Global Statistics

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Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm
All countries
Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm
All countries
Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm
All countries
Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm
All countries
Updated on September 24, 2022 7:56 pm
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Where Is Pfizer Covid Vaccine Manufactured

More Omicron Cases Likely As Labs Aggressively Screen For Variant: Hinshaw

Pfizer begins export of U.S.-made COVID-19 vaccines

Stephanie Babych, Calgary

Albertas top doctor said more cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant are expected to be identified in the province as labs aggressively screen for the variant strain.

Chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said during a news conference Tuesday that no additional cases of Omicron have been detected since the provincial total jumped to 11 the day prior. This doesnt mean the variant of concern wont spread within the community, Hinshaw explained, but there are a number of measures meant to slow initial spread until more is known about Omicron.

We will not stop transmission, said Hinshaw. Given our current aggressive testing programs, it is likely we will continue to detect more cases and respond to them as we have to date.

Eight Billion Shots: On The Anniversary Of The Covid Vaccine The Virus Is Still With Us

Bloomberg News

One year ago, a grandmother named Margaret Keenan, then 90 years old, rolled up her sleeve at University Hospital Coventry in the English midlands to take her place in history.

Keenan became the first person in the world to receive Pfizer Inc.s COVID vaccine outside a clinical trial. Her jab prompted headlines around the world. The charity tshirt she was wearing in her photo caused sales to triple for it.

The shot was a turning point in the pandemic, raising hopes that there was a path out of the crisis, along with questions about how well the rapidly-created shots would perform.

Keenan, who will soon turn 92 she was just shy of her 91st birthday when she received the shot one year ago got her booster shot in September, the BBC reported.

Now, after 8 billion doses, the impact is clear. The vaccines not just from Pfizer but also Moderna Inc., AstraZeneca Plc, Johnson & Johnson and others have slashed hospitalizations and deaths in countries where theyve been rolled out widely. In Europe alone, research shows theyve saved about half a million lives among people age 60 and over.

But they havent vanquished the virus. Cases have quadrupled in the past year, vast parts of the globe havent gained access to vaccines and concerning variants keep emerging, bringing new waves of infections, the return of lockdowns and restrictions on travel.

Pack And Ship The Finished Vaccine

After weeks of testing, the vaccine is ready to ship. Workers pull trays from the freezers and pack them in shipping boxes with temperature and location sensors. The minimum order is one tray of 195 vials, and a box holds up to five trays.

Each box contains 45 pounds of dry ice so much that Pfizers Kalamazoo facility now makes dry ice on site. Pfizer is also evaluating different formulations of the vaccine, including freeze-dried and ready-to-use versions that would not require ultracold storage.

Commercial production of the vaccine began in September. As of April 22, the plant had delivered more than 150 million vaccine doses to the United States. Pfizer expects to deliver 220 million doses by the end of May, and 300 million by mid-July.


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Alberta Reports Six New Cases Of Omicron Variant

Hamdi Issawi

Albertas latest COVID-19 statistics report six more cases of the new Omicron variant, for a total of 17 in the province.

On Wednesday, the province reported two more cases of the new variant in the Calgary Zone, for a total of 10 in the area, one in the Central Zone, and three in the North Zone for a total of four in the area.

The Edmonton Zone still has only two reported cases of the Omicron variant.

Alberta also reported 388 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, and a total of 4,619 active cases in the province, which works out to 35 more infections since Tuesday.

The number of Albertans hospitalized with the virus remains steady at 373, which includes 68 in intensive care eight fewer than Tuesday.

Seven more people died from the disease, raising the provincial death toll to 3,272.

As of Wednesday, 89.1 per cent of Albertans aged 12 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 84.5 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Of the 391,430 Albertans aged five to 11, 18.5 per cent have received their first dose.

Is The Pfizer Vaccine Effective Against The South African Variant

Pfizer begins their Covid vaccine trial in children under 12

New research has revealed that the Pfizer vaccine is 100% effective in preventing Covid-19 cases in South Africa, where the South African variant known as B.1.351 is dominant.

In a study of 800 participants, the nine cases of Covid-19 that were diagnosed were all in the placebo group. This means that those diagnosed with Covid-19 during the study did not receive the vaccine at all, so everyone who did receive the Pfizer vaccine was effectively protected against the South African variant.

This is comforting news amidst the current panic surrounding the Omicron variant. With parents worrying if schools will close again due to the newly detected strain. Yet for now, the government have confirmed that schools will stay open and that the public should carry on with Christmas as normal.

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Expert Warns We Can’t Get Caught Up In Mrna Hype

As well as AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna, our government has also ordered 51 million doses of Novovax, pending approval, which is another type of vaccine.

Professor Munro has a healthy dose of scepticism when it comes to Australia achieving end-to-end mRNA vaccine production soon.

He has grounds to be cautious.

He was part of the team that got a local COVID-19 vaccine into human trials last year, only for researchers to discover it induced false-positive HIV results. The team is still working on that vaccine, which does not use mRNA.

“There are many of us in the scientific community who believe that it’s absolutely critical to have a whole range of vaccine solutions and potential solutions for COVID-19,” Professor Munro said.

“The idea of just being myopic on one type of vaccine is crazy.”

“We know that different people are going to respond differently. Older individuals, immuno-compromised individuals all these folks may need different types of vaccine solutions into the future.

“So that has to be part of the continuing investment and not just solely focused on mRNA.

“Although, I think we are convinced that the potential for mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics is absolutely huge. So that needs to be focused on.”

He was positive about the potential of Australian-developed and made mRNA vaccines.

“Even if then we’re licensing that to the rest of world, I think that’s a great outcome. I think timelines are definitely longer,” he said.

Birth Of A Vaccine: Chesterfield Missouri

Pfizer-BioNTech’s American vaccine is born in Chesterfield, not far from St. Louis, where the raw ingredients begin the process of becoming a vaccine.

It starts with circular snippets of DNA called plasmids. These carry the genetic material that codes for the notorious spike protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The virus uses the spike to hook onto cells so it can infiltrate them and reproduce.

The DNA is made in large vats, said Christine Smith, vice president of Pfizer’s division of BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences Medicinal Sciences. These hold hundreds of gallons of an amber-colored solution containing specially designed E. coli bacteria.

Using a process called biosynthesis, these bacteria churn out trillions of the DNA plasmids over the course of two weeks.

When completed, the solution goes through a purification process akin to straining spaghetti through a colander that removes everything but the microscopic loops of DNA.

Next, the loops are straightened out, or “linearized,” using enzymes to cut the circles. The lines of DNA in the now-clear solution are then packed into special high-tech bags about the size of a grocery bag and frozen to minus 112 F for storage.

Pfizer must vet the bag producer and check every lot that comes in, so it can verify they meet federal manufacturing guidelines. The bags cant fail, because each contains the building blocks of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Which Countries Have Approved The Pfizer Vaccine

The UK was the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer vaccine for effective and immediate use. This was shortly followed by Bahrain and then the 27 member states of the EU.

The US was going to be one of the first countries set on rolling out the vaccine due to their record-high levels of coronavirus. Although the vaccine was approved for emergency use, the Food and Drug Administration have now fully approved the Pfizer vaccine for those 16-years old or more.

Other countries set to approve the Pfizer vaccine in the coming months are those in Asia and Australia. But officials have confirmed that they wont be rushing into anything. Head of the Australian regulator, Professor John Skeritt told ABC that Australia was on a different timeline to the UK and the US and wouldnt be pressured to approve the vaccine earlier than January 2021.

Speaking to the news site, he said this was because the UK and the US are in a different situation with coronavirus. Theyre not approvals that those two countries are talking about, theyre emergency use authorisations, and theyre really reflecting the desperate situation of those countries, he said. We have to remember on many days, day after day the US is having more deaths than weve had in the whole year of the pandemic here in Australia.

Johnson Imposes Tougher Covid

UK becomes the first Western country to begin mass vaccination against COVID-19 | Pfizer-BioNTech


LONDON British Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed tougher COVID-19 restrictions in England on Wednesday, ordering people to work from home, wear masks in public places and use vaccine passes in a bid to slow the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant.

Undermined by accusations that his staff partied at Downing Street during a Christmas lockdown last year, Johnson said Omicron was spreading rapidly and he had no choice but to move to Plan B to buy time and get more booster shots into arms. While still a long way from the full lockdowns that hammered the economy earlier in the pandemic, the new measures could cut visitors to restaurants, cafes and shops in city centers in the run up to Christmas and deal a fresh blow to Britains finances.

While the picture may get better, and I sincerely hope that it will, we know that the remorseless logic of exponential growth could lead to a big rise in hospitalizations and therefore, sadly, in deaths, Johnson told a news conference.

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Encouragement By Public Figures And Celebrities

Many public figures and celebrities have publicly declared that they have been vaccinated against COVID19, and encouraged people to get vaccinated. Many have made video recordings or otherwise documented their vaccination. They do this partly to counteract vaccine hesitancy and COVID19 vaccine conspiracy theories.


Elizabeth II and Prince Philip announced they had the vaccine, breaking from protocol of keeping the British royal family‘s health private.Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict both announced they had been vaccinated.

Media personalities

Dolly Parton recorded herself getting vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine she helped fund, she encouraged people to get vaccinated and created a new version of her song “Jolene” called “Vaccine”. Several other musicians like Patti Smith, Yo-Yo Ma, Carole King, Tony Bennett, Mavis Staples, Brian Wilson, Joel Grey, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and Paul Stanley have all released photographs of them being vaccinated and encouraged others to do so. Grey stated “I got the vaccine because I want to be safe. We’ve lost so many people to COVID. I’ve lost a few friends. It’s heartbreaking. Frightening.”


Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar released photographs of themselves getting vaccinated and encouraged others to do the same Abdul-Jabbar said, “We have to find new ways to keep each other safe.”

Specific communities

Bringing On Contractors To Help With Production

Even as teams at Puurs and Kalamazoo worked around the clock, their facilities alone would likely not be enough to produce the doses needed in the designated time frame, should the vaccine prove to be effective. As COVID-19 deaths continued to riseespecially in low- and middle-income countriesthere was a clear demand to vaccinate more people as quickly as possible. The second part of this series delves into the ways that Pfizer works with outside organizations, called contract manufacturing organizations , to manufacture the vaccine.

Finding the right sites fell to Amy Genest, who is a New Products Lead, external supply with Pfizer Global Supply and works to scout viable CMOs for different Pfizer medicines. She describes those early conversations as awkward because there were so many unknowns. In June and July of 2020, we were starting to get into some negotiations. And at that point, we didn’t even have any clinical data to know if we had a valid product, says Genest. It wouldn’t be until November 2020, when clinical trial data was released, that the vaccine’s efficacy would be known. To make matters more challenging, Genest and her team werent able to travel because of the pandemic, so they relied on video calls and virtual tours. After dozens of conversations, they found more than 15 CMOs that were ready, willing, and able to help, if needed.

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The Pfizer Vaccine And Allergic Reactions

At the beginning of the vaccine rollout, two NHS workers had serious allergic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. In response, the UK regulator issued a general warning to those with a long-term history of serious allergic reactions against having the jab.

The two staff members suffered from an anaphylactoid reaction with symptoms including a skin rash, breathlessness and a drop in blood pressure. It was very different from a potentially fatal anaphylaxis allergic reaction, so the warning simply serves as a precaution.

The advice only applies to those who have had reactions to medicines, food or vaccines in the past, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has said.

As is common with new vaccines, the MHRA have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely, Professor Stephen Powis, medical director for the NHS in England, said.

We monitor vaccines on an ongoing basis to ensure their benefits continue to outweigh any risks.

Read our report on #COVID19 vaccine adverse reactions to 5 May 2021

MHRAgovuk May 13, 2021

This will affect very few people. It doesnt feel like that now because obviously weve had these two cases but from what the MHRA has published, it should only affect very few people.

Vaccine Safety After Authorization

Pfizer COVID

As for all medicines, Health Canada continues to monitor the safety of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in Canada closely. Along with the Public Health Agency of Canada and working in close collaboration with the provinces and territories and the manufacturer, we monitor for any adverse events that may develop after immunization.

In addition, the manufacturer is legally required to submit reports of adverse events to Health Canada.

The manufacturer is planning to follow clinical trial participants for at least 2 years after the second dose of the vaccine is given. It must communicate any safety concerns to Health Canada.

To ensure that the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh the risks, we may also impose terms and conditions at any time. For example, we can require the manufacturer to take further risk mitigation measures. We can also ask the manufacturer to submit additional safety information.

Health Canada continues to review all the available safety data as it becomes available. We will take appropriate action, if required, to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

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How Will Pfizer Maintain Vaccine Integrity During Distribution

Pfizer is a proven, reliable multinational vaccine producer, supplying vaccines to more than 165 countries. Today, Pfizer manufactures more than 200 million doses of Pfizer vaccines annually and is one of the largest sterile injectables suppliers in the world, producing more than 1 billion sterile units per year. We have experience working with customers in all markets to ensure success.

We have years of proven experience in supply chain and cold chain management, and we are accelerating the development of innovative technologies to further advance our capabilities as a supply chain leader.

Our track record gives us confidence in our ability to quickly scale and manufacture and distribute large quantities of a high-quality COVID-19 vaccine, leveraging multiple sites in the US and Europe.

We have also developed packaging and storage innovations to be fit for purpose to meet the needs of our global network.

We have developed detailed logistical plans and tools to support effective vaccine transport, storage and continuous temperature monitoring. Our distribution is built on a flexible just-in-time system which will ship the frozen vials to the point of vaccination.

The intent is to utilize Pfizer-strategic transportation partners to ship by air to major hubs within a country/region and by ground transport to dosing locations.

How Well The Vaccine Works

  • Based on evidence from clinical trials in people 16 years and older, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 95% effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 in people who received two doses and had no evidence of being previously infected.
  • In clinical trials, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was also highly effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection in adolescents 1215 years old, and the immune response in people 1215 years old was at least as strong as the immune response in people 1625 years old.
  • The vaccine was also highly effective in clinical trials at preventing COVID-19 among people of diverse age, sex, race, and ethnicity categories and among people with underlying medical conditions.
  • Evidence shows mRNA COVID-19 vaccines offer similar protection in real-world conditions as they have in clinical trial settingsreducing the risk of COVID-19, including severe illness by 90% or more, among people who are fully vaccinated.
  • CDC will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

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