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Who Can Get The Covid Vaccine In Colorado

If I Have Been Fully Vaccinated For Covid

The General Public Can Now Sign Up To Get The COVID Vaccine In Colorado

Earlier in 2021, the CDC recommended that people whose immune systems are compromised moderately to severely should receive an additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine after the initial two doses. In October 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration completed approval of booster doses for three FDA-approved vaccines .

  • The eligibility criteria for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna boosters are identical, focused on patients age 65 and older and others in specific higher risk categories.
  • The eligibility criteria for the Johnson & Johnson booster is broader, including adults aged 18 and older at least two months following initial vaccination with the single-shot vaccine.

The FDA and CDC also support the use of a heterologous booster dose. This means that a single booster dose of any of the available COVID-19 vaccines may be administered as a booster following completion of primary vaccination with a different available COVID-19 vaccine.

Please consult with a physician if you have specific questions about COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. The CDC website is also a good source to stay informed of any new recommendations regarding the vaccine booster strategy.

Things To Know About The Covid

  • Vaccine appointments are open to the general public ages 5 and older.
  • The supply of COVID-19 vaccines will increase in the coming weeks and months.
  • 5-17 year olds are only able to get the Pfizer vaccine at this time.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Vaccines are rigorously studied to ensure that all vaccines are as safe as possible before being approved and are continuously studied afterward.
  • Once someone is fully vaccinated, COVID-19 vaccines are 95% effective in preventing infection with the virus.
  • You won’t be protected right away.
  • The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require 2 doses spaced about a month apart to get full protection.
  • It takes about 1-2 weeks for the vaccine to create immunity in the body once someone gets the last dose of the vaccine.
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a one-dose vaccine and it takes 1-2 weeks for the vaccine to create immunity after getting the shot.
  • COVID vaccines are free.
  • Colorado Restaurant Workers Are Eager To Get The Covid Vaccine But Theyre Still Waiting For Their Turn

      When Grace Kane walks into Safta for her shift as a server, theres tension in the air. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine would go a long way to relieve the stress and anxiety of working in the service industry during the pandemic.

      For one, itd be easier for her to do her job as she used to.

      Its been more difficult than normal to be excited and generate these celebratory experiences for most people knowing that I could potentially be passing a disease to someone that I dont even know, she said. Itll bring me a sense of relief.

      At the end of January, Gov. Jared Polis expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and broke Phase 1B into three subcategories. Restaurant workers were added to Phase 1B.3 alongside grocery store workers, faith leaders, transit workers and people age 16-64 who have two or more high-risk conditions.

      I was super excited, first of all, Kane said. Beyond that, I felt that it was appropriate. Im part of a group of people that has been required to work during periods of time in this pandemic where I know that I have not felt the most comfortable being in a restaurant.

      The excitement over the vaccine for service workers is even more palpable now that many, if not most, of the state’s counties will move to a less restrictive level on the states color-coded dial. Restaurants will be allowed to have bigger crowds now and that capacity will be capped at 50 percent or 150 people, whichever is fewer. Restaurants will also be allowed to stay open later.

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      Who Shouldn’t Get A Vaccine

      The vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA and are considered highly safe and effective at preventing COVID-19 infections. Most people 12 years and older and 18 and older are able to safely receive the vaccine, but please contact your doctor if you:

      • Are currently in isolation or have a fever 24 hours after the end of isolation with no improvement in symptoms
      • Have been treated for COVID-19 within the last 90 days with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma
      • Had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of this vaccine
      • Have had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of this vaccine.

      Why Should I Get Vaccinated


      Two key reasons to get vaccinated are to protect ourselves and to protect those around us. Not everyone can be vaccinated including very young babies and people who are seriously ill or have certain allergies. These people depend on others being vaccinated to ensure they are also safe from vaccine-preventable diseases.

      Immunization helps save millions of lives every year. Whereas most medicines treat or cure diseases, vaccines can help prevent them by working with your bodys natural defenses to build protection. When you receive a vaccine, your immune system responds.

      We now have vaccines to prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases, helping people of all ages live longer, healthier lives. The World Health Organization estimates that globally, immunization currently prevents between 2 and 3 million deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza and measles.

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      Can Minors Get Vaccinated Without A Parent

      No. At Children’s Colorado, all individuals under the age of 18 must have exactly one parent or legally authorized guardian present with them to sign consent. This is required for all doses.

      Please make care arrangements for siblings and other children. We cannot allow crowding in our vaccine clinics for safety reasons.

      Once Vaccines Open For The General Public On Fridaywhat Will The Race For An Appointment Be Like

      Gomez-Marwitz: I think its going to be really hard finding an appointment and its all just going to be luck of the draw in how fast your computer is, how fast your internet connection is. Its going to be really difficult and I dont expect to find a lot of appointments right away for people.

      Ward: It’s going to definitely be nuts. Were expecting quite the surge too on our Facebook group and its going to be quite the wave for people hunting for vaccines. Our Colorado Facebook Hunters group grew from 500 members to now over 20,000 members across Colorado.

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      The Latest On The Covid Vaccines

      So far in the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency authorization to three vaccines for COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended all three vaccines for certain age groups.

      And the news many families have been waiting for is here: As of November 2, children ages 5 to 11 have joined the ranks of those eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

      Where Can I Get A Vaccine Or A Booster

      COVID In Colorado: Health Experts Urge Everyone To Get Vaccine, Booster
      • Federal and state-run vaccine sites, including mass vaccination clinics, with some sites taking walk-ins, no appointment necessary. You can use the health department’s website to find a site near you. A complete list of current and future mass vaccine sites with contact information is available on the state COVID-19 website. Colorados COVID-19 data dashboard is tracking how many people have been vaccinated in the state.
      • Homebound Coloradans can sign up for in-home vaccinations by calling the state health department at 877-268-2926.
      • Retail pharmacies: CVS and Walmart are offering first shots and boosters, in some cases, without an appointment. Follow the links to register and book your appointment ahead of time. Note that some pharmacy websites require you to answer questions about your vaccination status before presenting the option for a booster. Many pharmacies also allow you to book an appointment for the specific vaccine you prefer.
      • The federal governments vaccines website,, lets you search for locations where you can get first shots or boosters by zip code, with links to appointments. Get the same information by texting your zip code to 438829 or by calling 800-232-0233 .
      • Many transit agencies are offering free or discount rides to and from vaccination sites.

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      How To Replace Your Covid

      DENVER If you lose or destroy your COVID-19 vaccine card, you are not necessarily out of luck if you need it to prove your vaccination status.

      More and more bars, restaurants and event spaces are beginning to require patrons to be vaccinated and will be asking to see proof in the form of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention card or a digital vaccine record.

      However, those paper cards are delicate and easily lost.

      If someone has lost or ruined their vaccination card, we currently have a few options, said Denver Department of Public Health and Environment emergency management coordinator Cali Zimmerman.

      History In The Making: How Colorado Kids Played A Part

      Childrens Colorado was the largest study site in the country for Pfizers clinical trial investigating the safety and immune response of their COVID vaccine in kids ages 5 to 11. Before the trial began over the summer, families representing approximately 5,000 children expressed interest in joining the trial here. We then reviewed the eligibility of those who expressed interest, and ultimately enrolled 252 participants through our site.

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      Find Out Where You Can Get Vaccinated

      Looking for a vaccine appointment for a 5- to 11-year-old?

      Children age 5 to 11 years can now get a COVID-19 vaccine at pediatric clinics around the state. Find upcoming clinics for children.

      Some retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens are taking appointments for children age 5 to 11. Find an appointment at a pharmacy near you at

      Beginning November 6, all mobile vaccination clinics will have vaccines for children age 5 to 11. Find an appointment at a mobile vaccination clinic near you. Some doctors offices and pharmacies are also now taking vaccine appointments for children. Find a list of COVID-19 vaccine providers for children age 5 to 11. We will add more providers to this list as they open up appointments. Many more providers will start taking COVID-19 vaccine appointments for children age 5 to 11 soon. Please check back for updates.

      There are more than a thousand vaccine providers across the state of Colorado. You can get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster at a pharmacy, doctors office, pop-up clinic, or mobile vaccine bus near you.

      The COVID-19 vaccine is free. You dont need ID or insurance to get vaccinated. Many providers take walk-ins and same-day appointments. You are entitled to paid time off from your job to get vaccinated and recover from any side effects.

      Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Find answers in our vaccine FAQ.

      I want to get a vaccine

      At a community vaccine and booster site:

    • 2500 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301
    • Pueblo Mall
    • Kids Need To Have Their Parents Consent To Be Vaccinated


      Colorado requires parental permission before children are vaccinated. This holds true for the coronavirus vaccines, as well.

      Parents dont necessarily need to be present when the vaccination occurs, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. But providers must at least receive documented proof of consent before they will administer a vaccine to a kid. Check with the place that will provide the shot to learn what information you need to bring or what forms you need to fill out.

      We believe vital information needs to be seen by the people impacted, whether its a public health crisis, investigative reporting or keeping lawmakers accountable. This reporting depends on support from readers like you.

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      Can I Get A Flu Shot At My Covid Vaccine Appointment

      No. Because of the way our COVID-19 vaccine clinic is organized, Children’s Colorado is unable to offer one appointment for both vaccines.

      We encourage patients and families to schedule their flu vaccination with their primary care provider each year, whether through our or at pediatric practices in the community.

      If you prefer to find a location where you can receive both vaccines at the same time, here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction:

      • Check with your pediatrician first. The State is enrolling primary care practices to offer the COVID-19 vaccine, and we know a number of pediatric practices have signed up. Your pediatrician may be able to offer both vaccines in one appointment, and they can also ensure your child is on track with their routine vaccinations.
      • Find a clinic run by CDPHE. The states vaccine clinics have flu vaccines and COVID-19 booster doses, while supplies last.
      • You can also check with retail pharmacies, such as at King Soopers, Walgreens or Target. Many offer appointments and walk-in options.

      What Share Of The Population Has Been Partly Or Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

      The following charts show the breakdown of vaccinations by those that have been partly or fully vaccinated. A person is considered partly vaccinated if they have received only one dose of a 2-dose vaccine protocol. A person is considered fully vaccinated if they have received a single-dose vaccine or both doses of a two-dose vaccine.

      This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

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      What Kind Of Side Effects Should People Expect From The Covid

      According to the CDC, you may have some side effects following the COVID-19 vaccine, which are normal signs that your body is building protection. Common side effects include pain and swelling on the arm where you got the shot, and fever, chills, tiredness and headache throughout the rest of your body.

      Over 70 Years Old Heres Where In Southern Colorado You Can Get The Covid Vaccine

      COVID In Colorado: Demand High For Vaccines For Ages 5-11

        Counties across Southern Colorado have begun vaccinating adults 70 and older, in accordance with the state’s phased vaccine rollout plan.

        The San Luis Valley saw a rise in coronavirus cases in the fall, like many areas across the state, but Linda Smith with the San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership said cases have decreased in the past few months

        “For some smaller counties that don’t have as much of a hospital or clinic presence, have had some of those 70-plus folks lined up three hours before the clinic has been scheduled to open,” said Smith.

        Smith said at this point, they have more demand than they have vaccines available.

        “I know the state is giving us what they can, and trying to be as equitable as possible given what comes in,” said Smith. “We’d love to get more and we hope that will happen.”

        Some counties, like Alamosa and Costilla, have started taking appointments to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations. The Alamosa County Public Health Department hosts clinics by appointment on Tuesdays and Fridays.

        Other counties, like Conejos, have hosted drive-thru clinics on a first come, first serve basis.

        Pueblo is hosting a vaccination clinic at the Pueblo Mall, which previously housed one of the county’s testing sites. After an opening day that saw long lines and wait times, health officials in the county have shifted to a sign-up system for vaccines.

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        Homebound Denver Residents Can Now Receive The Covid

        DENVER The City and County of Denver announced on Wednesday that they will begin a service to bring COVID vaccinations to those who are required to stay at home.

        Through the service, residents of Denver who are unable to leave their home for health and safety reasons will be able to receive at-home vaccinations. To sign up, residents can call the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment and select Option 4 for at-home vaccinations.

        As of March 15, 1.93 million Coloradans had received a COVID-19 vaccine. On March 19, Colorado began Phase 1B.4, granting an additional 2.5 million Coloradans COVID vaccine eligibility.

        Denver residents who believe they may be eligible for an at-home vaccine should call DDPHE at 720-865-3005. The City of Denver says the service is also available in multiple languages through a phone interpreter.

        I Need Transportation To A Vaccine Appointment

        Free rides to and from COVID-19 vaccination appointments may be available in your area.

        • Envida, a Colorado Springs nonprofit, is offering free rides to and from vaccine appointments for any El Paso County resident. To get access to the service, call: 719-600-2221. See more information here:
        • Silver Key can provide rides for seniors to COVID-19 vaccine appointments. If you need help, call the Silver Line main line 719-884-2300. Or visit
        • Learn more about options with the Fountain Valley Senior Center at

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        How Are Vaccinations Working In Nursing Homes And Long

        Most residents and staff of Colorados long-term care facilities were offered first and second doses through a federal program that provided free on-site vaccinations in late 2020 and early 2021. The program has ended, but the federal government continues to allocate COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to pharmacies that are partnered with long-term care facilities to provide vaccinations, mainly on-site. Facilities that dont have a pharmacy partner are encouraged to work with local or state health departments or the federal government, if need be to provide vaccinations. Most nursing home staff are required to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 as per a federal mandate for staff in health care facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid dollars. Most assisted living, memory-care and other long-term care facilities are not subject to this mandate, as they are regulated by the states, some of which have their own mandates for workers.

        Why Its Taking Longer For Kids


        Its important that COVID vaccines are studied in kids before using them widely. But things are moving. Clinical trials for children 6 months and older are still in progress. Drs. Brumbaugh and OLeary encourage families to be patient while waiting for a safe and effective vaccine for even younger kids. While we wait, parents should make sure that the whole family is taking precautions to prevent COVID-19, including masks and social distancing, and receives a flu shot sooner than later.

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