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Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm

Global Statistics

All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm
All countries
Updated on June 22, 2022 8:24 pm
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Where To Go During Covid

What To Expect When Visiting Greece

Brooklyn residents urge those outside to go home during coronavirus lockdown | GMA Digital

At arrivals and departures inside airports, as well as during air flights, staff and passengers are required to wear a protective mask.

Archaeological sites are open to visitors across Greece, with a limit of up to 20 persons at the same time. During their archaeological visits, everyone must wear a face mask and respect the physical distancing measures.

Restaurants, cafes, and bars are open as well. However, service is provided at outdoor spaces only, and the maximum number of persons allowed to sit at one table is six. Those waiting for a table must keep their mask on at all times.

Moreover, theatres, concerts, and other types of performances are also allowed. For those wishing to spend some time at the beach, the authorities highlight that only up to 80 persons are allowed for 1000 m2 of the beach area. Furthermore, only two persons can use the same umbrella, except for families.

The public transport will only operate with 65 per cent capacity, whereas tour and sightseeing buses will operate at 85 per cent capacity.

Currently, Greece has a national curfew in place from 1:30 am until 5 am, meaning that tourists can stay outside even after midnight.

If the infection rates continue to remain steady, Greece is set to abolish the curfew entirely during July.

Travel Recommendations For Unvaccinated Travelers

If you are notfully vaccinated and must travel, take the following steps:

Before travel:

  • Get tested with a;viral test;1-3 days before your trip.

During travel:

  • Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth;is;required;on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of;public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and while indoors at;U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations. Travelers are not required to wear a mask in outdoor areas of a conveyance .;CDC recommends that travelers who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask and maintain physical distance when traveling.
  • Avoid crowds and;stay;at least 6 feet/2 meters; from anyone who did;not travel;with you. It’s important to do this everywhereboth indoors and;outdoors.
  • Wash your hands;often or use hand sanitizer;.

Before you travel to the United States by air

All air passengers coming to the United States,;including U.S. citizens;and fully vaccinated people,;are;required;to have a negative COVID-19 test result;no more than 3 days before travel;or documentation of recovery; from COVID-19 in the past 3 months; before they board a flight to the United States.;;

After you travel:

  • Avoid being around people who are at;increased risk for severe illness;for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.
  • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.
  • How To Unite With The Person In Canada

    You must

    • complete an application for authorization and statutory declaration form
    • request written authorization

    Make sure to complete the correct version of the application for authorization and statutory declaration form. If you send us the wrong form, your request will be delayed and may be refused.

    Reuniting with an adult If the person youre reuniting with in Canada is 18 years or older

    Step 1: Your family member downloads and fills out the application for authorization and statutory declaration form

    The person who is the Canadian citizen, person registered under Canadas Indian Act or permanent resident, must download and fill out this form:

    You should not book a flight to Canada until you get your written authorization from us.

    Step 6: Bring the copy of the application for authorization and statutory declaration as well as the written authorization with you when you travel.

    When you travel to Canada, you must have

    • the application for authorization and statutory declaration
    • Once the form is signed by solemn declaration, you have 6 months to travel to Canada.
    • If its longer than 6 months before youll be travelling, youll need a new statutory declaration.
  • your written authorization
  • your valid travel document
  • This is mandatory. If you dont bring these documents with you, you wont be allowed to board your flight or enter Canada.

    Reuniting with a minor If the person youre reuniting with in Canada is under the age of 18

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    Is It Safe To Go To The Movies And Concerts

    Drive-in movies are safe as long as you stay in your car. Outdoor concerts where people can maintain proper distance from one another are safer than indoor events.

    What to avoid: activities that bring large groups of people together in an indoor environment where physical distancing is not possible; close contact with people who are not wearing masks.

    Community Centres Or Multi

    Travel Safely During COVID



    • capacity must be limited to the number that can maintain a physical distancing of 2;metres from every other person with limited exemptions
    • indoor or outdoor sports or recreational fitness activities must comply with must comply with restrictions for Facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities

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    If Youre Travelling To Canada From A Country Other Than The Us

    If youre travelling from a country other than the US, you must have written authorization from IRCC to fly to Canada.

    The written authorization is a one-time use authorization confirming that youre exempt from the travel restrictions. Its valid only for the period needed to travel.

    You should not book a flight to Canada until you get your written authorization.

    To board your flight to Canada

    You need

    • a valid passport
    • to tell the airline that youre exempt from the travel restrictions
    • to show an immigration officer that youre coming for a non-discretionary purpose, such as to live with your spouse, common-law partner or family member
    • Youll be refused an authorization if an officer finds that youre travelling for an optional or discretionary purpose, such as for tourism, entertainment or recreation.
  • to have your health checked by airline officials to confirm that you dont have symptoms of;COVID-19, including a fever, a cough and difficulty breathing
  • Anyone showing symptoms will not be allowed to board a flight to Canada.
  • Is It Safe To Go The Mall Or Go Shopping Other Than For Groceries

    Depending on where you live, malls may be opening. Always wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer when you are inside any building where people are gathering or moving about. Here are some more tips:

    • Have a list on paper so you can get what you need quickly without repeatedly handling your phone. Leave your phone in your purse or pocket.
    • For smaller stores with limited capacity, you can do your part to keep everyone safe by waiting patiently in line until youre admitted. Please remember to leave at least 6 feet between yourself and others in the line.
    • At large stores, look for one-way signs or arrows on the floor directing foot traffic flow in aisles.
    • Observe physical distancing signs and floor directions that can help you stay 6 feet apart from others when youre waiting in line to pay for your purchases.

    What to avoid: shopping at peak hours when stores are likely to be crowded; spending a long time indoors browsing.

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    What Can Visitors Expect

    Restaurants, movie theaters and other venues are open but only to fully vaccinated patrons.

    The city is strongly recommending masking indoors, but has decided not to make it a mandate. The Key to NYC vaccine mandate will begin being enforced by the city on September 13, giving businesses and venues a few weeks to work out details before penalties for noncompliance set in.

    Broadway remains set to fully reopen in September, but you must be vaccinated to attend and masks are required except when eating and drinking. Those rules are in effect through October. You can see a listing of shows at

    The Empire State Buildings 86th floor Observatory is open. The Metropolitan Museum of Art requires visitors 12 and older to be vaccinated, and children 2 to 11 must wear a mask.

    The subway system continues to operate on a 24-hour basis.

    The state of New York has launched the Excelsior Pass, which allows people who have received a negative test or a vaccination in New York state to provide proof of their status. The digital pass is not a requirement for venues or events that require testing or vaccinations to enter, so a traveler from another state could use their own vaccination card or lab test result to enter.

    Avoid: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    What It’s Like To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    A true gem of the National Park Service, Great Smoky Mountains National Park was Americas most visited National Park in 2019, by far. Unfortunately, this makes it a prime target for nature enthusiasts with suddenly canceled summer plans and quarantine-fueled cabin fever. While the Smokies can generally handle the 12.5 million visitors they saw in 2019 this year is painting a very different picture for those beloved borderlands.;

    As a government entity, the National Park Service has been reopening parks in phases since early summer. At the time of this writing, most of the park is open and ready to receive visitors including visitors who have spent copious amounts of time indoors, visitors who need a quick Plan B for their family getaway, visitors who re-routed their honeymoon for something stateside, etc. Many of the surrounding state parks have seen unprecedented visitation too, but if possible, steer clear of the Smokies this year and try to find a lesser-known alternative for your outdoor adventure.

    Read More: 7 U.S. National Parks That Are Better in Fall

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    States You Can Travel To: N

  • Nebraska: If you didnt know, Nebraskas slogan is “Honestly, Its Not For Everyone.” But dont sleep on Scotts Bluff National Monument and Niobrara National Scenic River for your next fall adventure.
  • For coronavirus traveler recommendations, click here.
  • Nevada: Besides the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada has no shortage of outdoor activities. Visit the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe, or the Great Basin National Park for a beautiful fall camping trip.
  • For coronavirus-related tourism updates, check here.Asheville, North Carolina, courtesy of Getty Images.
  • North Carolina: From driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway to hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, relish in the cool weather and mesmerizing fall foliage. Nearby, check out the Biltmore Estate and Asheville for breweries and good eats.
  • Visitors are advised to check local guidance for the most accurate information. Click here for coronavirus travel resources.
  • North Dakota: Camp at dozens of national and state parks where social distancing is no problem. Where history and wildlife intersect, youll adore the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
  • Most attractions are open to the public with limited service, but many events have been canceled. Check the state’s updated list of coronavirus-related closures.
  • Oklahoma: Defined by its Western and American Indian heritage, drive through the Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway to get to the Wichita Mountains and Lake Lawtonka.
  • How To Stay Safe In Ride

    Ride-share services have made it much easier for us to get around whether were at home or out of town. Before you hop into a ride-share vehicle, make sure you have hand sanitizer with you to use once you arrive at your destination. Also, its not advisable to accept complimentary drinks, magazines, candy or anything else that sometimes is offered to riders.

    When getting in a ride-share vehicle, its important that both you and the driver wear masks, especially since youre in a small space with a stranger for a good amount of time, Dr. Khabbaza says.; You can even wear eye protection in this setting to minimize the risk of infection or transmission.

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    Consider: Grayson Highlands State Park Virginia

    The Grayson Highlands made our list of Europe-inspired destinations for a reason: The landscape brings Scotland to mind more than the Mid-Atlantic.; Located in Southwestern Virginia, the region is just a couple of hours from the Smokies but is much less well known and attracts fewer visitors.

    Besides the hiking and outdoor attractions you would expect, you can also enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding and tubing near the state park.; Or if you prefer your outdoors without so much exertion, the wild ponies and wild flowers may be more your speed.;;

    Bathhouses And Sex Clubs




    • capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2;metres up to 25% or 250;persons, whichever is less
    • maximum capacity must be posted
    • the person responsible for the establishment must record the name and contact information of every patron and actively screen individuals before they enter the indoor premises. The COVID-19covid 19 customer screening tool may be used to meet this requirement
    • physical distancing and masks or face coverings required, with exceptions for when participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent at such an establishment
    • staff must wear appropriate personal protective equipment
    • business must have a safety plan with additional requirements

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    Build A Blanket Fort In Your Living Room

    Blanket forts probably predate moneythats one reason theyre free. So help your kids get in touch with their inner caveman while Mom and Dad get some work done.

    Today, theres a video for everything: Watch Sesame Studios How to Build A Blanket Fort video on YouTube with your child for some techniques. Two school-age girls show you step-by-step how to set one up in a matter of minutes.;

    Think your kids might want a fancier set up? has a photo round-up of extravagant indoor fort ideas from a cardboard box castle to a teepee tent.

    Nightclubs Restoclubs And Other Food Or Drink Establishments With Dance Facilities


  • outdoor capacity limited to 75% or 5,000;people, whichever is less
  • maximum capacity must be posted
  • dining area must be configured so patrons at different tables are 2;metres apart or separated by a barrier
  • mask or face coverings required indoors and outdoors at the venue, with limited exceptions
  • if covered , the outdoor dining area must have at least two full sides of the dining area or one full side and the roof open and is unobstructed
  • the person responsible for the establishment must record the name and contact information of every patron and actively screen individuals. The COVID-19covid 19 customer screening tool may be used to meet this requirement
  • physical distancing required with exceptions for:
  • participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent such an establishment
  • patrons sitting at the same table
  • business must have a safety plan with additional requirements
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    Should You Book Your Summer 2021 Holiday Now

    Due to the new normal and everything it entails, numerous hotels and airlines are offering greater flexibility than ever before to entice potential customers.

    Depending on the policy of individual hotels and airlines, this greater flexibility usually translates to free cancellation of both planes and hotels up until typically a few days before your reservation date. Although such arrangements may cost a bit more than your standard, non-refundable bookings, the extra price is outweighed by the fact that securing your ticket and accommodations early will always yield you the best available rates. Needless to say, planning early for your 2021 summer vacation will grant you peace of mind along with all the advantages otherwise unavailable through late bookings.

    Check out the Wego website or for all your travel needs right at your fingertips.

    Cover Your Nose And Mouth

    You can grab a beer to-go during the COVID-19 shutdown

    If possible, wear a mask or face covering over your nose and mouth:

    • Whenever another person is in the same room as you and less than 2;metres away.
    • Whenever you go out for medical reasons.

    To learn how to make and use your own face covering, look at the Wearing a mask or a face covering in public settings in the context of the COVID19 pandemic;page.

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    From A United States Border Crossing

    Fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States can enter Canada for non-essential travel. Entry to Canada will continue to be prohibited for travellers who are not fully vaccinated.

    At the border, you must;provide a negative pre-entry test result.;Antigen tests are not accepted for entry to Canada.

    Fairs Rural Exhibitions And Festivals



    • indoor capacity is limited to the number needed to permit physical distancing of 2;metres or 50%, whichever is less
    • capacity for each particular indoor attraction limited to the number needed to permit physical distancing of 2;metres or 50%, whichever is less
  • outdoor capacity is limited to 75%
  • capacity for each particular outdoor attraction limited to 75%
  • maximum capacity must be posted
  • indoor amusement rides or tour vehicles must be operated to allow every person to maintain 2;metre physical distancing except when necessary
  • every person on an indoor amusement ride, other than a water ride, must wear a mask or face covering
  • reservations required for seated events
  • any concerts, events, performances or movies must comply with restrictions for Concert venues, theatres and cinemas
  • business must have a safety plan with additional requirements
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    Vaccine Requirements Help But Are Not Foolproof

    Several cruise companies, including Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line, are cracking down on vaccine requirements. It’s a good start, experts say but not enough.

    While being fully vaccinated significantly reduces your risk of hospitalization or death from Covid, Ostrosky notes, the delta variant’s increased transmissibility means vaccination “no longer guarantees that you’re not going to acquire the infection, or be able to transmit it.” That means any vaccine mandates need to be paired with other safety measures, like wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

    “We can try to do cruises as safely as possible, but we are going to have breakthrough cases,” says Ostrosky.

    Another factor to keep in mind: The level of community spread in the place where you live or, in this case, where a cruise is departing from significantly affects your risk level. “When spread is extensive in the community, like it is in Florida right now, every everything becomes risky,” Malani says. “The idea of going on a cruise is that much riskier.”

    Norwegian Cruise Line sued Florida’s top health official in July, requesting a preliminary injunction to let the company implement its vaccine mandate for all passengers and crew. The company won the case earlier this month, with U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams writing that Norwegian “demonstrated that public health will be jeopardized if it is required to suspend its vaccination requirement.”

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