a problem with CPS not bargaining it with us.”


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    School Staff Included In List Of People Slated To Be Vaccinated At The End Of Phase 2 Of Ontarios Vaccine Rollout

    Michele Henrytimer

    Ontarios teachers will likely have to wait until June to receive their shot at protection against COVID-19.

    As part of its Phase 2 rollout released Friday, the Ford government has decreed that, by and large, its sticking with its strategy to vaccinate those in older age groups first and hot spots second, while, relegating teachers, as well as other first responders to the back of this most current lineup.

    School staff, the plan says, at both elementary and secondary levels, which presumably includes teachers, join firefighters, police, special constables, foster care workers, manufacturers, farm workers and funeral workers, in a new group called Cannot work from home. These roughly 2.5 million people are slated to be vaccinated according to the plan, just before Phase 3.

    That, the plan says, will keep workers safe and protect essential services.

    Retired Gen. Rick Hillier, head of Ontarios vaccine task force, said at a news conference Friday that the province is aiming to complete a first round of COVID-19 vaccinations by June 20 for every eligible person who wants it. The new date speeds up previous targets.

    Since early January, experts around the world, as well as U.S. President Joe Biden, and Ontarios teachers unions, have decreed that teachers, as well as education workers, who likewise come into contact with students every day, should get priority for the vaccine.

      Have There Been Any Issues

      Yes. It appears that not all participating pharmacies were ready for Wednesdays announcement. Websites for Kroger and Meijer were not updated for several hours, and the Walmart website still appears not to be updated. While some Hoosier teachers reported on social media that they were able to make appointments, others said they were running into problems. Holcomb said Wednesday that state officials didnt have all the details yet and asked for patience.

      Representatives for Kroger and Walmart told IndyStar on Wednesday that they were working as quickly as possible to update changing eligibility criteria on their online appointment systems.

      Call IndyStar education reporter Arika Herron at 317-201-5620 or email her at . Follow her on Twitter: .

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