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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm

Global Statistics

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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm
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Updated on June 22, 2022 7:24 pm
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Who Is Eligible For Covid Vaccine In Maryland

Are There Risks Or Safety Concerns Regarding The Covid Vaccines

Maryland governor clarifies who’s eligible for COVID-19 booster shot

To help catch risks or safety concerns, the CDC and FDA monitor possible safety issues with the COVID-19 vaccines. This ongoing work has led to revised recommendations for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and information about rare side effects tied to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

  • Johnson & Johnson/Janssen. In December 2021, the CDC updated its recommendations and stated that either of the two mRNA vaccines is preferred over the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC explained that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preferred due to a greater risk for developing rare but severe blood clots, called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome , following administration of the J& J vaccine. The CDC noted that there are some situations when a J& J vaccine may still be used, if the recipient understands the risks and benefits of the J& J vaccine. Read about side effects related to the rare blood clot.

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, we offer Pfizer and Moderna vaccines throughout our vaccine clinics. We have a limited supply of J& J vaccine and only offer it by request and if the recipient clearly understands the risks and benefits.

This review process continues to monitor vaccine safety. Potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines are reviewed and weighed against the benefits of protection that the vaccines offer as well as the known, serious risk of harm due to COVID-19.

How Many Doses Have Been Donated By Each Country

These charts show the cumulative number of doses donated to the COVAX initiative by different countries, broken down by whether the donations have only been announced, actually donated, or delivered to the recipients. This is only available for a select number of countries for which the COVID-19 Task Force reports the necessary data.

The three following charts show the number of doses donated, adjusted for:

  • The population of the donating country
  • The GDP of the donating country
  • The number of doses administered by the donating country to its own population.
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access

    COVAX is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines directed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations , and the World Health Organization . COVAX coordinates international resources to enable low-to-middle-income countries equitable access to COVID-19 tests, therapies, and vaccines.

    How Do I Sign Up

    You can visit covidvax.maryland.govto preregister for a mass vaccination site. Preregistration is available for people eligible for Phase 1, Phase 2A and Phase 2B.

    The site can also help you find other locations near you that offer vaccinations, such as pharmacies, hospitals and local health departments.

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    Newsletter: New Vaccine Eligibility Timeline In Maryland


    The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of all Maryland families. For more than a year, weve sacrificed a lot to get this virus under control. But hope is on the horizon. With the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccines, more Marylanders will be able to receive the vaccine in the coming months.Last week, the state of Maryland announced a new vaccine eligibility timeline beginning tomorrow, March 23. Starting tomorrow, Maryland will enter Phase 2A of its three-phase vaccine eligibility plan. During Phase 2A, Marylanders 60 years of age and older will be able to register for a vaccine appointment. Click here to pre-register or call 1-855-MD-GOVAX.

    Over the next several weeks, more Marylanders will be able to register and receive the vaccines. On March 30, the state will enter Phase 2B and individuals 16 years of age and older with an underlying medical condition will be eligible to receive the vaccine. On April 13, Maryland will enter Phase 2C, and individuals 55 years of age and older, as well as essential workers, will be eligible to receive the vaccine. Finally, on April 27, the state will enter Phase 3, and all Marylanders 16 years of age and older will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

    Nearly 50% Of People Are Anxious About Getting Back To Normal Pre

    See Which States Have Opened Up COVID Vaccine Eligibility ...

    Phase 2B applies to Marylanders aged 16 and up who have chronic medical concerns including cancer, kidney disease, diabetes or heart and lung conditions. Pregnancy, being overweight or being a smoker also apply. Heres the full list from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Stay informed about local news and weather in the D.C. area. Get the NBC4 Washington app foriOSorAndroid and pick your alerts.

    Also eligible are residents with disabilities who get SSI or SSDI benefits and those receiving long-term services and support through the States Medicaid waiver and State plan services, Prince George’s County officials said.

    The next phase, 2C, is expected to begin April 13. All essential workers and anyone over 55 in Maryland will be able register to get a vaccine.

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    What Should I Do With My Vaccine Card

    You should get a small white card at your vaccination appointment with your name, birth date, name of the vaccine you received and the date it was administered. If you receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, bring your card when you get your second shot. You may need your vaccine card to schedule a third vaccine dose, for certain immunocompromised people, or a booster shot. You may also need it for certain kinds of travel or other activities and may want to take a photo of it with your smartphone for your own records. But experts warn that posting a photo of your card to social media could make you vulnerable to identity theft. If youve lost your vaccine card, call the site where you were vaccinated to request a new one or a copy of your vaccination record. You can also contact to request a replacement card or a copy of your record.

    Mix And Match Dosing For Booster Shots

    Eligible individuals that are ages 18 and older may choose which vaccine they receive as a booster dose. You may get the same vaccine type that you originally received or you can get a different vaccine type for your booster.

    Please talk with your medical provider if you have any questions about your eligibility.

    A note or prescription is not needed to get a third dose or booster shot. Please bring your vaccine card to your third dose or booster shot appointment.

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    Who’s Eligible For Booster Shots

    • Peopleage 12 and older: Pfizer recipients should get a booster five months after completing their initial two-shot series, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .
    • People age 18 and older: Moderna recipients should get their booster five months after their second shot, and Johnson & Johnson recipients should get a booster at least two months after the first shot.
    • Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preferable to Johnson & Johnson’s version due to a rare but serious blood clotting disorder associated with the one-shot vaccine, the CDC says.

    Third doses of Pfizer and Moderna, distinct from boosters, are recommended for specific immunocompromised people age 12 and older. These recipients may also get a booster a fourth dose at least six months after the third shot, according to CDC guidance. The agency recommends that children ages 5 to 11 who are immunocompromised get a third Pfizer dose 28 days after their second shot.

    Is There A Risk Of An Allergic Reaction To A Covid Vaccine

    Hogan discusses COVID-19 vaccine booster shot eligibility

    According to the CDC, anyone who has a severe allergy to any of the mRNA vaccine ingredients should not receive this vaccine. The CDC says people with allergies to certain foods, insects, latex and other common allergens can safely receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those with a history of severe allergic reaction to injectables or other vaccines should discuss the vaccination with their doctor, who can evaluate and assess their risk.

    The COVID-19 Vaccines: What you need to know | Las vacunas anticovid-19: información imprescindible

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    What Should I Bring To My Vaccination Or Booster Appointment

    Some vaccination sites ask for proof of identity or eligibility. Bring a drivers license or other state-issued ID that shows your name, age and state residency, along with your health insurance card, if you have one. You wont be charged for the initial vaccine series, or a booster shot, but the vaccine provider may bill your insurer a fee for administering the vaccine. After your first shot, bring your vaccine card for subsequent shots.

    Vaccination Information Appointments & Ndmu Clinics

    As of January 6, 2022, the CDC has stated that all individuals ages 5 and older are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. Booster shots are available for individuals ages 12 and older. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Additional information on COVID-19 vaccines/boosters, including FAQs, safety information, etc. are available from on CDCs COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.

    Please visit for the most up-to-date information regarding scheduling a vaccine/booster appointment or walk-up availability.

    The School of Pharmacy has hosted several vaccination clinics on campus in partnership with Safeway for NDMU community members, including students, faculty, staff, contractors, and alumni, as well as their family.

    Booster clinics will be held on campus on January 18, 2022 and January 27, 2022. Additional information including sign-up will be forthcoming. However, we recommend that you to get a booster as soon as possible. State and local health departments, as well as pharmacies, health clinics, and the like, are routinely offering booster shots. Find available sites and appointments in Maryland online.

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    Third Shots Vs Boosters

    Right now, the vaccines are still tremendously successful in preventing serious illness, Aaron Eli Glatt, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA, the chair of medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, New York, and a spokesperson for the Infectious Disease Society of America, tells Verywell.

    Glatt says that because some immunocompromised people did not mount a good response to the vaccine, they need to get a third shot to ensure that they are protected.

    For other fully vaccinated people, immunity wanes over timewhich is why a booster shot dose might be beneficial.

    Booster Shots For Other Fully Vaccinated People

    See Which States Have Opened Up COVID Vaccine Eligibility ...

    COVID-19 booster shots are now authorized for all individuals in the U.S. who are 12 years and older.

    On November 19, the FDA amended its emergency use authorization for both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, approving the use of a single booster dose for all persons 18 years and older who completed the primary series.

    The FDA later authorized a Pfizer booster shot for those aged 12 and older who completed the initial Pfizer vaccination series at least five months prior.

    The agency had previously authorized a booster for all adults who received one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and for specific groups of people at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure or severe illness.

    According to the CDC, eligible individuals are able to choose any authorized COVID-19 booster. However, it is now recommended that individuals get the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccine over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, following concerns about blood-clotting side effects. The Johnson & Johnson shot still remains an option for those who are not able or willing to get a different vaccine.

    Adolescents ages 12 to 17 who completed Pfizer’s primary series are only eligible for the Pfizer booster.

    The Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson booster shots will be administered with the same dosage as the initial vaccine, whereas Modernas will be a half dose .

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    Governor Hogan Announces Vaccine Eligibility Timeline For All Marylanders And Primary Care Hospital Equity And Mobile Clinic Initiatives

    Phase 2A for Marylanders 60 and Older Will Begin on Tuesday, March 23All Marylanders 16 and Older Will Be Eligible By April 27Primary Care Practices Join States Vaccination EffortState Launches Hospital Community Vaccination Grant ProgramVaccine Equity Task Force to Launch Mobile Clinics in Hard-to-Reach Areas

    ANNAPOLIS, MDGovernor Larry Hogan today announced that, based on the states accelerating vaccination rate and an anticipated increase in supply from the federal government, the State of Maryland will enter Phase 2 of its vaccine distribution plan early next week. The governor also announced a series of unique initiatives to ensure vaccine equity and expand the states distribution network, utilizing hospitals, primary care providers, and mobile clinics.

    We continue to leverage every possible resource we can to get shots into arms as efficiently and equitably as possible, said Governor Hogan. We have built the infrastructure capacity and we are being promised the supply to be able to vaccinate every Marylander in the next couple months. I can assure you that our entire team will not rest until every single Marylander who wants a vaccine has received a vaccine.

    View the slides from todays press conference.


    Read the accelerated plan.

    Phase 3: Tuesday, April 27. Eligibility opens for all Marylanders 16 and older.



    A Closer Look At How Covid

    • COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein. The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.
    • COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. Once the instructions are inside the immune cells, the cells use them to make the protein piece. After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them.
    • Next, the cell displays the protein piece on its surface. Our immune systems recognize that the protein doesnt belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies, like what happens in natural infection against COVID-19.
    • At the end of the process, our bodies have learned how to protect against future infection. The benefit of mRNA vaccines, like all vaccines, is those vaccinated gain this protection without ever having to risk the serious consequences of getting sick with COVID-19.

    What to do when you receive the vaccine

    Vaccines are an important tool in the continued fight against COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is one of many steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Protection from COVID-19 is critically important because for some people, it can cause severe illness or death.

    Common side effects:

    • Pain

    Throughout the rest of your body:

    • Fever
    • Headache

    When to call the doctor:


    Keep On:

    • Avoiding crowds

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    Vaccine Requirements Exemptions And Compliance

    Every faculty member, staff member and student plays a vital role in the health and safety of our University community. We ask that each of you consider your health and the health of others, and comply with the vaccine mandate. Getting vaccinated remains the best way to ensure that we have a full and rich experience during the fall semester.

    If you need help with the vaccine requirement and/or compliance, please complete the COVID-19 Compliance Support Request form.

    Important Info About Covid

    COVID-19 booster shot eligibility expanded to all Maryland adults

    What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?

    If you test positive, you should self-isolate at home. You can be with others after:

    • At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
    • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
    • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving.

    Continue to practice good hygiene, including frequent and thorough hand washing, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, and frequently washing clothing and bedding. Avoid contact with other members of the household and pets. Practice physical distancing within the home and wear a mask around other people. Also, please answer the call or text from MD COVID or 466-4488 to help Maryland contact tracers slow the spread of COVID-19.

    What is a COVID-19 vaccine?

    A COVID-vaccine is one way to prevent serious illness due to COVID-19. Vaccination causes your body to create antibodies without getting sick with the COVID-19 disease. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and other experts will provide recommendations on priority groups and when groups should be vaccinated. Guidance on determining and providing the vaccine to priority groups will be based on the principles included in the Center for Disease Controls Interim Updated Planning Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine During an Influenza Pandemic.

    How do we know the COVID-19 vaccine is safe?

    Do the COVID-19 vaccines have any side effects?

    Is a COVID-19 vaccine necessary?

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    How To Get A Covid

    Once you become eligible, there are two main ways to get your shot: at a mass vaccination site or at a local clinic.

    To increase your chances of getting a COVID-19 vaccine quickly, start by preregistering at a mass site then start looking for clinic appointments. Just don’t book yourself two time slots for vaccination.

    To preregister for a vaccine at a mass vaccination site: Eligible Marylanders can sign up for a shot at a mass vaccination site here.

    Mass vaccination sites require you to preregister, then wait for a notification to book an appointment.

    When its time to book an appointment, you will get an email, phone call or text based on your preference. That notification will tell you how to book an appointment.

    Such states are planned statewide. One is currently open at Six Flags in Prince Georges County preregistration will open in April for a site at Montgomery College in Germantown, the state said Monday.

    To find a clinic near you: Clinics, hospitals, local health departments and pharmacies including Walgreens and Giant are offering the shot. Use the tool to find a clinic near you and learn how to book an appointment for the shot.

    Many clinics allow you to book appointments, although some may also require you to preregister then wait.

    The University of Maryland Medical System is also accepting preregistrations for vaccine appointments. .

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