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Who Is Eligible For Covid Vaccine In California

Vaccine Appointment Registration Assistance

Millions About To Become Eligible For COVID Vaccine In California

Fresno County residents in need of assistance registering for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment may call the FCDPH COVID-19 Information Line at 559-2683 Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. The COVID-19 Information Line can help with appointment registrations for first and second doses, confirming and cancelling appointments, and rescheduling appointment dates/times.

If you or a loved one have a disability, the Disability Equity Project can help you get the COVID-19 vaccine by calling 468-9115. DEP can answer questions, find a vaccine clinic, register you online, schedule your appointment and even provide transportation.

Can You Get A Booster Dose From A Different Brand Than What You Originally Got

Yes, a single dose of any of the available COVID-19 vaccines may be administered as a booster.

Eligible Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients can now get a dose of the J& J, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at least two months after receiving their first shot.

Meanwhile, Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients can get a booster from any of the authorized vaccines at least six months after completing their primary vaccinations.

Covid Vaccination Of Kids Under 5 Begins: Heres How To Get Shots In California

The final major phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign kicked off this week, with California finally able to inoculate children under 5.

But until now, shots for the youngest remained elusive leaving many families in the position of having everyone but the baby inoculated.

Erin Acain noted that her 6-year-old daughter got her vaccine eight months ago, but her 1-year-old son wasnt able to do so until Tuesday.

I am feeling very relieved, Acain said, balancing her son on her hip. Weve been waiting for this for a really long time.

There are approximately 2.2 million Californians under age 5 who are now eligible to be vaccinated, according to state health officials.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, Californias health and human services secretary, called the expansion an exciting time in our fight against COVID-19.

This means that the whole family, essentially, can be vaccinated, he said in a video statement. That means protection against the short-term and long-term consequences of COVID that means an opportunity to take that summer vacation, send your kid off to summer camp, send them to a birthday party, get ready for school things that I know many of us have done with a bit of trepidation over the last couple of years. means that our young people can thrive in the activities we know make a difference in their lives.

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Keep Tabs On The Latest California Policy And Politics News

Melinda McKee is anxious to get her COVID-19 vaccine. The medication she takes for a rare form of arthritis makes her immunocompromised and at high risk of falling severely ill from infections. But shes only 33, and at the current vaccination rate, it may be months before she can get her shots.

After filling out a questionnaire from her provider, McKee learned she likely would fall in Phase 1C of the states vaccination plan, alongside millions of other Californians with underlying medical conditions. Its not certain, though, because the state has yet to define which conditions would be included in this phase. It would put her ahead of the healthy general population, but behind seniors, millions of essential workers, the homeless, and incarcerated people.

Its unfortunate that immunocompromised people have to wait this long. I think were just as vulnerable, if not more, than a healthy 65-year-old, McKee, of Los Angeles, said.

Its heartbreaking for all of us every day. And the challenge we have is that we dont have enough vaccines.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, state surgeon general

Were between a rock and a hard place, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, the states surgeon general, said during last weeks vaccine advisory committee meeting, where health, senior, and disability advocates, union representatives, and community groups had sometimes heated and impassioned discussions about the states proposals and slow progress.

Can You Get Covid

In race to save most lives, California wrestles with COVID vaccine ...

No. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine. None of the COVID-19 vaccines have the virus that causes COVID-19 in them.

If you get COVID-19 shortly after getting vaccinated, it is because you were infected by someone with COVID-19 around the time you were vaccinated. It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show after you have been infected. So, if you get infected right before getting vaccinated, you might not get sick until after you get your vaccine.

It is also possible to get infected after you get vaccinated, because it takes time for your body to build immunity. And even though the vaccines are very effective, no vaccine is 100% effective.

Sometimes people get a fever or feel tired for a day or two after getting a vaccine. These vaccine side effects are normal and are a sign that the body is building immunity. They should go away in a few days.

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How Do The Covid

All 3 COVID-19 vaccines work by teaching our immune cells how to make copycat spike proteins . Making the spike protein does not harm our cells.

  • Our immune system sees the spike protein and knows that it doesnât belong there.
  • Our bodies react by building an immune response. It makes antibodies that can act against the COVID-19 virusâs spike protein and it prepares immune cells. This will protect us if we are exposed to the virus in the future.

The COVID-19 vaccines differ in how they teach our cells to make the spike protein

  • The vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna are called mRNA vaccines. Messenger RNA is genetic material that tells our bodies how to make proteins. The mRNA in the vaccine is wrapped in oily bubbles . When the mRNA enters our cells, it teaches them how to make copies of the spike protein. The mRNA does not enter the cell nucleus and does not interact with DNA in any way.
  • The vaccine made by J& J/Janssen is called a viral vector vaccine. The vector uses a harmless virus to carry the genetic material to our cells. Our cells read the genetic material and make mRNA, and this mRNA teaches our cells to make the spike protein. The viral vector is a harmless version of a common cold virus. It canât replicate inside our cells or cause illness and it cannot change our DNA in any way.

You can learn more on the Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work CDC website.

If I Received A Covid

  • If you got a full series of a COVID-19 vaccine that is approved or authorized by the FDA or listed by the WHO:
  • You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your final dose.
  • If you got some or all of a series of a COVID-19 vaccine that is NOT approved or authorized by the FDA or listed by the WHO:
  • You are not considered to be fully vaccinated by US authorities.
  • If you want to be considered fully vaccinated in the US, you will need to complete a new series of a vaccine that is authorized or approved by the FDA or listed by the WHO. You should wait at least 28 days before starting an FDA authorized/approved COVID-19 vaccine primary series.
  • If you started a series of a COVID-19 vaccine that is listed by the WHO but is not available in the US:
  • You are not considered to be fully vaccinated by US authorities.
  • If you are already in the US and want to be considered fully vaccinated, you need to complete a series of a vaccine that is authorized or approved by the FDA. You should wait at least 28 days before starting the FDA authorized/approved COVID-19 vaccine primary series.
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    Q& a: What Parents Should Know About Covid

    U.S. health advisors have recommended COVID-19 vaccines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers the last group without the shots.

    That remains the case even in todays environment in which the combination of widespread vaccine coverage, the availability of testing and therapeutics and the proliferation of the Omicron variant and its viral progeny has resulted in a wave that, to this point, has seen many cases but fewer hospitalizations than the pandemics earlier surges.

    For young people, again, they need to realize that even though Omicron may not be as serious for everyone in the aggregate, its certainly much more transmissible now, and if they let their guard down too much, theyre going to get it. And for some, it may still be a serious disease, said UCLA epidemiologist Dr. Robert Kim-Farley.

    In a joint statement, Ghaly and California Department of Public Health Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Tomás Aragón noted that COVID-19 hospitalizations for children under 4 years old were five times higher during the Omicron surge than during Delta, and 1 in 5 children hospitalized with COVID-19 were also admitted to the ICU.

    Start Your Day With Laist

    COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in California open to everyone 50

    Vaccine eligibility in California widens today, which means — according to L.A. Public Health estimates — five million people are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles County.

    Among the most recent groups of Angelenos added to the eligibility list are:

    • Anyone who is experiencing homelessness
    • People who live or work in congregate settings, including incarceration or detention facilities, homeless shelters or encampments, domestic violence shelters, substance use disorder residential facilities, or developmental disability residential facilities
    • People ages 16-to-64 with health conditions or disabilities that put them at higher risk of COVID-19, including those on this list
    • People who work as

    An important thing to keep in mind: There wont be enough vaccine immediately for the estimated five million Angelenos who are eligible. L.A. Public Health said theyre expecting to receive about 260,000 doses this week which is 60,000 fewer than the county got last week.If you are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, we walk through what you need to know.


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    Who Is Eligible For A Booster

    For both Pfizer and Moderna, a booster dose is available for those who received their second dose at least six months ago, and fall into any of these categories:

    • Are 65 years old or older
    • Living in a long-term care setting
    • Have underlying medical conditions
    • Work or live in high-risk settings
    • Are at increased risk due to social inequity

    For Johnson & Johnson, a booster dose is recommended if you:

    • Got your first dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago, and
    • Are 18 years old or older

    Vaccination sites wont require proof of eligibility, outside of self-attestation.

    Free Transportation To Get Vaccinated

    For a limited time, some providers are offering free transportation to vaccination centers. Please contact the providers in advance to schedule transportation.

    • Ventura County Area Agency For older adults ages 60+ for testing or vaccine 477-7300
    • Gold Coast Transit serving Oxnard, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Ojai, and surrounding unincorporated areas 485-2319*Must schedule a day in advance
    • Valley Express serving Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru and surrounding unincorporated areas 933-2267

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    Continuing The Conversation On Ableism Bioethics And Eugenics Beyond The Covid

    COVID-19 has only further exacerbated deeply-rooted health disparities and the societal conversation on ableism, bioethics and eugenics must extend beyond the scope of the pandemic. News about the creation of a COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force under the Biden-Harris administration clash with the implementation of ableist policies like Newsoms age-based vaccination rollout plan that forces disabled individuals like Alice Wong to advocate for themselves and mobilize disabled and abled communities and with headlines highlighting COVID-19-motivated discrimination against disabled individuals.

    Even the language used by Governor Newsom and his administration calls for concern. The clause in the March 15 update allowing clinicians to use their clinical judgment raises concerns of doctors internalized ableism and bias towards disabled people and people of color. In a study published by Medical Education, researchers found that health professionals are unconscious bearers of implicit social biases such as perceiving disabled individuals as incompetent and helpless. These biases affect the quality of professional interventions regardless of physicians intentions, personal goals and normative expectations. Basing the dire need for vaccinations on the inherently biased clinical judgements of doctors will not ensure that high risk individuals aged 16 to 64-years-old who need the vaccine have access to life-saving health services.

    Who’s Eligible For Booster Shots

    COVID vaccine eligibility in California to depend on your age
    • People age 12 and older: Pfizer recipients should get a booster five months after completing their initial two-shot series, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
    • People age 18 and older: Moderna recipients should get their booster five months after their second shot, and Johnson & Johnson recipients should get a booster at least two months after the first shot.
    • Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preferable to Johnson & Johnson’s version due to a rare but serious blood clotting disorder associated with the one-shot vaccine, the CDC says.

    Third doses of Pfizer and Moderna, distinct from boosters, are recommended for specific immunocompromised people age 12 and older. These recipients may also get a booster a fourth dose at least six months after the third shot, according to CDC guidance. The agency recommends that children ages 5 to 11 who are immunocompromised get a third Pfizer dose 28 days after their second shot.

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    Where And How Can I Get My Vaccine

    Safe, free, and effective COVID-19 vaccines are now available to everyone age 5 and up. COVID vaccines and offered at over 200 sites in Ventura County by a network of medical offices, community clinics, pharmacies, Public Health clinics and mobile clinics. Vaccine appointments may be made on MyTurn or by calling 422-4255 for scheduling support.

    MyTurn displays Public Health operated clinics as well as those from some of the pharmacies and providers. Additional vaccine sites can be found by reviewing the list of Ventura County pharmacies, or by visiting the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program at Participating pharmacies include: Albertsons, Costco and Sams Club , CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart.

    Most vaccination providers, including pharmacies, accept walk-ins or same-day appointments. Individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment to assure their vaccine.

    Do I Have To Pay For The Vaccination

    You should not have any out-of-pocket cost for getting the vaccine or a booster. AARP fought to make sure the federal government is covering the cost of the vaccine itself.Scammers are purporting to offer COVID vaccines and treatments and trying to charge for them. AARP’s Fraud Watch Network is tracking the latest scams.

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    Can People Who Are Breastfeeding Get The Vaccine

    Yes. Experts, including the CDC, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives recommend that people who are breastfeeding be vaccinated against COVID-19.

    Lactating people were not included in the vaccine studies. However, based on what we know about how these vaccines work, the vaccines are not thought to be a risk for the baby. Recent reports have shown that breastfeeding people who have received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines have antibodies in their breastmilk, which might help to protect their babies. These vaccines do not pass into breastmilk.

    The Most Contentious Vaccine Bills

    Vaccine mandate: California to require eligible students to get COVID vaccine, Newsom says | ABC7

    The proposals expected to receive the most heated debate are the two that would mandate vaccines in schools and for businesses, according to supporters and critics of the bills.

    Each of these bills removes the civil rights of some group, said Greg Glaser, general counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent, a doctor group based in Newport Beach that opposes all vaccine mandates. California has really alienated families and this is going to take more people out of the state.

    In previous years, vaccine-related bills have been so hotly contested that police had to remove protestors from the capitol and Pan faced death threats.

    This is a virus that our kids are very resilient to, said McKeeman, of Let Them Breathe, the San Diego-based parent coalition that opposes masks and vaccine mandates. The group successfully sued to overturn the San Diego Unified School Districts vaccine mandate. This isnt even a discussion we should be having. With no long-term studies and with no FDA approval for most ages this bill should not have been introduced.

    COVID-19 is mild for children in most cases and vaccinated children still get the virus but Pan points to cases in which children get very sick, are hospitalized or even die from the diseases as a reason for the mandate. So far in California, 55 children have died from COVID-19, according to state data.

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    Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Vaccine Record

    The CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is the official proof of vaccination. Everyone should be given one when they are vaccinated. Please keep it safe as it cannot be replaced. Consider taking a photo or making a photocopy of it.

    Everyone who is vaccinated in California can request a digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record at This is also an official record. It can be downloaded to the Google Pay digital wallet on an Android phone or the Apple Health app on an iPhone. You can also take a screenshot of your Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record and save it to your camera roll. For more information, visit the Vaccination Records webpage.

    *If you were vaccinated by a federal agency , you must request a vaccine record from the agency directly.

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